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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Illinois notes,   p. 7

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(iii   January 23, 1909.
AMERICAN MUSIC HALL                               BIG HIT IN CHICAGO
Splendid Bill Marks Turning of Garden Theater into Variety House Playing at the Large Auditorium and Opening Houses Indicate a
Last Monday Night.                        Very Successful Engagement.
W\illiami M0rris is a  i win wvho does
It was Williali Malois wvso cime at
'licago and gave a splendid vaudexille
ill at Onliestra Hall, whln Ia' found it
:lfficuIt to seCir  a  regular thleaiter for
arry I Laier, a foreign star tindcr his
it was William  Morris who came     to
I t e lase o0f th laden theater, which
lIdI eenI  I; failur  under other manage-
pint, a(I it was, the saibe William Mor-
is who ''at togother an opening hill in a
w  I whihouldl not Iiis hae i improved
iuon  nlll  c  Ii   i\  Years  timl".
I  ais Vill iitun Moris wl) sttootll in
fiiit lat'\loiidiix tlighIt aind accepted the
gringi als of nli  fitietds and busi-
a1siates, at  (Ii  not  seein to
.alize  lit  I  i ad  acconi li 1 in  a
ks dlit  o I  tt ther loinaois weint( eiqite
v(hi  tot  o  litie is no denying that
w\itih thle opning of the Aeicitan Music
i last         fldii night, it spring into LL
Sinanial suillthe lilge houlsies dlr-
ing thig   k  boh ill natinee and tight,
ha e pIxenl this.
It was William   \orris who received
ngratatry  tleganims  last  Monday
lit froni men  and women who have
iiJeved surOss in various lines of en-
It wis 'illti  Morris who arranged
iii opening bill wilich must have cost 1in
uany thlouslids of  dollars. There has
no ex' ws Siial'i'itO Sc'snc tile bes5t
isn  i  nl  sp In sate iistances  it
sims a slhameful wvst    of money, for
\\}ile th' Apache dalne is a great num-
hir, wll worthy of ile praise it is re-
hiiing, it is doiu1fil if it idseass any
illter Nvi ii i is sauil than Ftlank B-ush,
or Emia Carus. or Felix&itC i. e.
It was \Villiam  Mrris who offers an
inno vationl in displaying the nan of the
' ( s' 1w-i'ttivir occuapying the stage.
iesteidat' )f'tti',rs wviioii mteant nothing
1.( raai is tihiiyid lix a systeit of
laIlts, sit that liste is no0 tacessiiy'af
a lin" to the p,(gramn to see who is
,ii tiie stag(
Amelii 1ingham is the headliner. Site
aills her ;it "ig Mollents from  Greit
Ilys," ;nd gives drntitic scenes from
Tlt, ied Io n Lv  (judiva, Mlle. Slis
(;ene, Allb, M 1arnie :fnd The S1 chool for
I usb~ands. (me0 would not have believed
tlSat sit, -ould  comie  on  so  late  ill tile  bill
l. she lil Monday light and get    the
lose attini  site rceived.  It was a
:linderful personal success  for  her.
litelie  lIng, Ly ilt  Ptatt and  Betl
Franklin aissist Miss Ilingiam  it  her
Felix & Caire, who have been seen in
('llicago  before, moe(  than  duplicated
thir formir soiu ess. They have enlarged
th ir nt by introducing several more
ihitations. Both youngsters are remark-
Ily r Iutn ta Ctrus tans the knak
,f stei   ot awa   and win I  1  ig you
theI uitshow. She  ai tile  rondy
Aiiwt iiwui   ihce siiingt, talking, whistliig
iul ragsing  ith lste  iefore oe cfst
iigfol wgs coopleted.
The Aelime Daisce is see for tie flrs
lte sun  iicar  and ista hcided novelty.
TAe oiteigharound heres aptainge of
iiu staige atil othiers are conne1cteil witii
c act It soas the Paris  der'orld,
fie ssi'e.iol. of Coie  sttts ahe  the
'Apaches' who live ohilie iney tiey
110iit.   A street se c i ftott of a citfe
is followedu by a glimpse' Oh te Iiice.
'e rerlisin   is statud. She gitas of
ti mkeili are d'initg tnis the Aplches
ilanc kiterig aroThei  Tlire s a thige of
aeasowninu takess tsin sceiie more im-
W Apache whio seeks f o  in her eyes.
If is retuised. ne iommtts ta robbery
al lis fomver is accnosdo  e is about
make friends toiish te fist Aotche
ilio Ml, lover Itnlis and tivei the
(liiiice lirgils. 'rTe emootis of tiie to
n shan uin the  aming of tlie  odies
;miii sle virls exe ted are astonisiti.
tial Iiti1l is ;in ideal eintertainer. HIe
at as (1 Oiler tinonoiog"e attists anid
f'lviyi ai  ri stories. He mil it telp
fim, jokir Mondi fightt exquicli x'st alt-
('utn wtud how  tie t1  iaee thow and-
itll(e Heu il NviIt ltei. dillianm Dtion
i        i     gs ant scored almost as
Ame"ri         In b   cogsito  sange hantl-
"I' tse . foi4lght os lid  Kooslii per-
ft, lied theiri dilti iilt e'lltliihlistic feats
srniir firl  thl sitry sludet sio' aisd
fllru IIos 'tlhi u presented ati astoiisi-
it", iiihutitle at
'al ble'ty  roses  were htanded'
the'iii  iiotilifis to  ''the  mnystelious
ift , ii, the si(itlt idell,'' alid to liisse
liii  5castlx biouiuet was presen~'lted
tofr.ourris b\ P ,aul Goudronl and Samn
Iiiv'tes. The Wite Rats w'ere much in
i~is ita, audienice atid a baninet'
e lili "ieindnce'' xas dispilayed n
In ti Mondi night audience were:
Mbirtin  k i 'Pat Casey, lark Luescher.
i~it5~m  l'ai 11Gii1tl01li  Siiln  UnVricS.
iiiltiiuuiiizei  S.  xticit,'ifxtss  Jt. C.
i    Jtltx lfueis -Marco, Ellis Gfliickman,
stpeu0(of' Lalratdo and Bflake who
`t~e  ff especially for t1he ,eent, MAkx
Weber, George     McManus, Aieta (the
spei1tacular dancer. oil of  the  Morris
iets), Mike Ionlin and Mahel I-ite, who
Iused 1a a  to apIear at tl, Mdljjiestic,
and lrs. Williami Mi.t     E. 1.
Liiii tGlis li hhis StliI tlil'lah'd at
till a li  I  w~ t  and  if  <r <  n a i e t
:)loves  uall\  sitai <ss ll froi ;I ti   Ii
illi  IleaselL  Miss r  lasr open('(d iii  hii-
cago Mondi~ay, uifixr ill1 ahsnlic5 oit txvo
\ cars, fin  a  ILteu  Vienese 4  operetta
'alled Mile. Mischief. wvliitIi will remain
at tile Gartlick two weeks Ind possibly a
Aliss Glase'r appears  in bov's clothes ini
litr nex'w play and :is she is on the stage
the most of the time dui. ing i two of the
three acts. her aLdiiireis had ample op-
portunity of enjoying her exhilairating
Dorsoniality.  TM iw  comm)ainy' suppor ting
liss Glaser iiitulis: Will Roselle, Josie
Intropodi, Alexanlder C'Llrk, Adal Henry,
IZ(ay Atwell, R obert llimdeiick, .Jeain New-
conthle, W. IP. (I'lltn Flank Farring-
ton,  Eliiil Intr ii  irtru<1  Millington
The Call of ith, Noithi, lhy   George
romliust fmuldd lift Ste-wxart Eidxard
offesiig it Powers, thii' tte' for a fort-
night and Itobert Edeson is the star.
Thie p   is I ita  little  .olnlversltional, a  little
1lj  1 'll  in    18  t api   are   o b t  e
Th ie comptly    ilicludes:  Stephen
ixtight   Albiit lk 1ioetKlw,  rectie Et-
diiigot,  Siiittisxl   Siitheii,  Seylivottt
Jisephi lIoixx'*xvx Johnl' Fix. Guos klmuls,
I'll'i t''.
l1usilness continues good at the North
('lark street house.  Last week was a
sa'rie' of well-illed louses aind anateur
tight saw   the theter crowded.   This
xe's5 bill is a very pleising one and in-
Ilides: Capt. 'xeb's seals, six of the;
Kramer & TVilliaid, Botrew impersona-
tors; Paul La Drew, female impersonator,
With a preference for old maiits; Nixon
& Molan, xwhto sing and talk; the Great
Alferctta, a lady who pelforis on the
.ings and traeze; Doc Holland, blc-
face ( comedian; Dancing Downs, who hllto
s""nu- neat steps, ind the Kinodromie.
Champaign.-Th' Zinn Musil'ti Coltidy
company ended a two weeks' engagement
at the tliescent (Matt Kuisell, nmgt.), Jan.
I .-11INDMA N.
Moline.-The Elite has discontinued the
three-a-day plan and nlow offers but two
shOWS it three atd eight p). m. Six aCs
instead of four lire presented. Mlanager
IlHait .ry dodini has again assumed personal
ctrtige of the Ftmily, Harrx A. Bennecke
Of Davenport, retiring. Excepting A Girl
it the ITelin, Jan. 21, the Moline will not
ply a big attraction for the remainder
of the m1vonth.-J. R.
Watseka-Edith If. Stanley. Eddie Erb,
.James J. Chatick and moving pictures
ar  offered at the Fail  theater this
week, whiht is udeir the management of
Jay Fitts,
Urbana--onald Robertson appenred at
ti' Illinois theater in A Cutious Mislutp,
tuldt the auspixes of the Woman's Club
Of 1Chani  ign en Ialntana, and drew a
(NapaittY htouse.
Jacksonville-This city is fast regaining
its old position of being One of the best
''show t owis" in centrl I it  inois. Flr, the
luast sexerail yeias it hais been overrun
with chiaper aitti'ctionS of th red-fire
vailiety anm  had gained a reputation as a
deatd one. The Grand's present mixnager,
i. T. Cye, is striving to give his patrons
nothing but the best and in Order to get
lhe Top o th' World for Friday, Jan. 15,
guiiranteed its managers receipts to the
amiount of $800 and before' Wednesday
fight, after the seaIts had been oh sale
for two  ays the entire house w'as sold
out niettihn  over $1,000. Pid im 1ull
recent'ly~x pxlayed' to oxen $1,100, nm  aniys
meritorious attraction is assured of gooa
1ustiss here, especially those of the
mic'I comedy order.--OW\VARD.
Sterling.-P11) iii Full pilsl\e af return
dit e Tan. 12 lto a large anxd wei'l pheased
iiidittic,. It x'as ix finishied perhformancmre
in e'xeryx iese..i-S(Ct'xIIIA('FR,
Sterling.-Dave Curtis, miainager of thec
Ilulson Comviedy cimipiin  is wxintering
The Nxwly Weds and Their Baby came
tou Cthicaost ist Sunday, and as the jump
fromntg wiiapolis iere i, it long one, the
clrxaint did not go lii for td toittatiee
xunhtil  ilmnost  3:00  o'clo k.  it unusually
lxge Iowd hall gatheid at the big Audi-
tta  li  ai''i'i  of tih~tliii   xa e
aIum , Nto see the first verformnte way
ce artoonl play and not greater com-
plimelut could NivO tlwel palid to it than
the attention givenl it iy the large throng
tailhil.I i  ii nai ll'ed   until to:t  before  they
ls  the chIild sliafel  restor ed  to  the
anixious palrents.
'hige late arrival of the company made
"il North o alittle nervous aind the way
he litndlod the removal of the scenery
fl"cnA sii thdepOt to th stge Mldie a re-
ord. Thle speciall train arrived in Cl u-
caigo li t  11:50 and  In  ;1n1  hour1  and  15
minutes the Pairmelve company had the
ist piece of baggige saf'el landed at the
sta~ge door.
George McManus, who founded the se-
liiIs if eartons on which the pilay is
ised, wai's in ia bux at both peiformanes
Sundav loud was aceconipanied  by  the
c11iiing young woman who recently be-
1(nie the  gs. Newly  tiit Wed of real life.
At night the spot light was thrown ons
ti tliu'py Co'ple and the audience wats
given a glilpie of their connulbial bliss.
giilie enrtoonlists o Cicago were iI-
Iitd to the opening performances and
'tned olut in folIe.  Every individal
Sxii 1 thm    t glaltod MMalus by x
Ii~f e and cnrastm iie uhaimiantear'lmo
\      ix yoie of theill envied him down in
Iis lieirt  of the ptibli-ity, ' the Newly  Weds
is receiving-for ertnists are but hu-
S<t n' 1igsivern   n te p  by oChi
tcr-ictan, whic)it ,is the Newly Wels
riiitoOns, saw it 1L the greatest play of
itI nmt  eJ Othroet ei xx ii n u xtie t ei
nily aind doubes the protin fiae  ailt
itllovs 'II5. Nxvv x'its sse  tlil s
haigl lils 11th riolt i'ifg tle Nexwly Wxed
who is ubtutdfor the cherub wvhen
(hei''light of M. and Mrs. Newly Ved
is kidnapped. Rosen is the test of the
miidget comeidian~s anld his work could
inot be imiproved uponi.
TWilliaim  Clifton pla ,vs the father and
leoks thle part. George 1P. Mlurphy has
the imajor part of thle comedy and makes
muchi of his opportunit. Irving Brooks
is aLnother coniwdian who is, entertaining.
Jack J. Clanrk is,, the Torni Travers who
loves Mrs. Newly Wed's sister and is
charged w\ith not loving the Newly Wed
flub, Hay~ is the Mrs. Newly TWed and
Fings and dances at intervals. She is
he, re. *'Alr. ('urtis  'I rts'  tihe paist sentsoln
l, successful onie andlxi that lie expets to
i-open    under calux'ts in Mtay, playing .
small towns in the Northwest, with a
comiil,!te new equipment aind ltrger com-
Centralia.-Friink Wilson has opened a
axx' wioviiig picture theater known as the
Monmouth.-H. B'. V'bster and others
wil open a new  mimuxng picture theater
in the Pntttee opera house shortly.
Quincy.--The appeaiinte Of The Merry
11my here ian. 19 -will maik an epochi inl
till' thattical history of Quuint. The ad-
xaii'x sale Jan. 38 amounts to apprxit
nhitely $1,500 for the reserved seats, and
thrt' alre 500 more seats in the  gallery
it 50 cents. The local nimagement made
a fiel1 w'ith the company to give a mati-
ne at the same prices, $2 high, und by
this evening one-third of the seats had
bt enttei  It is believed the gr s re
1,1jpts four thue txxo tueifourmanies t ll ttie
diy w-ill aggregiate uno less than $3,l00.-
Ottawa, IIl.-This week two big vaud,e-
ville nits aie offered at the Ottawa the-
ttu'r in tiddition to the iioving pictures.
Nu'xt week the management promises an
even 1etter grade of vaudeville.
Elgin.-At   the  Opera   house, Fred
Jitcks  miinager, East Lynne had fair
husiness Jai. 14; Under Southern Skics
didi lig considering the llizz:ard weather
15. The Mlan fronm Iloime had poor busi-
nxss 16, fnll Quincy Adam s i awyen did
lig IS. At the Stir good business pie-
Bunch of Keys Pleased.
Fairbur v, Neb., Jan, 20,
Fritit Ihitt'oit all Jtinas Griimes !il
itox's's A IluittI if Kex's, miaide hits thuinil
the  pt'  xx'st  ru''e've  xxith  Stitli5   find
ltuug'hter f'rom l iini to indh-IEN-
'eiy itvr. Nellie V. Nichols is the sis-
ter of Ms'. Newly Wed and is entertain-
ing  at  (It a llimes.
Ts iompany is' a lirge onte, the scen-
cry is boiitil, the costuies are ele-
gant, the iliusic is pleaising ;dli th chorus
i.s wvell trained.
Tiio hundred  land twenty-one couples
w1o applied for m liage licenses lit Chi-
igo last Saturdixy were given tickets
to the perfo rman"ces  Surnlay  anld  165
couples showed up,- 1E. M.
Nealy every   ''it inithe house was
talken it the Olymipic lusic Hall last
'oiiday by a crowd of wxell-dressed imen
iuul womnii1, li'pr'sentitix'e of the 'ity's
social set, wllo wxere, almost withOut ex-
cieption, lavish wvith their aLpplause. The
vaudeille numbers, preceding the new
musical shit, were reinlled until their
iepeltoire of sogs or stories oi feats of
dixtelity were exhausted and they were
forced to thu extreniuty of lowing their
thankfulness   agAin  and   again,   The
vaudeville hill openhud With 'ii iiCnarObatic,
hilind-hil'nnig ntiher, par excellence,
ofiered by Epse Dutton and Eipse. Aside
flit its adimirable dexterity, the aict was
extemiely  well  iutance-the   comedy
being intelligentlY intrispersed in sutti-
cient meatsuie to emphlsize the feats of
strith. Gord'n 1  1  ':lx hell seiein
pition. Their ac t xxt- uswell litked andu
the pitcher of beer' episide brought forth
it latughter and ipplause. The Tennis
Trio iuts been Pietioisly reviewed. Fred
1111  Cililito lixfl  tiIsi titiel  ai  blt',sqe
IIxi aI ct, xxhix', w <hil it  l<  a
til(x'  ill Spot', :Iutil  \%;us  sumiexxliait  Iiutei
by  the  'privti'  0ittlarity  of  1it'  three
plaxers, neverthuliss received :t outlurst
ofrnliplisI. ''u   'ixnd MAuis Li  Sillers
fill rdahl  tk as  toe  i t he hest ii-
Hties'iil anidalor  anis oil the hlfd,
,tchile ot 1l(u-t  'Iiiiesi tour coloredl itei
liiilrme mxrriimn intieirr t e winisheod
lisiuhahiis  iuion  sexxi'i  1tih'ttveits;
It itk lluiliti aiuil Mlx   1tillian Berri
O~lutul  Lt  sketc'h  Clli,'  th ii i  1t  axtd  the,
thi11155  ent t ill tl'llS'iii ~ 'it~hi Salt
such us only tlise two   iin sing effect-
icel. The skit wxus written by  'Vilbur
D. NushIut, of "Joshi Wink" famle. ihe con-
ci  is undoubtedly   igin'l aind aside
fso  affording the prinipulis good op-
portunity for thLi expiOlittiol of their
tilents, giv's piomle of great thiugs
rom the author. The Olympinphione ex-
hihited  two films-In ithe SicuanudoahI
nlxley andxl 'W'eak Lungs Made Strong,
litht of xxhich  were well received.  In
izied Frolics, Letw Stilly lints afforded
a forty-tiVe-miuto tiltf from the cares
of the day. No one could accept it ser-
lyn It is      lyot 0 int des. It is plot-
,in and sinciongl.x lolhes  Some of
its joes i eIC iC'l lx ltiiteihi  It xwould
imdtaps wer   nI lie  idule "ot ofa three-
:w  titltsite, proideid'I the "burtilesque''
xxxus itot inittede  to u le1suque nlytiling
ini piuh r. Sullxy himself xwa~s x'i~iixly
ii'litid is axie iii thec piincihals. Thme
u-)itau- hiat somxx guoI~ inivibeis, both lin
lu~ttu' 'andi sining. ' Eht  ight Berhlin
'Xie( tps xxeet otiC oh th, brightest fea-
Imes of the act, while the pincilpals
worked hard xxith the mateial in land,
niud in most institlices were effective. As
a diversion, Frenzied Frolis will pass
luster, but nothing more should le ex-
l( uted of it.-V. M.
Chicagoans to Write Play.
Lafayette, Ind., Jaln. 19.
The Purdue Harlequin Club of Lafay-
ette, Ind., Composed of univorsity boys,
lts decided to produce a    play in the
si-lng which will be the work of three
1-urdue boys, Fink Harshaw of Lafay-
ette; George Ad' Davis, aind David A.
IReel, both of Chicago. iUarshiaw is writ-
ing the book, Daxis the music and teel
the lyrics. Harshaw  is nlow lin school, but
I-vis and Reel are onm the press staff of
the Studbaker theater in Chicago. Jesse
. Andrew, star of Ade's Fair Co-Ed last
yoin, xvlo is a siofi of State Ri'tre semtn-
tive T. MT. Anxdrewi of Laftyotte, will
hve leading role tilis year. Ade's pres-
nce abroad will prevent him fionm writ-
iig another play for his alnia iater. G.
A. Davis is a nephew of the celebrated
aluthor and tii  had a hinud in Witing  the
Fair Co-Ed last yea1r.-VANCE.
Some Iroquois Suits Settled.
The George    A. Fullur   Coistiructton
Cciipainy has this wxeik settled thirty-
fixve LIxx stilts growing out of the Iroomis
enlatimiity. at the rate of $750 iach-
aiounting lin all to aiout $30,000. As
there are still 400  suits  pending, this
aninit is less than 10 per cent of the
$2,500 At One Performance.
Younigstown'u, Ohio, liin, 18,
The Yainkti-  Prnce.i" xxithu Lix'iil'e M\.
Collitum and h rris   wasu   Fil ' v' Iid $2,51i
hi our' teifonolince nt the Pt'l tIettn
(,ix  ,Lui,  15.  Diennuis  O'Bie n.l iltuul'ev  liii
('idil uild ittutis, xx':is ill fili i",'11 iutlt
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