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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 10, 1909)

W.P. Hall is likely to start his circus,   p. 16

Page 16

Reports Would Indicate that Life of Newest Organization Did Idea was Suggested by Louis E. Cooke, Who is Now General
Not Cover But a Single Week              Agent of the Two Bills Show
DETROIT, Mich., July 6.-The
Mackay circus terminated its engage-
ment here very suddenly and report
has it that salaries were not paid in
The Elks say that they had been
obliged to pay board bills, freight bills
and many other charges to install and
keen the show going for a week.
The manager, Andrew McKay, left
here last week on a business trip. He
has not been heard from since. The
show was to have left for Kalamazoo
and was goin- from there to Mil-
waukee, under the auspices of the
Milwaukee Elks. Assistant Manager
Sterling said the  Milwaukee lodge
was expected to send sufficient cash
to move the circus.
"We had slim crowds," said Sterl-
ing. "I guess peonle thought we were
a kind of hurlesque circus that the
Elks were pulling off. But we're the
real thing and up against it."
At A. Y. P. Exposition.
The Orton Troupe, after playing a
four  weeks' engagement at White
City park, Seattle, Wash., is now pre-
senting a one-ring circus in the arena
at the A. Y. P. exposition.
HUDSON, Wis., luly3.-The Nor-
ris &Rowe circus train ofthirtycar
was wrecked here at 8:15 this morn-
ing while on its way to River Falls,
Wis. One man was killed, three dan-
gerotislv injured and a number re-
ceived bad cuts and bruises. The man
who was killed is Jack Carroll of
Minneapolis. Those dangerously in-
jured: E. Bradley of Ohio, Charles
Leichow of Omaha, and Jaies Shaw
of England. Estimated loss, $5,000.
Innovation Was Not Popular and B.
E. Wallace Says There Will
Be No More Such Tricks
Pulled Off.
SPOKANE, Wash., July 6.-The
Hagenbeck-Wallace show introduced
an innovation here by giving a street
parade both days of the engagement.
In spite of this the business fell off
the second day and B. E. Wallace is
quoted as saying that the new dodge
will not be tried again. Little inter-
est was manifested in the street dis-
play when it appeared for the second
time. While business did not keen
up the second day the engagement is
said to have been better than the two
days in Denver.
The circus went from here to Seat-
tle and in order to get there early
only one performance was given at
Ritzville and at Ellensburg.
The   three  lady   contortionists
(Platz-Lorella troupe) will leave the
show at Seattle, according to report.
To Play Portage.
PORTAGE, Wis., July 6.-Gollmar
Brothers will exhibit here August 2.-
Credited with first suggesting a
Winnipeg Looked so Good on Dominion Day that the Admis-
sion was Raised
Fine horses lave long been con-
sidered a valuable feature of a cir-
cus and the interest awakened in
farming communities as well as in
cities by fine specimens of horse-
flesh has not been underestimated by
The idea of introducing a horse
show as a feature of a circus was first
suggested to James A. Bailey by
Louis E. Cooke (who is now general
-eint of the Buffalo Bill and Pawnee
Bill Shows, Combined) and the intro-
duction of the horses into the arena
horse fair as a feature of a circus.
as a part of the performance led to a
bill being gotten out by Mr. Cooke,
which is well remembered by old time
circus people.
This idea was fostered by Buffalo
Bill, who led his baggage stock around
the arena at the old Coliseum in Chi-
cago a number of years ago. Later
the Barnum & Bailey show did the
same thing and in every instance the
display was considered worthy of the
expense and trouble connected with
In later years B. E. Wallace began
making a feature of his horses and
advertised the "finest horses in the
world"-a line which is now closely
allied with his name-and his repu-
tation has been sustained in this direc-
tion by his using the greatest care
in selecting baggage stock as well as
ring stock.
More recently the Cole Brothers'
Thow has gained a renutation for fine
horses and while the Ringling Broth-
ers' have always aimed to have good
stock this feature of the show has
not stood out so prominently because
less care was exercised in getting the
animals of some certain color.
James A. Bailey    introduced the
horse fair into the Barnum show at
the suggestion of Louis E. Cooke
when the show returned from Europe
and old circus men will recall that
MTr. Bailey nlaced an order for 300
hlead of fine baggage horses averaging
from 1600 to1,800ounds for which
he paid $300 each to Fiss, Dorr &
Carrell, of New York.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, July 5.
-The Sells-Floto show arrived here
at 9:30 last night, being five hours
late. Two cracked wheels were the
causc of the delay.-JOHNSON.
Fourth of July Dinner.
Arthur Davis got tip a fine dinner
for the Norris & Rowe circus On
July 4. Here is the ment:
Soup, Cream of Chicken
Radishes    Green Onions     Pickles
Roast Prime of Beef. a Jus
Roast Young Pig with Apple Sauce
Stewed Chicken and Dumplings
Chicken Giblets with Rice
Mashed Potatoes
Stewed Tomatoes    Stewed Corn
Mince Pie Annc Pie Assorted Cakes
Ice Cream
Tea     Coffee    Ice Tea
He was Prominent in the Disposal of the Rice Brothers' Prop
erty at East St. Louis Last Week
The Barnum & Bailey show tilted
its adImission price at Winnipeg on
Dominion Day (July 1) and with a
dollar for admission and twenty-five
and fifty cents for reserved seats
packed the big tent twice.
Otto Ringling, who is in the busi-
ness to make money as well as to
brin'i joy to the hearts of the chil-
dren, saw that the town was ripe for
the circus and took advantage of it
to the tune of several thousand dol-
lars which would not otherwise have
entered the coffers of the circus.
Winnipo  ;s poutilg a little about
tii  ol in \di  Ih,   (10  tV  111i'iY
thex were made "suckers." It seems
that there is a law that a circus shall
not nlav Winnipeg within ten days of
some time or other but the authori-
ties waived this and let the circus in.
This gives another excuse for a
"howl" and the cry in Winnipeg to
judge from the newspaper accounts
is "sting! stung!! stunt-!!!"
Ollie Webb Here.
Ollie  Webb   left  the  Ringling
Brothers' show at Akron, Ohio, and
came to Chicago where his wife is in
a hospital. An   interesting  familY
It looks like W. P. Hall would put
out a show yet this season. He was
the most prominent buyer at the sale
of the Rice Brothers' property and
it is believed that in the event of the
sttiff he leased to the Mackay show
being returned to him he will at once
begin the organization of a circus.
The Rice Brothers' sale was to
satisfy a mortgage held by W. H.
Pomeroy and the menagerie and other
property was put up for sale on
Thursday of last week. Before the
auction could be commenced an in-
illilllinI wzl, scrod~ :and hi led1 to
an agreement by which the property
was disposed of at private sale.
W. P. Hall, of Lancaster, Mo., act-
ing as agent for several road shows
and carnival companies, took two
elephants off the hands of the strand-
ed circus men and picked out two
lions which he fancied. The amount
paid for the animals was not made
W. E. Franklin, manager of the
Sells-Floto show, is at his home at
Valparaiso, Ind., this week and runs
into0 Chicago nearly-everyday.
-  I
Jutlyk o10 . .

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