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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Routes,   pp. 18-19

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1                                                             THE          SHOW             WORLD                                                       November 1, 190'
Drew Dinner Big Success.             -lerrs, The, Orpheum: Chillicothe, t-11.     Callalani & St. ;core. Empire: Sheffeld, . ...
New York, Nov. 2         lin a-ii, The Chas., Troupe, Enpire: Ilo-   Eng., l-    la'>:, 1fril, 16-11; Empir-
dinner   given by The Friars in         Ln, N. J., 9-14.                         Bradford, :;-28.                                                                +
hio                         h               Arnstrong, Geo., Keith's:   Providence, iR. Carter, Date, ialace:   Belfast, Ire., 9
hooro   M.JonDrw           which too      L,1 9-14                                    King's, Edinburg, Scotland, 16-21; Pa-                                          4
place at the Hotel Astor, Saturday even-    Armstrong&Holly, Orpheum: Los Angeles,        vilion, Glasgow, 23-28.
ing, Oct. 31, was one of the most suc-        Cal., 1-14.                               Chanti, Royal: Oldham, Eng., 9-14; Grand
cessful events of the kind ever given by    Armstrong & Verne, Majestic: Milwaukee,       Bolton, 16-21; Hippodrome, Willesden, 2   +
this popular organization.    There were      Wis., 8-14.                                 28.
present about    350  persons. After the    Anderson & Davenport, Stoddard Stock Co.: DeOnzo Bros.: Copenhagen, Denmark, +N,
usual reception the guests were     seated    Moose Jaw, Sask., 9-14.                     1-30.                                               All  mak       f
in the big dining hall and partook of a     Alburtus &   Millar, Hippodrome:   Ealing, Demonio &     Belle, Family:   Fostoria, 0.            c hinO T     a   ma        4
dainty menu, which was followed by a          Eng., 9-14; Hippodrome, Wigan, 16-21;       9-11: Findlay, Findlay, 12-14.                      Chines. Theatre
feast of reason of a highly intellectual      Hippodrome, Brighton, 2-28. D               & Templcton, Casino:    Washingtn r  +                                     4
chaacer  Auuts Tlma      a    h     yrne-Golson   1'layers,  Majestic:  Cedar    Pa., 9-14.                                +        equippedConipletely          +
Riit ta kerA ad pved      m ecel                 less                     Braf 9-o4r  Davis, Ella  Warner, Majestic:   Houstott
Ort pekr  ndprvd  n  xclen  a-Brooks, Franklin A., Peerless:      Bradford,    Tea,, 9-14.                               +     TA   f+fFL~YUU~*
vance agent for the guest of the even-        Pa., 9-14.                                Dean & Price, Varieties: Terre Haute, Incl  +    Ifl.DfhI       L    lUIIMINU   +
ing-Mr. Drew. The       guest's  response   Bennett, Phil, Doric. Yonkers, N. Y., 9-14.   9-14.                                     +S      77-79 Dearborn St., Chicg
was a classic in the line of after dinner   Blessing, Mr. &    Mrs., Elite:   Ritzville, Desmond, Bob, Trio, Family, Elmira, N. T,
speaking.   Chauncey M. Depew, Daniel         Wash., 2-14.                                9-14.
Frohmatt, Francis Wilson and others de-     Butler, Tom. Auditorium: Lynn, Mass., -9-   Develde & Zelda, Poli's: New Haven, Conn.   V . . ..
lighted thle assemblage in extolling the      14.                                         9-14.                                                   608fl     im    eso lds
honored   guest.   Clifton  Crawford and    Burke, Wom. H.: Kingston, N. Y., 9-14.      De1ont, Robert, Trio, People's:   Leaven- FOR RENT6,00feetFilm,setsofslides,
Joseph O'Mara contributed to the enter-     Black & Jones, Orpheum: Oakland, Cal.,        worth, Kan., 9-14.                                       HO repeaters. New Film$15
tainment. Harry Lauder did not appear           8-21.                                   Dupille, Earnest A., Orpheum: Tiffin, 0. 9- perteck    llOR SALE-Film Ic and 2C foot
taillen. HBarnes, Stuart, Keith's: Columbus, 0., 9-14.                                  11: Orpheum, Bucyrus, 12-14.              WANTED-Second hand Filln. H. DAVIS,
billed.                                  Bennett, Laura, Star: Chicago, Ill., 9-14.  Darow, Mr. &    Mrs. Stuart, Hathaway's: Watertown, Wis.
The next event of The Friars will be      13ruces, The, Bijou: Jackson, Mich., 9-14.    New Bedford, Mass, 9-14.
a testimonial dinner at the clubhouse on    Burt, Laura, &    Henry   Stanford, Poll's: Duncan, A. 0., Dominion: Winnipeg, Man., 1yntack, Empire: Leicester Square, London,
Nov. 14, to Mr. Winchell Smith, author        Wilkesbare, Pa., 9-14.                      Can., 9-14.                                 Eng., Nov. 2-28.
and stage director, now    connected with   nowers, Walters &     Croker, Haymarket:    Dierickx Bros., Majestic:   Madison, Wis., Drne, Julie, Majestic:   Des Moines, Ia.,
the enterprises of Mr. Frederic Thomp-        Chicago, Ill., 9-14.                        9-14.                                       S-14.
son.                                        Brown & Nevarro. Lyric: Dayton, 0.. 9-14.   Davis, Ulysses, & Co., Shubert: Utica, N. Hassmans, Tire Wonderful, Majestic: Et.
A  private wire supplied the members      Brown   &   Hodges. Grand:     Bellingham,    Y., 9-14.                                   Paul, Minn., 9-14.
of The Friars with the election returns       Wash., 9-14.                              Dean, Chas. R., Sedalia: Sedalia. Mo., 8-14. Halms & Holliston, Family: Butte, Mt..
on election night.                          Bissett & Scott, Orpheum: Seattle, Wash.,   Devil. The, Shubert: Utica, N. Y., 9-14.      9-14.
Friar Harry L. Reichenbach, who ac-         9-14.                                     Donovan, John G., Vaudeville: San Rafael, Hillman &     Roberts, Broadway:    Middle-
n his   Beard, Billy. Empire: Boboken, N. J., 9-14.   Cal., 9-14.                                 town, 0., 9-14.
on   Aer ae Great Rasym        turnd   t   Brenon, Herbert, Majestic:    Dallas, Tex., Davis, Mark & Laura, Victoria: TWheeling   Hodges, tour Musical, Empire: Cheyenne.
SouhAeia  or  a     eund     o     9-14.                                      WV, Va., 9-14.                               Wyte, 9-14.
God's country and is daily entertaitimg     Bellelair Bros., Alhambra: New York City, Doiugherty. Barry, Samuels: Jamestown, N. Harris, Dixie, & Frances, Family: Moline,
groups of Friars at the club with weird       9-14                                        Y., 9-14.                                   Ill., 9-14.
tales of the joys and sorrows of an agent   Brooks & Vedder: San Jose, Cal.. 9-14.      Davenport Bros. & Emilie Francis, Orpheum: Halle, Lillian, &   Co., Majestic: Denver,
ahead of   the   show in South America. Boyd, Laurett, Empire:        Grand Forks, N.     Canton, 0., 9-14.                           Colo., 7-14.
Harry says he would not take $10,000         D., 9-14.                                 Dunhars. Four Casting, G. 0. H.: Indian- Holt, Edwin, &       Co., Orpheum: Omaha.
for his experience, but that he would       Birdland, Poli's: New Haven, Conn., 9-14.     apolis, Ind., 9-14.                         Neb., S-14.
not go through it again for a million.      Battis. Win. Carl, Poli's: Springfield, Mass., Doherty Sisters, Orpheum: Easton, Pa., 9- Hughos Musical Trio, Bennett's: Quebec,
9-14.                                       14. an.,                                         9-14.
New York Notes.                 Bradley & Leona. Lyric: Alton, 9-14.        Danovas, Les, Arcade: Minot, N. D., 9-14. Honaid's Musical Ponies & Comedy Dogs.
n McAvo      the comedian who was      Brunette, Cycling, Samuels:    Jamestown, Don, Emma, Hippodrome:          Huddersfield.   Poli's: New Haven, Conn., 9-14.
N. Y., 9-14.                                Eng., 16-21; Palace, Walthamstow, 23-28. Hayter & Janet, Unique: Des Moines, Ia.,
retired about three years ago on account    Barry, Mr. &    Mrs. Jimmie, Hathaway's: Duprez, May Moore, Hippodrome: Liverpool,        9-14.
of a stroke of paralysis is to have a         New Bedford. Mass.. 9-14.                   Eng., 9-14: Hippodrome, Leeds, 16-21: Hedge, John. & Ponies, Empire: San Fran-
benefit  Nov.   15.   The Shuberts have     Bimbos. The, Grand: Marion, Ind., 9-14.       Hippodrome, Birmingham, 23-28.              cisco, Cal., 9-14.
contributed  the   Majestic theater and     Banks-Breazeale Duo. Proctor's 125th St.:   Emerson & Baldwin, Folies Bergere: Paris. Held, Jules, Family: Clinton, Ia., 9-14.
the White Rats and Comedy Club have           New York City. 9-14.                        Fance, Nov. 1-30.                         Herron, Bertie, Columbia: Cincinnati, 0..
taken the matter    of   entertainment in   Brown, Harris & Brown, Hathaway's: Brock-   Esmerelda   Sisters. Orpheum:    Budapest,    8-14.
hand. A good bill will be provided.           ton, Mass.. 9-14.                           Hungary. Nov. 1-30.                       Iodge, Robert Henry, & Co., Shea's: Buf-
Will Page, who went to San Francisco      Book. Otto, Keith's: Philadelphia, Pa., 9-14. Ethardo, Naomi, Main St.: Peoria, Ill., 9-14.  falo, N. Y., 9-14.
to become business manager of the new       Blamphin & Behr, Family: Mahanoy City,      Eugene Trio, Family: Shamokin, Pa., 9-14. Hallen & Haes, Orpheum: Spokane, Wash..
Valentia theater, has returned to New         Pa., 9-14.                                Eckel & DuPree: New York City, 9-14.          t-14.
It  is nore than likely that he     Bernardi, G. 0. H.: Pittsburg, Pa., 9-14.    Enigmarelle, National: San Francisco, Cal., Hershey, Wonderland: Gouverneur, N. Y_
York.        here    thog     is ctact  Butler & Bassett, Auditorium: Lynn, Mass.,    9-14.                                       9-14.
will rergain here, although his contra        9-14.                                     Edinger Ssters, Auditorium: Charlotte, N. Holdsworths, The, Bijou: Flint, Mich., 9-14.
for the Frisco job does not expire until Boys in Blue. Doric: Yonkers, N. Y., 9-14.       C., 9-14.                                 Harvey, W. S., & Co., Orpheum: New Or-
Jan. 1.                                     Beam, Will, Star: Charleroi, 9-14.          Epe-Dutton &    Espe, Orpheum:    Omaha.     leans, La., 9-14.
Fred G. and Gertrude Andrews, well Bennett Sisters, Bijou: Grand Forks, N. D.,          Neb., 8-14.                               Hazzard, Lynne &     Bonnie, Unique: Des
known    in  theatrical circles on either     Q-14.                                     El. J. Frank, Orpheum: Harrisburg, Pa.,      Moines, ta., 9-14.
coalt, have returned to New      York for   Barry & TVolford, Keith's: Portland, Me.,     9-14.                                     Harveys, Four, Orpheum: San Francisco
an indefinite stay.   Mrs.   Andrews    is    9-14.                                     Exposition Four, Keith's: Philadelphia, Pa.,  Cal., 9-21.
working on a new play for Mme. Kalich       Boothlack  Quartet, Poll's:   New   Haven,    9-14.                                     Holoes. Seven, Orpheum: Sioux City, Ia,
to be produced under     the direction of     Conn., 9-14.                              Et-Barto, Family: Shamokin, Pa., 9-14.        9-14.
Harrison Grey Fiske,                        Big City Quartet, Majestic: Des Moines, la., Edwards, Margie &    C. E., Pike:   Canal Houston, Fritz Ryan, Family: Clinton, a.,
DeWoif    Hopper   has  recovered euffi-    8-14.                                       Dover, 0.. 9-11.                            9-14.
ciently to resume rehearsals in his Play    Berneam, Chas. C., & Co., G. 0. H.: Grand   Ecer & Berg, 1Bennett's:    London, Ont., lien    taura, & Co., Orpheune: Oil Citf.
wviihl has been renamed The Pied piper,      Rapids. Mich., 9-14.                        Can.. 9-14,                                Pa., 9-14.
Cohan & be    rris  announce that they    Bellong Bros., Colonial:   Richmond, Va., Emmett, Gracie & Co., Orpheum: Los An- *Hallsman, Dode & Webber Sisters, Lyceem:
drIe atthey        &   eo9-14.                            geles, Cal.. 8-21.                          Calgart, Alta., Can., 9-14.
will star Julian Eltinge in a dramatiza- Borden & Zeno. Majestic: Chicago, Ill., 9-14. Excella &    Franks, Grand:    Big Rapids. Harris, Charley, Majestic: Evansville, Ind..
tion of Gautier's Mademoiselle do Maup-     Beyer, Ben, & Bro., Orpheum: Easton, Pa.,     Mich., 9-14.                                9-14.
lan.                                         9-141.                                    Edwards &    Glenwood, Majestic:    Dallas. Ilibeit & Warren, Orpheum: Minneaplis
The late John P. Caddagan, for many      Bno, Marvelous: Kalama, Wash., 14.            Tex., 9-14.                                 Minn., 9-14.
years manager of the Hoffman HouswtBarry & Mildred: Lafayette. Ind., 9-14.              Edwards, Fred R., Orpheum: Cambridge. Henderson's. Billy, School Boys & Girls
served for ifteen years as manager of      Bedell, Walter. Bijon: New London, Conn.,     0., 9-11; Gem, Lancaster, 12-14.            Bijou: Fond du Lae, Wis., 9-14.
Dion Bouccicault when     that celebrated     9-14.                                     Empire Comedy Four, Armory: Bingliam         Ioch, Emil, &  Co., Poli's:  New Haven.
comedian was first introduced to Ameri- Brittos, The Colonial: New York City,9-14. ton, N. Y., 9-14. Conn. 9-14.
Bla e &  Amber. Hippodrome:    Liverpool   ox & Evans, Lyceum:      Memphis. Tenn.. Hickman Bros. & Co., Orpheum: Altoona.
can audiences.                                Eng.. 9-14; Hippodrome, Birmingham, 16      S-T .                                       Pa., 9-14.
Jessie Milward has been     engaged to      '1; Nottingham, 23-28.                    Fer-iuson, Dick & Barney, Grand: Tacoma, laywrards-Pistel Co., Proctor's:    Newarl.
play a prominent part with Ethyl Barry-     Bell. Charles T., Grand: Edmonton, Alta..    Tash., 9-14.                                N. J., 9-14.
more in Lady Frederick and will join          9-14.                                     Friedlander Bros., Bljou:   Oshkosh, Wis., Huston, Arthur, Orpheum: Easton, Pa., 9-
tde company in Pittsburg.                  CinquevallI, Tivoli: London, Eng., Dec. 5.    9-14.                                       14.
Edna E. Burns will be Francis Wil-        Carson Bros., Bijou: Winnipeg, Man., Can., Floods, Four, Colonial:    Lawrence, Mass., Harned, Virginia, & Co., Keith's: Pro,-
son's leading woman when the comedian         9_14                                        9-14.                                       dence, R. I., 9-14.
opens his season in When Knights Were       Coarre & Care: Hoopeston, Ill., 9-14.      Ferrard, Grace, Hippodrome:     Lexington, Hanvey & Bayliss, Star: Muncie, Ind., 9-14
Bold at Meriden, Conn., Nov. 4.             Carlin & Otto, Alhambra: New York City,       Ky., 9-14.                                liederick & Hederick, Ideal: Fargo, N. D.
Mtaude Fulton, of the vaudeville team       9-14.                                     Farlardeau. Dall I., Sheedy's: New London,    9-14.
of Rock and Fulton, has gone to Arizona     Collins, Dan. & Dick TBelch, Lubin's Eighth   Conn., 9-14.                              Hayes & Wynne, Empire: Sunderland, Eng.
for a three weeks' rest. William     Rock     St.: Philadelphia, Pa., 9-14.             Fitzhugh. Lee & Co., National:    Steuben-    !-14; Empire. Newcastle, 1      B-I: Empire.
atid his wife htave gone to Saranac Lake    Comm in Alf, Family: Shamokin, Pa., 9-14.     yulle, 0., 9-14.                            Fdintcv. Scotland, 23-2S.
werersi  Roek    pesto   reae nL her  Carsin. Jock. 0. H.:   eanton Harbor. Stic.. Frederick  tusi-al Trio, C. 0. H.: Indian-  Haseti & Franklin,   tippcdror: Wigan,
whr8r.Rc  oe     orgi               -14.                                       apiolis, lad., 9-14.                        Fog. '9 14; Grand, Balten, H-C   IPPO
health.                                     Conkes, Clever. Lyric: Alton. Ill., 9-14.   Frizzell. Herman, Shea's: Buffalo, N. Y.,      roie, Brighton, 22-28.
Clipper  Comedy   Quartet, Lyric:    Terre    9-14.                                     Inns & Ran. Majestic: Houston, Tex., 9-14
u. Ogden Crane is in his second sea                                                   Far]etes of Boston, The, Proctor's: New-    Ines & Taki, Orpleun: New Orleans, La.
son as stage director for Mrs. Wiggs of Covne & Tinlin. Orpheum: Rockford, Ill.,          ark, N. J., 9-14.                           9-14.
the Cabbage Patch. under ilt' lmnargr-     9-14.                                     Fielding & Carlos, Marion: Marion, O., 8-14. Italia, Orpheum: Chillicothe, 0., 9-14.
meat of Liebler & Co.                       Coate, Bert. Keith's: Providence. R. 1.. 9-14. Frevoli. Fred, 0. H.: Trenton, N. J., 9-14. Italian Trio. Orpleum: Portland, Ore.. 9-14
Chapmasn's Animal Circus. Majestic: Wau-    Fell, Cleone Pearl, Novelty: Topeka, Kan-.  Jarrell Co., Empire: Grand Forks. N. D
sau. Wis.. 9-14.                            9-14.                                       9-14.
fI Trio,. Famil: Billings. Mont.. 8-14.    Frankst, The Four. Majestic:   Ft. Worth. Jhnstone. Lorimer, Bijou: Ann Arbor.
Coa-ley & McBride, Hatbaway's: New Bed-       Tex., 9-14.                                 Mich., 9-14.
ford. Mass., 9-14.                        Fiddler & Shelton, Orpheun: Harrisburg, Johnstone & Cook, Bijou: Ann Arbor,Mich.
C   till. W1m., Lyric: Dayton, 0.. 9-14.     Pa., 9-14.                                  9-14.
Rlak. Marie, Majestic: Birmingham. Ala., Fentelle & Carr. Orpheum: Kansas City. Jacobs' Bos, Cook's 0. B.: Rochester,
9-14.                                       Mo.,  9-14.                                 Y., 9-14.
Clarke. TWilfred. & Co., Orpheum: Minne-    Franklyn, Wilson, & Co., G. 0. H.: Syra- July & Paka, Proctor's: Albany, N. y.,9-14.
ARTISTS.                      apolis. Minn.. 8-14.                        cuse, N. Y., 9-14.                        Julian & Dyer, Family: Clinton, Ia., 9-14.
Cnrletta. Orirlietnee: Harrisburg, Pa., 9-14.  Fonda, Dell & Fonda. Orpheum: St. Paul. Jennings & Renfrew, Poli's: Wilkesbarre.
Alexander & Scott, Winter Garten: Berlin, Canred. Arthur. & Blonde Typenriters, Or-       Minn., 8-14.                                Pa., 9-14.
Ger., Nov. 1-30; Folies Marigny, Paris,     pheum:Slpokane. Wash., 8-14.              Gennaro, and His Venetian Gondolier Band, Jolly. Edward, & Winnifred Wild, Acme
France, Dec. 1-31.                        Cadets de Gasengne. Los, Orpheum:      Los   Orpheun: Los Angeles, Cal., 8-14.          Sacramento, Cal., 9-14.
Archer, Obie, Bijou: Newark, O., indef.       Ansgele,, Cal., 9-21.                   Girl Behind the Drum, Orpheum: Salt Lake    Jordans. Five Juggling, Orpbeum: Allen-
Austins. Tossing, Alhambra: Paris, France, Carlotta. Looping  the Loop. Haymarket:       City. Utah, 9-14.                           town. Pa., 9-14.
Nov. 2-Dec. 5.                              Chicago., Ill.. 9-14.                     Gilroy, Haynes & Montgomery, Auditorium: Tonnigs & Jewell, Majestic: Fort Worth-
Andersons, The Four, Family: Muscatine, Cooke, Maurice B., Mary Anderson: Louis-          Lynn. Mass.. 9-14.                          Tex., 9-14.
ta., 9-14.                                  ville, Ky.. R-14.                         Gagnoux. The, Orpheum: Canton, 0., 9-14. Jerome, Frank J.. Royal: Montreal. 0-
Anderson & Goines, Trent: Trenton, N. J., Claire, Miss Tna, Bennett's: Quebec, Can.. Granberry & La Mon, Majestic:         Denton,    9-14.
9-14.                                       9-14.                                       Tex., 9-14.                               Kenton, Dorothy, Scala: Copenhagen, Den
Anderson, Madge, Orpheum: New Orleans, Cullen. Jas. H.. Mary Anderson: Louisville. Gray & Van Lien, Star: New Kensington,             mark, Nov. 1-30.
La., 9-14.                                  Ky.. 9-14.                                  Pa.. 9-11: Lyceum. Kittanning, 12-14.     Kratons. The, Wintergarten: Berlin. Gem
Ahern, Daniel, Port Arthur, Ont., Can., 9-14. Chambers. Tyster, Orpheum: Oakland, Cal.,  Gardner, Georgia, Co., Majestic:   Dallas.   Nov. 1-20.
All, Hunter & Ali, Majestic: Denver, Colo..     T-14.                                     Tex., 9-14.                               Krip & Krips, Balner: Franklin, Pa., 9-14
9-14.                                     Clantroll &Fehuyler, Coliseum: New Castle, Gainsboro Girl, The. Poli's:     Bridgeport. Keogan & Mack, Star: Toronto    Ot. 9-1
Abbott, Arthur, Star: Charleroi, 9-14.        Pa.., 9-14.                                 Conn., 9-14.                              Kreeka Bros.. G. 0. H.: Pittsburg, Pe.
Ariki's Troupe, Folly:    Oklahoma    City, Conley, Anna & Effie. Hathaway's: Maiden, Gray & Graham, Mohawk: Schenectady, N.          9-14.                             N.
Okla., 9-14.                                Mass., 9-14.                                Y., 9-14.                                 Kendall, Preston. Empire: Paterson.
At the Country Club, G. 0. H.: Pittsburg, Colonial Septette. Ye. Greenpoint: Brook-     Gardner. LaClede & Gardner, 0. H.: Aneri-    9-14.
Pa., 9-14.                                  lyn. N. Y.. 9-14.                           cus, Ga., 9-14.                           Keit & DeMont, Majestic: Houston, Ten
American Dancers, Proctor's 5th Ave.: New   Castellane & Bro., Orpheum: Seattle, Wash., Gossan., Bobby, Dijon: Lorain. 0., 9-14.      9-14.                              -1
York City, 9-14.                            9-14.                                     George Duo, Dandy, Lyric: Dayton. 0., 9- Kane. Leonard. Olympic: Bellaire,0.. n
Allen, Edgar, & Co., Bennett's: Hamilton, Chassino. Proctor': Albany. N. T.. 9-14.        14.                                       Keogh & Francis, Auditorium: LynnMass
Ont., Can.. 9-14.                         Carmen, Great, Grand:    Sacramento, Cal., Gardiner &     Vincent, Orpheum:    Seattle.   9-14.
Arlington Four, Keith's: Cleveland, 0., 9-14.  9-14.                                      Wash.. 9-21.                              Kiralfo. Vincent. Pictorium: Mebile, Ale
American Newsboys Quartet, The Original, Canon-Talcott Co., School Boys &         Girl. Goyt Trio, Kefth's: Providence, R. 1.. 9-14.  9-14.
Majestic: Dallas, Tex., 9-14.               Bijou: LaCrosse. Wis., 9-14.              Gaudsmiths, The. Empire: Glasgow. Scot- Kinzo. the Great. Bijout: DBugues Ia., q-14
Armond. Grace, Majestic:     Montgomery,    ClIne. Maggle, G. 0. H.: Syracuse. N. Y.,     land. 16-21: Empire. Bradford, Eng.. 21-2. Kesley Bros., G. 0. H.: Indianapolis, Ind
Ala., 9-14.                                 9-14,                                     Gardner, Happy Jack, Orpheum: Seattle.        9-14.
Adelmann's,   Joseph,  Musical   Ensemble, Cressy, TWill M., & Blanche Dayne, Colum-      Wash.. 8-14.                              Kennedy & Vincent. Merry Widow: Sault
Shea's: Toronto, Ont., Can., 9-14.          bla: Pt. Louis. Mo., 9-14.                Gregory Troupe, Empire:    Leed, Eng., 16-    Ste. Marioe. Ont.. Can., 9-14
Alexis & Schall, Orpheum:    Butte, Mont., Curtis. Samuel. & Co., Hatbaway's: Lowell.    21; Empire, Coventry. 22-2.              Kyasyas, Les, Chase's: TVashington. B.
8-14.                                       Mas., 9-14.                              Howard Bros.' Flying Banjos, Colyseum dos     9-14.
Adams, Mabrelle. Orpheum: Spokane, Wash.. Carberry & Stanton. Masoule Temple:      Ft.    Recrelous: Lishon. Portugal. Oct. 26-Dec. Klein & Clifton. Orpheum   MemPhis.Tesn
8 14                                        TVayne. lnd.. 9-14.                         25.                                         9-14.

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