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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Editorial,   p. 14

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The Show World Publishi         g Co.
Orand Opera House Building
Eighty Seven South Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois
General Director
Associate Editor
Advertising Manager
Secretary and Treasurer
Entered as second-class matter, June 25,
1907, at the Postoffice at Chicago. Illinois.
under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Fifteen Cents per Agae Lne.
Fourteen Lines to the Inch.
uifty Inches to the Page.
The Last Advertising Forms Close
Wednesday at Noon.
Advertisements forwarded by mail must
be accompanied by remittance, made pay-
CO.. to whom all business communications
should be addressed.
(Payable in Advance)
Four Dollars a Year.
Five Dollars a Year.
The WesternaNewsCompany
and Its
International Branches.
The Editor will not be responsible for the
return of unsolicited manuscripts. but if
stamps are enclosed they wili be returned
if found unavailahie.
Anonymous matter will not be considered
under any circumstances. Writers desiring
their names be withheld from   publication
must so state beneath their signatures.
We do not solicit contributions from un-
authorized correspondents, but in special
Intances we willconsidertcontributions bear-
I ng upon a topic of vital Interest to the
profession of entertainment.
Manuscripts or news matter wili not be
considered unless written upon one side of
the paper only and addressed in the lower
left hand corner of the envelope to The
News Editor.
SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1909.
Ill a reCellt editorial the New York
I'less took occasion   to   praise   the
w\ork of John Collier and the Board of
Ceilsorship of Programs of       Motion
IPictlire Shows 11(and  slggestel  that
'lIch a hoard colld    11d protitable em-
ploymelit ill other alllsellent fields.
pointing particularly to thle plays
placei before the public by the allege<d
Illeatrical Trust.
The    Pires,  hovever. overlookel
solie % ital points ill its pro-censorship
rmlilark.  Ill ediieavoring to draw  a
parallel betweenl mlotionl pictures, anlot
legtitilllate  drallia it  overlookedt  a
broald distinction betweel    tile  two
whlichl almyost prohlibits the possibility
of play censorship.
The liecessity for    censoring    illn
prodictions became acuite by reason
of the fact that the      mlanufactlrers
were becoming lax in their produc-
tions: they were taking full aivaitage
of the fact that exchalges andl ex-
Z i:-I
,'ceI t  NwIIt  th l  11(1 Iha   to  ttff r  al  ill
IurnI  foist the  prililuct 111)oil t 11 1 illict.
1n a great majority of instances. it
shild he remembered. picture holses
ffeir daill challes of sulbject alnd that
Iy the ti1lil the pu1blic hias had oplor-
tuity11 ' to disapprove of stch subject,
a111   "llsject  11 o  the screen. iie le
lie necessity for censorship fIr the
\elfalr'e of the indlstry.
I llt how different with tile legiti-
iiate 1playhouse, where. generally, a
pla  wNill Cost ianlly timei s the amlrolilnt
,of mlonecy expendedI for filml produlc-
tio: where heavy adv\ertisill is the
rule1 anld Substantial scenlery and high
,;Iaried actors are vital esceltials.
The theater manager     cann~Ot  r-tl
aw\Na v fromt the effect a play llay have
tp11n the public. as ill the case of tile
.liOgll- picture Iliallufacturecr: ie lust
face the lllsic; he  musl"t listeil to the
VOice Of approval or diSapprOval flill
holt1 press all1l patrons. and, if the
\erdict is against him,i he iist stand
to lose llaly tim11es lmore heavilv thall
ill the case of tile picture prodicer.
fin the matter of hllmn   the puli
la little or Ilo voice but it is the ph-
lii  which makes or breaks the playiv
:iid its promoters: hence, the     ment
\ il  have growiN wise ill the businiess
Of promuitlgatinig playthlinlgs have that
respect for the people whicil the pic-
lure imlal has not had to know.
James Archibald, a tateC iploel at
Piiitrs th-ter. ii Ne  y 12 Of pntI-
"liilila and the relilails were taken to
levCeland for ilternilet.
Rose Ettinger, wio ill privati life
.i,  NItI .  iraiit e  Iirliril1  of  W ater-
.She Illlile ]lerc deot as .1 1il1gel'
alltnurvsicianl somei year, ago oil the
lorelil stage, and h1ad hc011 11H"Ich 111l
Collier Offers Correction.
The idim~illly letter from }0111 COul-
lier. secretary of thle H~oard of Cenl-
cii ltip. refers  to   all ailticle  published
11  1it' issne  of May  8. ill  Wilicil  Ct'iit
I or "kilIling"- of bill againist the uise of
celitioidI 1 11111. which lhall beenl intro-
tiietd into the New\ York legislature.
was givel to tile NMotiol Iicture Pat-
eits Comlipalny:
Of roiirals of Nlotion iictur eShows
Temnporary Ofices.  is E,'. 1.-th St.
New York City. N. Y.
N Iix 1;. 19091.
Dear Siir:- write to Correct all er-
ror which appears ill the creillt 111111-
her' of tht SxIT(\\' NWtRTD I)Thie C-
Cii  Iellittes  t<  tilt  <ritt  1)1l  liecte
agaiist mlig pictures whbich was
killed ill the New lork legislature o)n
tilt  list  dix  Ill  tile  'sts'ion(  just  t'l(it'lI .
Te 'riltetill  uts.tion  eit,;t t' NIii-
tioln lictlires  atlent  Company wit
the defeat of thle mleasure.
The facts are of interest becauise
they' point a1 mloral. The bill had h)eall
simullltancouisly inltroduiced  into  the
Senate aind the Asseibiyi at Alhainy.
It prolibited the  use   of  n1 on-1ire-
proofedl film for moving pictures. Val-
iois moving picture  interests   pioi-
lilt.   tils teis x t i l.   oxcixoet tl g
:llnendmilent ill the Assemlbly. inl a way
irtuiali  to  iltllify  it.  effect.  Thell
the ivile  pictidti  people seilm to
hliae retiled oil their fars. for tihe hill
welt ahiead tinider fult sail im the Sell
ate0. passed with   anI  overwhelmliing
\o.allotn wenit to the Assemlbly, w hich
\\as expectedl to pas., it immllediately
'\ ithI a la rge maj orityv. This was the
day before adjournment.
ilere the Board of EFensorship took
a hand. The Board of Censorship rep-
reseit~s Practically Cevr disinterested
p biii  todhl il l ei York  Cit , and i s
kil nil  to  be  intelli itly  butnot sel-
tshly   interested  i l the lipbuildilig  of
the motion iycture Industry. The bill
Wa\ obvioltSly draStiC ani d capable Of
klin   the  bil si lless   in  N w  l %N iork
itate1i f e lacted into il i.  Furthermore,
as    the  11 tard  Of 'C elsorship i  \\-  it
t< mhill e a on taineCCsair, 1s safety
(lll i re  iIit ti e.  haII seC  b Otheri'
ntiwole thall irmnlll  nlnIe ilw hat
special  interests  illay  have bee  push-
iiig the bill--what inkilown holders
Of a secret firepr sinl process-was
iessw ork I  til e bill ai s had. W et
uld  the telephon e and  the allails ' ad
so stated tile case that n'othing wvasi
llft  1e  itIs.mbly  but to kil  til e  bill.
I'lilevk if tiiit.
\\7hut is the  mlor~al?  It is som1ethlinlg
for the Ilming" picture Interests of the
whole  co 'try  to  lear l : that for self-
preseratioll thle business iliist get in-
Nilntial and organized public opinimos
oN it. 'ide. On the side of mvingt
pictures. dliscrecetly  regulated,  puIblic
opinlion Ought to $e. hecause thec are
the forill  Of theater w hich comi es  niear-
est the people and~ becauise they have
((st possibilities of educatlio11ti Seful-
Neks.  In  every  city, the picture inter-
ests anld the civic hbolies ouight to "get
together " a s they hae done inl New
cork. The hasiness is helped intrin-
Ially. the public is saved from what
i c 11 ectioxable. and  public opin ion  is
\\()n oVer-the strongest asset that
i1kN.  b ie ts ca o i have.t
hellre should l  a  national ce'sor-
hip oraniedalon~g  co-operative
liles sim\ilar to   the  1  York  censor-
ship. alld  this should  have  aulxiliaries
in every city. What does the trade
think of this'
Very trlly yours,
Secretairy, 110ard of C ensorship.
New York.
YItlity  a 1) t o   r1or1  s
e ill tl1  J.  Iw ett, l   Do l11ilck
t ti ,  ant  Joh  II.
Wxeiss Amllitusmeiilt Comipanry, New
edliltI:  ca1111l"  $5,000 ii  s ii -t' coil-
1t'  h      LeNN a  Weiss Nio Nririect i.
\il 51 Aveuiii A.   N
Court Amulsinent Comipany , N ew
Voark, to do a genleral theatrical utslt-
N's: capital, $i.000. Directors: Fred-
crick  W . Iorrest, Jr., ). Seylon Tru
sto, New York and Patrick Brown
84    1Esex street, Brooklyn.   I
Calmt &    Loew Theatrical Con','pally.
irooklyN. to erect, Operate and con-
trol  amus11emlenlt  enterprises:  capital ,
$5,000.  Directors:  I arry  H Iarris.
James A. Light and Edward Galigcr.
299 Broadway.
Yorkville  Amusement   Comlpanly.
New  orko: th atic l  lapial  :20 .
West 49th street, New\ York: P'. S.
Tunison. 41 Park Row: George) Vi-
uotrouix, 2;' Williamn street, hath of
Ne   Yorkt.t~ Yrk
Genesee Theatre   Company, Ro-p
chester. N. Y., moving pictures andlu
vaudeville  entertainmiients:  capital.
$10 i,000.  Directors:  Charles  P. Cox.
(,Ox bulilding: Charles Enll"ert. Souith
Water street, and George Carrnes,
South Water street.
Solar Slide Company, Watertown.
to  mranuifacture-  movingo,  picture  mla-
chinery_.  fIlmIS  anld  all  Supl)ies  Coll-
necrted therewith: capital. $1,200. Di-
rectors:  -Al. MI. Van  Buren, Alice  A1.
\   il (lirci  -,1- 2  Rothstoc  t ret
Lenox Amuitsemenit Comlpanly. New
Vork:  theatrical:  capital. $2,000.  Til-
corporators: F. W . Forrest, Jr.I_ , 15 8
W\est 49th street, New York: Patrick
limwnie. 84 Essex street, Brooklynl:
1). Seyvtovi Tunisonl, 41 Park Row. aid
George Vig ourouix, 27 William street,
both Of New York.
The Opera Hlouse Realty ( omrpany,
New York, to carry onl the business
of  givinig  theatricatl,  dramlatic  anld
operaotic performianices and to operate
aNdI  num 1age    '; t Vter,  e'tC.;  ai
$10 0, 000.  D)i recc t or :  GuyPhilip
iterbert L. Utter and NathaIniel A
Camipbell, ll9  Broadway, Neil York.
Chicago    1ayety Theatre
New   York, to carry   on a    eneri
mlllllsement'it and theatrical bin ess ill
its varioulls branches' capital $300,0o0
Directors: Sallmul A Scribner, J. He
I)tIalCk. 15)47 hiuoloiwav: J.P1air'-
rellce Weber. 1402 hBroadwayll Nor
York, and Ruud K. H1yniicka Standarid
Theatre. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Suburban    Amusement      t'nm any
:Ncw York to produt    play, a deal
in  coplyrighlted  p la Vs  ailel IlItiCl
performances; capital. $1,000. Direc-
tors: Charles    H. Lary, 177 Park
Place. Brooklyn: Edward J. Steiier.
,77 Broaclway, New York. all Ed-
ard A. Isaacs, :27- Rosedale aveiiue
Niadiison. N. J.
_Nioving Picture Service C oripany.
Syractuse, to  manuifactur  vll and
lease  piteures,  negatives,  ilms, i -il'
chiles, appliances an(d supplies used
ill  picture  and  theatrical  btusiiess:
principal  office, 427   South  Sahne
street:  capital. $50,000.  Director-
Adan C. Hlaymian. 427 South Salina
street: Ernest I. Edgeonb. 708 Uni-
versity avellue. and Lelic Kincaid.
407 Emersoi avelue.
A. W. ITlolies & Co., \igiista: jew-
clrs'  and  novelt es:  capital, $100,000.
President aii treasurro Ju Berr:
clerk. A. Pil-eigh 11o1h of IlturlIstal.
Green wood    Garden    Armis'eii
Company. Portland: public amuslle-
ilent: capital. $50.000.  President .  '.
S. Trefether: treasurer, S. W. Noyes:
clerk, G. F. Nyes', all of South Port-
New Jersey.
11.  J.  Herilmar.  Camlideln:  auitise-
ineit enterprises: capital, $60.000.  In,-
corporators: G. M    . ioss.N i. E. Berp-
111an1. Philadelphia. Pa.: W. S. Par-
soils, Canlden.
Scac i l;  All I I 1eI t erprlialy.
Calnrider: aritisellt'it ciltt'rlrics: cap-
ital, $50,000. lIncornovators: John :
NllacI'eak. George II. 1. NIartil T.f
Frt'd J. 'tus Com1pany. Newark:
mlanufactuing-11  aultomOileS, etc.: capi-
t al, $100,000.  1 HioOpoYators:  .
iance, Red    alik; F. J. Titls, New
York: G. D. H    1ance, Redl Baik.
SeasideAiitistileilt C0111lp , Cain'
$50,000.  Incorporators:  J. A. Iac-
Peak, G. II. Marti, I1.C  Clow Carl-
Tihieatrical Niechainical Associatioi
No. 95 of Wilmointon. N'Wihlingtol.
Iicorporators: J. 11. Reese, A. N
CO(le J. A. Perry. N illnillntol.
Novety   Amliusciment Coripolraiiiol
Norfolk   -I. L. Hofheilmer, presietici.
Richilmond; J. C. Hiofleilrc., vice'
reiit  Nee Lexy rsecretary nllot
tre aistIreC. 1)001 oif Norfeolk. Capta
n  axilmumfl,  $1 0,000;  iil  a  dali   $,50
tbjects: Opernte par      inelelt.
Spokane T. M. A. Benefit.
Spiikll.ncWash.. av15
''he Spokane Lodge (No. 47) T.
N. A.. p-ave a beneit matilicc ill tite
Auditorium   theater and all the best
taleint froim  all the  local theaters coll-
trilbitei to the success of tile rogranlt
lhe talent 'was about tile best thiat
Ilas ie1el seel il tili city tfor shoil
tililt' The fullowving i., alist ()f thost
who took part: Richard Carle & C.
from  the Spokane: Nlaih  Ilite. Mike
Donlin, Bill' Van, Rockwao adlli Con-
waI. the Three Misses Westol. tile
Iiilmlills. from  the Orphellill: Clara
Throop, WestOion-Yoting Co   Cook ald
Rothert, from  the Vashilgtoll Shale
&  Cole. Young & Brooks. tie Lay-
ills. from   Panta ges: Nliss Jessie
Shirlex-George. I. MlcQllarri, from
Auditorium,    andll   Granit  Chuirchill
Collipally.  Financially the ima2tiflee
was a slccess.-SMiITI.

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