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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Actors' Society is to produce play,   p. 5

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January 23, 1909.
ACTORS' SOCIETY IS                       WEBER & RUSH WILL
Committee Named to Read Manuscript in Line With the Suggestion of Meant to Turn it Into a Burlesque House But Did Not Want Hotel
Augustus Thomas.                         to Get the Big rrade.
No w Yor, Jan. 18,
The Actor so i t   has named a Play
jReading conunitte- in line with the sug-
,estion of Augustus TIhomas at the meet-
ing of Jin. 10. This committee will read
tip1lays of authors who have been un-
ile to ,ecure their producton  through
the reglt  channels and will have power
noprodote the proising plays so discov-
ie at special matinees, casting them
fo, the litgo membership of the organ-
zation. hile scheme appearing feasible
it1 advantageous from all points of view,
-the actor, the a1nthor, the manager, the
public- anu the organization all benefiting.
Th Society has -lready appointed a com-
inittee to te callid the Play Readers'
-osmittee, consisting of Thonas A. TWiso,
theipresidnt of the society; Fanny Can-
otn, the  ice-president; William  Court-
l1,gh, F. F. Makiy. Mary Shaw, John E.
Kellerd, Ricalrd F. Carroll, E. TV. Maor-
rison, George Atliss, E. R. Mawson, Ed-
ontrd Ellis, Edward MctWade and Georgia
Earle. Atnuseiipts may be sent to the
'ija Reling' Coiittee. Actors' Society,
1: Wst i1ith S., New York.
Mr. Thomas' idea is that the Society
choos e from  its miembers a "play-read-
ing comnittee', whose duty is to read
cat1efitlly mimiuscripte from Young Or an-
known authors and pass on to the Society
the one-s they considered available for a
trial production. The cast would be com-
pose-d of members who chanced to be idle,
and the "trial matinee," as it might he
c-tlled, would occur at some theater whose
mnanLager, Mr. Thomtas thought, could ibe
induc-ed to offer the use of his house if
tie overe promised the first option on the
piece should it prove a success.
For the trial performance, the actors
would receive no compensation, but if the
play "miade good", the members of the
company vould receive their regular sal-
aries during a run on Broadway or a
rod tour.
The plan seems an ideal one. The an-
thor would receive his regular royalties,
after success came to the piece, the So-
ciety's members would receive lucrative
eng-gements and the Society, in paymento
for its pains to give the play a hearing,
would becotme part owner in the produc-
Switched to Nashville, then to Evansville,
and Now Back to his Former Place.
Roanoke, Va., Jan. 21.
Alien tJonkins iis completed if tour of
the principal theaters ont the Tells cir-
uit and is managing the Academy in
this sity o-ino this sointer. He formerly
monaged Ihe theater here, then went to
Ntshille. thon to Evansville and is now
batk to Rinouke agiiii.
J. Wellington Lyeris, who matoaged the
icdemy I-tst season, is looking tfter the
tells th1mtter in Atttnta, Ga., this sea-
-ton and thIry Bernstein, whio succeedeti
\to. ho-iti-ic is repiesenting ir. Wells at
The nother of Thomas Spencer, ireas-
urer of the Atademoy of Music and of
NItistain Park Casini, dropped lead re-
-tlc.  mr. Spneer is widely  known
-t1oiug thn~utilml ftthis.
Its g t toriti fslife (Jatoe Keckley),
tio plasd a suommoer engagement with
the Jewel K-iley stock ompany two sum-
i-is ago, played Ro'-nnoke early this sea-
tos with On the Bridge at Midnight.
Tiey have elatives here.
toe stoo i (flrmatrnce of floe season so
ft ot ft(e Si~lml mat cusftic,oas that of
The Right of Way, oni January 12. The-
-lr E. Ribeits played "Joe Portugais"
toth Gus Standing was in the role of
'tiarle StoheP."-BOYD.
Jencks Leases Midland Theater.
Fort Doge, Iowa, Jan. 19.
MAuricfl W. Jencks of Sioux City, Iowa,
tcs acquiri I b lease the Midland theater
tltu us 1tiol totalc o iast anoeel tsle
'tpcfli tor oite teneo manage-
ot- out toot- Itic,  Iitiic-t  Icaili- n .  16t.
Daihli i  m11stc is t ed by thoeDes
--It 55ld~e  it   luii nc ti  o comptatny  and  wvas
o-imaenio 0, us d toI Tood Anftr Aoftaso
s imist-   nltis itinites in Sioux
it         n-   p Bills  int  'filt  the-te s  io
Ptsidet imr Auebta en  Rule,
Thtit'r  tht Rooimin  fat Arthur,
uet a mioi-ei nto ionanae te kiouso
fficint fom-' tio  h a  olub wac-
Jomum ii Ils' foes  Ero Jecks
ithe   svv this oee  getimg ac-
tolted  tile me sill thmeopitl li-
textw-eek   . E. B
PresdentImpressed by Meltng Pot.
uSvansveil,. C., Jan. 18.
hut'tu lii i'ooscs-ett is io "thcarty
'int to ti henme of Thoe S\Tling
0s 0 sor, tmntou wess f sol-
o- 'it  thtI  Iorg  to  n i    >moi   ef
I Sit  to  Il  Ii1scm-icti  Sacelisoty
"    itht m  lietto  south      i h
Iheo-' flits uuntiti-et a ret bild-
El      r ia out  t, otioRORkimo ti
I ttffs---luco1 ott-It of ftme olt svorlit
Strong 0 itiu erito  m iste-o miittope  To
it M\ i har "lston toCen ainot.i 18o -
m-,,-l amutticy are beinog 'ff1sed
spotmwil puts milto time monithm of his
n  tt ho ncst  idetI tictil  t th   tho
Amateurs Secure Engagement.
EtsandsvIe, Itiu., Jtn 18.
thesouthotstanKofe s     seten on
oOtiAli,'ouFmi~i iontoighut, moadci so
- ~ ~   ~    Wr C-ht-nceti-sthmops) Es-eve
loedthux t  a o ntuutritt him. I-to
,)steispevs to mk agreat tbtacks
o-'tesa Oiut ofhte boys.-GBTPDGRF-
Stronger Sex a Hit.
CIlsi, S. 1'  aut. 18.
I~~tih       Th i ii'le Sim-angin  S'ex
a 5Oi5tpvc-mt blit hantier four.Of thcs
tOO t  ~t , Im o ill( mm i Ihi,-  u ti n  is
tlii   td  on  O  t u et  c-s-ti  soeenl  ma
Os~ut - ItLASNf1
Ain't It Awful to be Stuck at a Jerk-
water Point When the House has
Been Sold Out?
Duluth, Minn., Jan. 18.
Rose Stalil and The Chorus Lady con-
palny were stalled just outside of Fargo,
N. D., by the snow ild cold andi missed
tht Friday night performance here after
the house had been sold out.
The company   was snowbound    while
mitking the jump flonm Butte to Duluth
inl] there were numerous telegrans ex-
chuitged between te comutany manager
and the opera housen manager here. Miss
Sitthi sis very sorty aceording to the
tci'igrmtos, anti oe uof btecc ettated tloat
she would arrive out of breath but in
time for the S-turdayN matince.
Alexander MacDonald, advance   agent
for The Land of Nod, sprung a story that
M~ins  tttoil aact hcc conimootyi stouppecd at
Pit a to se is roductimon  ut it gained
him nothing. It was a ridiculous attempt
to secure notority, recognized as a desire
to secure publicity at the expense of
truth, but it failed to even prove an ad-
vrtisement. Miss Stahl played to two
turnaway houses Saturday.-SIARPIRO.
Began Packing Trunk.
Webster City, Iowa, Jan. 18.
The Misses Johns and Norman, who
were at the Unique last week with the
Russell Novelty company, were stopping
at The AVillson hotel, which was dam-
agcd by fire Friday. Upon the sounding
of the fire olarm  they started packing
their trunks   before  dressing.  They
seemed oblivious to their personal dan-
gerind a travelingocoan, shoborstinto
their room, thinking they had not been
ovarned, threwy their truonks aoit of the
x-ndow. The ladies, in half attire, fol-
laos-ed doswn the fire escape.
Will Biernatzki has been retained by J.
Milorlowski, owner of theeFamily theater,
as manager ait the house.
C. Bryant Huff of this city, who has
been  -ith te Shamrock Tio a Slayton
attraction, has been to-ansferred to the
Dunbay Male Quartett.-GEORGE C.
Cold in Minnesota.
Austin, Minn., Jan. 18.
Ott eacount of the extreme cold, busi-
ness at fle several chos shops suffered
tofosiuertnby last oe. otramo's Jolly
l'tillubmti oputinat adsixd an- sat Mau-
elu's, toothe ' vuon tiunt of rhof isokte
oitrmiit  at the hiouse,  sit has oeser
lu-i-t ai-ng pm-octolito, hot mosthy
ut iaccout  t  tge iTfeor niture of the
cfo-furoimoew  A Iitg o Traps coms
tco Mflei  uitanrao Wlichtndrite  s a-
Cheviit bill ftrh ie eek  of thte nok in-
--lotus flue uttove uinit :. AT. Clifford. Tite
tr,rumo  fit tius Bijoui comnsists af Jahmo
i-I inbtk. itt I'iet- Thoe Shinmoers, and
floeHtiriet I-hsier Tria.-DAIGNEAB.
New Theater for Wichita.
L. St. M~ilter. of AWicitra, Kansas, was
in Chictugo this we-ekt tand ettuted thlat a
new theater, which would likely be known
as the Princess would be opened in that
city by March 1. It will play vaudeville
and t will he bookied through the AVestrn
Vaudeville Managers Association.  The
Ilouse will scot 1,000 oind will cost $45,000.
Carl Pullir, of Kansas City, is the arch-
Wesley & Pincus Get Savoy.
Atlantic, N. J., Jan. 18.
Vosley & Pincus have secured the Sa.
voy theafey from Comstock & Gest. It
osill hoe opeurateud its a stumides'ille houmse.
This tli-eater wats originaly managed. by
Safnuel F. Nixon and has changed policy
freluito-ttvn  sitce  it openeout
Schenoctady, N. Y., Jan. 18.
Weter & Rush swant to make an East-
orn whool house out of the Mlohawk fite-
tiler here, but in order to get the ad-
vnttgo of tie bal trade Which would
gowith the change, wanted to secure the
Ih tel in the front of the house.   Mir.
('ti-ill, a-ho his the hotel, is understood
to lia:it- put a piohibitive price ott the
Lt1- ttild this is led Weber & Rush to
ita'ertise the Schenectady house for sale.
it is said thty will sell their Binghamton
ISe ait the listIo titte if they get a good
Weber & Rush have locked the doors
leading fromt the loby to the bar and have
Cut oit the tplt-iniut intertnissions
so Catioll is ki-lRng to the biewery that
is lease is not lived up to by tle lock-
ing of the dors.
Catiioll sill c-ose the hotel for tite sumn-
tleir, as ie will ianage Liua Fark. Be-
Ing LL shovmtan he Inoss low to fight
and is making the contest interesting.-
The Columbus Will Continue to Play
Melodramas Provided by Stair &
The Alliamtbri theater in Chicago will
1-0 in rite Fast-it burlesque wheel next
stin and from the location of tie house
tnd teir siir-ioundinigs it is almost certain
toi ptoie t profitble venture when offer-
ing hutirsque.
Tie Weber Brothers who control both
the Alhiamtobra and COuilmbuis, will play
iielodianus it the second natmed house
tiud as ie tho lone Stair & Halin will
Icoiethe bookinigs.
sto baers i   the Allha 1br  deal are
supposed to hitve beeo signted Wvednes-
day. Max Weber told a friend, in con-
ficence, last week that he hd decided to
titc ftois step. 1e is thtought to have
etideavared to posit tite Colutibus off onl
the Eastern wleel. If that was the case
the Columbia Amusement company re-
fused to have anything to do with that
The Alhambra formerly did big business
with mttelodramas.  It was one of the
licases where the producer had to give
o p500 first oiey unless he had  stand
in. Lately busiesslas fallen off until the
Chlsritias week was only $3,000.
Eastern Wheel Show Will Follow The
Girl from Rector's at Joe Weber's
Theater in New York.
No greater cotplitent could be paid
burles-,Iuthn the occasiottal selection of
otie of the shows for the better class of
theaters in Nesw York.
The announcement is made that the
Fred Irwin Big Show is to follow The
Girl from Rector's at Joe Neber's theate'
in New York and the statement that the
production will have a long run ovill not
be distputed by attyone who has wit-
nessed that excellent shows.
Like Wine, Wotlan and Song, it ap-
peals to all classes ind is so much better
than the average $1.50 show that com-
parisons are odious.
The Shuberts tried to land the show
for the Majestic but Joe Weber was
ahead of them and landed the plunt.
Burlesque at Novelty.
tito Frttiuiseo, Cat., Jan. 14.
The Novelty wilt reopen Jan. 24Nwith a
butlesqute shioo. Gueot-ge Clan-ton will be
mnaiti--, tott if is saidr tbat Al H-agen
atd leiton & Sititizr are in tte back-
ground. Allo Cultis will stage the show.
Edwin tanford is responsible for the
twodmusicalabsurdities which will be of-
fered it the Trocadro in Chicago next
week byTue World Beaters. Genie Pol-
lard, I'etrl Reid and Marie Green are
said to have the principal roles.
Barto & McCue have signed contracts
with Sn Robinson, manager of the Cozy
Corner Girls (Western wlcel) as tie fea-
ture of that show. The exponents of phys-
iaitl culture are teing seen in the west
foi the first time lit three years.
Mile. Ani Hill, the society gymnast,
offers an act whichc is rather a novelty
in burlesque nowadays. It is a trapeze
act followed by fni exhibition on a rope
which is made to serve the purposes
of a perch.
The opening performance of The World
Beater Niia sel  in unusually long time
it Kansas City, ositig to the delay in
getting thoe properties from tli' depot.
The Cozy Corner Gills at tlt,- ('-altur-
110 "ito we' oOnly hold the curtain a
lew minutes.
Daitt  na ilics lensod the Grand at
int itipitis to ttike piosessiont July 1.
It is likely thitt it will become a bur-
l'.tlie- house aS thre Its been io house
of that kind there since Scmith's was
hoIglt by the City Rescue Mission.
Whn fthe Atrdi Gras Beauties played
Iiriiti nisii tithetr  sas a chorus girl's
onft-st tot TuistIty night, a beauty con-
t   st o l Wedisday night, a waltzing con-
fist Thuosday night, and ani amateur
contest Friday night. In the beauty con-
test tit- corus gils picked out the live
1iandsomoest ien it the audience.
The Night Owls (No. 2) which left Clii-
etgo recently, is doing a nice business.
Alibel \ernon, the Original She, is fea-
ttied. Mark Lea, Ralph Roscoe, W. S.
Kelley, Earl Alontine, Page Van Buren,
Lillian Hii iss, MAarguerite Vaill, Anna
Bown, Grace Foster, May Adams, Mabel
Handall, Frances   Wilson   and   Nellie
Turner are with the company.
"In one of the worst seasons on rec-
st, while ielodramoas, musical comedies,
ind itim ticclla0nms snows have foundered
all over the couitry, not one of the al-
sied builesue sho's hasd broken up or
pfissed a ws-ek's saltiry dcy," said Sid
Eusoni rcemntl-.  For this reason, bu-
I alue is regar-d with mIuch more favor
ly variety peifotiers than in the old
(      nIos, and  oe can now get people we
iCuldn't have coaxed to the buIlesque
stage t short time ago."
Dubuque, Iowa, Notes.
The Bijoi theateir and Theater Royal
tire doing big business.
"Nonette," the talented violinist and
voe alist, proved to be the biggest hit
along single lines ever played at the
The Bijou presents this week, Three
Weston Sisters, instrumentalists; Terry
fi diter, Godfrey and Henderson, Harry
Tlkey Boyd   and Brother  and   Sister
IIot oa id.  To hitter act is a new wire
Nat  ooes exceedingly  ll. T'I'l Nin
Naipaniies, so-ith Gotge 1-illiotat as the
choolmster, play a return date next
seek at floe Bijou.   The act recently
t)kc tite htause record, swhlichi swas for-
meIrly held by the Cherry Sisters several
waiis ago.
Theater Royal, also owned and managed
lty Jake Rosenthal, has been doing a land-
olice business with talking pictures for
floepast fewoveeks.
Mainger Jake Rosenthal, accompanied
by Manager Vic Hugo, of Cedar Rapids,
visited with Manager Fred Buchanan of
the Majestic, Des Moines, Iowa, last week
a few days. Mr. Rosenthal, with other
local people, will erect a new vaudeville
theater the coming summer to be opened
next fall.
O-itig to severe weather, work has
stopped ott the new Princess for a short
tnte. Williamc L. Bradley is building the
Pr-incess and expected to open the same
itifh nosimog pictures about March 1.
The Princess wvill be one of the largest
tind costliest moving picture housesin the
st, and is located in the hetrt of the
buitnmess distict. Mttnagev: Franok AWade
closed the only skating rink in town last
Sunday evening after two seasons of poor
Madame Nordica, notabeing able to se-
cure a rheater-, sviil play her comicert at
the Congregational church on Saturday
evening, Jan. 30, with pricestp to$500.
antger Rosenuthll presented his press
agent, William A. Haas, with a diamond
studded watch for Christmas. Mr. Haas
has been oith Mr. Rosenthal for the past
fivc setisoos.
'he Airdome, it is rumored, will play
m   kusica  coniedy  aily next sumcer, if
Manager Rosenthal can secure a first-
class companyto puton one comedy a
os-cl  ThecAirdome opened earl ite ts.
lastseasonand rununtil Sept. 28, pla.y-
ing to ciptcit  usimess oth th drmatic
stock.  Jake   Rosenthol is visithieg his
nopter, brothersandsistersin Chicago
feov days fhis week.
General Manager L. D. Mathis of te
senion Electric c tasty, has l the   con-
tiact far a $20,100 outdoor theater to be
buitt at Union i'ark for sumnoer vaude-
rhle and concerts.   George and P. L.
PFopl of Chicago, are the architects-
Pictures Draw at Red Bank.
Red Bank, N. J., Jan. 15.
To Bijou and City theaters, foe two
n-os-ltg picture hifies here, are reaping
a rico harvest. S. P. 0. has been at a
prolium many timesdtiring the past ton
dtays. Aside franc floe excellence of fte
filnos shon, a really noeriroriotis s-tude-
ville bill is offered, which shosws careful
selection and good taste upon the part of
floe management.
Polly of the Circus and Jane Eyre
played the rick Lyceum, 11 and'13, re-
spectively, to good returns. AAWheno the
dales are not filled Manager Fred Prick
tfurns the theater into a skatitng rink. A
lnige orcestrion has just been installed
too ttistutucs-EliN

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