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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

This week's bills at Chicago playhouses,   p. 11

Page 11

If,    i, -aIt. I N, 'I.   ,   I  of
th,  '' II,  -  I, "  dil ,   ( ii I l t,  hras I  ell
ed            o ,'slordrnee front  re
wagers all ovr the cointry concerning
as latest as i I nemnt desire, the Wobble-
ilabble.  rik anen contenmplating the erec-
irnof Clrimes anid Figure Eights are put-
ing off signin  contracts until they can
icure full partirtilars concerning the new
rIe . As soorn as Mr. Grntrlrn secures the
\rreri aptent already applied or i   will
tI rle (nnt pirtns for Cainadar, Anustralia and
yngland.  A SHOW   INORLD representative
sirsa socKIngnnodel of iste  obble-Bobbie
t Air. GOanterf's otfices last week and from
ll appearances the now device should prove
henri Fr-etne k- Conmpany and tine Marco
irns innaugurated an  engagenent on the
Sullian-C insidine circuit at tie Coliseum,
seattie, A pri'l 13.
The so-iety thieater at Galesiburg, Ill., a
1)Ilinsdnt-Ci rnlrl illiotne, was closed recent-
ly and will probably remain dark for the
remainder of the season.
Ratsch Walton and company have com-
tienced ann engagement of twelvo weeks on
its Grs Sun cireuit. The company is pre-
,.ritig a drannatic sketch called Brother
Brint irother.
Julia RIomaine &  Co. have opened in a
slrtch entitled Old Glory. Tine costumes of
tire act are especially hasndsome.
The tour of Charles J. Carter, the magi-
han,  ho s   tas orittinally booked for three
rrrs'nth s is AusItralia, Iran been extended to
sav"n.  During the course of his season
tir, Carter Will appear in Manila, China,
JliIan, Irdia and Egypt. Mr. Carter's ad-
leess is "Miltn,"' Queen's avenue, Rush-
iulers' Bay, Sydney, Australia.
Maude Earle, cast as the school mistress
,,ith Gus Edwari ' Schooldays act, is a sin-
tr of Virginia Earle, the well known comic
pra conedienne.
Owving to the fact that a great number
oflDa D lsoines swonien desired to see the
rfornnnace of tie famtous Cherry Sisters,
Mira crtirilisn  to  tine  vaudneville
ar,'. a special matinee for ladies was giv-
nat the New Empire theater in that city
tint wieek.
Mont, Briotn, tPn-r, novel instrutnenital-
sincsonrthiee their western  tour in San
saaeic  iiisseek. stlire tiney areappear-
itn at the Wigamn.     The   Wigoan    has
Ibeen  cerntly  acquired  by the Sullivan-
Cnsidine  circutit.
The vaudeville trio of Hayes. Winchela &
lt-11 hotve nisnr~lveni partrser-hipn andi can-
:ald the retiainder of their contract on
Western States time.  Mr. Hlayes and Miss
Iincrhell ave doubled up and will he known
itreafter as lies & Winchnell. Miss Rus-
T                  '-SIa nti aldfrle Clhicaago
t, r- ,trn nuffering  Inn every  sisy.
No nm\  :tTractions of no)te marie their
ti1lerarnue, the, onlI change of bill in the
.loi theaters beinn  at McVicker's. where
tlicekers was prn scsenrted Sunday with mod-
Scate r, suilt  'nThe  ills at tihe other houses
I rrriiirr  htrt  a t tine oustlijuig  hoeurses tire
usiual chtanrgas tiok place.
This Week's Theatrinl Menu.
,,nnan   Oper' honse.-The nseon< vtee  of
la Allen unti her consilana in trene 'iy-
-It-ci nitt' Sinday night.   A now play
Ihici i     era, h usions, xvii haaxe its
rir1 pfo--ttirn April 1M.
311 iars trecesri I tnnrf Ptak, begrn
Innt~  st~'s-n i'agei'ns-  Surndayrs  si-ith a
-irsano ireme l tlars llremt an in-
,oimmcc PDrre Rniain , .ir., Jioseph \\'hikes.
tirt t    r   atnd nnan   others. 'iHe play
11t 8il l  I,  i  w .
a4in k  ra's hoJse.-thaing  assed its
'uir wi rifintn s iout 10, ''lifne n  thre
,  tretd  onai  hird e n0 marl. It
i's irsIM-x thut tie -uat srill n ain Fa-
'en it wlo1u.n  of tire ml. y  ill  odge
Gtucbk  irTeo    of tine. Iti   nthicl-
rti thien sounler   Californi inn ale
atieS, ither'- uecon iw atind  ere Arilit ,
Nitl Frances Starr, in tine prnial cole.
IacedisSrirrrtenI vhanes ichmna Frank
Inaco 5,Go ta    dviiton  Reille.  ''e play.
tlis we-u-n is lasntrageily st sagei.
\ilrBker-hn angnertsn, in ni-hitch
ingse litale ay a, snc  a sccess, be-
orn ianst Geele A   ies i. On W'dnesday
innl SmhUncein  aftr- ns Mr.'~ Ely~t repeatedl
tiresine-act tan- rr'aicin stere given so sue-
aens'fitIlt lant sNteolk.
Grea~t Northnern ....Thet Rays in King Casey
nre in their secon d stock and are drawing
tckied liou3Ss.
GhoodVanudeville Bills.
Midjeti..sta Victoria, an English mun-
sic boll sitnger imrported by the late "ad-
vanced vaoodtilhe" managers, ]leads the bill
tinsWeek, and among the other good num-
bers on the bill arc: Gus Edwards' Blonde
Typewriters; the Melani Trio, musicians and
singers. Bernard and Seeley, in a piano-
P Ilaying specialty; Mason and Shannon,
earnnedians. Gertrunde Pen Roche, the sou-
'I1nh.. tir...trrinrnoniir           n i-as
I,ot annloonle.-  l e  sor ms te  on...
Bush & Elliott, expionents of grotesque ac-
robatics, hane returned to the east after
Playing a successful engagement of forty
wvcoks on the Suniivan-Considine circuit.
'Mike Bernard "the king of the ivories,"
who nsappea"ng"invaundville tithkBlossom
Seeley, received contracts last wteek for the
Orphinn   tnn. Their act, which scored a
success during thseir appnearance at Chicago
ines of tiHne cntinuou  san written and
rranged by Harry L. Neotton.
Jack Henderson, a member of the coni-
nanny at the Whitney Opera house, wilu tak
re plunge iinto trnudctille in tine tneac funtace
under the d ir ction of C. E. Kohl. After a
short engagonment Mir. Htenderson still conn-
nience rehearsals for B. C. Whitneys' new
production, A Broken Ido 1.
The Ushers in Fagin's Decision have been
hooked for a wtestern tour of thirty weeks,
including the Orpheunm circuit.
Tom Gilen. Finnegan's Friend, writes that
rio is bookled solid until September next, go-
ine over the Sullivan-Considine time for
r-turn  dates commencing the niddle of
Frank Do   , until recently connecteds ith
tie  ender-son Vaudeville Exchange, is nuns
nine mannager for the Chnicago Vaudeville
Managers' Exchange with offices at 50-51-
lmLa Salle street, Chicago. fThis exchanne
nos hooks nil tine houses fmoody uinder
the control of the Henderson  xchange.
Frank DeTeon, of lthe Howard & Doyle
Theatrical Exchange, stas a caller at THE
SHOW    WiORLD offices last stock. Mr. Do
Leon said that the Howard stock company
at Joliet. Ill., was playing to splendid busi-
Adele Ritlie, tihe Four Mortons, Maude
Lambert and William  Rock & Maude Fulton
re souse of the pronninent rceruits now air-
pearing in the vaudeville theaters in the
c   mis. Tietengagneni of the Four Mortons
no linniteui to three wer-le5
Mile. Juliette Dika and E. IT. Calvert and
conpany return to the sylvan fields of vau-
nlceille April 20 in a novel Parisian coinedy,
ciptod front tire trreinch by Edard P1-
Tell Taylor, a faormer member of the mu-
eical comedy company at the LaSalle the-
atr. Chicago. returned to vaudeville this
weelk, a>p ering at the, Olymic, Chicago.
Mic. 'TaylIor in also heavily interested in the
4ttic 'Music company.
Davis & Davis have severed their con-
ineetion with tlie Miss New York Jr. com-
Iant' and i are now toppearing in vandeville.
ictt;oteldschniji Trotliers, acrobats, and
ianvoy thers. A fine msean svhicin none cant
afford to miss.
Olyinpic.-Wiill Cressy and Blanche Dayne
are the headliners this wek    with their
clever conredv, Tontwn Hall To-Night, and
nlin, tie English -vrtlriloqluist, is an ther
slec entertainer.  'lie bill also includes
La Gardenia, the Sp:inish dancer; Mile. Co-
selli's trained misidgh'et dogs; Les Amatis
;lgers; Kelly andr Keist, in a comedy
Irel, and Moron and Wiser, boomerang
H: ymanrket.-Talor Granville remains an-
ttu,- IN-n,hA in The Stc  heaut. Cifenr Cras-
4-l is artnirr featur,'. ausd anuonug tre en-
torainegs  ore te Fioly Werre, 10 Pegat
irawrs; Jack  Garie. in a  m       tsicael Ion-
nhunrest.  the 'frioer  etnd  inslrnnw'nta-
.stsl- Jlly wind Wildl, in a,. singingrinri dnu-
m g sket~nch, arid Gcrace Arnonel, comnedienne.
At tine Stock Theaters.
Cmnlege-Tii beinog Htoly Weeke, theo Pant-
ronn sots-l 'onmanya is enrjnosinag a nreite~d
nest. Tmm Irilsoner orf Zenna in mcxtixveLs's
Rush Tenpl-e.-Miis tHobbs is being pre-
sonted by the stock company this week, and
it affords Miss Lillian Lawsrence, the new
landing wonan, an opportunity of display-
ing her ability as a comedienne. The other
inrnmbers of this capable company are well
People's--ncle Tonm's Cabin, which should
have beei shelved years ago but which like
ie golst of John Brovn still narches on,
islraning heavil' tinis, steek.  Edwcard B.*
Haaos resunnes hits old pslace an leadhinga mann
eIn Easter Mondlay ans Roneno !is Riomeoo and
Marlowe.-Ten Nights In a Bar Room,
nausty with age, but still potent, is this
se,'k's bill.
Vhere Thrillers Thrill.
Alhambra.- 1Human Hearts opened Sun-
day. The action takes place in the Arkan-
tins lahil.
siijou.-A Texas Ranger brought powder-
smoke and warhoops Sunday.       There are
Indians, cowboys, cattle thieves, banditsand
pretty maidens in distress to be rescued
from the red men.
Academy.-May Hosmer in The Holy City
is tie attraction.  Sine Plays Mary Magda-
len to the satiifaction of the Academy cli-
Cmolulbus.-TI orns anti Orange Blossoms
oprened Surnday to good )tusiness.
In Musical Comedy Realm.
Colonint.-The twentith    week   of The
tlerry Widow opened April 12 with no di-
ininution in the business. Souvenirs will be
presonted on the occasion of the 200th per-
fornince April 28.
Whitney.-Three Twis is an undoubted
success after five weeks, and will remain
ind-flinitely. The excellent cast headed by
Victor Morley and Bessie McCoy is largely
responsible for the triumph achieved.
LaSalle.- Honeymoon    Trail  began   its
fouith wteelk Monday and is playing to ca-
laoity business. Cecil Lean's part hasbeen
enlarned, and the comedian is now on the
sta ge fouir-fiftlhs of the  time.  Good for
At the Burlesque Houses.
Sid J. Enson's.-Weber and Rush's Parisi-
inn Widows offer the entertainment this
steeli, the principil eent being a tvo-act
inninsical skit. Stolen Swveets, presensted with
several coneldians and a big chorus. Sev-
ral strong -ann ville numbers augment the
Star and Garter.-Phil     Sheridan's City
SPorts cmprany this neek nith a clever ex-
tirtvaetnzta difforinigand a big list of vaude-
vilie niinns. 'I'l, show closes niti  a bur-
leseiI sit, said no he of a hrighn order.
Enpire.-Fay Foster and her company are
tie attraction this week, presenting two bur-
lserues and several vaudeville acts.
Troenadero. -- The  Bowery    Burlesquecrs
'irened Sunday with a good show and a
company of forty fun-makers, headed by
Henl Jansen. vThe usual nrumbaer of pretty
girls are in evidence.
Season  Successfully  Inaugurated  at  Sn
Antonio April 10-11.
Gentry's famous show opnened its nine-
,, nun season at San Atni   , Tex., April
in-1 i Under tine noair gi inntnt of AV'. itt.
ientrn, with ine followvings, staff: C. W. Fin-
nic, assistant nianager; W. D. Neff, treas-
urer; loin North, press agent; Wa'lter Mur-
iny, conttacting agenit: W. 0. Tarkington,
eon-nat agnt;I Bert tMurty in charge of
ni ance nar No. t stiti cnetn menu Ralph
Rent inn chatrge of iidvrnce car No. 2 wtith
"--.len  nno n 1111(1 ecot Willi', tisennitfour hoeur
nman;   . T'. (Wink) Weaver in charge of
enincent  wile~ WI Tcyer sn-ilI lolek after
nine privileges. oni. E. Wells, sel cnosn
ci I","ns"le   mi"nd  trainr, is  dlirecting  the0
crtirtnttlies tatie    ' anbe  a spl ntlid
n-rc  banri of fift iiees is untier tine
learersrip of Professor Jones.
'Tie sipecial feates ire Ben Ali's Troupne
of hiso stirlinis f tine  est  Zarella's
shapside-down let. warcni,  ann  Leonards
conredy baract, and fine rerd of ten trained
erphans.  In anditirn to tusen, there are
wtell trained ponies, dogs. ine'-p, camels,
Mr. Gentry stales that he starts ot thin
year under  nos t fatoirsile conditirusu.  All
of Isis stock in a inials ae in hint-class
shatpe; wh~ilc ftne sermonsi etinias and other
roserties are in pire order. Hw is greatly
inesed tinth S A ntonio  as a lace to win-
Fer, and liV arrnrd i retun bre at the
close of the se  on. The grounds of the
f     Ant ono  InWOrDnitional   ir furnish
ideal quarters, and tire cinste is lst right.
Nat a single anih oant lost       it isinter.
mesinn ss at four l  ae-rndstances swts fine.
From  San Antonio the shos' goes to Aof-
titn, andstill sindc aibount twso wneesl in Tex-
ms-A. L. WiYNNE.
Famuous, Vaudevillian Makes Big it at
Nellie Retell, the trav'eling reprcscnntatite
of THE SHOW -WORtLD, inaugurated her
Pacific coast tour at the Family thneater,
Butte. Mont., and rceeiv'ed a roy'al welcome.
The Eastern Stars gave a lea in her honor
and the T. M. A. and stage hands local
gave a Dutch lunch on the stage after the
performance, at which all the newspaper
men and performers and stage crews from
all the theaters wtere guests. The editor of
a  Butte   paper  writes  to THE    SHOW
WORLD that his 1paper has not been to
press on time sinece Nellie Revell arrived,
and every time he needed any of his staff
Ire, had to locate Miss Retell to find him.
Miss Revell's weekly letters from tie coast
will no doubt prove of great interest to
performers generally.
The Butte (Mont.) Miner last week had
this to say about Nellie Revell of THE
SHOW WORLD staff, who is making a tour
of the Pacific Coast:
Nellie Revell, "the girl who says things,"
and says them in a thoroughly new, bright
and snappy way, is a prominent feature at
the Family theater this week. Aside from
the clever monologue act she does in vau-
deville, Miss Revell's visit to Butte is not-
able because of the standing she has won
in newspaper circles.  Miss Revell is one
of the chief writers for   THE     SHOW
WVORLD. She has dople newvspaper work in
all of the big eastern cities, and her say-
ings arc stidely quoted. She wton instant
favor with   eterday's audiences, anddoubt-
less will increase her very lengthy list of
friends by irany adieiring Butte acquaint-
aences. Miss Retell coined the Prhrase, "You
r'enmber me don't you?" and Butte cer-
tainly will remember her.
Itingling Season lig Success.
Despite tlie financia depression still
prev'ailing  in  certain  quarters  the
RHingling Brothers' World's Greatest
Shows. now    at the Colioeum, Chicago,
bas been doing a phenomenal business.
The immense seating capacity of the
Coliseum has been taxed to the limit
nightly and at the afternoon perfor-
noiances unusually large hsouses are the
rule.  This is at    indication float the
sho' is one of superior excellence and
that the times have improved mater-
ially.  Circus men regard this as an
aiuguiry of a succesnful season through-
ouat floe coming summer.
Speers Calls on Show World.
I. C. Sneers, Cno sas formerly identified
wxith  the Gentry Brothers' interests, but
weho has now retired from the circus ranks,
was a caller at THE SHOTV WORLD offices
while in Chicago trnsacting business last
Aiston's Company in Philadelphia.
Arthur C. Aiston has arranged Nith Miller
& Kaufnan to put in a special company at
line Girard Avenue tiseater, Philadelphia,
startitng Miay 5 for a period of fromo four to
six weeks.
The organtRation  sill be headnd by Estha
illiams, Jane Corcor  n  an  James M.
Eropy, and their supeort    ill be piced
frain tine nmembners of -.Ntr. Aiston's company
icn lai  been on to r nting the present
season. Tire opening bill still he The Se-
cccit Orchnard.
AMon'gnn Returns to Clevelnud.
t. J. Morgan, president of tihe Morgan
ithrographo Cu., returned to Cleveland, 0..
las't steel  after a protracted sojourn  in
Euriope, stirere hoe insected various Euro-
pean lithographing plants, preparatory to
line installation of a nest plarnt for the Mor-
gan Lithographing Co. in Cleveland. The
new plant when completed will be the larg-
est of its character in America. The pres-
ennt plans cull for 15.000 square foot of
floor space.
McConnell, Promoter, in Chicago.
E'. Wi. Mctujoninell, the. alausensoent pro-
nl,t,r n 'ho in to inistall andn nmannage the
tttle of line Monitor rind Merrimacr exhi-
irition at Rierview Park, Chicago, is mak-
ing his headquarters at the Great Northern
hot 1.
Tinney Visits Chicago.
C. H. Tinney, bandmaster for the Cole
Bros. World's Toured Shows, called at THE
SHOWoWORLD offices while passing through
Chicago last week, 0on his way to join the
show at Youngstown, 0., for the opening
on April 18. Mr. Tinney has been director
of music for the Cole Bros. shows for the
past four years, and has built up a splen-
did organization.
Npri 18, 1908.
It having come to our notice that certain firms,
members of the Film Service Association, have sent
letters broadcast containing the statement that any
exhibitor who uses Independent films will be liable to
having his theatre closed or taken away from him, we
invite the recipient of any such letter to send it to us
with an affidavit stating the manner in which it was
Ifsimilar threats are made verbally, obtain the
presence of a witness if possible and send us affidavits
testifying to the threats made.
This form of intimidation makes the offender
liable to severe penalties.
Kleine Optical Co.
52 State St.

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