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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 6, 1909)

Sternad starts out in shower of roses,   p. 14

Page 14

14                THE  SHOW  WORLD        November 6, 19,
ii e
Popular Theatrical Man Opens His Office Under Auspicious
Circumstances-Congratulations Pour in From all Quarters.
Jake A. Sr <ad,    t tei mm     le  f
the Western Managers' Vaudeville As-
sociation, now in business for himself
as the head of the National Producing
Company, with handsome office rooms
on the fifth floor of the Crilly building,
it 167 Dearborn street, received iloral
remebrancefs, costing several hundred
dollais, felicitous telegrams from all
parts of the country, and greeted hun-
dreds of friends on Saturday, October
30, fte occasion marking his debut in
his present undertaking.
The way the flowerskept coming, the
telegrams poured in and    the people
flocked in and out ofthe place was be-
yond Jake's fondest expectations, and
the genialmanager and producerwas so
elated and happy that lie didn't know
whether to cry or laugh. But lie had
no trouble in wearing a smile that
wouldn't come off, and lie proved equal
to the emergency by treating all is
callers alike. Jake was there with the
h1earty handshake, a winning smile and
aroseor carnation for each person that
And his friends, wh are also legion
outside the show  business, came and
paid their respects, from Frank Goti,
tile'championiwrestler, down to'"Spike,''
the popular waiter at the Saratoga ho-
tel. Men and women in the managers'
offices, vaudeville and theatrical profes-
sion and employs of hotels and thea-
ters did not fail to remember Jake in
some way, and all of the things that
came his way were the source of the
deepest gratification for which Mr. Ster-
nad was profotsndly thankful.
In adrition to the flower souvenirs,
the men rec'eived choice Havana cigars
and imported cigarettes, and nothing
was lacking on the part of Jake ane
his merry band of assjstants to extend
cordial greeting toeveryone. Ed.' san-
nehill, ofthe team of Tannehill  Rad-
cliffe, in cowboy attire, which lie uses
in his act; Billy Howard, of Howard &
Eser; and Ralph Rockway, of Rock-
way &Conway, wearingoneof the Sara-
toga hotel uniforms, were "Handy An-
dys," arranged the flowers in an artis-
tic marner in the front office, ran er-
randsand made themselves useful intdi-
vers ways. As volunteers in their spe-
cial r'outine Satturday, Tannehill, How-
ard  and  Rockway     showed Jake that
their heartswere in the rightplace. Bt
there wereothers whoalso helped make
the opening day  marked success.
Harry W. Fields was at the head of
the committee on reception and enter-
tainment, while Harry Miller, one of
take's proteges, held down the regis-
trar's desk, secured the signature of
each visitor, announced the callers and
distribted the souvenirs. Incidentally,
Fred Kressmann, Jke's right-hand bow-
er, was a busy man, with nine million
thingstod ro during th e day.
Probably the most exciting moment
ofthe day occurred when Jake, with all
the  roses, chrysanthemums, orchids,
violets, daisies and other flowers too
numerotis to m('ntion, banked around
him, posedbefore the camera. His per-
sonal representative, Fred Kressmanri,
and Harry Moir, of the maorrison hotel.
a close friend of "Jake's," were also
in the picture,
At the request of the generous Jake,
a copy  of The Show World, to which
Mr. Sternad has the distinction of be-
ingthe first bonafid subscriber and who
lind been a loyal supporter from its
Thtry inception, was placed on the table
between the big fellow and his secre-
tary, being as conspictous as any of
the huge floral tokens,  ake Sternad's
checkwas the first to be received fora
year's subscription toThe Show World,
andalikeness ofthem anwho signedit,
accompanies this article,
It was a great day for Jake, and if
all ofhisrcompetitors in the showbust-
nesscould have seen his elaborate floral
tributes, the telegramsand the way the
people visited him personally and show-
ered  their congratulations, it would
have made them turn green with envy.
That J. A. Sternad is one of the most
popular men in the show managing and
producing business today was hown by
hisfriends' greetings and remenarances
Satturday. The day will longlie remem-
bered by him and the kindness and fa-
vors shown by his friends touched are-
sponsive chord in his heart,
take Sternad hasa Yhandsome suiteof
rooms,and they are attractively painted
and papered,   Fixtures and fprnittire
Of a modern and expensive type have
been installed and the place i as cozy
andetamfortable as itcan be.
Since the office doors were opened,
Mr. Sternad has received callsfrom hun-
dreds  of artists, and he is hooking
them  right and left throuluc   Chicago
sources. Jake is not playing any fa-
vorites, and liehas some big headliners
under his wing. His most recent acqui-
sition, in addition to landing Jack John-
son for a vaudeville trip, was to get
Herbert LloyNd tinderlois managerial di-
Jack Johnson. who returned thle first
of the week from New York city, where
he signed articles of agreement to fight
James J. Jeffries for the chanmpionship
of the world, visited Jake 1\tondav in
his new offices and expressed himself
as delighted to find his theatrical man-
ager in such handsomely appointed of-
fices,  WAith an expansive grin, Jack
wished Jake all the ltuck in the world,
It would] take a florist's guide and a
carload of dictionaries to adequately de-
pereanit iii my estimation."
Joe Grass-"Wish you lthku May
success always lbe your top-liner."
Nellie E. Riley-Heartiest congratu-
latioans and best wishes."
Ben Bornstein-"I am with you right
or wrong."
W. E. Jones-"The Old fiddler is on
the job once more with best wishes.
Ethel Robinson-'Good luck to your
new enterprise. It is impossible to ex-
press tlae magnitude of my greeting to
Paul Goudron-"Tais is to wish you
every success in your noey venature-'
Harry Nalnanee Fields-All the suc-
cess in the world. We have produced
some and are going to produce some
Warren A. Patrick-"You were the
first to subscribe to The Show World.
Count me among the first to wish you
unbounded success."
Hungarian-"Am glad you got wise
to yourself. May success crown your
Cameron &    Gaylord-"Wishing you
Showing How Jake Sternad Got His.
"Six Gypsy Wayfarers" sent several
dozen white and yellow    chrYsanthie-
mums, and Chester & Grace remembered
Jake with a fine bouquet f red roses.
The stage employes of tle Majestic
theater sent a lange bouquet of whaite
chrysanthemums, and Juiaasz, Kiamer &
Benedict sent a vase of vari-colored
chrysanthemums. Joseph Bauman pre-
sented roses, and Howard & Esher sent
a handsome remembrance-a horseshoe
effect of chrysanthemums, roses and
ferns, with the words "Good Luck" in
purple letters in the center, being ar-
tistically arranged. Florence E. Evans,
of Barr& Evans, sentechrysanthaemums,
big white and light-tinted ones, and Mr.
and Mrs. L. Kraus presented an array
of yellow chrysanthemums.
Harry WV. Fields and company remem-
bered their employer with a basket of
beautiful roses- and chrysanthemums,
being adorned with a long red ribbon.
George Hillman and hits Napanee
company sent a handsome token of roses
and chrysanthemums and De Hollis &
Valora sent a pretty bouquet of roses.
Bawls & Von Kaufman sent a remem-
brance that hiad roses, daisies, ferns,
etc., effectively arranged, and Steward
-      1arshall sentsome beautifullytinted
chrysanthemums. Tine Buichianan Dan-
cing Four sent a huge bouquet of roses,
and Mr. and Mrs. J. Baer remembered
Jake with an attractive setpiece, a pret-
ty floral horseshoe with dark red roses
as the "headline feature."  Ben Born-
stein and James W. Cone sent the new
producer a bunch of red, white and pink
Many Telegrams and Cables.
Telegrars from here, there and everv-
where to ir. Sternad were full of greet-
ings. best wishes, congratulations. kind-
est regards; and felicitous expressions,
as follows:
Dave Lewis-"More power to you, Old
Jack Johnson-"May every act you
book be a knockout. I'm glad I'm under
your managerial wing."
John L. Sullivan-"Kilrain joins with
me in wishing you much joy and suc-
Jake Rosenthal-"Very best wishes
for your success. You have risen q7
good luck and success in your venture."
Sam Blair and wife-"Good boy, Jake.
The best of luck to you always."
aiul " Goudron-Success and    good
Carre &   Carre-"Best wishes and
good luck always."
Edward C. Hayman-"Best wishes for
the stuccess of your new office."
'Walter F. Keefe-"Congratulations on
opening of new office. Best wishes for
Charles Innes-"If you have the luck
I wish yoU, you will be a millionaire."
Zena Keife-eHope intime your office
will be as large and successful as Mar-
tin Beck's."
Frank Gotch-"I'll wrestle for you
any time."
Marie Clark and Maude Ryan-"May
you live long and prosper."
Kerry Meagher-"Heartiest congratu-
lations and all the luck in the world."
Lew Cooper-Wishing you success in
your nes  undertaking, I am aways at
your service."
Vic Hugo-"May you be as successful
as P. T. Barnum was when ie was the
king of showmen. It pays to advertise."
C. I. Fischer-"Best wishes to the big
David  TV. Maurice-"Take a Hoosier
manager's tip-'Keep on Smiling.' Yours
with best wishes."
The following persons called on the
opening day and showered Mr. Sternad
with congratulations:
Eddie Badger. Jack Joel. Otis Knight,
Harry Van, J. H. Cooke, Miss A. Gold-
stone, Follete & Wicks, Cycling Hoff-
Toan, Vomaehlo z Nirna. Walter Keefe,
Tack Preston, Mrs. Rockway, Lopez &
Lopez, Morgan Davis, Clayton Stitzel.
Ben Davis. Jimmy Hussey, Judge J.
Berriman, J. Curri, CarlesSutton, lax-
imillian, J. J. Nash, Mickey MeGarrey,
Primrose Sisters, L. Meyers, O'Kuras,
Charles McGinnis, Johnson   Students,
Emil Schamidt, W. E. Hansen, AV. E.
Hoffenden. 0. L,. Kinney, Karl Emmey,
Julie Gordon, Tubbie ('ameron, Poodie
Corrigan. Peter Hugeal. Roy Sebree,
Mrs. C. M. Sehree, Harry C. Moir, Ed-
wards & Storm. C. S. Humphrey. Lew
Earl, A. TWeindecker. John J. Weinan.
Frank J. Albrecht. Eddie Convey. Morey
Stern, Al. W. Brown. Joseph Murphy,
.scribe  the(  cit tistli.  ai I, I(I It a  LUtifUlI  floral
remembanes witiedl Jahe    rdeeived.
L he Morrison Hotel and BostonOyster
House aratoitles sent a lige horsesaoe,
which   was  done io various     colors,
roses and feras    predominating. Tae
colorsasme was striking. Alarge red
bow of silk ribbon adorned ite remrem-
brantce and caltained the words 'Good
Luck'' on one stranad stud ,Sicei-io" (in
the oilier,
Thae Saratoga Hotel emplaayes reme'm-
bered Jake wvith a beautifuli setpiece,
whaicha -wets about ,six feet heigh. At tlae
top, white roses were artistically ar-
raflged and oil the sides flowers of dif-
ferent  description  were  intermingled
with pleasing effect, The name of 'Jake"
iippeaied in conopicuaous purple letters
onl a white background.     Fritz Ryan
Houstonaanalassociates appearing in one
of Sts-rmad's Nsspanee companies sent
three adozen  y ellow  charysanthaemums,
and George Van and his minstrel band
sent a, floral haorseshoe thant wvas a
'belauty.' Reel rosesw-re the principal
flowers used iia the decoratiaon. The
1ul, 'V<e rala " e" a ieesPaulGudh.
'0 1n, An111)ra s e, Leonard i-lHicks, H
Struble, Jack O'Brien, George Kb.
Ala Ling Foo, Sam ScheinL. Frre
man, I. S. Wertheimer, Sam Howard, F
J. Bennings, Charles Goodwin, Bill
Swede Hall, Sam     Schiller, Warren
Francis, Marie Moran, Admiral T5g,.
GabeNathan, ChrisltyatewsonKliI
Bros., Miss Ella Claus, Morse  &
Procter, Delmore & Darrell, jitare
Henshel, Mrs. M. 0. OrNil, Haieiii1
V. Avery, Slater Brockman, Cliffhn
Anna Share, KateRac i, Lyceum Cam.
edy Four, Herbert Lloyd,B iller &u e
pest, Askeland, D. L. Deegant ark A
\'ance   (Show World , arterTayloro
Co., David T, Church,' George A. Frie
man, John      Walsh, Warren A. Porn
(Show   World), Carberry & Stanoat
American Newsboys Fotur, Beigiie 1,
Lenagan, EdgarCrilly, Care&Ca n
&ob   Connolloy, Edith  Bernard Ti
Bradley. Edth Bradley, C &   . Sait
Lrry Keating, Abe Jacobs, Henr ot-
tinger, Walter F. Keef, Williamlso.
kirk, Rutur Newkirk, Mis Gch, 'ar.
nies. Warner, Frank Gtch,LouoSwaik
Ziska, Nip     Y uck, Caldwell &Leca
Be Ano, George Lavender, PaulineA-
than. Mrs.  . A. Robison Ethel. l
moon   Harry Roinon, Jehnie or-o
nor, Hellmann, Von Arx, Jennings, Je,
id&Barlowe, Adolpa E. aleyes . Clar
Carew,    Qottinger   &  Morris i r.,
n    eangdon, Lucille Langdon, Eerann
Hausen Lillian Langdon Randl We,
&   Sells, Aorensmeyer, Charlie Re
James W. Cone, Claus & Radelifl
Great Moore, LewCooper, Ports& Cor-
ton,   Goosie   Billy,  Harry  Wiloni
'hom s Burobill, Ivene HRerk, oar
& Eseher, Charles Heclow, Kalinsi
Bros., De Roee & Valora, TonyFin,
Viola Gates, Edward C.S tepacnalr,
Lillian &e RoY & Co., Al tryK.Hill,
Harry   W.   Spingold, Belle  entroso
Rodgers & St. Clair, Charles B.Clark
Hawaii n Quartette, Hele Lidner, Z,,
nacKeife, Alice Keife, NickEngelmarr
Murraya Bennett. Dr. Carl Bermtnc
Vahn TBarney, Myron M. Golday,   -
1io M      auckenfuss, B. S. Muckenfusr
F. Blanciard, George H.Gay,Georg eF.
Allen,  Cowboy   Quarette. Saxten 'E
Kramer, La Vigne &     affl . Caspr,
Miller, Roberts,  ayes &Roberts, . .H.
Bolton, J. Eng, Chares Beier, Ma
Radelie, Dave Beehier, William Snca-
set. Kramer & Ross, Stephen Jharz,
Chriier & Ellwort, The Lorys, Bal
.s Byron. Joseph W Rubnstie, Angl
waixton Trio, Dr. J. i. Blake, BTanie
Fsylord, Thomas Clifford, H.. iller,
Jak Beach, Clara Gibson, Louise arr,
Ada Adair, Ben BornHein, Florence
Stahr, Mani Wyman, Leora Scherti,
John Takahira, John S. eynods,Gil-
Coun &Hyams, Millard Bros.,Srenoou
Comedy Four. Fred Frevoli. Telegraph
Fotr. Big Hart, Helen Clifford, Cauel-
lot & Hall, Charles E. Ellis, Nellie
Riley,Glenna, StincfeldL.B.WosEi,
A. Sigfried, Rawls & Von Kaufan,
Spike Long, Scoty, Prentice Troupe,
illny Windom, TudorCameron. Br. and
Mrs. Kid Baer, Harry L. ailler, Ams
C'has. J.L. Kressmann, tissHlen Koch
Charlie Moreland (Show World), Lee
Kraus. Louis A.Jung,William Eckola.
Walter C Tenwick, Viola larch, Tan-
nehill & Radcliffe, Joe Bauma0. Inger-
soll Goodwin, Princeton & Vale Harr
W.Fields,Tom Brown, illiamaHughes,
Rockway & Conway, Barr & Evans,
GeorgexF.Roberts, F.T.  hileasirot
Troupe, Five Brown Bros   fVan Ant
iverp F. J. Benjamin J, hi, Griffin,
i. S    tafforh  Billy Howard, Hugh Sea-
cr. HAngarian Namev. 1Ines &Ryan.
Marie Clark. SchaarWheeler TrioPercy
O'Malley Jennings, Sully & Buster
Jack J0olanson (champion hieavyw'eighit
fighter  of the world). Sopi a
Celia     Bloom, Sadie Jacobs, atrtio
wad Gets Empire.
SALT   LAKE, Nov. 1-The Emftre
theate r  until  recently   controlled eh
Fanny Frankel. has come tnt hehand-
ofHarry H. Haud oftheoRandAmuse-
mnt Co., and wats opened last week
after being thoroughly overhiauledsail
renovated at acost of over 2,0. Mr
Rand is well known as "Nickel" Rand
on account of the chain of tweadt-si
picture  houses   which   lee  operates
througaout in.e country. Hemaintn
a film exchange whic enables himto
keetr up  to quality of his films. At
Gresent l   is negotiatingfortw'saddi-
tional hotuses in the city, whlich ifshb-
tamned, will give him afirm gripa tile
motion picture business here. The Em-
lire is the only 5 cent house ill Salt
Lake at present.-JOHNSON.
"College Boy" Closes.
URBANA. Ill.,: Nov. 1.-Te Ctlieg
Boy'' Comapany wvent to the wall tore
Saturday night andthe manageroltfor
Chicago after giving the mlemnbers 51
the company $63 apiece. The atraction
wvas so nawful bad that itwas good, and
has beena llay' ing the big towns ofthi
state topoor business.Aand ofeight
pieces was carried. The studeninit-
tendance Saturday night showered the
actors   and  actorines  wilth lermns
oraanges and penny amad hla maerefunl
omutof tlacattractio0ntaan if it hhbee
wortha seeing. The cast inclmded: Hf.A
Linholnm, Mrs. E. L. Stliff. HaM'
Selaumnm. K,. L. Sutliff Mae HPlhirn.
Franak MctLamne, Delmi Des lilias
Chanrles E. Way, Ralph Low.C. A. 3c,

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