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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(November 7, 1908)

Calvin Brown signs French Exposition,   p. 5

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New York, Oct. 31.
Thinly veiled stories puhished  in Tihe
Miiig Telegraph this wei rega.sltto
tih alit   collusion between a liunthe
thetiltii  iducing managers atlcd    ite
Ct-rate ticket sellers have catused   o
it of oninent in theatrical crcls totie
H'eutiold Wolf, the writer of thi itoil es
in lutiointboldly states tht it is lse
ticeatthis flmito   teli' e  e,1Ocut-
of ticlets and deliver then to the spec-
I t~ts ,tt its l sti  nll  thei box
lrs at rates as low  as   t        er
office price it a most systei tic cltiner
,od that, back of the  apparet efot t
gut ite patronage oflthe iecultie ele-
iteit, there is a well detoied silyite to
tfraud those whIto are tem  t tral tction
-sed with this firm  it n ti attiaction
through llesing one of its houses.
The method Wiicit is attlibuted to the
nttiseti h'l  iOtis oin this iay  ohen
edor"tuili t0 g " mai   lets s otto of the
hourses of this fitto large isci-istmer of
tIets are divered ftout ile iix offtce
alint so muked to appear that thes have
 t ortareto be used to pay for ader-
tiii   ileges   tt n    tio cf being s
disiifleiittt a 1etsteseistatlsci ofi tce itits
sells them  to the cut-rate iicchants
tither in cigar stores or on the sidewallt
t prices running is lois as 75 cents for
Iuietissvalutdat $20techs  When these
Ciils t5 iautrned it the  tenotc ot in
the rceipts of the house, but ate charged
I to aertising, and are this a dead
loss to the manaer of the attraction
w-hlih is ocerslyili" the liouse, antd tlie
iesocupbred s theirsale gos directly
ito the pocket of the firm that ownts the
Wolf Asserts Proof.
In his story Mr. Wolf asserts that repu-
talble managers have supplied him   with
incontrovertible evidence of tis species
le tickets sculation ott the part of tse
iliiluciitl firm at wischi lie Isists, bt
tdoes inot name. A gentleman in position
to know of the circumsstances mentioned
itformed THE   SHOW    WORLD     repre-
s-ntative that the accused firm  was in-
terested in the maintenance of ans office
ton Vest 42d street, near Sevesth avenue ,
- nd fairly in the shadow of the New
A1isterdams theater, where it kept the
tickets intended to be sold to cut-rate
dealers and speculators, and where that
I lss of merchants went for their daily
Another topic, no less interesting than
the ticket selling question, was the nu-
i ilicement that the firu  of Shutert
Biothers had withdrawn from     the Na-
tional Association of Theatrical Proclue-
ing Mangsers, because certain cases pie-
sented by them  to that association for
tibitration had not been considered air'3
decisiolis 'rdered. There ,abet  said to be
Otler and more potent reasons for this
rsignaltion, bilt those interested will not
vitit the details to becoit public it
this irititig-HOFF.
Frisco Accords Warm Welcome to Favor-
ite Comedians at Opening of Season.
A reception which will live it the imm-
olies Of the fvote coledians . lessrs.
to,'li ad Dill, till the last lays of their
i-istence was the ote iecorded themir ont
the opening of their season at the Prin-
oss theater last 'onday eening.       it
g sa       40lanit; floral iies, speeches
by all members of Site company; at aud-
isnce composed of the best theater-loving
peoople it the city, and admireis of Kolb
and Dill in the old lays when tiey played
for years at Fischer's theater. The aud-
ience could not get enough, and the per-
fliance 'was not out till nearly 12:30.
The new vehicle, Playing the Ponies.
gives them  sufficient opportunities, and
It is aboutt as good a show as they have
had fin the past, few  se-isons, possibly
with the exception of their last effort,
Lonesome Town.
K-olb and Dill are blooked at the Prin-
coss for some weeks to come, the man-
agemsenit having disbanded the regular
stock opera copitlany at that house.-
Dallas, Tex., Nov. 3.
Sullivan &  Considine are to open a
brnch office in this city on or about
Nov. 19, on which date there will be a
neeting of managers here for the pur-
pose of forming a circuit to connect with
the present northwestern S. & C. cir-
cuit, which extends from Seattle to Kan-
sas, and with the Southern Advanced
Vaudeville  Association  circuit, which
comprises about thirty-five houses south
of Ohio and east of the Mississippi river.
In the notification sent to various ran-
agers of this and adjacent states, the fol-
lowingstatements appear:
"You probably aie aware that we are
Ite largest bookcing agency in the United
States handling popular priced vaudeville,
THE SHOW WORLD Invites All Members of the Profession of Entertainment to
Contribute to This Columin-An Accepted Article Entitles thre Writer
to a Six Months' Subscription to THE SHOW WORLD
and Permanent Membership in
The Mail List Loot, while nct an overly exciting game, has been found by
some small town manlagersto 1e2a most remunerative one. Mr. Manager informs
Mr. Agent that he has a mailing list of five hundred names, which is a very
fine thing to use for booklets and high-class announcements-rluiting two-cent
stamps. Also it costs ahout, 4.00 toihave the list addressed, bitthie, thleliberal
House Manaecr, is willing to split the gross. Then Ie Who Is Willing, some-
times collects $7.00 from the show manager, but the nex-t agent who comes
along discovers apilecofuinalIdhooklers i thiemarngeriloffice. The agent,
who makes this discovery is entitled to namie somnebody for a whole lot of
miembership.-B. T. R
American Showman Will Control All Amusements at Nancy-Ready
for Negotiations With Concessionaires Next May.
Paris, France, Nov. 1.
ohin Calvin Brown and his assistant,
Athur Ellis, have just silned all the
papoel-s that purts under the control of the
ftitter all the aiusiments at the Greait
Eaistern Frianc  Exposition, to be held
ilt Nanscy, Ft-ince, frontm May till Novem-
1ber of next y(ar. Mir. Brownt is popared
to negotiate with Ametican showmen or
owners of amiuseient Gcviics, etc., for
Sp1ices at the exposition, and I can be
iddressesd at the Wiite City in -Man-
chester. This -xlosiltion offers a splendid
opportunity to ownur    ant mainages of
park attraictions to put their planits in a
good 1pinc 'to attract Europea'n capital to
eiploit thei.  rho mtine is true to an
even greater deg'ee of Site White City
in Manchester, which Mr. Brown     will
irake greater and grander next season
than ever before, Is and will run it for a
sngei period, Opening  the season at
Iaster and keeping open till October.
Etglis capital isants to invest in park
attractions, but they seem  to all coee
fioo  Misiri aIn I want to be shown.
They are not satisfied with reports, they
wnit ocular demonstration   and  Vhite
Citv offers a place to amusement caterers
ivho waont to interest capital. As soon as
the Scenic Railway or the Figure 8 were
eccted and demonstrated its popularity,
nicney was forced on the projectors. The
samie is true of the Water Chutes; of the
Katzenjammer Castles and a dozen other
devices and the money is here for the
fI-llow who cats "siow thems."-F. A. S.
with offices in New York, Chicago,
Seattle, San Francisco and Denver. The
above offices are now booking nearly two
hundred theaters extending from   coast
to coast and from the gulf to Winnipeg.
Our original office was opened six years
ago at Seattle to book three small thea-
ters we had in that vicinity at that time.
Is there any other booking office in the
United States that has brought as great
a success to Managers?
"The S. A. V. A. was organized last
February and consisted of six small thea-
ters using two acts each. They are at
the present time using four to six acts
and are playing a feature act each week
costing tnore money than their entire
show  did when they opened. Five of
them have rebuilt to increase their seat-
ing capacity from about two hundred to
six hundred fifty and eleven hundred.
oIS.&eC. will give abookingfranchiseto
only one theater in cacti citystnd would
advise that you file your application early.
Weo propose sending into your locality
nothing but the regular S. &  C. acts,
Such as what are playing continuously on
our cituit. This will insire you the
hetter class of performers that will please
your patrons and give you and maintain
a profitable business.
"Instead of booking as you now are,
independently, or through the smaller
agcnts, and uising a class of acts, such
as are usually found in a new and un-
developed territory like yours, which are
not sufficiently entertaining to develop
the opportunities that vaudeville may
have, I propose sending yout a standard
class of acts at no increase in salaries.
"If interested, will be pleased to hear
from you at yotr earliest convenience
and have you attend the meeting.
"Yours very truly,"
The letter is unsigned, but is mimeo-
graphed upon the letter tead of F. Lin-
coln, general manager of the S. &C. cir-
cuit with offices at Chicago.-ABBOTT.
Kansas City, Nov. 1.
'We never build theaters on paper.
When we do get ready to build we will
make the announcement and that an-
nouncement may be depended upon."
Morris Meyerfield, president of the Or-
pheum circuit of theaters, made the state-
ment yesterday afternoon wien the mat-
to of a new Orphectm theater here was
Ioached.  Mr. Mevetfield  and Martin
-eck. genrtal manager of the Orpheum
ireuit, were here yesterday in the course
of aninsuection of all the theaters around
the circuit They spent the day here and
1st nit Mr. Meyerfiold said that it was
1ossible that they might remain over to-
The question of a new Orphetrn house
for Kansas City, while not uppermost in
the minds of Mr. Mieerfield and Mr.
Lec, is nevertheless being seriously con-
,sidered by them. Thile lere yesterday
they visited several sites which have
been suggested to thett but they have
not yet definitely decided upon any one.
"WTe have a new theater in course of
construction  at  San  Francisco,"  Mr.
Meyerfield said yesterday afternoon. "It
it very likely that we will be fully em-
plaeyed with that work until the first of
March at least. This building is costing
is a cool $1000,000 and until we have that
cempleted twe will not attempt any new
wor-. TV. R. DRAPER.
DUBLIN VAUDEVILLE                          NEW THOS. W. RILEY
DOES GREAT BUSINESS                            PLAY IN REHEARSAL
Houses Are Sold Out Nightly-Prices From Six Cents Up-High Class Queen of the Moulin Rouge Said to Be Dramatization of Crisis in
Theaters Successful With Meritorious Shows.            Balkans.
Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 24.
A small ''bunch" of Aeicaitins are as-
sulleI in Dublin, after inttkling a most
enjoyable trip covein-- ail of' the south
of this over-groei isle.  We have been
talngo inite theters ant reill it i15
surprising to see the excellent business
being done ott all sides. The vaudeville
houses are sold out ntightly and both pre-
sllt in splendid bills. The prices at one
It up to 75 cents for the best seats,
wiile the gallery is sold at 6 cents a 0et.
I1h Other has its best seats at a gutiter
an1d its claspest at 4 cents, but it "ives
two shows nightly and is always pacled
to the doors, so that it 1akes money.
Ihe re gular  high-class  houses  ire
'plendidly patronized Iy as fine audiences
", could be found ini aty city in the
world. \t the Gaiet this week is Somer-
Set Miaiughan's Mrs Dot, and at the Royal
i Arthlusr Bourchier  and  Itreie  Van
rough11 in The TXalls of Jericho. Both
plars are beyond reproact and both com-
i11nie are siil splendid it every part.
Ilthe best of acting is seen at both houses
and the people patronize handsomcely.
There are two moving picture houses
with a "soupcon" of variet, both doing
i-Icndidly twice each night. Then there
is the Niational Itheater, where onl Irish1
pl1ys by Irish authors or classics trans-
Itit-d hy local celebrities are seen. The
cnipany is all Irish and mostly bad.
Ie plays this week are The Man IVso
Missed the Tide and a farce called The
Jackdaw. Both pieces were the iso-k of
in'xperience, but were lotdly apilauded
1v the audiences, composed of the local
utlotatte  You recall the Irish ioet. TV.
B. Yeats. who lectured in America last
year -aid who was interested in the Irish
piayers taken over there.   Well, lie is
one of the "big bugs" at the National
theuter, land while in dress and appear-
ince lie recall the late Oscar tilde, ie
has not the style of "Ockie."    Hte is
democratic to a degree anti visits and
talks to people in all parts of the theater.
LIady Gregory, who is financially iter-
ested in the theater, has some talent as
an authoress snd has published several
books. The .Tackdv was from her pen
and gave signs of talent in the ,author,
which may result in the writing of a
good play some day.-EFFAYESS.
New York, Oct. 29.
Rohearsals arme now   in progress for
Thomas XV. Ryloy's nes    ntsical piece,
The Queen of the Moulin Rouge. This
is said to lie a dramatization of the
present crisis in the Balkans. The book
it by Paul Potter, the lyrics by Vincent
Bryan and the music by John T. Hall.
The piece is it two acts and five scenes
and will le goregously costumed and
stalged, it being Mt Ryley's purpose to
excel Isis efforts in Florodora in the hne
of costuming and in his collection of
prctty girls for the choruses.
The plot has to do with Prince Sergius
of Orcania, who declares his independence
of Turkish rule and proclaims himself
king, at the same time announcing that
lit will abdicate in favor of his young
nepihew, Prince SacIa, for whom ie has
selected a bride in the Princess Merotz.
An intrigue to tempt the young Prince
to compromise himself with w'omen of the
dcil-ionde of Paris, where he, in train-
ing for his ftiutre position of ruler, is
started by General Bonnivard. This be-
comies known to Sergiss, who at once
starts a counter campaign of protection
and, under various disguises, follows and
ftils the plotters.
Mtuch interest in the new piece is con-
tribIted by the fact that it is the first
work of Paul Potter's that has been of-
fored in some tie. Mr. Potter's last
efftrI in musical comedy was The School
Girl, in which Edna May was starred.
His first piece was a musical farce en-
titled The City Directory. As a song
writer Mr. Bryant has Tammany to his
credit and the compositions of Mr. Hall,
tVilbelimina, and The Wedding of the
Vinds, Iave gained him some popularity.
Will K. Semple is doing the press -work
for Mr. Ryley and is grabbing an abund-
ance of sptce it the daily papers on the
Strong competition that is supposed to
e going on in the show girl market be-
twseen Ziegfeld, who is supposed to have
first claim of the services of all the best
looking girls, and Mr. Ryley, who wants
suomething like eighty of them  for this
piece. The opening date has not been set.
November 7, 1908.
Writer Accuses Producing Firm  of Selling Coupons to Brokers- Graft Texas and Adjacent State Managers Notified That Branch Office Will
Method Described.               Be Opened at Dallas-Advantages of Membership Set Forth.

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