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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

Speculators may win in New York,   p. [3]

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Published at 87 South Clark Street , Chicago,b THESHOT7 IIORLDPLlbl)1hing Co.
Entered as Second Class Matter  WA RREN A.PA TRICK,  6ENERALD/RCTOR,  at the Post -Office at Chica16,111inoisi
June 25,1907                                   under the Act of Congress of'March3,1879.
Volume IV-No. 5               CHICAGO                       January 23, 1909
Isidore Witmark Leads Viola Caln to
Altai While Original Compositions
are Rendered.
110 laI  Net).  Jail.  Is.
Isidso, Witmark  one of the nwmbiters
ofthe Iig \ itnla AItsic  Piblisligi 1Mrltoot llo to \, SIls sVo-iolal
a, an1 Olh1a girl. IITI evnt P'rloeI
to1leomw'of t1l0  most  billialt Sa i't\  of-
fairs of the Si'son.  Jav Witinark. I
ilotill-iftit (,ii  gl'l( irl  OX  IS  t11  hoSt  l00111.
Tieiisii  lit  t1(  xx'  itini''  xaS 11  ]t cal-
tful' fio'tr. All of tihe pie(ce1s played
re writtin  espe i.llI  for  this  oo'nlsiOln
I    tlii   011tnd   r1 e t ht   Il  for  tl
frst timel ait  the(  wcdqlilg.
P  IC n  th4   1bte1ttiful ('Inll any101O  M1iSS
'lI 'lsi Sill" n ol' l~lrnioo v, 1 -
nl E iv il  iid1. thlt, fillious  comill  ilc opera
COMpoSer, and de diet;ted to thle hands1omue
i nue'Iltsts fromt New Yolk and Chi-
rogo  er present, ;among t hoin being
luite a flw  th'atio'al friedlls of tle
\f(, rn d(lightfufl Ioneymoon Ali'. and
rlis. Witlrk Will liSide in New Yolk.
John H. Havlin. in an Interview with
SH OW  WORLD     C orrespond-nt,
Denies Circulated Rumor.
Ho Srigs Ark., Janl. 161.
11 rll ilhilt   fi ill  11 0  this
wkdn dth  t  th11e  Stnlir-Hfu;I\lilt circuit
S old onIol iitite or co-operate With anly
- 111 i li  I01  bi illso,  lioke,  Iietolr'.  Slot-
r,  t 't. wmilil ninkIo  war With the
l1w & Eigil intirests and thit Stnil
Iltlint, would plovide' the leces'sary
i 1101\il sa,151  t few of the hlousex
I0li ii, tliii I s oii.lll: to the, lOFoselt
utill s.I I INA1011 II. ('11-N.
Victor Williams Marries.
S iltor Willik11ms, tile  ildest  Son1  of  Per-
0Wil liims, was miried in Denver,
i 'i'aloi , .1on. 15. to  Miss  lialolles,
] nusin   of  tl  fimo s  lectillr  It rtoll
.      hbiii   is  beutiful and  tal-
ias (luite prominent in Cilica-
Ir. Williis passe-d through Chicago a
01 wiks ;1,90 1nl his way to the far
<slt. to) re!4lin  the(  LIS.  Of  Ilis  vocal  or-
Sliiih hut heioime impaireld. (On1
biIo. JI  . 13. hoe wNired his mother
1a1m0Den1 to mi1 o0 at once, and
listil dti t fromi  New   York,
i '1 h  Ill  waS  ill.  'ln  she1  ar-
1 I.  W ili s  m1T,   li I , ait  tlel  traill.
il her llit 1w1' Was to lie 1m1rried.
) I init  teii i' i 011e Was   expected  onl  iL
;i aou ll hlour Inter. TVIln she art-
\\n( idY en to a minister immediate-
1I  1ntl hd  the  knot  tied.
Th1, hap Icopl    e njow_ inl Los Anl_
b  nt1 willN 10 spend  tihi'  wiiltlr  months
ii Cilifornia.t
. V. M. A. Not After the International.
"Theo, \I;, a rtunner alloktt lit Chicago
tw Noeek tlIt the1 1istern Vaudexille
it t )t     conttro>  of ttle  Ili.-
a proXiml.ity\  to  t11(  krll(, nd run  it
I Hil, itwenty anld thir-tv niu1deville
'sei 1rprosentative of THE SHOW
j hI110iinti 1r100iw [ ofieial of the
U   tern  iinlli illo ,5anago-rs' A'ssn0'in-
0I \ "M ied that it wIs a surprise to
Iht I0( w 011dsirouls of entering that
-- ilt w  ould have tak~en the Garden,
01h w  I111tdered to us for three weeks
Itoof lei  orris negotiations  1ere con-
luIlland oeen tip  to  the  Saturday
"iiillng ont w'llich hIie  got  it."
\lh of which goes to Show how a rumor
10eistarted xwithout foundation.
Morris Gets Circuit? Yes?
New York, Jan. 21.
a Ifthe rert 1 1ue, Stair and Tali1n
E1 laount to 11110turn over practically their
R1tireircuit to William  Morris. Inc.. for
kiltudooville chain. George I. NiolaI
1 dentie the runor.
Revocation of Licenses Brings Horde of Ticket Sellers to
Sidewalk and Public is Harrassed on all Sides.
Nxxw Yorl. 11tn. 20.
It  this  w ek'  expeienie  ill  this  city
flai v he ilc.eptid as a critrion the effort
to blihtiCket spOeculatingt by  nlot gr'ant-
ing licenlses to the Speculators his ploved
at failurle. Last Sunlday one, of thel Old
lue laws w'as invoked 1 11 the police ill
no Iffort to stilamp olut tIle sidewalk Sale
of  tlealter  couposll.  Settion   267  of  till'
I, lial  Cole  fiollbils  tie  offerinig  fior  Sale
oil Sllnany., ally ploplrty other thIn thle
lanre  nle(essities oIf lift"  and, t rfreser-
1111l  \etl S  were  ar1 sted  wh ile  try-
ing io dispoe Of their wares, but as one
of tise oiwn1i pointed out, tillw police wxere
thus  maklling  a  class  list illn tioll, for, while
11y;1ng to stop the speticlator they never-
till less ignore  the fact th1t tie m0an i
tI box offlie was a1S guilty If Violation
of  tit'  11ttle  a1 f10  tile  s11110a1 to1r  Was.X
As a1 001111CrI of fil tIle frI1't 111110 SlilI-
tilators may not h(, liceunsed lis worked a
II.anifuld hadsh1ip 11I0011 th ufinb pib-
li, for not onIi those sp101t  s Who
wNere  formly~   inl  the(  trust  w\(r(  ouit  inl
forlC  S nll dly,  tini  111111 ltitude of Indlpel  l
dents-mien who had never becen in thle
11    before, tookldi1 tile poslective thue-
ter lii0tron from1 Cve0r'y valltage p0n1t.
'i'llc  Associition  of  1i-censed  Tiket
1 .  B1 .  H e r.   off ' i ent1 f  ( ' tIobe
F:Ilm  Service," ill  ni  lint(,)r\itw wN \ith nt  reI p-
r ( en1tati\ e of THIIEI' SHO I(\\ YXOD, )
Innau  till  folliowin  staktemellt:
1,110 ' l ili  101 Fill 10' vi \ is  not  going
to  sig n111 ,x11 e s co t10t  lts i 0t prse nt-
til  b0 th11<  lotionll  ii'tue,  alitents  co111-
pUinyl Which is all onle  ided. And wve are
,t  i II1    l 11i 1  1011tiIue  o& ing  bu si-'
enit. anld Iill   1esist any attempt to in-
terfe1r  w 0ith  o r inisines1s. Thi's Ilneus not
ally~ mirselives, b)ut ourl clistomer's.'
"Wint ar tile untinl olwictions to the
LtwV atgreemrent?,"' wNas atsked,
-"T1Iw entie  agrteeent  is  undesirable.
TIllev desir iol knliow 111l ill the ils and Outs
1-oflI our bu'insatiin txhle power to
Ilmn te  s  ais  tlwt  pletse,-hoth  rental
Xh 'n      '0i ad  exhitilrs. t
"Wo are( inl ;I poSitionl to supply our
eSt onl wrsi w\ ith  0111  liost f  o nit  thie  Mar-
I ct. hath foreign und domeostic.
'  ha1 e 010XIn ited  rit numberr of
01]-n exchnolges anld exhibhitors. loud ]fear-
IN. v r  onle  Says  lie  ioll nlit  Sign.  I  am
satisfi d  tlutt  IInl   lise  tell  per  cent
111 1e plsent cutomers, nd will more
thanue 111lk1 this i' thlo le addition of oth-
(.rs  wh'o  wvill not  subimit  to  Signling  their
r!1 htj m-wt;Inmotion  pli(turte  projectIing  mn -
chine atnd  aintra linv\en ted byN A . F.
Hm k,191,4 Evatnston ave.,Ci_   g,
anld the( claims set forth inl these, patents
aIll entirely outsid,' the Scope of the pat-
nts claiimp  by 11iw' coine. Thi  fnut-
chiine overaIltes  without ;I spro-ket orf loo)p,
"I navise overy  exhiblitor to  refrain
froma Signing the igr'eement, and to study
tile  sitluttion  enra (' IfIllN'.  Our  customers
woill he prote'ted Ill overy Way."
Mr. Iakor alSo Stated that lie had a
n1ew process of filn restorer, and to prove.
11i assertions ran off a few old subjects
xhlocll haid been put through the process,
and011 they showed up  very Well, clear and
b1right, With the Scratches oliminated,
Jack Castillo Signs.
ike Clutrles, La., Jan. 19.
Jack Castillo wh'lIo has been  visiting
ftiends here Signed as leading  an 'lith
Mrs. Temple's Telegram, during tho' en-
gotoement of  that   company    ere.-
11 5HM
Sreculatnis if IGreater N'owv Yolk lwid a
mieeting last  iday at Iyric 11a1ll, the
outcome of which is expressed by Presi-
,!(lit George D)uncan land Chairman David
Marks, of 1110 Executive Committee, about1
Lt. followxs:
"We'e   ill  tii'  ligil  to  11  finish.  TOe'll
clly  our11' cs' i  tle( highest triblunal inl
Ilit' Inil. if        buc's0ary, bit We shall have
c.u1  IgILts.  All we  ask  is  11  scitia e  deal.
We hae o"W about one0 llldred mem0 -
liis ill the  issociation and seventy per
c0nit of tluit nmlbir are honta ile 10en.
%1'Tl admiit there may ie a few irresponsi-
b'le mem10btrs With us, just 10s there is in
'y iistitutilo of this kind, but we are
ii01 alwa*ov s have been aiming to c'lrr' oil
ouh buisInss 0in a legitimate manner. The
lox tNN lishing l   ll' usllseo 110 alreaoldy proved
l1-siv to  stbp nIS. u11 Ill' Wisest thiig
fol  the  lm e1s  to  1o is  to  lifford  u1s
<11  t   11ot1 ctiOn 11d I 'eulation.  Wo
suggcst thajt a1 co jnmittee, romposied oIf
1  e11  tlwatriCa1 I  aagerS,  thrf1I0 e I00 I0oe u lr-
Imenl anld three, of ourl mleml~els h~e ilp-
poinited to draft ;t bill whichI Would affJor I(
us ai license and whitth1 Would immllllediately
\\ill1  out  111th i0 lw-biowed   surlu1111'Sage  such'
105 nothinig olso' wolld. ''----W'Al'1'EI.
to  a1  diSIath'll  roCiod  fro1  M lillpilis,
enl i. o ted  .Jan.  23,  111d 101 (11'  O1ate  10011y
o!  m0110y  ot 1 h  ini olus, it  is  stliti  11it
J  i l's K.  lO l t'ktt 11has  1o  in'tIltion II if
111lingI off  hlis t til 01111th   tli' solut hrn ill -
11s  In1  rI' st     x hr  it  il(\  \i i] oil-
tinute to witness for somle tin( to cnne,
sui  sterlin g 1il l thilIgs  S   ItII  Cri is,
t,11itle r f Z0011 1I . XJilk  Ga ital  S  lit 100,1
;i'001ii Pol i  11l   l ot SO I"1  Iti it  I  o,
But  <1,  pite  this        fiur n llthS ut -
,n  publie  is  wond11 Ni w at itill  halt-
en101    is  whait  his  In IiIwied
to  fite  mmIp y  ll to  dat :  \inag'  ; A 1100 u 'I\I-
i1i1n  am le ll  111 ning  to  IldeIthl 1011w ill'
jouttinig oud t atfire whih neatlv doest roved
t    Ae cese  in  R eage t:a Frihanis 1.
lI ina  nt  mnih r  of  the(  clast. didI  (';ill
.hrII- dt.  :list)  ill  th,  (It <i ed :  -,\I   ,
11ckett's motherl is '  illltin New York1
and  it  is s il t hill  colnll,olly  wbs  Itta h l'
at  St.  I o'is  foi  of  lio ttor p't hill. i
Asid  flomt  whi'h(l .  tl, t li' two  CiII'
Mno   ors in th i lst, which Aga?   or
inl  y  not  hielp  ma1'tt' s,.  Tlw Iy  (I G y
b frnl y  at   nui t a t  lt e  (I -
to,  stok ond Amo        0101 formel f
ktlofnr  olitin of11u10  a110 l   Mari
and Emilery Show.
Actresses in Real Stage Fright.
New Orleans, ann. 17T
During  the( performiance hI(']( at tlw
Lyr-it( theaitor of iml playv. Tenu Thousuntd
Ioillais Rew 10rd, a quar'rel btw1een1 0 olise
C01in0wh plays tile leads kill( CarIo-
110 F10n11 ', heopoVt wo1an0  toam1l)" to  .
ha:d and fiuring thle notionl of the( play,
lon    ( two oaien  are Supposae ato
010  0101e'l. tie  fight  be el ot  p1o  earin1est
oneli . Edwalrd G;mleh~, lending mian, Sepla-
rated the, enontstants.-LEE'HMo.
Morris in Philly Again?
Philadelphia:, Jan. 18.
It would appear that there is Some
truth in the rumior that 11m. Mlorris has
nequIjired cithier the( lease or is prepared
ito book  thle 11ma. Penn theater here, for
after. much-l litigation and a long period of
hit ing, haIded up1, mlechanlics started Work
ginlast w\eek to put the house in Shape.
Th'lere is moth secrecy fin the matter and
n-o  onle  is  willing _  to  talk   for  Publ lientIion.
__-1Y AT ER,
"Well, Take the   Darned   Old  House,"
Cried a Gallery God, Busby Won't
Afars]Ia ltowx'i, 1a.,1Jan.  18-.
Ti'le  -a1110011  god  is  iohobl'\Ilg  a111(  tlt(,
I'lill'  bit lness  t0111cC e  t i lot(, '  1   h 11  ~~
, l8I.110'0  tis  ootice.  Ilis h y Mil g' Itui d  lxX'-
m0' ntmn wvith the trooleisi.  )iie ntlutllI'
(10 ty forcilxy expressed'l hiimsoilf on1 the
s.10je0t at the Odeon Sunday night rtIliIg
z  i,it'lrli0'll('  of  Stroltgo'lil1  1T1e  IIII.-
1   XSol o fit  tile  forest  1111 01n 1  t Illt
if the fill h1dy and the moment had ar-
ried when thi t(uel blother Steps for-
wX ldlto 1min Strongrt1 that lie istl
Ii,11 11011lldha It15 l ight to '111111 thle
a111n1  of tile  White  girl.  B-ut  1tb  r  m1a0 I
is obdurate and  isists o going to the10
Igtill h   ermswer. The Itothe t1r0
w'll11f011111 otiot tomuollios 1:111 110 101101,
ending his soeech With tile line,  "This
i1 my house."
ie  1    'IS  d  fod1i allinswer  htil  befill
S1001011gllir1t coutld 1'epolv the hiI111'illt till'
gal ry yelledl out) "Well talke the of rIn ed
old bolols. I'nsby won t 0    -JOEI'll
Much Anxiety Among Billposters As To
Outcome of the Coming Conference,
A coofrelo00, wi'll lbe hoeldt sht10O11 1IC-
1Xx'i'('1 tIll'001111110ttOO0 oflb t 1111fhiiael11-
I 01101'S  111011  Billet'  I f  A1'o'e'i'.l  aio
Cluiles Ringling at which it is hoped
there wvill he an agreement.
'Tiu' ,    air  e Olll  i'  tt'  counir  are
ihltlI~   IO 010  1110  IlOlttol'  Settlel  hall
Xhillo' one or the0 other, Or botil sides. lmust
tIlId  a  little  flomlo  tt' positill  tllkell  ;Lt
lie last w(onfeience its (s1111rll  con-
sidertcot oxsot thtan to b~attle.
It is climlned 11at Cltarles Rilgling
wttnts a sole Which is higher than thle
l'illers provide.
Ion Berger Out of Cast.
in  Success  Oil  the  1>501  ill I ls'  11 kItt s
inl  thi'  B 1 1ok n e iol,  11101u110ing  its  long u 11111
lit the W'hit111 Opelra h1oSe, IS 01ut of tle
oast  this  w eek  101l1  to  the'  deit  fo  1l
1:1ns s I,'d,  David 101   7110.of  Stt.  0ouis. Hllr
phle hills h ll filled, t lmpo aril, b'  t   0, lr-
tit  HlomInnont, a c horuis girl, udrtd
It limIs 1m0et with a flattering rece 10 tionI
Ii 110' 11  ''IiIo  00101  tit] 10)   hxiig xxl
1 pomse bg tins frher'.
1i 1111   II 100 ,  1tt', t  1   11n  a li -I t  ill
fill't Iwe  ninolid  husban'0d  ano  lis v  children .
;, It. ,  ilit/1 ill,  Who  :i( lm   livliig  w ith
n idn  ame. Mlr. Batter lhas been ill
for1 a niumber of vears and hLis dea,:thl was
inot ajltogether unexpected.
Beck to Make Moving Pictures?
St.  a11 ,  N'xx ., lut .  111.
A1 itn1  ek Will strt a motiot   picture
l't  iion  ils ]r4't 1 ito  N  yo k. nm flk-
'1 1l        edOeil ol ml  fil ls fio  his
f)Iplwtim  ici.BNE
1he  fo egain    disputl:  re1civ,1   f m'1 l
H;]u St. ])tl corr espondent of THIIE
I I(O\\  W( ill DA  could  not  he  ver ifid  III
thlis  city.  It  is  noit  impoba lelin arr
II 0110w  of' tie  present filtm  situation,  that
Iook  Will  Star1t  a  pItur11.e  ])):lilt.  1I(  wNill
10,   p01nty of company. jist lio' long
Ihis slioto of affais ma1  Continue, iS
Blaney Sted By Child Artist,
Newaork, N. J.1 an. 20.
Cittles E. Blan y is Sued b) 1111 MI'S. JoIttn
,1o'hoof. mother of Marie  1iiof, cIlaim0ing
$1.oio) Ilallages because Iln01 used w1tt
s iligi' to be a photograph of tloo' 1hild
is  siuvellirs, Which were sold  by' th(i'
u'shers dulinlg a porfornto10e of Ils Ply,
The Curse of Drink-01O    fYAN.
T. M. A. Benefit.
Portland, Ore., Jan. 18.
The local lodge T. Ml. A. netted $1,-
u60.50 at their big midnight mtinee New
Year's Eve. The crowd was so great t1tIt
they had to give an overflow show at the
Baker theater. -LARIMJORE.
Edgar Frank Out.
Youlgstown, Ohilo, Jan. 20.
Bert Feibleman has been named as dis-
trict manager of the Easternt Ohio theater
com1pan, Succeeding Edgar Frankl, Who
hoals  lesignlld.

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