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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(October 24, 1908)

New theaters, theatoriums, corporations,   p. 6

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Al   ittnri, 1n9.-1Arok has beet -'mn-
piti-titire  ti  its  lpeigi t1 oi  thei  wili r
(h\ Cen1tir, Kanls--Reed & Keiel I
topiq  tor of tle nttw skating rink, have
on'1  I  to  goo 41  1111 Ge is o  rllt,
rink ils open(-i. The rink is owned by
C, ,liilnsott. 'if Moisc-itx.
oit thur,         1-tii skati-f ink
nceiupying  the  TV l, I    ' w or my~of  it,
RI<tis Cptera louse, lets ohtniil r
A~iatisi, Aivio.-  itillol skittitg liik
will lie olened in the pavilion at Itoths-
etldi Park Saturday biy Dr. A. 1). Lusl,
of Minocqlus.
Porta.oli1, O.-The Peerless rink has
chicocid its s-asoti  S. Stratis and .1.
ol-asan, managers.
0o-kfordnl, 1l-riormI opening of ith'
Coliscum in the 900 block of West Stite
stret for roller shtting will take place
Oct. 29.
Salon, O.-Manager J. B. Ray has
oprned the Globe skating link.
Baltimore, Md.-Palace Riik Co    tns
ite-ti  iiti-tt  tritt'tl  here-,  caitai~l  $150,000,i
to condctit s1iting rinks. W. C. Waild-
(T'll, .1. E. Avalter Lindluist and others.
Connellsville  Pa.-The Casino skating
riok will be under new management. E.
Rt. and .T R. Claybaugh, proprietors oft
the Nickelet, bought out the interests of
E\V. E. Rc.
Itainille, Iind.-Atlls & McDaniel haxe
soi1 ite -kating rink to T. F. Barnard,
itt For-txille.
Elsx xrt,  Kans.-Ousley  Bros.,  Of
(Irot-n City. tnve re ted the W Ititig-
Tolr trall amni will put !i a roller sknatitog
tirgo, N. D.-The roller skating   ink
will t onen for season. Vidger & Chlam-
plaini. proprietors.
A   Un t  iont,  Ia.-F.  JTohntson  aird
t' it Bititt 1ar leased I  tie ltotrr
Irink.11                            ec -
13i-,y, MAiii.-E. G. Ingalls is et-e-
in-, aI sk-tting rink. 170x120 feit, tetwen
hritrunti i'-1in n td.-Charles Koeblinger,
of Hlttit on-t roller rilnk, ion Wtashiig-
ton aud  -hrry streets. has openld it.
Joplii, Ali--The big itt-ti rink nit First
anI P'---ril  st-('ts  opens  MNliillday  itigIt.
Johnitoxn I'a.-To  tIg  uXotittriuni
skritir  iil  las  o1e-ne   fj  tile  S-tSOi .
Sinilitv, 0 -Tto MTheeGtl    shntiri g
ond Its otteted.
Clinto, h-F. Sngers Aircol 'let
rink altls op.iethd E
Jirneoville. Ais.-'l'le West Blue ii
lna opied   for th i  season tier  t-
inn raigo-int of Mr. Ctoittois.
Srienta, 0-The   rlo    l sitig ink has
St. Joasepth, Mte-The I'iiilrtr Ritaxay
rlitk at Seenth tand Etdmond stieets los
tilt i.i, foi tite xinter seasont.
liinotta  linn-The  roaller  skntio
OstSOn opened it Armory Hall.
Dix'-iiport, Ia.-Manager G. E. Work,
of th  Rock island roller skating rink,
exports tO open the irink Oct. 31.
n itler, TVyo.-S. CH. Tartian, for-
mru-i' tot Tolt'shiug, Cuit., has beguto the
erection of a brick building oi Aasha-
hite street  The building will be used
for rollir skating.
Marion Ind.-Curtis Green will open a
skoitit , rink in the building formerl- cc-
ittllt-i  ha  thc  Bessemer Gnts Entginae
AVi is, a t tigrteontm   ano   Bnliioi
s Tare  Mass.-Joseph Emond, contrnc-
tor. has liguin work o1 the new shalir
tink. whi h he will erect at CommeriIl
itimioir  Pn.-The   skating  rink  has
-;itriceo N b.--Ffeiffer and Williamns'
I 1 r       tg       l it <-,  o le(
ith- titiu litnkto Aruiiv flu---i
I  iiiuiti.  ().-The  itew  ri k  nit 'Music
Ililll it is optlt-ul.
Ft. NA isvow. lun<.-P'incess skntitrink
oi Iest laini street ol-ld for the
xxinter  serisiti.  I-). S. i->cntut.  iititrget.
w tigo N. t.--essis. Vii   r &i Ciior-
t)Iiti of ot'e itargit itolli'1rtittk, Ittixi
Cit nleld, IiITl.-A. L. and T. It. New
who are havin    a building  Oreeted oi
tVost Moil, stroet, have lecided to put
in a   Ckatitg rink In the hasinwnt otf
the huilding.
Aubun. N. Y.-The newlx     renovated
Bulrtis ioller rink has opened-.
Calummet. Mich.-Anr lot link in) Mo-
tmwk is now assured. At a imeoling    f
it several commitles in the nt- trill
it itas d'cioleo to ito-yn tte telctitt ot
tle structure as soon   ts possil.  A
committee tnts appointed, coiposel  of
F.- IT. Getcholl, Hlenry Saan1o andI J. AN.
ITMinilton, Cau.-The Alextindi  rink
otti-ned for the fall and winier s'ntsoin
Oct. 17.
Ko~oll, Ind.-The Dreailanlld rollor
slcurtio-ra it  Is  to  lit  oli tt  III  thei  Nn-
lia  joittein co nys I int ini EPst
High street Sturdoay, with Johi  Tres
in charge.
Ociot. Wis.- 1T- Compnyl Mt roller
itm'rsh1oir. W. Vr.--V. S. Siiontl
thrs  ai rri-d  Irl Ir  flroin  Stlu1-11vlillo- I0.,
andf ta   li       te iraiul rik.
Sour Tike. T-x.--fli tiptrial stktling
ri-ik mo airiv  taf  this  iitymnair -gi-I  ritul
Ft- o  Cn1-iro,Fitx-il  trielit ti-i  S-titir
It ihoosiung a Aifte disdain  tot youth
rint h-rnuty. for these are things xw-hih
lino, wxill cure.-Janies Jeffries Roche.
Theaters in Many Towns of Southern
State Satisfied with Season's
rink-  t('il-- , La., Oct. 20.
Reports receia Itr   fri iom  Crowly,
LaaetAleXmuiiaoi, MNioila, 'SIrVe-
port, lBaton liougi-, New therini, Ope-
liisis, urlin, Thil.trdtux oand ner
Lalisimu11:  poilts  mle  all  to, the  'ffei t  that
the  theatrical  business  this  sealsonl  is  inl
oxcess of lIst  e r andIIl tlhit oif many
years previous.   Good attiactions  and
largo  muliences ar the ]IIIu-tit t ie  of
the.e prsirotlls tonisi a roding to au-
thentic reports, wAn the future prospects
are exceptiumill.1 bright anid encouraging
to  sau\  the  It.f  Ti  smrialler  towi s,
inamreltt  AbOtville  lryn-, --.Tiiette
<nl unlit  Nap1OleumI ile,  LDOn ldSoliVill,
Whiteccstle  Jennings, Patterson, New
Roads tint] sevral othirs ilsio r-potrt good
business.  Anid firom  th  ietropolis of
the state. the best "shitow towin" in the
South-New     Orletins-the  repomts  are
iarticularly encouraging.-1.ElIHM.
James H. White Returns.
James It. TWhite, who is w-l known
to  all  of  the  older  1na'tion  piwturi,  mno,
anm  has ut liirg  tliber of friends in
the business, his returned from Europe.
Mr. 1Vhiitt- xttts for years niia;tger of the
Kin-tognaph department of the Edison
MaIIufaturing Co., and intiaiteli con--
nected with the progress If the moving
pictture industry during the years 1894-
Theater, Formerly Alisky, Now a Part
of Large Coast Circuit.
Sacramento, Cal., Oct. 2o.
AX. 1. Ely, reprisentiltive of tire Pan-
tInes theater circuit, who has assumed
charge of the new Alisky theater of this
The  name of the theater hus leli
ctnnged f-rm the Alisky to the Pantags,
and it has opened its a vaudeville house.
The circuit includes th' Fantages thea-
ters in Butte, Mont.. Spokane, Seattle,
Tatoma, aod Bellingham. Wash;    .ii -
cover and Victoria. B. C.; Portlaid Ste-
ramento, the Empire in San Francisco,
a theater that lits recently been pur-
chased in San Jose, and otn in coutse of
construction in Los Angeles.
Three shows will be given daily, and
popular prices will be charged. Mr. Ely
said that ie and Mr. Pantages have the
tnost confidence in Sacramento to sup-
port the kind of a show they expect to
Burroughs Announces Plans.
Sandusky, 0., Oct. 20.
Manager W. S. Burroughs announces
thut the Family theiater will be reopened
ts a home for burlesque. It txill be a
three  night  stand. It is not stated
whether this will become a part of eith-
emi of the Burlesque Wheels, but Mr.
Burroughs stated that the same higli
obiss riexws seen in the large cities will
T- Lciven  a-e
A ntw theaiter is to ie ttmilt in Ciroin-
nati and the location is on Freeman tve-
nuo 40 x 100. It twill be devoted to stock.
A conipiny will be organized next week.
East Minneapolis, Minn.
'Work is ting rushed otn In, new thea-
ter to be likiowNit1 is tii  Family ont 4th
and Central ovi-i   N. E.    It will be
handsome int] subst-il as til is ail-
siiltt'vlit-ielitu.  The~ niu  seats 1,000,
ait] is icoitI in i-tI gott tash and
whitet The stigi is vrr  Itmci- utmti nod-
ciii in exert- ri-spti-  NoIlitig tiut tire
ttest itto utn  Ii' Cieut Xl to-i-n .000-
citttion fttipiN  xxill Civetiht tpattions
the best in voudevili-      At
Jennings, La.
The   new .nnings   Opra  house is
n-aring tiniletion. It will rank  s one
of the litst housos inl southwesternt Louis-
inar andIt  will Idirty fist-class attractiosts.
Jenloniins huts a population in ex-ess Ift
tlwi 5,ut in-Ik  ntd is genemlily  oncd d
to ho t ri-al uroot  show town."  Book-
ings fitir th latter part if the seaso  are
nowv hoing nuale. No definite daitle has as
vt 1I-i- st for the oteniii of the house.
Abbeville (S. C.)
Abbtvilles tww   pent  house opened
Octoher 10, with   The   GIr-rIt  Divide.
.    oss. C   and  'hno'Ithemli  al  the
Knoxville (Tenn.)
'I'he roof if the, Jinu thater is com-
plotod. InI (1e interioir tho, framie work
of  t1-  floors,  g-llori-s.  stairs  amlti  stge
htvi been finisid.  Th  putting on of
the inth has nit com-nto-ced. Most of
thi work oif th Ilumners, gas pipe men
:and the electricianls is completed.
Colfax (Wash.)
'I'he now Rilgway theter building is
ripidlY :p<1w<chl ig re unldIlton and Io
hItlit 11-t uf titi fitto ott .1. B. Cood .0
CO., who is super  inteoding the Work. says
it still iiinihably bre rentdy to opin De-
cemtbier 1.
Zanesville (0.)
'tIre  Sichultze tti ltrs- was opened
to tne ldti- list wtk.  Thiaroima lit l-
Inidel  o intlmtosnitet]. this  bit-ntifiutl
house will ont- agrin blarze forth in) all
the glory of foirier yenrs. Tha theater
huts been drik fiti iniI five years.
Manatger-l's Will cotmiltlut it as a vnud-
ville home. All the bookings are one
through the Keith ageci.
legitimnate shows.
Eagle Pass (Tex.)
The new $1(10111)lwte julst being
completed  it C. ''.  Di z wat-given  a thol-
ough test in Tutsdaty i nr optra troup-
inow plaNitg iII that 1lt:1 i rtand the tous-
tic arrangements were fot.1 to be ex-
ctlenot.  Tite  seating  ci t   i ty  is  1,000.
'en   thre 11 oratiotli ; it- titishi  this
theti-t ri still  beiii cte, of  thet tiet'  hit Altx-
Muncie (Ind.)
Th  Io    Strnitheatr., Erist   Main
street, will titnit for the seson October
26. according to Mamiger l1ny Andiews.
The work of completing It- -emodeling
anid im1h1 prov'eumnt Work is btinmi liirried
nog as rinpidlv as possible.
La Fayette (Ind.)
Th' nt w   Lyrimx   vJudsn :11t theatir nIt
Fort    avnt', which was built ION John
Waogner oucnd Lulike 'lluf'. i ithi ity,
huts bee'n Opened't.  'The I,Nlt- hints hltm
inder construction foi somei timoe and is
ot' of the fimest vmitnt-ville hunuses it this
st-tion of the itntF-     Mr. 1ulfe has
moved to Foit Wayne atu    will muinage
the newx- thent.
Houston, Tex.
Tle little theater to be known Its the
t(y   x-will soon be ready to throw open
its doors to the public. Carpenters an]
paintersare still at work, hut are neaing
ttue end of titeir Iah'ours auio it is toin-
nounced that the result will be one of
particulir interest to IHouston amusement
Webster City, I.
The Olympic theater, Sioux City's litst
motion picture enterprise. wvas opened to
thus public tis week, It is lotcatedt oil
F   th  street nd is under tie manage-
mount cf C. E. Winich. 'rTe front oftis
thu-tter is emnameled white anti six hnuri-
tirco electric lighots hate tbeeo tused ito 11-
luminiating the arch. The lobby has a
tilt floor and the steel columns iII front,
have a three-foot base and are sixteen
feet in height. The interior floor is raise
and the chairs and fixtures all finished
in mtohogany. It is said to be the finest
little theater of its kind in the state.-
Paterson, N. J.
The Foamil- Skating rink, itn the build-
ing at No. 202 Market street, has been
converted to a neat theater. It is known
as the Colonial theater and under the
mianagoment of Charles Ball. Back of
the curtain F. Harmer Morris has the
say. It will be devoted to polite vaude-
Ville, Moving  pietude  and  illuistrated
songs, giving three performances daily.-
Dayton, 0.
AWhat is believed to be the largest
exclusive tmoving picture theater in Ohio
will be opened in a few days in the old
Y. AT. C. A. building on Fourth street tun-
der the management of Ben Wheeler and
Walter Grifton, who have Ieased the
entire building of Samuel Ruh, of In-
iallatpo o, whito recentl  purc'hasedt it.
The theater, wxitho a seating cnilitoit%- of
ne thousand, will be known as the Audi-
Frankfort, Ind.
The White Pearl. the new five-cent tho-
ater, established on Ncrh   lint street
hN- Jatoes B. Purl auoul Chtorles Bohler,
wxats Op-elio-d to thre potblic lnastx'eek. The
theater is a pretty little piayhouse.
Lake Charles, La.
Another   moving   picture  house-the
Majestie-has entered   the local  field,
making the fifth in this city. Prof. Ed.
See and his First Regineit lind fur-
nished th. imuso for the opening night.--
International  Anous-ent  Company,
$1ittO'; genral theatrical and amuseentt
usines; i, T. .Iume. Thomas C. Ken-
rietiN  . Fuluta.
Maoi'stic T1icater Comp any. of Stoalane-;
$5i0,000: M. ILtange, Boy Bungax' atod Jot-
s5ph Botrich.
The Spok-ne Outdoor Amusement Com-
pany, of Spokane; $10,000; Joseph Cohn
and Htrry L. Cohn.
New Jersey.
The Gaiety Thouter Company, Hobo-
ken; i-apital. $100,0o;l itcorporators, Sam-
uel Kraus, Joseph Cohen, Joseph C.
New York.
Drew Anouseunent Company, Brooklyn;
to operat amusement enterprises; capi-
tal. $2,i,009; incorporators, Harry Iarris,
Clifford G Ludvigh, James A. Light, No.
209 Broadway, New York.
Tholr:ts A. Wise and DouglOas y,
Itanks 11- entered into li ie
wtx-h Ilily K-Q Grisnoti j~t j vA.  itl, ,"]
i-oitili  is  to-stars  for  ia  term  of  1
ti-r beginning June 1st next.
Jinoes K. IHat-kitt e0dd his seo
the  Il tI,'it  t ter  last  Saturda   .,
ing. Aftert a tow  weeks rest heninl
on otr.  opei ngJI  ill  Philadelphia.
My Wifes Famiily closed at Walla
tlteaterI last Saturdany evening. 'The
Arnold Daly, will stago Cameo Kirby
Nat (loodwin.  Maric Caill, in Bettr
the Boys, will open at Wallack  s
John R. Rogers, business manager
Mv Swiotheart, is back in town witi
company, wxtoino xwas obliged to clos,
account of poor business. It was a S1
& IHlli    )n production.
Frank Noreross, formerly manager
the Norcross Aniusemint company, wr
put out an attractiin w ith FannyI
:as te star, mas so -red his connet-
with the company and is hrick into-,,
Mater closed at the Savoy theaters--
urday night and xvas followed lb I
Servant in the Iouse Monday evenc
The title of Mary     Ainnering's
play by E. B. Tilton, has been chano
from   Memory and Tomorrow     to I]
Brother's W~ife.
Edward N. Hoxt has been engagod
the part of Mephisto in W. E. Gorn
fortheoning proutiit oif Faust r
is to sppeai herea Nior rli Int ai -
oluction M.5iss BtosahiI Atoriisoin, 4i
ter of Louis Morrion is to be flti
ais tire star !in the, role of A-n%ugeir,_
Denman    Thompson peal-tv"     I
Josh ini the Old ioirre'-teal tt thore,
emvN of tisic, celebrate] ]its  etir
day Oct. 14. l~e has plaxed Uncle Js
for thirty years.
The Shuberts denI that thet ar
torested in the prjot to biltd ha to
theater on WVest 41sf stiet, wicl is
ing promotl by Walter N. Lawrone
T-xiie Elliott has cotommnoed luii
sals for a new play entitled The ;I
tone, ubv Marion Faifox            t
Moaude  Fealy, who xxa.satpt
he under engagement with Jtin Col
leading Woman in a new    lay toI
duced soon    is announced as the n
leading wrinan for Nat Goodwin's in
pany in Cameo Kitttv which is i0wtr
rehearsal . There are threats of Insuib
in the air,            irrto     txi
Arnold Daly,    ut-    f   iie 'adeI
g-eneration atod Myr Wife's   Fannilt
Wallack's theater,' lion decided I
William  Faverslam's    engigement
Daleds theater    begins Nov. 2.   T;
Worloland His Wif-will 1 ithe first ff
ShIuiert & Anderson, of the New
tlippodrorne, are interested in a troj
with Rigling Brothtis to estaish
winter quarters oi Long Isltnd for t1
cmonimoiation of the lippodrome st-ik
Faink Melville and Oscar Lowande wL
he iii cha-ge.
Samuel V. Gumpertz. who was tin-
ager of Dreamland, Coney Island, duin
the seasons of 1904-5, his again tak n
charge of that big playground nld is o
on his way to Europe in s-arci ofil
ties. A complete rtmodelling of Dr l
land is promised for nest season.
Jessie Bonstelle will appear at T
Majestic theater, Monday evening, 01
26, in Frederick Paulding's new 10i
TIe Great Question.
Nance O'Neil has signed a five
contract with the Situberts. Miss Otin
Is now under $1,000 bail to aplpair fo
tial on an indictitnit charging her. in
codIjunlction with McKee Bankit tof no
latin tire copyright laws in roduin a
play called Tire Fires of St. Joltir. ; I
trial is set for Nov. 16ini San Fani
Miss Ada    ,ehan   teturnid to t
Yot-k Batotrday, Oct - 17, fronrtiiretril-
ed sojourn at her siriner home in th
north of Etiglaod.
E. 11. Sothern reached New York  F
day afteror long vacrtinin Etripelis
seasono will1 begin early in Neat.
The Willianm Morris itidets.-itoeiti
eville house in Yonkers, N. Y., cl
last Satturday exeing. The tlteatei1
New   Rochelle has been leased by 1
Morris and vaudeville     will be tch
The annual election    of The   Iru
held Thursday night Oct 15, resua
as follows:    Augustus   Thomoas, sh
herd; Victor Herbert boy; DeWolf IlI)
ler, corresponrlireg secret-ir- Geo-
tIobart, recording secretary; Eugrn
Presbry, librarian; John A. Stow, trei
About 600 persons attended tle Boi
son Howard    meort-ial heli It theI
ceum theater Sunday evenin Oct. 1.
the American    Dramatit. Stciety
dresses were made by .I I.      l tCil]"
Augustus    Thomas,    -lamiilton  Wr
Mabie, Brairder M~atthiew,; iI'F
Mackey   Aletter fro   Prsident
veltxvrrs i-cad.
Airdome for Memphis.
Memphis. Tenn., Oct.
The American Aiuserent and
struction company is back of the TII
to  u an airdote inti itcit iy
Z.. Z.. Brandon. Toli-do. '- 0 ria its I
The directors, besides Mr. lBrandoni
Dr. E. A. Long. J. A'. Apperson, G
Bowling atd. Ja;ines  e' Glass  L
Mr. Gluass is to lie geiteral iitaaiiitr"
secretary, ond Mr. Appersont treasty
The cormpany is capitalized at I
and it is stated by officials that ne"
entough  money has been siniscrhtib
ouild the dome.
October 24, 190R.
N t

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