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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Wm. Morris makes his maiden speech,   p. 9

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January 23, 1909.
WM. MORRIS MAKES                           THANHOUSER STOCK
Important Meeting  of the White Rats at Which  Harry  Knowles Morris Deal to Book Vaudeville Falls Through and Present Policy
Tendered Resignation.                          Will Prevail.
1( ,;l opera house w\ith a private enter-
tainillilt givell bly Mr. and irs. V. LI.
D Nault. Dr. O'Neal, of Chicago, ide-
livered an exchllent lecture on "Fop ular
Fallac ies.--ClIOSE.
Advertising Scheme Successful.
San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 18.
All the amusement houses displayed tite
S. . 0. sis, last w-ek, wli-h    uas ei
toi Vr. Ialic, an adv1ertising0 s~cieme of
.o n01n11te1r, whi offored $550.00 for his
11111liii lit tile dlifereiit shlowv houses.-
Caruthers Held for Grand Jury.
E. F. Caruthers, foirmerly general man-
ager for the Inter State Amusement Com-
pilly, who is iharged by that company
witii the 0mbezzlemient of funds, was
ngiii alled into the Mmll icipal Court and
there held in $2,500 bonds for the Grand
JuIly. The Case was heard by Judge
iiumle. The Grand Juiry is now in ses-
Gus Sun's New Office.
Cincinnati, 0., Jan. 20.
T1e Gus Stin Booking E'xclulngoe Co.
have opened up oill office at 1u1te 502 in
the Lyill' Theater bujiding.-RUNEY.
Accolrding ti the piesent aspect of the
situationl William  Mlorris. Inc., will not
)look the hush Tmpaiile despito the fact
tha~t Morris, himll(f. is allege1d to ha~ve
stated  that  thll  deal  wa'is  practically  set-
tied, wheni tmllling his naiden speech to
a imeeting of the White Rats held lasit
Itelk at the SIhrnan Hiouse. So certain
did the tiiig sOeem that THE     SHOW
WOnLi) printed, in t1e last issue, a
511lir to the effeet Tha1t _!tline vottld post-
tie 1Ite t     te ush--a story whil wls
t-ooptedl upon the -oi-I of men supposed
to know.
This is the situatlion as J. C. Matthews,
Chicago representitive for Mtorris, ex-
plaiins it: "Negotiations were indier way
for ts to put a vaudeville show in at the
EnUSl1 T( rnole, julSt ats we would put a
vaudevill show in lit any theater which
gave promise of proit. We foresaw that
the lish, was a siall house find that it
would not support a typical 'Morris bill of
healilers. We offered to put ini a bill
of four acts and tictires, and M\anager
Thanhouser of the 1ush had until Tuesday
tmorning to ackniowldge Ihis side of the
agreement. Ie faiilid to imiake  in 0ia-
11caraln <e Ias not our h1tenitionl tolthiil
tii, ]ions(, unlder  -\i1-.  na1in  i1 ilm , it  is
our desire to protect the high reputation
of that title for big bills, Such hills as
WO Could nlot Pout in ait thle Butshl."
WlimMorris lnatldc his nalionl speech
t the, lIst Week's meceting of fthe W\hit,,
Iilts and illipressed thle fifty-nine mom -
, , wi1ll  his  S(i1tViIISs  atild  fait-ness
,Iul wils 1otldlY applauded.
11l1ge Iunn was tI11IIIod t o sIIC od
. .Lowtliml aS attorney for tile White
iats and tile nw leg ll adsisor- paflid a
]tO!tllilent to his pred essor w, htenl
wstatdi thuat 1he would try to follow in
iis footsteps. Lowentl s policy wis to
ticceithe111510 011t if c0111t 111( lie Inll
to settle every tioublo in at satis-
atyw  without resorting to ithe laws
'of thle land.
'lie fritiol between the Neo York and
chicgo oflieis c-nm  to a heiad  it this
lr ting enici 11arry Knowl-s resigned as
a iago r0prsentative of tile order, and
.1iy Gaor was named as his succes-
flatthis deterilintion On the part of
lir. Knowles is gleatlY tretretted by the
Wlite Rats genieal      s was   - shown  le ii
inig vote of confidecle and thanks for
is good workc, which was unmlimouls. I'n-
I-- Mr. iKnowls dirkctioni the Order alis
blurlislied  ill  Chicago  a d  inof lo  the  dilree
ciiil that ie his e i  loal tet ilre
jthan 1010 illcre hit\,( been addieid
t  thie  list.
lnrry Inlltford. t--in Shields and Tim
(mnin, directols of tile New York office.
nirher fort ile 11etilg. FThl- claimed
tolie isntestill in li -isr F. St. ldrilesd
( iiml as lt g rChie Melltative f11nn in
flselel-iiii of .1iiise luila to so'coed
M11. Lowoiilll. Wileter Or 't 11010 11 m -I
ier intiiiii of Knowles' aietion in al-
1d11cec isot kilor . KnIessrs. Sll-is and
hin f  ft Cinlago   illday  ifti-pr ot
th,- Ne, Vilk. AlIr. Mounitfoid remriitied
,, tile opleninglh of tlhe American Sittisie
liii aind 'cither tllitii S-
'Ilioe is iio i'Oles iilnotlg thle borIitl
,it directors. itlirre KSniwles was aroiinil
ii,,lep Aflol(Iiy wvitoli0 t1w epresellti-
10t of tills paper called and was lielping
1,1,hv Ono r all ho0 could. It was simnply
:i Iltter of diffielrn-  if olinion between
tll New Yrk iiil Cing o oll   s. There
i report li ct thi  New York offile wits
.iiusof lallt lith  western braich is ac-
timplishing, but this is not credited(, as
Ihiy ljite iat should lie working for
ii interlest of thl order and not for iII-
<liidlual navancemient, aind those Inter,-
iil iilw ii<-inl liitidng wlich would
jjite 0:i11t tis is iiit Ili eaise.
!intl aTrm  pre(sided ait laist week s meet-
i . It is sldom liit thtii same ILit lire-
ihs twie ini siucssion, lint is lie waS
f1.r iliar Nwith wlutc t Ihd i etl n done a t th
iexting  be fore  110, wais  so  hionored.
Western Vaudeville Managers' Association
Said to Have Promised to Send a
Representative There.
Ea Cliiric 1Yis.- Jan. 19.
F1mm  prsent indintionus it looks is
Cllioill Enli Clalie lmlailt be li-ed oil
tI 1(Inh l Castle ind Ori piiieumiti Thouter
millints. The so ritalrY of the E-uii Cliire
Cln!liinereil Assnilnutitln. Jamines P. Si-
iltjity,1111 lioei llls- tilitly agitated ity
Iliyjl of 1ri- ing one ori two goo i
Ntuldeville houlse~s in this city, linlding
ljed o11 Ii1 1 iNIonsivo' eorrcs[11(en i
iith the olnl at of getting this eity on i
"',od circuliti ha-s just euceived assutiniesi
fro1n the W-istern  Vaudeville AssoLtion
taIt it will send ieprsentatives to E-ui
liir to imi sti1g1te t11 feasibility of put-
ill, this iiti on  he I ho Kohl & Castle and ]
hlileumn  irt s.
I'll to ile spring of 109o Eaut Cilire -Asli
`  s  (ill, li  t o  &  Si iltol n  cli lli lut
-11ui~tore  ile ll1 11111 theiter   1,e Cniu.
I" Coe  up b) thvat~i concern for siomn
11nkn11own r-eaonl aind ait present it is beingR
t1,, or  inoving pictuire show by C. F.
May Switch to Orpheum.
Fitrgo, N. D)., Jaon. 18.
,notlher \inildelHe Ille- is aiongl IIu-
I Ssibilities for Fargn. "Tooz " Rogers,
manalliger of fte Unliquie in nonitpolIis,
a teni looking over thle locat situlation
1   t is siid that 110 has about con-
c ip atlini the building now noeupied 1by
ne Farg tl eru-untile (*o  wolild mualke n
"-d11 t      Th-hr 1ie Ihulitie is fl11 to-iilg
e~td by fthe Sullivan-Conisidinle circuit.
-tit is lalimed that if Rogers can put a
ile in Fargo lie will switIl to the Or-
1houm eiruijit  and  bill  both  houses
l1rough tct booiing concern.
Grubb Succeeds Tasker.
Jamestown, S. D., Jan. 1S.
Dr. E   B. Grubb   has beeit sent to
1-iilestown b1 the Standard Aitisment
ito eialu the plan- of E. N. Tasker is
I 1 1 linger if thle Dreatmland.u lir. Gruilbb
I1s ben intalled ajs Innrist adli ngr i
he  800  peopl.  w  Ir l nt'lrt:1ined-(  at  thle
The Show World.
Janl. 9, 19000.
ll- July Violetta, -io is famious in
tile elpitails of llurope ;fanl South Amer-
i--il for he2r ditnces, made her first ap-
parance in North Americ-a at the Olym-
i ,Musi iall itn Clilu-go this week and
while se did not receive a reception
which Daizie aind Gence might envy, she
uoxnis well liked and may lie said to have
scored a distinct success.
he ca-rries a drop which shows a
dresshig room and when she leaves the
stage the spot light is turned upon an
opening  which  discloses the tParisian
beauty making lier changes of costume.
The maid appears for a moment and the
change is made. artistically and without
giving possible offense to anyone. She
appeats a number of times. In several
<lanjes sho, is assisttd by MU. Arnaud, it
l1 izili n o n n .
Billy, The Trailer.
Jan. 23, 1900.
"'Sile. lly Vilettla, Who is famous in
the capitals of Europe and South Amer-
ila for lier dances, miade hr first apll-
p1earalle in North America at the O0lym-
hio Mrusic 1HIll in Chicago this week and
while siie did not receive a reception
which DLizie and Genee might envy, she
was well liked aind may be said to have
scored a distinct success. She carries
a drop which shows a dressing room,
and when she leaves the stage the spot
light is turned. upon an opening, which
discloses the Parisian beauty makting her
changes of costume. The maid appears
for a moment and the change is made,
itistically and modestly. She appears a
nfuliber of times. In several dances she
i; assistel by M. Arnaud. a Brazilian
MatuiitgorEdar    Tlutnhousor 0of thei
Ruish  Temple  Salid:  "Wi'llininl Morriis will
not  nlit u datli ville  in mlly tllil ter.  I htve
Ill  ideIid  to  con  ille  mn1v  stoik  olilpln.
] i\\  lug?  Well. Imy  lease  lifts  liv  Yelrs
yet,  to  run.  I 11  contiou1 ) 110  Stoock  for
ilie  Years. fit  lelst.'
It is salid that Tilliousei  received
fzcores  of  letters  froml  residenits  of  tlse
North  side,  riq1uiestilng  ion  to  inlltilnlu
his present policY
Mystery About the Closing of a String of
Theaters Which Had Been Successful
in the Past.
Loganlsport. Ind.. .1111. 18.
The Crystal, the last of tie Ammons
xl nidevilla houses closed here  atuirday
,ight At the present nothiig will lIe
done wilh the theater. 'oit fllri, the
llijl  mnlii'ger, i hos  lcft  to  take  till  f11l-
Till r  storl is the Iist of the Aiitis
vloudolle hoses and hIs been running
fi0l1 years continually. The houses had
11011 dilung a good business apparetly,
no111 the iension for closing tie playhouse
lwr0 tis'h rs btter known eto tihl ane
canaiem-ti eiti the management 1aR to
Maude Ale R else.
As11i  g Oine Duis stuited wito sic oi
ilutn  plaed all thvie vauevcig the
llfter another tiitil 111, idiscoiuinjlg o~f
was It _pilsayit house, Sitsin sight mat
11hto list  tw lt cf  shosiu-ss.
los phteiis ml the  agstel tloiftif in An-
111iliignc0 00111 t 11 w lyl~ l it ope  ude 101),e
in -neededc retIlna    dgt-VID
Maude Alice Returns.
1itte orcan dIAlice1oley lastter kni
ats liio llug Oiie. lhis ictili101 to CiialgI
hi    hirg id lrll  ht   atl1Vle Ihere
thi-as to  \lano jut SOht.,l piits ii as w iek y
siiVes. Atte0 pmlce  site fouli d  the
shuttersrl  w ihr he we tillagei off oil on
Iiicdii ic-Irst
Joe Hart's tour il-deoiS 1101- on tle lwll
ot t   Le  ulliva Ilippoille 11151 wte.
The Three Hillyers  ill Ie it Quels
Mhadam, Ftlower(",hex roz elb, n
vestio engaged to sin ijt i slight hIllna-
tilille .Higginso offiredheir doll.
Chung Ling SOO Sdilu. I5 fior \its-
tail-  wiinre  oe s-ill oMilwe ie tao
ya s tuth cit the 11111       A    r-
John  L. Sullivan     dl aupea. ii'   the
feodo teT itsis hl,, i gh stilligc  A rdlck
Squreteae i        ewYokthswek
Madam   Flower, the Illionze Xiet-l, [ills
Ielli  il appo aitg the iliisttityl songs
week o-faJaanS 24;eat Der w 171Ciof FebaS.
Melville & Higgins offjild ltheir droll
iad oiinl noisense at Sta il.luee last
Jinsor McKay inaide his fiist ipear-
aiet oil the  Nioris will-lt lt te Aoeil-
1lll in Nehw York lt SUieliet.
May   Tully is note w  Wiihm iworris
fear Tangua  has niaig n ittioI n(-
Silllri  ilicth h  d   Ycibk this eetik.
Signor Trovato, 0eiIOis i ite iisna-ctm
thirc-ia heil tellr 01 Salt itte City
ioc-ic of fil. 24; it 12011-c- weet cit Felt
1  ilii] lit  st.  Pautl  li-ici  of  Febi. 14.
John M. Irwin and company      in The
iarty fir ate Nuirti xiit at l[ sTeraHteS
jit aL t111  Of tllio Weteiti Vaudevc-ille
Leslie M. Hunt & Co. i    e i vatisd-
'-1111  s ti  ld oihiil  wxiii  lie  g wth a  tial
Fi-ildv inight rif tis weork xxiii It vii-x oif
it tII hrov(-, till- W,estirn Viuideville time.
Eva Tanguay ills it 110 rcitation of-
fering ii vriy- siie  fescrilies to 01eatin
xihi The Devil, It ap[pio-li'th t his ma-
ofCo Itc &retty wehl pi-asee iith Exa,
t itoarll r  tell it,
Will Bradley and tis cotdpreo  ill The
Wiayfarers made it hit it Terra Halite
ast bwes. The Star sati tie at 'is
ittrctiel stige airn  [ie si-c temtbtrs
iif tlie compani  are tuhpiler axitn t a
0til   ilrdrobe litnd can sig.I
Jefferson de Angelis weill not remain in
valdilleh veory long for lie is to statr ii
The Beauty S-pot tnder tite manaugement
of Comstock &-.Best. Tue piece is planned
to rn all summer at one of the Shubert
Murray & Murray juist played a week's
en~gageimenit at Sir. Suurray's htome at
'liat, si. Ill., and attracted record break-
ing butsiiness.  Whlen la1st at M~rs. Strir-
Ixe' liomne at l-terriiu, tll., the telam wxas
eqlyh  siiciOssfii. Th'eiy are at Tuiscola,
III_ IIlai~st halt (if this wteek andlc ieturin
I     j  ,4IAIh
I  C/a9E/LL.E
I  -~ - ~   :  V
o~V MOED 0 ((
- p I
i-` 1
- 0-
1~' -

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