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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 22, 1909)

Antoinette Le Brun has narrow escape,   p. 8

Page 8

ACTOR'S WIG AFIRE;                            ANTOINETTE LE BRUN
PANIC IS AVERTED                         HAS NARROW ESCAPE
Austin Gillam, Leading Juvenile With Yankee Doodle Boy Causes Heavy Prop Falls to Stage During Act of Operatic Trio, But Soloist
Excitement at Kansas City Theater.                Calmly Continues Song.
K IIs:I  ( City. Al..  lay  1 4.
Auttin (illant, leading juvenile of
the Yanke Doodle toy Co., which
played at the Gillisstheater here this
week, had an    unusual experience
which he is not likely to forget in a
hurry, and which came near being the
meians of creating a fire panic in the
Gillam's hands had just been tied
behind him by the villain and he was
left alone on the stage. A candle was
burning upon a table and as Gillam,
supposed to be exhausted, fell across
this table his wig caught fire from the
candle. Yells of horror from the
audience were the first warnings that
Gillam had that anything had gone
wrong, then he smelled smoke and a
tage hand called that his wig was
mire, 1le immeldiately tried to free
his hands, blit failing in this, rushed
into thewkings-wher apail ofw-oater
quickly put the fire out.
Meanwhile   tile audience had be-
come stirred: men and women got up
frotmtheir seats andthescenenteeded
hut tile cry of fire to turn the audi-
toriumt into a geluine  panic. The
house ushers and  special policemen
rushed quickly down the aisles and
soon had the patrons quieted. ilucl
praise is due the attaches for their
The show proceeded to the end and
Gillam seemed none the worse for his
Odd experience, exceptito. of course,
the cost of a wito
Norfolk, Va., May 11.
Antoinette Le kruntt, a memllber of
the Le 1run Operatic Trio, displayed
rare presence of mind during a trying
molment of   her engagemllent at the
Colonial theater, when, during   the
course of her act a heavy metallic
ilotn box used] by Texas Gtinan in
her Harvest Mooin     song, fell froh
the flies, and, striking Miss Le ]run's
shoulder, glanced off  and   fell in
pieces at her feet. Had it not been
that she stepped forward during the
course of her solo. just bhfre the box
fell, site wttld utidouml1-le Illxe 1eetl
The orche-tal       ased its a-
coil panimeilt for the tnolent, all,,
this made the accident mjore excitiio
Aliss Le Brun, however, did lot cease
her song, but Continued to the endI
When the audience realizedwhat l
ccttrred, it burst into tulmultuous ap-
plause atnd  Mis    Lt ttrun was re-
Warded for her e    liisby repealte
liss LeBrttn afterwards remarkeid
that it was the nearet point to deat
that she had ever experienced, ai
many of the audience agreed tlt i:
was sutficiently dramatic to satii
Thein.-S. R. II.
Winitipcglan., May 17.
11011. T. layne Daly, police magi-
trate, gave the closed Sunday agita-
tors a severe blow in a court case, ini
xwhiclt S. L. Barroxeclorugh, leader of
tle Winnipeg City Bantdo,xvasChtarged
with having violated the Lord's day
observance act by giving Sunday
evening concerts itt the Walker the-
ater. The action of the court was
looked forward to by a great number
of people with extreme interest and
the public sympathy is in favor of the
concerts. The magistrate dismissed
the case and in doing so, said: "I
consider these concerts the most bene-
ficial thing of the kind in the city,
and  will dismiss this action."
It was pointed out that about $1,000
had been taken in through the collec-
tion at the door of the theater.-
Shuberts Include Omaha.
Onala, Neb., May 14.
The Shlberts have extended their
chain of theaters to Omaia, havin
signed up with Manager Johnsi itf
the   10trxol vesteri11yto play iltl-
eidielt  attractiois  lit  titis  tileat  p,
nlext year.
Joihtnson has a thlree year lease ill
the Burwood. His contract with the
Shtuberts runs for one year.
Omaha has not seen many of the
independent stars for the reason that
no theater, outside of the Burwood,
was open to them, and the Burwood
only on few occasions as a stock
company has held the boards here
for the past four or five years.
This will leave Omaha without a
stock company, except for the summer
moiths wheti the Woodward stock
from Kansas City comes here it th
Shuberts Get Auditorium.
Webster City, Iowa, Ala 1.
The Sliuberts have rented the A ii
torium in Des Moines, paying $4,000
or $800 more than was paid by Alain
ager Foster of the Grand and Fos-
ter's who formerly also had the Audi-
torium. All three theaters formerly
played only Klaw & Erlanger attra c-
tions. Herbert Duce, who signed tile
lease for the Shilberts, states that
sixty attractions will be dated in the
Auditorium  the coming season and
Des Moines is lookitop  for some
merry competition in tig- theaitri-
Manager Kirby Transferred.
Norfolk, Va., May 1I5.
William T. Kirby, who has managed
the Colonial for the past two years
has b)cen temporarily transferred to
Savannah, Ga., where he opened the
new Wilmer and Vincent Orphcum.
Frank D. Hill, formerly employed by
Wilmer and Vincent at Reading house
has been put in Kirby's place for the
time being.-S. R. IT.
Vaudeville to Be Seen  at Eleventh  Street Theater Where Minstrels
Ruled for Years.
Philadelphia, Pa., May. 1.
William Morris wxVill haxe a Phila-
delphia house. That is the talk in
amusement circles now. The house
Was secured through Felix Isman attld
is the Eleveith street opera house
xeltre Dunont's linstrels held forth
for so iany years.
According to reports no change will
he imade in the theater at present ,
but before the opensilng of the fall
1(eatson  Ilh(  plwce  will  bec  rehnoilt  anld
eilarged so as to give a scating ca-
paicity of lit least 1.600.
Arris lias been treilg to get into
this city for some tille. lie mailde all
altteillpt to if so mlolitls ago by pttt-
tintg vNadieville into Fol-epaugh's, but
the venture failed.
The abandonmnlt of the Eleven1th
Street opera h mse hy the mlinstrels
gave Morris tile opportunity Ite de-
sired and 1Smnan     closed  the   deal
xltercv tle hoisc pass(,-; into   hi,,
contrIl  AMorris xwill o)e11t the houle
b   of*e  Ill  lir t   If  1io ,
`lv ork, M ay 1q.
Nr and    irs. David IHlasco ha
mitounced the approaching larriae
af their eldest daughter, Reina, tu
Nti, Gcit, wxho tot tllc last si%
yer as eenwfoci-ln retiresett
of Oscar ann   \williamt 11aninerstin
IlTe  wedding    wiIll take  place ai
Sherry's oi June 1.
Following the cereiony the brid:J
pair will remain a    few days in th-
city and then go to Paris to xisit AIr.
Gest's famuily.  They will return to
New York in the autumtn.
in addition to his connection Vith
the  Ilammlter-steinsA, 1r. Gest is a
ttemtber of the firm   of Comstocl &
ict, theatrical   mtatlagers. He nit
Aliss Belasco for    the first ttiel
September two years     ago. Theen)
giocilent was milade last auttmn h]
1lr. (;est xx-is visiting the Bclasost
Sal Iraicisco.
Ushers Go On Strike.
Winnipeg, Alan., Vay 15.
A  n-ew labor   trouble was put o1
>rI  here  the  other  iIlt  wllll
,\\,, ilizetxtishlersill thle WaNkertili-
>1 -0 qutti  thteit  j of  sbcautse tICv
i 1 it   tet  tille     1x    At ti
thu- it xxas tile cattse ofl Ill tupsetii
li, house and the patrtls had toid
Illr ibest to finld their own seats, bul
". dtrike didn't last lotng enough t
1sly      incottventtetce the  holl:o
\N1 tile bovs have   applied for rell-
'4.t-mnent  with  the   exception 01
Young Girl Runs Away.
I lazel Jacobson, an11 Ottawa, I11L
ial. ran awav from homue oe daya-t
iieek and tle first news her parentt
hidof cer r  as tht she had joitedI
iiiecitricaI cisiltpattv tltelI  playir Ltt I1
>tnduilsky. Her letter xwas very bri
liii informed her folks that the c0111-
poe x-onldgo (direct to _\exr Yori
Th  youing lady first caghtthe tae
cvr, when she recently aIppearedIn
ctes of poSings at a ioing pichtur
Improvements at Omaha.
Olaha, Neb., Alay 1.
improvements have Commenced on1
ile Orplhleum  theater vlich will gill
the house an     additional 00 or 400
seats. The main flor will be exteded
back about ten feet and four rows,"
seats placed. Complete re-eclcoratlf
will he done all over tile hlouise.
AFasi teededl uolIla Co"V
i111il itmptrovemnts xwill gct tilepit-
Minnie Milne "Home."
Oswego., N. Y.ay1
NIililio' A \lilte. xxiopI-axI thepal
of iHa.zy in Nlrs. Ngsa theile
1huge Patchl the( past season,. is h
to, sin  the sttltlotIr -it hetl resulei
here. Aliss Alile's plans for tle Coll]
ing season have - 1       et been'c"
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