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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

A delightful play is Mary Jane's Pa,   p. 9

Page 9

c %c-lc
The Cale SongShowPlays Cincin-
nati, Philadelphia and Then Goes
Atop the New Amsterdam
h1ce is no keeping tabs on The
!0  III(! The Girl. The changes in
ticast haV  been So many that the
lriforiers theiselves are 1no lon1ger
iprfrised  hliel  soie  <>11 ro  Il olll
icy it    not Ieell iitroduced   is
cacuilciplaying opposite to thei.
The iaY has Ibcl eni wonccde-rfulliy in-
troved  11(d with  the  ciatiges no\e
enateltl)lated should he just such a
I    tyle  of  clitrtaiilnmelit  that  \%ill  a)-
ie0l to N c Yorkers oi the Ner Am--
icrdain ronI. There  Ire several goti
cinuul1ers ill tile song-show and Katie,
omlc  all  Ki,   Ak M, provides   the
-atchy allr Which is so often miccssing
Il lusical comedies.
lAlarie Dressler is to have tice role
ithe actrcss  It wi havc to ien- l-
irely reconstrtct(d to suit her blit
hei play ill not suffer 'in the rceid-
lilig. Hlarrv Kelley iS reported, to
IccibeiCCec ngaged for the role played
ll Tcby Lyons. It is easy to believe
lat Kelley Will ind a coigenicial char-
eter i tie fortune telling adventurer.
. ladIelinc Narhal1 wxill also be added
n tie ast.  Ralph Iiertz wiI take
ciclieGarvie's role. Garvihasbeen
diroig very much in the role of
clcctxx cc. iiclioed as l)rlcil Collie-
lcct wasitte ccl flexer build it Iito c
ceichc Niii  add  to  hIs  faime.
artliv icrard \\ill take Lee Kohl-
tarsonele and will likely be prvided
i score to do. Kl\ imar has been
iticle but had limited opportuni-
ies at the \iitney. Harriet St;inkn
\ill go cast with the show  alL she
i eligitfiil as the gir. Burrell licr-
1caretto \ill be retained as will Fehix
The part of Allen s sister, the inci
ccarriecd woiac, will have  to  1ie
chagced or elimicatcd altogether. It is
t of (uceston to m  ,take such a role
cmuscng  Gilbert Gregory    as   the
aiter cwithi juggling aspirations is ani
imlrovecment oxver iui  predecessor
andic Will be taken east with the com-
The coccpancy will play Cincinnatit
;nii Philadelphia after leaving Chica-
an    c pens in New  York abit
Cameo's Successful Stay.
Iil clStudce   hakerth ii  t c  II  ll"
Lilvclcilie  re-cocc Ii dcricicg  the  pacst
two years of the Dilinghain-Conno
rCgimcce, and the Aiichigan playiouse
cas beoie known fronc cie coast
cc tile other as the theater of sic-
,cssftil productions and  loutg runis.
The latest offering to claicm  title in
tihe  "ecord-Ibreaking  Lngagement
class is Cameo Kirky, ic which Dustin
Icarci  ccc has achiex-ed the greatest ar-
tiStic success of his career. For the
Pasttwo ocths the Studebaker has
ein crowcded to the doors at nearly
Lery pLrlrmance* cc, and Ir.  arnim's
ccneect vas extended    twice in
crcerto satisfy tie demcald for tick-
ct  )uricg tice ecngacgement of Mr.
carcnm cccul hcisc admirabicl  company,
cI ,capacity" sigl hasa beell displayed
at1 the Studceaker  box oflIce  with
cnoticeable regularity and the  iunsualn
Iritahli of tice star accd play has oc-
casioned no end of colmclent in tihe
cetroolitac ceiters of the country.
Now in Vaudeville.
WVilclalurcess and ilita Proctor
(tis, late of Tic  Girl froim  Rector's,
ciil ppear at the majestic next week
cccplailet, Acr's. li nner's iicc.  M\as-
vr Gabriel, xwiho cemClaileCd here when
1ittle Neino  icsed, is aplicaring at
lit theater ticxs week  in  Bluster
C. W. Rex Here-
C.'. Re., woxi  \ill iavc  the Grand
)ix  Lcanld Spectacle at the Seattle
'XpOSitiol, wxas here several days re-
ntl, lavig  WdnsdayN for the
st   Tile comccpany was organized
i this city and will be taken to Seattle
The ecoiid act of NIary Jane's Pa
is Icateci inl the oftice of the Gosport
('larion. There is a casc or two of
typec displayed, a stone- which is so
laox  that it must have been hard oil
the printers' backs to  iake uip the
formis, a press which is in use, ai old
discarded Washington hand press oii
xxhicli exchanges are piled, and tie
lesk of the editress. The walls ire
decorated with what is supposed to be
samples of the jobs tiried out.    ini
printinigoffice sale bills, auction post-
ers, political aliotinccements and icc-
variably a one-sheet of a Fourth-of-
July celebration of a fexv years pre-
vious which is the pride of the office,
cover the walls. in the scene in Mary
Jane's Pa the bills have been poorly
selected and a itiber of thil are
advertisecments of the Granby theater
in Norfolk.
ice scene is a very interesting once.
The office is located   oi the imaini
street of a cocuctry town and tithe per-
soils who pass    provide anccusemcent
for the aulience by stopping at the
door and leavicng aii item  for  the
This is the lirst time that a print-
ing Office scene has beei introduced
into a ilay -which call be said to have
been   successful. Several attempts
have been miade to create interest in
the conduct of a niewspaper, but the
pays  iave  ncever  scored  success.
.long the -Mohawk has a scene -where
the newspaper is printed but it was
not a great success cas ac one-night
stand productio.
Title Is Changed.
Tle title o)f NMarv Jacis Pa when
it was irst prepared inl the fori of a
novel was "Portia Perkins. Printer."
lhe leading character could well be
the  noble   wonman -who conducts a
newspaper ill a country village and
provides fori her two children. Marie
Nor<1strom appcar    o grea-ct advanlt-
ccge in this role.  le c%%ocvani  has
been deserted by her husband, who
becomnes a tramp   printer-a loxalkc
scamp   oi the  order of Rip Vac
Winkle.   It is this character cwhich
ecnry   F. Dixey portrays ancd his
conception of tle role is well sus -
taillCd, being  delicate, 11ub)tlC  ex-en  ancl
IbetraVilg just the prlper touch of
secctilment.  1ie gails the sympathy
of  the audience fronm the start, a
syipathy which Should    go to the
Marjorie Wood as Lucile Perkins
plays her role With   caturalnCess and
is rewarded with well deserved ap-
plauise. Nlaude Earle as Ivy Wilcox,
struggles with a part which is inpos-
sibile. Gretchen  Hcartmacc  as NIary
Jance gives one of tie iost dclightful
hits of acting seen for a lcccng time.
Thecre is a certain iaturitx about her
handling of the part  hicich the clever-
est of stage children cailot he trained
into evidencic,
Play Will Live.
Nary Jacc's Pa is a very enjoyable
entertainment. Its nother is sc iucch
better drawn than the mother in The
Family, the cuict refined young lady
whose hand is sought by anc actor is
so much imore attractive   than  the
bold, egotistical miss who is courted
by the druinner in  The Traveling
Salesma, and the plot is so uicisuial
yet ordinary enough that the play
is destined to  live as long ccs Mr.
DixeC cares to retain it as a vehicle.
There are many who believe that
Mary Jane's Fa cal remain at the
Chicago opera house until well along
inl the summer. The show has been
billed as far awav as Nilwaukee and
visitors to the city are taking back
spikndid reports which has a tendency
to increase the size of the crowds.
The I and of Nod which was to have
been the silier attraction at that
theater closed the scscIn  cI April
i7.-E. E. A1.
Clever Star of The Candy Kid Approached by Producers But States
That No Contract Has Been Signed.
Ray Raymioid is appearing at the
National this xeek i The Candy Kid
and patrons of that popular playhouse
have classed Iiii as the most capable
cmedian that has yet enctertained
Eniglewooccd ticecter-oes
The Candy Kid xwas a good sliow
wheci it was seen ait dox-ni town the-
aters earlier ii the season, but the iim-
provement iox that Mr. Rayiond is
back in the cast is sco decided that
the offering is considered one of the
best attractions xlicc has yet played
the National.
On Suncicda- nieihit  Ir. Raymcond
took a ccurtain call at the cliciax of
the secod act and while lhe aplause
was sufficient to justify a speech evel,
it would hiave been better judgient
to hiave taken the curtain call at the
end of the first act where lie appears
in the center of the entire comiany.
This -would have enabled Mr. Ra-
mond to take tie honor lie so richly
deserves and would cat the saie time
1lave given the other icemlbers of the
company aci opoortunilitx to bask in
the sunisline. By takinic the curtaic
call at the conclusion of t(e secoid
act, Mr. Rayiond cimared in ica nel-
odracmatic scene aiii lie makes a mis-
take to attempt to croxwd "iellow-
draia" ctown the throats of theater-
goers when they have tired of it and
prefer such a star as Mr. Raymond i l
scenes like the climax of the first act
which calls forth legitimate applause.
Louise Willis ic the character role
is making the same big hit that she
dloes everywhere, and 1Vada Ludlow,
who plays opposite Mr. Raymond, is
a beautiful women with more than
ordinary ability. Frederick V. Mer-
shon plays four small parts and each
one creditably.  He is particularly
clever as the tramp ill tie second act
and does forceful acting as the fatier
icc the last act.
Several managers have been out to
the National this week, looking over
Mr. Raymond's work and it is re-
ported that he will be seen in a new
play next season which xwill play the
dollar houses. When approached on
this subject Mr. Raymond stated that
ie had not tip to tie present timie de-
terimined his plans for next season.-
E. E. M.
In Luck.
Ike Oliver, 1orest Doolittle, Beat-
rice Wingfield and Emrnia Arnsler,
late of The Flowcier of the Ranch,
closed vithl that company inc Fort
Waync last Sunday night, arrived her
NMonday, called at Armstrong's office
and left that saice niigit for Winii-
peg to join the San Francisco opera
company. As there are so imany seek-
ers for places they have reason to
coisider  tic-mselves  ic  Iick.
Many Believe That the Attraction Can Remain at the Chicago Opera
House Until Well Up in the Summer.
Official Organ States that Reports
Sent Out of Western Managers'
Meeting Were Incorrect.
George B. Peck recently visited
New York and to judge from the con-
ferences held with his chiefs before
his deplirture, his visit is an important
cicce. iTcis imicpresit  gai s stregthc
xvlci it isnoticed ticcitthe Synccicate
cs laiin  tt iathere  as been a lie
seit Ict regrii tg-  defection of
te  toxva-ilicois  circuit aind  -estern
The Syndicate would make it ap-
pear tiat it will control these houses
ntext season as i tihe past.
The meeting of xvestcrn managers
at Cicago recently was an important
one tncd tile action taken was fully
cdescribed in this paper of the current
week. A week or so liter one or two
other dramatic weeklies had some-
thing about the meeting and a few
clays ago the news reached another
publication which devotes much space
to acmiusements.
When next season rolls around it
will be found that the managers of
the micdle west lire iiccepeCIdent to
le extent tat they will not pass ip
attractions controlled by one firm be-
ccuse a postal comes from the office
ofthe syndiciteadvisingdsuch action.
Tice xvestern managers do clot xwishc
to be unfair to the syndicate ut ice
clay of scaring thei into submission
is past, to judge from the remarks of
prominent managers and froni the
resolution which represented the sen-
tinent of the meeting although it was
iot passed.
Business Good, Says Bennett.
A. Milo Bennett, proprietor and
manager of Benncett's Dramcatic Ex-
change, in a letter to THE SHOW
XVORID says:-
Bucsiness is niighty good at pres-
ent, and we have all we can possibly
do. I am placing quite a good many
plays also. Among   those  recently
placed by us are The Little Minister,
stock, San Antonio; At Piney Ridge,
stock, Kankakee; Charity Ball, Port-
land, Ore., also South Bend, Ind.; To
1Die at Dawn, stock, Portland: Holy
City, Gaiety theater, stock, Galesburg,
fit., and otcers. Bythe way,I have
ccst bought tileplay, State's Attoriey.
Weihavecrecently added adepartment
fort ilei"adli oofbook plays, as we
Thearle Signs Contracts.
Hiarry B. Thearle, general manager
of the Pain's Pyrotechnic Company,
made his headquarters at the Wash-
ington Hotel, Seattle, Wash., last
week   and  consummated   contracts
with the Alaska-Yukon Exposition
people for Pain's Fireworks producc-
Wedding Postponed.
Boston, Mass., April 26.
Fefic Fay's wedding to Ensign Ander-
soin has been postponed onc account of
scarlet fever on board the -Missouri.-
Church Goes to Seattle.
John P. Church spent a few hours
icc Chicago last week on his way from
Chattanooga to Seattle, Wash. It is
probable that Mr. Church will be
identified with one of the leading at-
tractions on the Pay Streak at the
Yukon Exposition.
Ed Whelan Leaves.
Ed Whelan left Monday for Ro-
chelle, ii., to join the Sage company
xvhicl is to play airdones.
Sadie Raymond Ill.
Sadie Raymiond is reported to be ill
at the home of her sister in Palestine,
Offices Moved.
The Winterburn show print noved
into  its new\ xoftices  this week.

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