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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Hard blow is aimed at ticket scalpers,   p. 23

Page 23

ovember 6, 1909.
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Council License Committee Determines to Pass an Ordinance Several of the Leading Members of the Stock Company Re-
That Will Drive Some Out of Business.    tire When Their Pay is Cut Down.
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t Tudon
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 so, s
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acot for the stage in wliclh te will ap-
pear by himself.
Goldfield Joins Sternad Act.
Charley Goldfield, who has been a big
hit with   Sullivan's "Herald  Square
Kids" with his Jewish impersonation,
has left the company to join one of
Sternad's Napanee acts. He will do his
Jew boy specialty in the schoolroom
act, featuring several songs. The little
fellow is a clever comedian. He suc-
ceeds Jack Rollins in the act. Goldfield
left the Sullivan company at Louisville
and joined the Sternad act in Chicago.
To Rehearse Musical Show.
Ralph TWordley, "that eccentric co-
median," who has been working all
summer on good salary, being featured
in his original specialty, after a fewv
weeks' visit in Chicago with his wife,
left Monday night for Kansas City where
e willodirecttiherehearsals for  musi-
cal show, ''The Fall Gtuy," wvhich wvill
be opened about the middle of Decem-
ber. "The Fall Guy" was written by
Allen Darniby and Wordley will be Its
principal comedian. Tde sho  will go
to the Pacific coast nd back before t1e
season ends. Wordley's friends   will
be pleased to learn that he will be
featured with the show.
Lee Kohimar Coming.
When Blanche Ring arrives at the
Garrick theater next week with her
new play, "The Yankee Girl," she will
have with her, Lee Kohlmar, the young
German comedian, so well known In
Chicago. Mr. Kohlmar, was formerly
with the La Salle theater stock com-
pany, where he became a prime Chi-
cago favorite. Ile was also with David
Warfield, once upon a time where he
made a big hit as the German boy in
"The Music Master."
tuter is to have two new theaters
1h season work having commenced on
both the new play houses. Mayor Amy
and Dr. J. L. Campbell have secured a
te oyear lease on a property on one of
te principal corners, and will open a
vaudeville theater about December 1.
The property will be remodeled with
entrance constructed on the front
ndwithastage in the rear. The seat-
d capacity will be 800.-The Lyric
'In1dicate have secured a lease on the
lberock Instheceenter ofsthe shop-
tgditrict' and have commenced the
tsadeltng of the structure and will
'Ott alarge addition on the rear. The
1 capacity will be 600.-This will
Itle lture and vaudeville theaters
lhecity in addition to the Majestic,
o  Is running  "straight."-Merry
jncd'wPlayed to record breaking audi-
Tuesday evening, with over thir-
teen hundred dollars in the box office.-
Orange-The Orange theater here was
destroyed by fire. Loss, $20,000.
San Antonio-Kenedy & Wiley, pro-
prietors of the Star theater, are greatly
enlarging same and will open up a thor-
oughly modern playhouse on Christmas
day. The Royal theater is now under
the able management of H. Spencer,
formerly connected with the Hodkins
Booking Agency of Joplin, Mo.-WIL-
Salt Lake At the Grand this week
Frederick Moore assumed the leading
role in the absence of Willard Mack,
who was unable to appear on account
of illness. Mr. Mack is much improved,
however, and will be able to appear next
week In Thelma. Angus McLachlan,
brother and manager of Mr. Mack, is
Several of the prominent members of
the company at the Peoples' theater
on the West Side, have retired from
the cast, and will play no more hero-
ines and heroes, villains and adven-
turesses there.
It all came about when Charles B.
Marvin, proprietor of this house and
the College and Marlowe decided to
cut down expenses. At first he thought
to discontinue stock altogether at the
Peoples'. Next he decided to put vaude-
ville in between the acts. He went to
the members of the company and stated
that he thought it the best policy to
cut salaries. He announced a cut of
25 per cent.
Then it was that Maude Leone, Ed-
gar Murray, Boyd Nolan, Thomas Swift
and Isabelle Randolph and others de-
cided that they would act at that
house no more. Miss Marie Nelson,
was transferred from the College to the
Peoples' and numerous new players were
brought into service, and the plays have
been going on as usual.
Some of the players complain that Mr.
Marvin did not give them notice of the
proposed cut in time and they are dis-
satisfied. It is stated by one of Mr.
Marvin's managers that the players
were given two weeks' notice. Edwin
Thanhouser, last season at the Bush
Temple, made a cut in salaries when
he found that business was bad, and
Mr. Marvin decided to try the same
Child Actress Arrested.
Emily Wurster, an 8 year old actress
in "A Fool There Was" at the Illinois
theater was arrested last Friday. Mrs.
Wurster, the mother of the child, and
Charles J. K. Miller, manager of the
company were also arrested, and a war-
rant was issued for Will J. Davis. The
complaint  was made by     Edgar T.
Davies state factory inspector.  Mrs.
TWurster and the child were taken be-
fore Municipal Judge I-limes and were
around again after a long siege of
typhoid fever-Much satisfaction is be-
ing felt at the excellent line of attrac-
tions which have been offered by the
Colonial theater, and prosperous busi-
ness has attended the house practically
all this season. Last week "A Knight
for a Day" played to full houses, and
the advance sale of the "Sunny Side of
Broadway" for next week is very grati-
fying. Manager R. A. Grant has dem-
onstrated clearly that the new house
can easily hold its own.-JOHNSON.
Spokane.-The second national apple
show will be held In Spokane November
15-20 at the State Armory. One of the
largest circus tents ever made will be
erected to house the apples, adjoining
the armory. President Taft will for-
mally open the show by pressing a but-
ton In the White House at Washington,
D. C., the morning of November 15.
There Is a big premium list for best
apples, also a solid silver loving cup.
This contest is open to the world.-
Victor Moore In "The Talk of New
York" at the Auditorium theater scored
released on $506 bonds. The case is set
down for a hearing on November 11.
New Trio Formed.
Under the direction of R. Bruce Logan,
formerly manager of the Apollo quartet
and producer of tie singing and talking
sketch, "The Man Outside," a new trio
has been formed and it will be installed
as a stock feature at the Majestic thea-
ter in Madison, Wis. The trio will con-
sist of tihe following vocalists: E. J.
Ryan, tenor; Ed Clark, baritone, and R.
Bruce Logan, bass. As the Apollo quar-
tet disbanded last April, Logan has been
keeping busy in divers ways and as a
result of Manager Biederstadt, of the
Madison theater, offering him a profit-
able thing at the latter's Majestic thea-
ter, has gone to Madison with the trio.
It is something new in vaudeville for
a theater to have a stock feature given
by professionals, but Manager Bieder-
stadt is confident it will be appreciated
at his playhouse. The trio will change
its program weekly.
"Paddy" Shea Entertains His Son.
"Paddy" Shea, the well known come-
dian and a prominent member of Actors'
Union, No. 4, of this city, was in his
glory last week when his baby son was
his guest. The boy is making his home
with "Paddy's" sister-in-law, Mrs. Helen
Croft, at Perrysburg, Ohio, but comes
to the city occasionally with his aunt
to see his genial papa. The youngster's
name is Bert Croft Shea and he Is
seven months old. "Papa" Shea glad-
dened the heart of the chap by purchas-
ing him a brand new outfit of clothes
for the winter and a lot of toys with
which to while away the hours. P. J.
Shea is proud of the little fellow and
enjoyed every minute he spent with
him. In fact, the father laid off last
week in order to entertain him.
a big success and played to three packed
houses 24-26-Blanche Bates In "The
Fighting Hope" will open Nov. 1-3. The
advance sale is large.-"King Dodo"
4-6.-Thiere is a strong bill at the
Orpheum. "The Devil and Tom Walker"
sketch by John B. Higmer and a com-
pany of 10 people is creating a great
deal of attention. Ben Welch, Chassino,
Vittoria, Glorgetta and Patrice are de-
serving of mention.-SMITH.-Zoe E.
Shoop, treasurer of the Spokane theater
since the first of the season, has ten-
dered his resignation to John Cort. He
has been with the theater as assistant
treasurer for two seasons. Commencing
this year he was appointed treasurer.
His resignation has been accepted and
it Is expected his successor will be ap-
pointed shortly by Manager Charles W.
Bellingham-The Beck theater is In-
stalling a permanent, high-class dra-
matic stock company shortly. During
such time as the traveling syndicate
attractions play in the house the com-
pany will be sent to some one of the
near-by towns.-FRIEDLANDER.
Cook Discovered the North Pole
and the profession have discovered the real song hit 'of the' year
Anybody can sing this song.  Great for single, duet, sister act, trio, quartette, sextette, black
face, 'white [face,musical act, soubrette, minstrel, burlesque, musical comedy, dumb act,
sketch; in fact this song'is great for any kind of an act. Send for this Natural Song Hit
of the Year to-day. Do it now. Don't postpone writing until tomorrow. Be one of the
first to sing this sensation. Published in 7 keys by
Music Co., HARRY L. NEWMAN, Gad.Opera House,Chicago, Illinois
(Please mention Show World when writing.)
At last, it would appear that the
ticket scalper is going to be eliminated.
He has been a nuisance in Chicago for
some time, but the council license com-
mittee has decided that it will pass an
ordinance, which will drive a few  of
thems ot of business at least.  Last
Saturday afternoon, it was decided to
boost the licenses for ticket speculators
so high that it would be practically
The movement to increase the license
of the first class theater to $1,000 was
discussed, but upon objection from nu-
mlerous managers, it was decided to
IMake the license $600. The following
bs the gradation of theater licenses de-
tided upon: Where the admission fee
eceeds 75 cents, $600 a year; more than
i0cents, $350; more than 40 cents, $300;
tore than 30 cents, $250, and less than
5 cents, $200.
After deferring action on Summer
gardens until the next meeting the com-
mittee fixed the annual license of roller
or ice skating rinks at $200 a year,
paoable in semi-annual installments.
Pritz Houston Leares Stage.
F'itz Houston, wo possesses talent
Oasacomedian adwho also has a good
Ooce, has retired from  vaudeville for
the Present, having resigned his place
0ith "Redpath's Nappanees."  He ar-
eiled in hlicago this week, being suc-
eeded by Frank Ray, of the Two Rays.
Hston did the part of "Willie Green,"
ire silly eid in the school-room  act,
WhohisPilotedin vaudeville by J. A.
Houstondid the part excellently and
his work received favorable comment
easrYaheref   Houston  gave  the role
carefoul studoy and his makeup was
strikingly true to life. He arrived in
Chicago this week and after taking in
ome of the theaters, will go to his
ome in London, Ont., for an extended
isit with his parents. During his stay
emong the home-folks. Houston will take
a much-needed ret ad will prepare an
f -

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