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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Marvin almost gets a real loop house,   p. [3]

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Published at 87 South ClarkStreet , Chicago, by THE SHOTWIIORLD Pablit
Entered as Second- Class Matter WA RREN APA TRICK, GENERAL D/RECTOR. at the Post -Office at Chi
.  June 25,1907                                  und  th  ct of  ng
Volumn IV-No. 19
May 1, 1909
Landlords Want Fifty-one Hundred
DollarsmRenteBefore Allowing Two
Prominent Picture Places
to Continue.
lbe Finaice lotlpally of Plvil
anild Frakeni, Roman  &  Cont-
ai.v o.. iler. of two of the largest
etire lmiit'e in this city operated In
arry, l)a\vis i-t littshtrg-1. have iitsti-
ted C(llqity pIriicedigagaillst the
;tter for $5.1o renlt, said to be (tt
-ha licil h hiouse., ire located at
iIlt an<dNinth alot larketastreets
r-eectielv atil were belie-ed to be
itmonig the  most successful picture
laces ill the city.  Situated a they
ire itl tlthcixer hl rof thehig Shot)-
pigdistrict.   1         t      h t
IThle Ialiers inthde sutit statted t~tat
a-,00( rent  a  (ite ti>tpi  the Ninth
nil arket street house On .April 1
n was as yet tipaid, alt tlat mitore
il $tis iil  rett w as u tltt tI'It the
I gltli ;III(i xairket  street  Iiotis.
Siiles )lathaiinii a  brother  of  Jay
\Ia-thantii, gelicra  manager if the
buir Harry I)avis houses here, hais
hiin ailtutitcil receiver.1alt \ill II<i-
riate the-,lioxx tinder a boitdlof :to,
t tiitil  the  ase  i-  settled.
Davis \ias onie of the pionecers inl
tlrio iting picture gaiie in this city,
.  --\AITI,'R.
FOR $16,000 FOR HURTS.
Iortlaitl (te., April 26.
Richtar Carle. the composer. play-
tIight aid tctor, ls aid to have be-
ttun stit in  the  federal coirt for
P0.000damtages against the Soither"t
'acilic iecause of  iijuries he sts-
neait Alarysville  Cal.. \het in
tttferriiig from  Oe  tralit to<1 ont-
*titer he  fell Nlxxtitve teet iVwit
Ie rockye embankiet.
T tIkcllhac i- securedle the wet
ight to The   lte of a tl I hin-
"I a il-  itil  txill  1)i;ti-  it  iii  the
" hoiics inext easol. 'A spletlil
0nip1anly N6ill be organlizedl and( it is
''re than likely thtit Karl G. \Ie
mIty  w\ill plilot  the  attractionl.
Tlhle Liyman Twxini at Merrill. \is..
otiritI Alaid ait Carroll. loxva.
\pril  Ito  ,
lie 1i0d  If the Trail at )etroit
hII . Iril  1
'Utter Hxrown tt Chicago.Aliy 8.
T'he IloWer of the Raich ;it Fort
I  .April 25.
IThe Hl itt City- it Canton.   0i.,
o'   lry ran   Iat Linltol, bul(.,
T'he Land11 Of Nod at St. Th'lomlas,
\    p ril 24.
li-. Ittlocence in, Nevx York, May
lte Sotl is at Irooklii May 1.
lhe Foillies t 190S at lb sonMaa
New Stock at Empire.
[heEdwitn Harrie stock coipaiiv
eted at theEImpire in Saln Aittonito.
exa, last  Stilday.
Eastera aad Western Associations Form Combine and Thirty
Houses Are Enlisted.
An atmalaint I      f tit e u t ast-rn
aind  Westcri   associatiois of stock
theater mana<gers x\as effected at at
etnectiig  held  ill  ti-  cit i last  Tbutir-
day.  IThe W'illiams- faceiti iw the
east anld the W\ ittig faCtionl Of the
west jointed hands aul the coibila-
tit   iteNx-  represents  thirty  stock
\'. \\. \V*ittig, manager of the Ly-
ric ait Minicapolis. is the father of
the scemi-ixe aiti scit oit a call for a
imectini to be held in this citx March
is. A few mtaniagers reponlded and a
temporary organtizatiot  wia, forimied.
Uitkiown to the wtesteri contingent
liercy G. WilliaiS anxd a imb1ner Of
eastern stock tnctt gathered together
inl Nvc  AOrk (ity the Saine wecek aid
orgainized The Stock Producinig Mlail-
agers, Association of hixich \iliains
xas elected president. Aimtot inp the di-
rcctor of the latter were     Charles
miuerson  Cook ,  Slicrima  li-ii.
IIhoiias  1). LoIn." Charles Lovenl-
hcrg Nxton   Iloffman atd John
Craig.  Will I. Gregory was madc
scectary  with Ieranetitt ottices inl
the Long Acre building. New      York
City and the organiizationu was incor-
pirated tilder the lawtS < f the state
of Nex York.          -
Wittig. whe    he  lirt   learied,.
through the cultiiti Of Tll  SH(\
\WORLI). of the torniatitin     of at"
ca-tei associatini .xxi t1iclittedlto le
aitip-.lx iiilijtee le satx thegreatliii-,-
-.litiex ofa     allinalgtixatict atixltthe
coxuIit-,ixixxatiox  oif this i,. creditedl tco
ITlh imteetinti IIIithis city last Thur -
da  wat liberally attended, for in the
itterit   betweenx '\ittigs ilrst an-
uinIItcenxxint antd the  caill for last
wxcck-, gaIthxering,  stock  muxaItage-s
throughout the country fotinl oppor-
tunity to cxamine the merits of the
plans, atd Iearntinxg that the schemuxe
involved   scarcely  tmy   oitlay  aitl
proiused to    ptr ovidc anl ecinomItIIicail
exchang  of high class platy,I cos ,-
times anld properties, the   m1xatnagers
signuilied their recaity approval.
The followiig oficial were chosen:
IN .  '. \'ittig.  Aliiuieapoli- 'president
ti-St Vice prc-idenlt, Chalc  N  Alar-r
ill, ChIicaigO: second \ ice president.
I. I). Woodward of  Kanlsas fN Ct  -eC-
rCttary  Fratik  II. IOx\ell, (olumbu111s.,
0.; treastirer, George It Iisi  Iildian-
apolis. Intd. It is believed that Percy
G. Williais will le presidelt of the
board of directors.
A  mtceting tx-ill be called for this
city within a week or two at which
plain  t will bc discussed in thorough
Exorbitant Rent the Only Drawback-Signs Ten Year Lease for the
College-May Use Pictures This Summer.
Charle,   N. Alarxin   It, opcratc.
three successful stock house.s, ii tlii.
city cametc icar adding a downi towin
hotcs( to Ilis list this xxcek, aitd xxotld
have closed the deal for the hlouse
which was offercd hitit had not the
rental benci placed at such an exorb-
itant igurec that it made posible pro
lits impossible.
Aside from   this deal-and it may
vet come about before the -,tntttitcn i,
over. that he will obtailn  I Lioop I- ,
trict theater-c  reiccd  his lease
Oil the College theater, Which xxill be
effective September    the  1itrt  a t(
wh-icht xxiii rt'l foxe tell yeit. T lick
lca-e lic- hoilds tiptiti thtc Pctixc' hasit
ile itore x-ear te iii atitd xxiii le re
newed. probably for a period equally
as long as that nIi the College. His
lca'c upon the Mlarlowe is god titil
1924. The Collc-c close, Ala- 9 altl
will probabli  rec-iain dt Iark  ftot- tihe
ununer:C_  IIh(  All1ow   '   r ulr Sea-
Keith Purchases Property.
i. F. IKcith has purchased the liii-
ton theater property at iHoston, pay-
ing over $1,000,000 for it.
-ion Close,  Alti l, anid the National
Opcra   coipaiy  is booked     for tle
two following wecks, when it will be
-hifted to the People's for an ituleti-
nite summittiier i-uit.
When asked      regarding   the rntiti
that he might tiri one or two of his
hoiutScs intlauieicVilic aitd pictur-es dur-
intg the lot xcath-r, Alr. Alarvii said:
" I attn  collnsideriig  that point jat t
utiNw.  I canicot answer cither vc-- oi.
no at the presett time.     I rather like
the Picture idea for a temporary prop-
Plans for Next Season.
Rcea ilin   his pl l  it for e-\t -eat-
-,uii Air. Maittlt sai(Id
I tx-ill cpe-eatc uxIVtvhre- htioxe-,~ tin
practically thie saie scale as this sea
sonti with  a  p1)os siibl e expei-iicit of
circiing  mly   -comlpanies,   senidinig
theiln frot  onue to the other.-
(Continued onl Page 7)
T6 Represent International
R. \'. Dialey has been appointed as
New   York  representative of The
International Projecting antd Produc-
ing Company.
United Association of Vaudeville Mana-
gers Practically in Control
of Big Southern
Next Oreleain La., April 27.
The United Association of Vitide-
Ville Mantagers, Which is capitalized at
$250,00() andt maintailt-  a t lne stitc  of
fice., r tim  the  1la ill11 lanche is in  the
market for vaudeville acts Of all
kinds. It offers fortyitine weeks to
acsthat calt itiake good.Ttix
xweeks oftthic timei iii opentairthea-
ters, while ninteteen weeks are placed
in staiidaid house, The compaiy is
now considering propositions to book
alout nf  iore huses in Lotuisianal
Mlississippi, Arkanss,a. Oklahoma and
Aside from vaudeville acts the asso-
ciation books hands, free attractions
and cOncessions for many of the lead-
i'l parks of the soth, anid has a long
list of picture houses onl it., list.
The  association  is  establi-liig  a
icpltation  forhigh  quality  as  \%ell a,
quantity and is rapidly becoming  a
potcer in the booking 1eild
Pittsbturg.  Pa.  .\pril 29.
it is  reporte  that the  Shubert  i-i-
terests have asked for the lowest cash
price  oni  the  flijot  theater and  if the
deal goes throutgh they xill haVe a
hou-se which will put themn ill a po-
sitiot  to  tight  the  syntdicate.  J.  L.
Rhinock was here in conference with
the owiers of the  property. The
Shuherts arc also negotiating with F.
). Stair for the prodtictini ot some
high clas- plays at the Alxinitext sea-
Sit  F.ranisco.  Cal.. .pril 2.
Ihc xvtgnes- of the AmIericant
theater to takea chance with the Slut-
herts  is  cxplainied  oit  the  basis  that
Jfohn Cort. who is allied with the syn-
dicate, has been titable to kee) the
theater stipplied witl good attactions
and that whent a kick wa maIe the
atnswer was: "Well, what are you
going to to about it?
Cinlcinnlati. Ohio, April .
Conigressmain Rhiitnock. who is in-
terested  ill  the  Shubert  syidicate,
said:  There is ito troutblC now lie-
tweei the Sltibert  and Klaw & Er-
laitger. There is iore froth than stil-
stance in  the published  stories of fric-
I'tortil.  eOre.,  April  26.
J. J. Shubert, durinx  his short visit
to Portlaind, practically arranged for
at hotuise inl xxhilch to opiei operations
Carl'-  inl  1910.  It  has  Inot beein  deft-
nitely gixve  out vet whether he will
lease the Orplicin or iiterest local
parties int building a new theater, the
latter of which is most probable. This
xwill be the third iii a string of coast
theaters which are to add to the Shin-
bert circuit.-LAR111ORE.

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