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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Murdock, J. J.
A timely talk on progress,   p. 7

Page 7

Rdlbrit :
lei! t~1
wI /
;17' In
st i
/T~ Isl
m 4
I cll'e1/
rI a
lieving somie of tle wild tales that are
atlat, and for the belefit of ti/ost' ex-
iibitors who have been mi/s-informCed
regarding the status of the Inter/i-
tionlal company. I wish to state that
the esifiest place to cone for depend-
able information is to headquartors.'
A visit tco ouir shipping roomls \\oul d
qickly dispel any doubts in this dt
To thio e ieibers of the trust who
ibelievedi that w\i would not get one-
third of the trade f this country, I
extend' a cordial invitationl, to visit,
not only ouir shipping room, but, if
they are still in doult after /n inves-
tigation there, they are welcome to
examine our hooks. hit I will wager
a  liuindred dollars for any charity,
that they would nlot agree-c to do as
Thle op)inionl which prevails in the
asJt that the Ind(epenldenit miovemenit
i  hich  i/l  it  i//cepti /  ill  "lhe  west,
through     the
I nternatiO/al
Proje ct in
and    Pro/l/uc-
i//p coLCilpany,
,wouIld be of
,hort dur11a-
I/i/o/I,  a ni  1  ,
like Ia wii i
th'    X wisp 1
would pass
quLickly   into
obl 1ivN io n ,
woI    xu ck-
IC   lbe   Ilis-
ipelled  if the
Trl/st   could
rCa/d     t i/e
wgs/o  th/   ti  n  correctly, for it
,houcli know  by, /inow\ that the Ititer-
/latiolal company is a vital force and
oce that in complii/tely rex-lutiolizing
tle /moving picture industry.
Un/fortlIIaItI  the  Irust i/as here-
tfore i/e/I i/iliied b  the glo ing
ri/orts  of  it  hirelings,  hwho,  ill  their
fforts to ilia  their lasterS. I/e
distorted fact,, and coliredi the nhes.
t1/l1s emIixcaxvoring to court the tavor
c Il/  /IiIMiC'r lit tilt  exil/se  ()f
/tl. i  tilt ntertloi/er xvit  a vixi/
iiagin/atioi nuist sooner or later be
cis  orii iy t/ very exense xhich
The Value of Connections.
Evey anl of affair". anld partiew -
lirly those whio hai' occupied al c\
ivCI//C  positioll  i/I the  muliselmeit
bulsiness, is acquainted with the tac-
tiCs Of the self appointed talie-hear/',
theo, to inlgratiaLte  i/il//S/if into  the
I av;or of the mian higher up, will in -
0Iiial bii  ii ti/C kll /i of 1cWS
eliiCil i/i tii/ks wiiih i/n //st ItlelS-
ing to his car and 1ot the kind fronm
11iCl 1a proper c;till11ate of Condeitlon'S
lil  i)C  g i 1el.
I t/i/k I Ia  say, without being
eculsed of egoti.sm1. that probably no )
i l  indiidli al ill  tile  slhho  bisi/less
l/sa better  ipport/nity of keeping
il /0//ch 1il ci/rrent CelIS il ti/c
ICII0fes1011 Of C11tertaillunllelt tha n my-
,ei. Through   my   various coniice-
Iion/s,  IcOItl  a1S  tlhe)  I/ri  i// t erx
ci/y lI//i tlcx/ i/l tile uit/iStaites.I
Cnl, if necesary', witin a  i/ge hour.
icy I//ClIS of thle lo/Ci/ng iistalnce tele-
ii/lo/Ie a/// tile telegraph  e placed in
p~ossessionl of ins.tant informfationl co\-
cliig ev\eV  CIallel of the Ill/S -
inlent buiesin which      I aml inter-
e-tei.  tiars  of   experienCe    have
tulglt ie the val e  f reliable inforI
InaZtionl. Lying henchmen have been
,,hV Cause of the downlfall of mnany a
uli e  in /stittition  and  history  is  re-
Icicle w/ Iit geleralship outdone by a
iakneiss in the ranks.
T/c 1rust may not  e I't hai' flIIi
ninek to strenlgthen  its various de-
fc'nces--to tli/li rock for each foun1/dla-
tiol of its structure; it may be hanidi-
Cl/iC  is too m/an1y al enterprise has
i/ll in the past, with inctmipetent
se-rrit.Inell of too  little  experi-
"IC to k/nowe, a fim  from  a silken
ribbIn  Celrtail I aml that its scouts
ii/Ie been poCrly chose/    / and  that
lilli ill/h-C gihenle /1/C a//dvan'~ta/ge fi/Il-
0911 cvN tieir emloyieirs.  I)ici I
10 fee 111pregna3I il m   pitiun I
onllll cd  Ills ire to show  iy liaml!
t'' lily Oppletnts  or  rather, expose
i I/-elk/i's  0f tileir own.
Rumors are Rampant.
It is really amuising to mre to learn
'lle mI/Ilors which have been  circl/-
itd ohver the land, tinding their in-
Cction inl the Illinds of designilg in-
Hili/ias, I/ot only the underlings ,of
hel trust, butt those mutch hither up1)
\llo OIgllt to know better.
SO long i/aS the exhibitor been a
Pai for the ches plyi magnate
lt it is /lot surprising if I llliber
'I/ t1e ilh lc been deceived into be-
"hils/igI  Ct/ttIln.  I/I  these~ cases  xvi
ftti/I/tihat"" li/Cehiiitor hod takeni
sreicc tronlI so-called Independent
exchanges wx'ho were either furnish-
ing then with duped ogood or so/iC
of the shoddy, dead film which was
purchased and shipped into this couI-
try dttring the interim following the
colsilimation of the Trust and prior
to the first release of International
product.  These goods were pir-
chased at from one to three cents a
foot, from which fact the exhibitor
may know of the unreasonable profit
his 1atronage has been affording  s/ch
Exhibitors Enlightened.
Slowly, but surely, the great army
of American exhibitors is becoming
enlightened. It is no longer willing
to be driven like so many sheep,
willy, nilly, at the beck and call of a
grasping shepherd. Since the toesin
of independence was sounded the
rank and file has felt the throbbing of
the  pulse (f its owi independent
blood. Imposition upon exhibitors is
done for and a sympativ and co-on-
eration whith their wxants and needs
has lifted a great weight from their
shoulders. The time when profits can
be m/ade in the sale of shoddy stiff
is nearing its final chapter in the an-
nals of iotography.
Froi the chaos of slavery the In-
ternational company   ias led  the
way to the cosmos of good service,
clean conditions and a higher quality
of film subjects than the country has
ever kn/owni.
Film Exchange LicenseCancelled.
Pittsburg, Pa., April 27.
The license of the American Filim
Exchange of this city was cancelled
today by the Motion Picture Patents
Company, for alleged violation of
Poor Business for Clansman.
Urbana,  lII., April 27.
The Clansmanl company jutmped
fron Kansas City, Mo., to Urbana oi
Alonday and from Urbana to Ander-
son, Ind., o1 Tiesday. Business has
been poor for four weeks past.-
(Continudl fron P/ge 3.)
Just how this plan will work is el/ig-
ilatical, but I'mn willing to nmake the
experiment. I ha'e not signed aliN-
body for any of the comlpanies, thius
farl, and will probably no(t consider
that for several weeks yet. Quite a
number of my players became st/C rug
favorites and nay be signed again. I
Cal t Say nlowh.
"It wa'lls suggested to me that I
Ilight find it profitable to keep open
during the siliier with a series of
light comedy bills. It has been mny
experience that a 'series' of any kind
of hills does not pay. The repertoire
people have the right idea-that is the
wise ones: they hold their comedy
un/Itil the closing night. There is a pe-
c/liar psychological fact about com/e-
dies; take the repertoire show, for
example; if it plays its colliedy early
in the week, the following bills will
loct draw; if it holds its colmedy un-
til the end of the week, the public
will say: 'Why didn't you play that
piece Mltday; xe coui have seen it
two or three timies. The truth of the
matter is that the coIliedy leaves
nothing to talk al/olt; it leaves /11
probleni to be discussed; it is coin-
plete  in  itself; it leaves  the  audience
mentally satisfied."
Regarding the Association.
Air. 1iarvin xas asked hov the new
Stock Managers' Association would
work in a situation ,inch as presented
ItI tis  city.  wxhere  arvi1  contrIls
tihree ihouises an//C i5 a/ iOlier /of tile
ass0cia/tion an/d/ Sa/m P. Gersonl ills
another and is also a m1eiber of the
'*here will be no difficnlty oi that
Score whatsoever," said Air. 11arvi,
*While it was agreed that mllmbeirs
of the associatiol should have a/ vote
for each house they control, it wxould
practically disrupt the combination,
so far as this city is c/cer/el, if
wvere to eiain ti/at right. I believe
that for the good of the business, lo-
calliy, a/s wveli as eisewhere, I am/1 io-
11g /10 1lore thanll my duty in waiving
iny right and entering into an equita-
ble arrangement with the one opposi-
tion house here."
New Film Device.
One of the nicest improvements for
te m/ving ptitere oerators is the
W~onlderfuli Filmr Stea/dier. Ti/is little
dieviee malkes a perfect picti/re, re-
gadlessof iow old tie filli may le
or iowl badly a machine is worn. The
atfe or condition of either has little
effect oi the working of the device
a/d wii prevent it from   flickering
and  Jt// mpilig.
I/I time the feed holes in a fil/i are
worn large or the sprockets o1 your
machine are worn stilall, causing the
picture to jumip ip and down oi the
screen. It is stated fron good auth-
ority that this will relieve people's
eyes when looking at the screen an(
be a fine asset to the industry in gen-
This film  steadier is pu/t (on/ the
market by    the  Chicago iil Ex
Rorick's To Open.
Elmira, N. Y., April 29.
Rorick's theater will open 'May 24
wxithI tile Rorick's opera co/ipa//y i/i
Roin/ Hoodl, the soa/50/i c/I/intiuig
ltii September 11, with a  veekiy
change of bill.    Manager Herbert
Salinger has established temporary
headquarters in New York City where
the strongest company in the history
of Rorick's is being signed. A recordi-
breaking  season   is  anticipated-
Laid Off Two Days.
The Lym/an Twins played to such ad
business o the opening night of their
recent engagement at the Virginia the-
ater in Wheeling that the company laid
off for the other two days on which it
was booked to appear at that house.
/111e  for mie, and show  what their
IosSes are compared to our weekly
No Price Cutting.
It is a h-cry gratif'in/g reflection to
know that it ias not been necessary
lor IS to do ally price cltting to get
oir business to its present lCalthy
condition and maintain it there. Are
the Triuslt laiuifacttrerS as clear of
conscience upon this point as 1 am?
Since the inception of our company
i'C hae iniSiSted uponl the exhibitor
pyi't tlihe exc/l/gi a fair Ice for
and get tle price; a fact which has
\e  ils/ asked tile  illin exchange
i/al to tote fair with the exhibitor
and furni shi him with the Interiation-
Al product for which ie contracted.
We also askedl the exhibitor to cor-
respond with //s in person, if, i/i his
Il/ind, there vis a doubt that lie waS
not getting our g/ods.     We have
found this suggestion I good ieais
of locating exhibitors who were not
playin/ fair, for we have had letters
froll l/oving picture showenli/l giving
us/ the titles of supposedly Interna-
tional product which never saw oir
"Aha! And the Vilain Stin Pursued Him!"
/.earc onvet' ea. c-  l..  In,a  notee siscms  tee  stcveest oelamne en o n u  cso e
and  bu    th  he- e , f  wek  thn  -u  -r herd  v. e  I vill back the exhibitor with  all  the  resoarces
 I f t  o topee a-d it ec  hagea  ore  frant-  at my cma,.nd and I'll win hi  fight for him  or  bust
a  aecrla t the  ost  rd ,ac   -res the. cn -mn-  m myself
acture  Read the, e fllong letter th art a   to me  ftot  I n the lac,  oucan Iuit  using  lcensed  fih
lea /  lee_;,G reen BayWs  . ad the  reat me  comenct-  any minute yo  ant to.  You don t have to stick to years,
Ai/edc.-.. 1  rfl-   Asse-toee & ,s. Chispoarn-   I toa  ehs  twso booter-
sP/e  ISt -,k d-  -d  P- sta  t o   he  anl t wo    o  theathir dplae.o u  rnntht the Patents Company
k     k      t/ dI  -,n tn                               o .o.n twdoeeat
LdI- I dtefneaec/~tee~ .  I Ih,-teas h-st asdastd  stislt ktck -eoot". Y-oik-nnthey ..nld i,,etheirhor
to yeas Itherea st nes ttat - osese      buy any mtre lcensed films wasa deth blw to them.
Now listen to me     Yo.-t IRA W/ JONES      Y Vaategoing to hearother liesabout idependent fies.
Fitstnecther Mr rJoesn r yoeu, ,or anybtdy  else is  Bt if anyor n r es iro your plae and tIes  t,  eare yeu
lialetc-  "ines or calamtes"ta r  ihnnig my  hir  Its  at  with a y so t of bleff, hand him onet sift, speedy kik en the
aburd that I  h , makindg a  i  ke  evo- ing  ite,  seatng capacityand  I'll pay the dIamage
CARL LAEMMLE, President.
Headquarters: 196-198 Lake Street, Chicago
WINNIPEG     wUoSTLNGaeasc1anaorsens MONTREAL

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