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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Live news topics of the week,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

22               THE SHOW  WORLD          1 mber,
Los Angeles-A report has been cir-
culated  that Alexander Pantages   of
Seattle, owner. of the Pantages circuit
of vaudev ille,d11 as secured a lease for
site in the business center of Los An-
geles upon which will he erected a
seven-story theater and offie building.
San Diego-A thteater whic 'h the, pro-
moters declare till cost at least 150,-
000 is to be built in this city.
Colorado  Springs-Frank    Tammen,
who recently became sole owner of the
Majestic theater, will hereafter stage
five acts each week instead of four.
Next weektwomore pieces will be add-
ed to the orchestra, making six pieces
in full. Other Improvements are to be
made also in the near future, besides
those that are being made now in re-
decorating the interior of the building.
They are having large crowds at every
performance not withstanding the fact
thattheyarehaving some opposition in
a small vaudeville being run at the
Op era House-HILEY.
Davenport-Pansey Blathley, a for
mer young Davenortgirl, is appearingw
in the leading role of "The Girl That S
All the Candy." This attraction played
to large business atthe Illinois theater
atgck Islandand has been bookedfor
a return date.-WENDT
Keokuk-At the Grand "The District
Leader" played last Friday   to good
business. The show was fair but the
company's piano player could not play
the music and ruined the show, as he
couid not play with the orchestra, so
it made the whole affair a sad disap-
pointment. The Grand orchestraplayed
the show twice last se ason.-Hickman
and Grayaret open ne wtheater next
week.  It w ill be devoted to motion
pictures.-Dodges theater, motion pic-
tures and songs, doing big business.
-Mrs. Leslie Carter will appear here
Nov. 5.-MARTIN.
Springfield-Marie Cahill has joined
the open door movement and plays
Chatterton's nextpMondaynight and the
other Shubert houses in the state to
Urbana-CharlnsE. Way,lateof "The
College Boy" company, has joined the
William Owen forces assecond advance.
Aurora-A report i s abroad that th e
Coliseum  in this city, purchased last
week byLI. M. Rubens, will be annexed
by Kaw &Erlanger as a regular show
house to competewith theGrandOpera
house, controlled  by  the  Shstberts.
Vaudeville is the first destiny of the
houese, after the completion of the skat-
ing season it is said, although if an
agreement is reached, regular shows
might be introduced next fall.
Decatur-Representing   the  Shubert
theatrical syndicate, F. Ray Comstock
was in the city for afew days recently
with the view of securing asite for the
erection of a new theater.
Dixon-Harry McMann, manager of
the local playhouse since last August.
left for Rockford, Ill., where heassumed
the management of the new Majestic
theater, a stock houise. The Majestic is
under the control of George Sackett.
Rock Island-The large recently built
canopy adjoining the Elite met with an
alteration, which was contrary to Man-
ager Frienwald's expectations.  In or-
der to comply with the city of Rock
Island rules Manager Frlenwald re-
moved the pillars and the canopy Is
now hanging on two large heavy chains.
It Is a violation of the city rules to
have canopies supported by pillars or
Evansville-"A Dry Town" was pre-
scontd at the Wells Bijo  Oct. 25 to
only a fair house. The show was good
and deserved a much better house. S.
hiller Kent was the star in the play
Marguerite Snow made a deci d; ed hit.-
Blanch Walsh, in   The Test," pa yed
to a      packed house Oct. 26-Mna ger
Sweeten of the Wells Bijon will have
his house dark this week but for the
comingweek has booked"Sal the   us
Gal" and Louis James in "Henry the
Eighth-The Grand continues to do
 big business. Luigi Bros., eccentric
c omedy acrobats, were recalled a num-
ber of times. liss Ila Grannon, sing-
ing  comedienne, was    clever.  Chas.
Kenna, presenting his original charac-
ter, "The  Street Fakir," Is a winner.
The balance of the bill was good.-
Logansport-The Rosar Mason Stock
company will playa week'sengagement
starting Monday, November 1, at the
Broadway theaterw-Blaney's "A Hired
Girl" company   comes to the Nelson
Saturdayi-Jesse Morgan. who opeined
the old Crystal theater with vaudeville
is giving agood show each week. The
patronage is good-WARD.
Lafayette-Gregg Frelinger has re-
sigcned his position as musical director
at the Are theater and has been suc-
ceeded by Miss Nellie Hard, an accom-
plished musician.    Mr. Frelinger will
devote all his time to booming his book
of music that he has written for mrov-
ing pictures. He was formerly musi-
cal director and manager of the Majes-
tic theater, whenitwas running vaude-
ville and moving pictures. Miss Hard
isapopularwomanandis well    liked by
thepatrons of theArc-David Maurice,
manager of the Family theater, has re-
turned from Chicago, where lie hob-
nobbed with the "big guns" in the lead-
ing booking agencies in that city. He
also secusred a notable array of vaude-
v,,ile talent for his house during the
winter.  "Dave" is giving the people
high-class vadeville at popular prices.
-Will L. Wilken, a former Lafayette
boy, who is ahead of the "Buster
Beown" show, was here over Sutnday
visiting  friends  and  brother  Elks,
'Billy" being a popular member of La-
fayette lodge, No. 143. Mr'. Wilken has
been identified with the show business
for years, being treasturer of the Par'k
theater in Boston, when it was man-
aged by Corse Payton. He was also
with one of the dog and pony shows
and also press agent for a minstrel or-
ganization at one time. He claims that
the show he Is now with broke all rec-
ords for attendance at the Walnut thea-
ter in  Cincinnati recently, the  one
week's business being remarkable-The
Victcria theater, which is being man-
aged by Mr. Erwin and his assistant,
Loule Levy, is doingexcellent business
this week with the Orpheum Stock comn-
pany as the attraction. Messrs. Erwin
& Levy have become quite popular since
acquiring  the  Victoria-Grace  Van
Studdiford, who has relatives in Lafay-
ette. was royally entertained during her
visit here November 2 , when she ap-
peared in "The Golden Butterfly." She
Is very popular here.-The city election
was held Tuesday, November 2, and the
returns were read from the stages of
the various theaters through courtesy
of the managers-H. A. VANCE.
Manhattan-Work will be commenced
shortly on the erection of the Marshall
theater in this city.
Minneapols-Plans for the new Shu-
bert theater reached Building Inspector
James Houghton's office. The new play-
house will seat 1,491. The parquet will
seat 600, the balcony 377, the gallery
422,and the boxes92. There will e n o
soxes on the main floor, hut there will
be two mezzanine boxes above the gal-
lery. These hold ten per'sons each and
are expected to appeal to any aero nauts
who may be visiting in the city.   In
eviey particular the theater is to be of
i-proof construction and it is claimed
for it that it will be one of the most
handsome structures in Minneapolis.
raltimore - Albaug's  theater   on
North Charles street has been idle for
some time and plans are now in prog-
ressfor itsactive use eitherfor weekly
shows or stock companies.    John W.
olbaugh, Jr., and his sisterMrs. Frank
Henderson, wife of a prominent theater
owner in Jersey City, have formed a
pvirtnership to operate the house.  J.
Albert Young will remain as the active
manager of the house and Mr. Albaugh
will take the general charge from New
York. George Fawcetthada stock com-
pany  at this house for several years
and with Percy    Haswell as   leading
woran. This company became very
popular but since it left the city the
house has been unsuccessful in obtain-
ing  good  attractions  and  has  been
closed. Miss Adelaide Keim and other
leading actresses have in turn served as
leading women with the stock company
at this theater.-With thecompletion of
the opera fund Manager Ulrich is busy
preparing his plans for the season. A.
prospectusof the operaswill shortly be
issued. Aiist ofthe names of the sub-
scribers was published lastiweek. Work
on the improvements to the Lyric are
progressing and everything will be in
readiness for the opening night. Keen
interest has been aroused and the pub-
lic eagerly awaits the coming of the
opera company-The Boston Symphony
orchestra has always been a great fa-
vorite with the music lovers in this
city. Last week Max Fiedler, Jr., direc-
torof the orchestra, sent telegram  to
Joseph Bache, conductor of the Balti-
more Oratorio Society, requesting that
the members of the society assist the
orchestra at the fourth concert to be
,,iven in this city February 22. The
public as well as the members of the
society are greatly pleased over the an-
nouncement, as it is considered a great
compliment and a mark of distinction
for the high rank this society has at-
tained in the musical world.-CAL-
Vicksburg-The following is a re-
vised list of the attractions to appear
at the Walnut Street theater during the
.season of 1909-10:  Nov. 3, The Hen-
r'ietta; 4, David Warfield; 5, AFool and
His Money; 6, Richard Carle; 8, The
Final Settlement; 10, The Top of the
World; 11, Black Patti; 12, The Great
Divide; 11, St. Elmo; 15, Brewster's
Millions; 16, Servant in the House; 17,
Seri-ant in the House; 19, Norman
Hackett: 20, Olga Nethersole; 24, The
Wolf: 25. The Gingerbread Man; 26,
Strong Heart; 27, Charles Grapevine;
29, Bar Sinister; 30, Folly of the Cir-
enus; Dec. 2, A Gentleman from Missis-
sippi; 3, Royal Chef; 4, Florence Gear;
6, Graustark; 7, Parsifal; 9, Bizzy Izzy
(George Sidney); 10, Richard & Prin-
gle's Minstrels; 11, Man of the Hour;
14, The Right of Way; 18, Paid in Full;
20, A' Golden Girl; 22, Smart Set; 25, A
Gentleman from Mississippi; 30, The
Flower of the Ranch; Jan. 1, The Cow
Putncher; 4, The Climax; 6, The Red
Mill; 7, Paul Gilmore; 8, John Griffithi;
10, Tempest and Sunshine; 11, Lo
(John Young); 12, The Passing Re-
view; 13, When His Wife's Away; 15,
Grace Von Studdiford;    19,  Florence
Gear   (return  engagement); , The
Prince Chap; 21, The Cat and the Fid.
die; 26, Banda Mexicana Cemprela
people); 27, The Girl frem Rnrs
Feb. 4, The Girl from   the Goldenes;
9, A Knight for a Day; 15,Dixies t t
strels; March 1, The ThirdiDecree;s,
The Prin ce of Tonight; Feb. 5, Max.
Figman (return engagement); arh2,
The Three Twins; 23, The Honeymap
prail; 2, J. E. Dodson,TeHouse Next
oor; April 11,A Stubborn Cinderella
St. Louis-The CommonwealtTust
conmpany, through H. H. Cornell, isIr.
terestedinthe erection ofa heater ar
office building. Cost, $1,500,000.
St. Joseph-It was reported   anthe
streets today that the Pantagesvaue
ymle circuit had leased the ajsti
theater, a vaudeville house in Kaua
is to be $20,000 a y ear.
proof. anrhtteretlo             the 
Lincoln-The past weekwasthe bes
of t e season amonglocal theaNerbal
playing to crowded houses. TheOter,
with Marie Cahill andHenrietaaCrce-
man, drew    extra large crowds. Steal
th      University   Temple and
Orpheum played to crowded honsessand
the Lyric stock, playing "The Crisis"
for  the past week were hearcilyap
plauded andwell attended-Theongt
week bids fair to beamarker In oal
circles. The followingwill appear here
"Jack and Jill " November 1; "Gaie
Some,"   November   3; "Cerrinne." it
"Mile. Mischief," November 4, at the
Oliver. The Lyric Stock companywill
present "A   Bachelor's Romane" and  n
follow  wit- "Zira" the week here-
The Orpheum announces a"ScreamPro,
gram   for th cming week, with Angel
Dolores and company, Carsoneandvll-
lard. Joe Jackson and Jeannete Adler
as headliners.-The "CowboyGirl,"sith
Sue Marshall in the title rale, appea
at the Oliver November 6~Bagr
German, of the Acme Amusementtaxrn
pany, is truesting that tile openingtof
the  "'Wonderland," the new Pittre
show, will not he delayed beyond ti
middle of the week. Withathis inviw
tite Lincoln public will not want fsr
Omaha-The constructian oftheew
Morris vadeville theater bicame an
assured facttodaywhencontractsure.
let by J. L. Brandeis & Sons farN
erection of it. The new theatetttll
cost $150,000 tud will beabsluly fre
Scottsblunff-The contract far the
erection of a new opera house hase...
let to C. H. loan of Bridgeport, Ne.
Carrizozo-Thte contract hasheatn
and work will soon be begun ot ith,
erection of a stew opera house in thi
Dickinson-Ed. Berry of Ditkinsont
and Glendive is about to erect a
plete theater In the latter tawn.
Playhouse will becalled the Thela1
honor of Mrs. Berry. Wheanc5ltei
the theater will have aseaing capaty
of 722 and will beone ofthe finestal.
torlisms in Montana. There willhbe
number of boxes and the best funih
ings throughout.
Syracuse-B. F. Keith 'Will erecti''
theater in this city which Willhbede'
voted to vaudeville.
*          OHIO.
Oclumbes-Sun & Murray willerect
a vaudeville theater Inthis cityin the
near fusture.
ROOM 503
J. A. STERNAD, Ceneral Manager, Ro67Dearborhogo
Ooer of The Following Big Ones That Cet the Money
2-Redpath's Napanees-2  Chester and Grace  Murray Bennett
Van's Minstrels  Napanees Vacation  Lew Cooper and Primrose Sisters
Pearl Allen and Jockeys  Gipsy Wayfarers  Buchanan Dancing Four

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