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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Aida prolongs death, constable outwitted,   p. 6

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January 23. 1909.
Frank W. Jones Says their Machine is not Affected by the Patents New Method of Avoiding Legal Attachment Invented by an Opera
of the Combine.                              Company.
Frki V. Joni's, CIica-go ageIt oif
(1he  Ati!.;[  (amnttont Co., stateid  last
n1ighIt  th:[t  hiI  comopaniY,  which  coil-
iltidalii1e(  hnI.(   li llpl nt  CO..1  W I   i 1 :
ti-tures for the indetelndent faction.
'rthe Amaericain (aimont Co. is an
(duoI, coroitiott wxitht ge-itl offices
it Iit, i l:til, 0 < IttoRo ert  Meisson, for-
taor nyor of Cleveland, is the presi-
d-ni   Mr. Jones said:
(ti  compnil has contracts a  ith
talcuo (Ifrttneit nuetiilt wh-icihl xx- calise
till li "itet(imoist hiatents wlich are
''g'isti'rird its Watshingctn. Our- machinxe
Works with camxs, wchieu-h in no way af-
fe'Ls  the  pittt(it Is  of the combine.
ciio's  i'iics still hiave tenl y-ears to
citi.  A\,  'Irie inoix  ill  aI positionl  to  tui n
oitt 100.000 feet of film, atnd can ill-
clseI that tenfold ont short notice. Its
adldition. we have arranged for the
hiandlinig of tie piroducet of prlomnitenlt
Europileatn manuftacit're'rs, Inc'luing 01nt
(Ic-caiil ,aiu xxiii also conitrol the ocut-
put of oine' American manufacturer of
itate. Whose name I do not care to
divili- at the present time.
"tohil1'\t Ieon Gatmnont is a heasy
stoc-kholider iln the Americanci ompii'
1e biio means coitrols same tiod if
lie' xwishies to staty into the combine
xx-i1ii his French product it Will in no
wvay affeit the' condtict of titi' Ama rican
New I)ewey is Assured.
tinneapolis, linn., Jan. IS.
Mgr. Archie Miller of the     )e'wey
since returning  from  a consultation
with 1ITorman Feir at iilwaukee an-
nounces that the new De'o-ey is a sure
thin-.  He states that a site Will at
olee he decided upotn oil either Third
or Fourth street, betweetn Iennepin
inid First Avellue South.
i isw iraounced that the   auilding
ali xviii cost $150.000, an,,  ill be
unm1pletedi for August opening.
ltirtin Peck wvill arrive here to-mor-
rowx mnlpeing from Chicago and it un-
itirstood will inxestigate the interest-
ti'  vaudeville  sitiuation  in  this  city.
Witht Mr. Peck oni his private car Will
he Mark A. tuescier, general press
represitatixe of the Orpheum  circuit
aInd it Caisey of New York.-BARNES.
Aiken Signs Agreement.
F. C. Aiken, %ice-president of the'
Theater Film   Service, Chicago, stated
iliat lie had signed the license agree-
mintt of the Motion Picture Patents
Co., and that lie considered it the only
solution of current film problems and
the harmonizing of the present chaotic
state of aff"is. HI said:  I am much
pleased thlt the bisi'ss is to be
regulint-d' fond conlfidently believe thlt
licensid (Ie-ixclutntges aid theatirs will be
greiatly betn-eitted hY the 'xercise of
.ilii'iur cgitmilit I litixe sigited
tild  till  mr'  cit tole ers  liutie  sig il of
Ite-  intention  of  taking  licenses'."
New' Play for Halkett.
Quincy,  Ill.,  Jan.  20.
Mrs. Chailes T. Dazey. wife of the
author of 11i old Kentucky," departed
Monday e einilag for St. Louis to join
her iustalsaind, vho has just completed a
nxew Itlay for Jasme's K. Ifackett. The
play has not been named. it will be
rehtearsed by NMr. Hackett duri the
St. L~otus enxgagemsentt atxd may  be
"triedI oil the dlog'' in tixe near future.
Dizey is a resitlent of Quincy-, and was
born and roared here. During the past
fewx years, hioweer, lie has dix-ided his
time hetwvi'th iis city- anxd N\exx- York.
-S( 10 :-.\ EMTA N.
Iinnlenipolis T. M. A. Notes.
Tiert Fitzgerald, one of the local
memlilrs, passed   through  here last
xweak on iis Fax- t0 join Joseh lart
&  Co. in Ilie tiuttrit- 'Winnier playhug
. N. r   N     uittig, owner of te Lyric.
is to bxe-conme 'I aihonsorary member of
t1e 10-t1 lodge.
Most of the business staff of the
intx Milis xwill join in the near future.
P'reparattions are going along nicely
for 1li lientelit the 10dge is to have at
tll, Me'tropolitan, Feb. 5. wh-lich will
raise fulds to entertain the convention
tehl here next Algust. All tie local
houses antid booking agencies wxill be
well represented by acts.-BARNE9S
Prince Hagen Produced.
Sits Fitiiseet. Jiti 12.
The prodution of Tptteon Sincliri's ixe'
fzntfasti(  dramani  enltitl'd  Prince  Hkge~n
took  la    last  evening  fit  the' Vile i it
fl t ter.  I'nlfmltunalit tly  the neow  pdlay  m1et
with lhitke bY the cr'ities, who delre
ii  it  flilure  in  seveIr'tl  cespects.  Its  ole
ridhenling fealture" being the( third net
wxhitih is strong in uitili- lines. A
largo fond fillhionaldo nudience was Oil
hand to give both plty and author i
rousig reception, find alfter the first atct
ill.  iin l I c  wit ialsi ol iged   to  iake i
ii  li-.  Tli  incid-ti l  music  to iliniN
IgNvwas one of t1e tiits of the evinl-
in . This  wais  comlposed  speially  hy  Alr.
Illlr, the(  popularI conductor of the  Val-
ut  if(  0rI w len.  Sne ,inl  rnlise,  Is  du1e
,,f. ,  Robot I arW i  Ni an s  ;ld  Aliss  Bllnll 1,
Stoddarid  fill  11weir  lific-ient  offolts  ill  I1I,
()iiuit, Jan. 17.
Aidt fnd Rhiounis   diil   aird at the
lHud tliatel list night, Sxiturday, tltan.
I1i;. Their struggle wa%;s protructed anld
tlh. leilth r't-ttle tattled long. There was
;i reason.
Jtiaiis II. Shunk, a former eiiploye of
tile Italian Gnild Opera iompaly. somex
time sin    ilefuict aind considerably ex-
litlt. lits  a  iltinlt  Of  $:t50 tigainst the  stil
Itali    1 Onny ts hic I ti 1no the sin
;is  the-  Aiui'mtitSuit  f)ile-i:  C0oiIItIN,  Wh'ich'i
lllyeed  tit the Doyd. After the Italian
comtipanly hittd uxpie-m  Aluitiiseli ioigtitsizeil
attacilenlt wts filed.
1ihnk decided to atttch the scenery of
the  c--iiipttli,  upoint  a  Iifi;t  ltawxyeri's  al-
sIc-I  Th~ii'i  tit(,i'  etisit  Alult  f(tigilt  Six
sti'iiilu-s  fiir lifi. If shr andi the eon-
ptny livid until tli  xiliing  tiour of 12,
iittitlit, it x is Sunday, and accordintg
to HliAile  lackstone and  the Spalding
le. I  heIt S  nsWill nlot attach on the
tsr'  (!;ix if lite xWeius
Sit xith Aia holdig lonto life txs if it
lloei cilttiIcs i Judltige l-ikre-inmd AlItot-
myi txiotwx'll waVited-  oide and' list  ti-he-
thiiir litoszilst tihxeil of tie'elituilil
in, in thei v-in effiots to  arn them-
Just itwo ninites before midnight, Con-
sttible  ) Pea Isonl,  woo h ad Ii(  thouIghIItfully 'a c-
luilti'd  a  ret41iirin cheek from  someone
triid to squiiax  hlist  the  doorkeephr.
irtstrier  1Itiel  Nsl Agfantia  obstructed
Penison's ohdvance with success, an~d the
iiis   x iws sived, fiic the clock just thetn
'tol I Judgii   and Shunk that it was
iunai   ai tit   WStliti.
It xx inis  i  ittlttis piast twelve -when
!:iiitiiie' NidLt tiixvtii the spixnge aliii
itisseduA to  the  happy hunting grounds.
The audieni 1'it-ils' suseCted the little
whcls-within -wheels  Cooned\ that Was
hing e-itiedi on the outside.
The sclxe was     then shifted to the
sieinoi'  entrance wheir  the   tpigs
weri lanild onto diiyIs. A   three cor-
tired deb'ate took plai  betwecon Pearson.
the clnstlleI Hitrr  Silrph tht Irantsfer
mant.  in   Isador Z    il.  twyer  for
Airamiso.     Zeigler   toli  Fearson  to
'ittieli a hai  of yon gri  lggtge at
soir peci    Tils is Suia."   Shotwell,
Inw\r'-I for  Sitink.  iirged Pearson oh.
P'enison didn't ur(e wolth t durn. Shairp,
the traiisfer min, wanted to know where
the I  litzs 11   " gnt  ott  it."  1 ith  n  dra-
II:ti will i  of  his  iand  Z iLgl-r  poiited
in' thi-  liuritige Ott lihe  i-is  turnted
to  Shirii in, ulnd  siiiking  of  trhtLara
Filt  ii,-Stonteiw ll  l:wk  tson  i lt
"Iii,,,- ,i".. he tried. And Shal, riv,
The   eoiptiany  left  for  Mmnnn  lis
Musical Show for Corson Sextette.
The Tale of the Co'initi tJ. :et
Seven Sicne, nmusicil sIN lts be  rIit-
ten for the Corson Sixtette, Wii I will
Inlude a cast of f-eall farty to fift per-
soins. and](  Nxiiii, Lac-i'hi, to I Alf it  J.
li slie  Spiahin,  is  -destiined  fit  i4  in
tue high elitss 1 ouses. Te 1Iiii 1 i
st'i from   ia  pii wif k  tt n 'IV
tits nsic  is h\v WiN tter, Ishist' 'ii
wIIIlkinown in this iity. Tle Corn  ung
blood  Cotstun i f - idtt-  kn wIta I  ii  tile-
ii i s  ITh  Gills  crit lii  (; , I-  \\i-ct
I :1  a ititite I   it  its  this  I-its  t-  itic
Ilh  act is full of live musictal iu ialrs,
Catch sOIgs, prett cosiitmS al  aid-
ric  gil-  xxiit  tiic  sci-itit  itsi  teet
Cli-i-Itil-cl Sis , golgetti 'Tii iii fuil
itmIIilf iimitn lcanges of bthi I ()lt unes
aid Fccneiy. It is progiaimedtsx - T
Act eft itiful Sferal of the son  ianum
I.iis of the  vaudeville nct wceic  itteu
hr .l 'hitrence NtV.  iane raid  Wztli  E
hber and it wa~s th(ic-cstiii     this
lrietioi which promltedi tlim    i  tr\
t:l - crhlid  fit a Msuc-i Mate i I ,ftle
Iork.-N'l N           )That
New  Richmond (Va.) Theate    .
Plans itivei belIenti a-cetd fm  I  niew
iitray theater here and work will be
sitid upon the !tous' withinu av wk I:
t iv.  It is mI ilitted that the ventuim
Wxil ist 0dnigc (). G. Mitrray upwali
or $10.000.  Actcording  to  the(  Id tills  til
trIctill  will  he  Onx g of  the lin t  of it-
I ind  in  this  state.  It  will be  deixti l  I
X itxlill, and the openiing is proliii'1 fit
Merry A'sidov Breaks Record<
"Tue llixN , Atdoxx  hiciki fill Icordl
lire Jan. 1, when it galxe two    e t for-
liaices to nearly $.1500. It I     ti
samne company wxihich had ben iippeiar-
itg it th (lIympie in St. Louis for tl
past two Weeks.     MIabel    ilber took:
lithe part of the "widow" in place of
RosenarY Golz. who is spending th
wxeek in I   isais City with rciiativs.-
Carnival Elects Officers.
Saln Antoniol Toxais, J;1. 18.
At th' annual meeting of the ina An-
toi-in (  tival company on Jan. 1, th
ft  U it i  offiI's  were  icclted:  Cil. (.
Ioim1. poInelnt: Chiles O~rachnier. VIwo-
piresident and general mianaiger: 11. 1.
Shlton. seititryc ind A  H. ITalff. treas-
in r. TIhlo i liaes i  thw  i  irni l haive beer
s t  foi  \t i il   1 t-24.--   I Ni lt
Feared for a Time that a Police Call It Played to Capacity Monday Night, But W. J. Burgess, Having Planned Prelimi- James H. Errickson Assumes Actual Ac
Would Be Necessary As It Was             Other Theaters Did Not Suffer          nary Work, Goes to California For       tive Management of the Orpheumn
A Big Night.                           the Least Bit.                              a Rest.                            -Other Changes.
Rockford   Ill..  n.Ii  19.
Rockford mIade i new record i tlhieatri-
c:is I-st  nighut.  Tihe  iijtsti'. oi  of  titu0
petticst vi til-ville  htoiss  in  the  state.
t   illi open it-, aors for tl ilist timne andu
lteitaitil  xlose  to  2,00  peoplh  in  the
two cvi-mi  sows. TIliw (rphiin  a ud
two crowdedI touses wiilt al estimated
liouse or 1,100o at onelli performancwe. Trhe
Tlk if N     Yorkl plyed to  1t at the
f1cr:1id Opetr  house, mxxing the totalm
e owxd of 5.100 ait evensig  erfoilalces
in RoCikfilld. Aside fromi this the Star
vitdevill- and pitue ltuutse. the R1ot-k-
ferdI piture house, hiii-  Cascde, a
lretmIland, lrw 'good houses.
The   Aijeslic opened withi a splendid
show- munic with speIil miusic and drew
titacit house. Ti   oupening male tol
ilifferice in th' house -it the Ortplieumi.-
Mimic World's Big Crowds.
St.  Louis.  -Io.,  Jani.  21.
Th     lrilhk  tlhiitei. with  Gcertrud
110ffinnn miul The "timi  Ioild. botiec
Ill tlioust records for ensh itx-ofeie re-
iipts by pilig to twenti conisec'iutive
liti  it     liences  dlrinti   th o   INi
it-i h ru n  thuit  i-hied-il t I   S iut  ' v
ttI-hu  tis'l ilm hnmu tv h  to recipts
'1 i i ttti-l  il iatte  -l it  ih   t '  m
is"10 isti0 uThttt Alli.oits uiii uusiiuhivl tt
populi'r  prti i i- .  Iiths "ut eli inl  mu1tinee '
iu l     i Thuis,  ai ftugu of f1lw house
il1mul  1<il  lit  1e  otuito-u   iii  it  furi'-
theiut    t' titu--  h- t ilii  g-itss  liit'rs  the'
toll liiit'- onti 111 two ThurisdilNs bieinl';
Tii tints.
Business Only Fair.
MAIritsh   Tex.. JTm. 1s.
Btsdness  is olN, filir  in  this  state.  The
hittle  tro e tor wi' '  s Its  l J;r J n.  12  lo
fulir r'-turns tiid Ihal  thaimangel  r iporti'
ii 'mraIe husine-ss 01ewlwr-i Hoolign in
Ni-e   ilr ) upwrt;  Ist  night  i  i  ftiri
hoist.- NIN)'.
OminihtiNeb.. JLn. 18.
Grmaing hias begiun in tlii site of the
ilt  0$t5;00,000  lBindi s  thel ter. T ork  Will
I"  rushed  its  fist  :is itl-in  ut  d1  it  in  tIn
ttelmit to have the  t'\\- plaYhouse finl-
isluuid and reads to gdi' ve to Onalia us mx
Niw iYear's gift oil Jan. 1, 1910. The
foyer find lobbi ar in he ont a Imtgnifi-
th slt-   The builing will le part of
oin eight story structure.
IN. JIBugs    I    imng'r anduti p-urt-
iir witi 0. ). Iooilwatrd in the Woed-
xiid Amuiisemtnt tonmptny. lEis mot the
preliminary work all msapp-id out. n wilill
sttlrt today fol CmIlifornia where he n it
is wife w-ill spend mm few imonths' Well
Tip for Park Manager.
Chattanooga Tenn., Jan. 20.
As spring draws neir speculation is
liiitug  itsetliel as  to  the problei  faste  of
Ititipiii tak the cingsmimet season.
TIii.  mr kiis e:r  eautiful spot, within  telx
wiuuites iiii ef the - hut-rt itttll cixv
:us  t  lhulf-m 'ile  ra-  tri ck.  imerr- I -
uend,  skatii  ink11,  thet   toh L n i
danmce  pavilion,  lniso-hufll  parik,  sh lloite
'aller '  and  severut  ither  uilcession s. fill
s~~~iihut ~ ~    111 Ili- hm-u iteit uu-usuri'i  :111d  it'
I'l Iiv 1 itu luli  e  7 tith1  hit  tl ot' Iii , ii
tiliti  gutiut  initerest  i'it  :  few I ts-  lu silds  its-
itsle l  Tis, is  i l t l  fr  stx le  cood  lutit
tas 1iih mannager wxithim fex 1de thou-
atuiuts at hums Cxix-td--h''
itutu  iltn15 Cts lini lIhit' Gax-t
('iris Co. simu  niritil iihlie stage Of
pi Thuelle 'Piiuli tuINight. after
t1 performax-tnce by Court Commissioner
allhiuk    Miss Solomiont is from Brook-
in  Iit 'id1. 11irbour is is a x Canadian.
Ptt 'ite pro senltleI the bride with a
hlitdsomie diiond iecklnte ann .tan-
iger T. E. MAcreadx      wias also  the
uolru Of an apliroprite gift. The happy
couple e'ntinined thuir friends at a
wi-ding suppir.-ltARNES
Portland. Oe., J7n. 16.
A decided cliinge has tahen place inhe
cal theatt-ill affairs. Jamtes IT. Errick
soin, who its beeln general mnacigoiri of Il
Giaind and the Star, will assume the a,
til e mianageient of the Orphuourn theatet
andl at the sameti' tine will rettin supet
Ivision ouf thue Grand theater. Chister a
Sutton who has so successfuli it imniag
the Orpheum since the opening hli s be,
trf:itsferred  to  Butt",  Alhut.,  to  tali
clmrge of tie Orphoiumix it that point. Jol
F. CordraIs  his been cho  i n u  tali
charge of the Grauind under tie genel
dirtions of 'M\r. Errickson.
Ir. Erickson hts hiad clirgi of th
Sullivan alntd Considine Interests here It
ft-ur yeurs find hurts thoroughly  pros'
hilmself  ;  iani  of  litre  blilit I nd  just
dleserves the promotion that has hiden giN
-n to him. -- LARIT'MliE
Lubin After Earthquake Films.
1'hiladelphihu  ]Iit  1s
Thei e  is  till  iloulht  that  t s i  mu
Itiin  rivilry is mol  the film  i:inuifctel
(I's  as.  to  who  wNill offer  the  flist pictur-
oft    i the xx s Itliall  Ei'thiu ke'i  S. Lulli
of this  it  Its hiept the  enthl  s  Iuhs sill
the t uible  oIit t  liiu xin d  it  5 it
th at  th<  nust  i  tt 1 I-ttlt ,  l    ' r
])i I t'  s  itil  'iilis]1  et'( IfIssit-i-i,  ;t 1,1I tenete
i liit  iei1t,  titux  (iloui (  i'  ii ,  excrI
ti  h i  ne  un(ii 1 w1  Ito o iin i  txmie
'leit  intult-ire t  fuil( r  iti   it di ubti
x11 xit  u-i d  for  the  exiiliu  '1
Keith Cuts Out Concert
ClevelaId.  . , J .  19.
TIoldis  of  iie irlv  2.000  i, kets
thu- rmnining concerts b I1I11 Pint
burg ouhuuostra ill ClevelAn  w, rx  I not
litu(d bY Mtanager NV. T. lo iwn Yes
terd iy  that  thil'  rest  of  i  oncert
wsill 1e  g in  in  til  Gri ys' irmarlt  Ti
r-nson st     it i 'Mr. Mtossuin lettl
is  thilat  \Ir.  Keith,  the  ti   -us ee  ai
filte  Hippodrome. has  declilil  In  cot
tiiuie thd  tclteirts thir"--NuI NG.
Lifayette, Itd., Jti. 20.
s ut itting ilimtxax t a wild deon-
stiution over the defeit of th TIiSconusill
la sket Iall team  by thie  urdIt- five lit
I iyette lust Fridai  evenint  five' hums-
iid   stuelits  took  pos.ssiont of the
1a-i     IIe la hoMuse ock aiway frotuim
1iii skating link where    the  gamie was
pluiyedil. hnd nutdule ieily at t  ''fol'm-
ite of The Boston Iclles, a       uhrlcsque
slow WN1ith pleased the liys iinsiols-ly
There wvas not i sui- woitin in t l
house, except oi the stage. 'iand the stu-
ients, tug-mnteid  by seventl Imudied
citizits of the city w-ere ill tle audiience.
itomut(ilplatny dela   the show until the
gtme atd as a result id ti Iiemiiendolus
btisintess.  In the stattmipede art the box
-li e-peci'IallI  it  tite  gller  door ,  sei-
rii n    hundred folcd their wily in without
litlx iii
'I'lue' hoys interrupted the show repeat-
o'ly witlh timeir college yells and songs
lbut the sliti  was allowed    to iroceed.
(inu' of the chouis girls, wiighing over
two luildredi pounds, wis the principl
ttrctttin aId shte caught tlii faly of
1ii boys from the start. The joies it lilli
not of the orilinmir, but the young col-
icgmum   ulilit i  I cii  tii  irnint1  l t l  up
ttivi- Its  li'ti st i  t o t mitd  ill  Ile'
hit\ Itoho lxois it In TIiisi Nw nt ( a
"Rube" Given a Banquet.
Clarkesburilg, 1W. 1n.. Junl. 1R.
i.'leo ithi-- ilr onfn il'  I  anO lpt
ixtuis  tili i  llmi  huts  110t10li  lby  A2iliut l  A.
olin,    -sist'ttt miliger of the thetter.
mind Arthur Sxger    Inst sei'son inl d-
\;,It( in of the Auhrey stock comtpniluy. M'.
hliusillson, will is one ofi'  the hest tftir
diiiniir spiekers, in the thlteutrical profes-
sitn, repliiid to the tost. "thy I am
St-hk sit  Clarkslhirg" antd his rmartiks
tuui'Iled with  the hum11uor wicl has imade
lIit fmuus.0--COTIEN.

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