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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

Film operators are granted a charter,   p. 10

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T Vl11.11idhll" \\',t MlanagoIs' As. salion
iet in annual convention at the Sherian
Itiuse, Chiiago, on Tuostiay, April 14.
1iant  matters of interest --re discussed, offl-
--r llr  i-letIt-ictd To tii ensuing year, and
ihe  nim  of the oiganization tias changed to
the Wi-ster-n Thlieate- llanagers' Association,
The newlv   elected ofliceIs are as follows:
Prtesit. ('has. T. Kent, Davenport, Ia.;
Niwt-presidInt,  J.  F'.  Givt-n,  Decatur,  Ill.;
soi -iily- ivtasarcv. tlesi-ge lo. Olelidoof.
Tuis is aMr. Olontof's secoltdr, it being
itt opinin  of tie dilegtates that the goote
NNoolk 10111 Ity iit it t le past shoulid be
recognizei, and lie shouldl ie given an oppor-
tunity to ctntintiu many things h  haei.under-
Western States Represented.
Ottne diector from  each state represented
w1as  Ilecteo  as follows:  Nebraska, Frank
Z-ron: OkIlalbiu, Wi. Hillton; iissourI, C,
W. itiiIsv; It-Iiana, C. A1 H1Iidl; Wis01cti-
silt  ,toti  ltlt r  Iotia, AW.  I,. isuobev; TEN-
Iiis, auts liitgliir; Alilitas, C. A. Lick-
Aititisita. it. F . Butilitigaittet Kansas, Roy
atwft i-IAestein Distvict, Mr. PelIon, of
P, & Sinu.tzir, De-nvo, Colo.
t- Assoaltion was organizel in Kansas
Cit, lay 9, 1,t07, with a. membership of
tiventy-tive; at the (late of the convention this
nuibleir had been inreasod to 118, and appll
cations are on file fron prosIetCtivl members
w\hi-lih  will bring the total meibership to
approximately 27. The neiiw states a-dl are;
Nortlh Dakota, South Iakota, Montana, Vyo-
itiltg. IMglo, lAIsiitgittli ti-egon, Californlit,
Itah, iolrtllo, Arizona, ail New Mexico.
Imisiness Conditionis Diseussed.
In all inltn `liew  with a represenltative of
T    1 11)W   AvORfoLD, Secretary  Olendorf
NN rll business cotlititns of the past year
were listut di with idotis for the betterment
,of "n,  I uiing ile onsuing yar. One of the
linnin questions brought up was thle offort to
inat:uc, managers of opera ho"uss to give pro-
lu   r rs";. of  uniiniu  I" tir p re t g ,
In  the  e nerl    i  n   1-   g l in nIt.,   f
sug ietitle s was tako n up, ilval wh1ile it
was   thi- -nnItiensus  of opinion  that such
titles mry attact patronage in large  cities
they are letitiental to small ones.
"'We also took t the matter of the man-
agers carrying  miutual lialility policies, and
iof intcororating the Assn-iation, which will
probabitly ie  n- in the near future. The
Avsociationi has  nothing  w1hatsoevsor to  do
wiith bookiings, its lij-ts being to mutually
prott it, memr,,  anit to uplift the stag,.
oI  Stoi  I1ity  P'i'atrin g.
W I,- . lo II, liiI- I1   thI I i ii  -sNaul-0itI II It-1hit o e r
assistance to tto- ing the piatiig of plays
by reitoire c tipanits and whe, we tinI
this is being don  all inembets will be noti-
fieil, ando such company will not le allowed
It pit ott thie pirated play.
"It is gratifying to note the harmonious
spirt  which  prails among   the members.
Our giowli   has  xcel  ot- ex eations.
(too, l-lies is Ito give eserybodly asoquare deal,
ant ally tias ling taltager is inited a  sub-
itit ]its griiraists to the Association, atid the
Secretary allI a board swill act thereon in an
impartial manner, andi a     fair decision  be
AIIIintlon   Probable.
"Mr. Hber. s-crotay    of th , Northwest
Theater Manag-rs' Assaiaitioi wias a visitor,
lind is tonsilering alllitliiu  his organization
with ours.
n  W.  In. TIl- tie rolti-itte  esilnt. tas
tiot a  ottiui~iltt  fot  re--letion,  althulgh
tirged by a miajority of the members, includ-
ing his succ sor. Mr. 1ell ias fulfilled the
uties of his office itt a capable manner.
'All if the officers oere i-teld by acclama-
tion, and the presenit otl~ci's are, the unani-
imous chnice of the Assotiation, there being
nio lissontiing vot in any case."
The next annual lieting will be held oil
April G. 1909, at Chicago.   Invitations were
,xtilt-td by the ningling Brothri and the
AIiit, ty Opera house i, attiliT the performian-
tths-     attm , I I  in i  l-  .  A  n
f  1mi.ks  wa~s  passed  hi  1l 1,  A~ v  Ia (.
T      I Il igo Aloving Picture and Pro-
j -'ting -Alaichuii- Operators' Protective
I 11nIon, branch No. S, were granted a
Icutirter till Ariitl 1 by the International Al-
liatite of Theatrical Stago Emploi-s of Ite
l'nited aStiton ani Canada, affiliated  ith
ite Chintgo Federation of Labor and the
Irittrcat   Fderation of Labor.  The fol-
lowing olicers were elected: President, Wil-
1Villisin II. tlavill
liamt II. Haill; vice-president, James A.
slonxokr. se'retary, .1t  Bernstein, treas-
ure r, John .J. link. Regarding the associa-
tion, President William Hi. 1lavill said to a
repreenlittilu of THE SHOW     WORLD:
Ains of Organization.
"..This organization is comosed of first-
class operators. who can demonstrate their
proficiuncy to be entrusted with a0 moving
picture imachine and the responsibilities con-
nected therewith, and the general public
may rest assured that places employinge
union  operatios it-ill receive a  long-felt
want in the satisfactory projection of ani-
mated photography and be assured of safe-
"It is gratifying to note the immediate
response with which the call for a union
met, and thern is no doubt that all capable
operators wIll soon be enrolled upon its lists.
The organization was spontaneous, and ev-
ertthing moved along it a harmonious man-
ner, Indicating that wye are all of one mind,
aind sinclelin lesing to  lift tie pecondi-
tionts sutrrunudting the a-orb of tiuc optertor,
wlIcli till uouit1to the biit of every-
boils identifiu-I with tile filtn Induusty, in-
cluding the theater owlner and the general
General Co-operation Assured.
"It is a fact that given the best machine
on the market, and first class films. an in-
coumpetent oporator  fllanot project a good
picture upon the scurenti. upled to which
is the datiger ef damage to the film and the
machine. to say nothing of the personal
cltger to wlhiti patrons are subjected.
"The cring need ouf such alt organization
has hoon discussel throughout the industry,
and t   al- proii-d the co-oIatiotn ant
iupport  of  all  identillh'I  th rowI- th,  incrlud-
ing  ITh  at'.r  min% r  and"  i  ilnming s tl
reti  i-s and film m-anuaiturttrs."
'Tlhe last regular ei-  ting  ais held at
Assemtbly Hauull, 106 Huan1dolpholl str-,t, Thirs-
hay, April lt. at  hih  itOrtant matters
itu-re discussel.   A  furth-r report iof this
oranitzation 1ill appar ill the next issu
of TE8II  A1101A    I WORL.D.
President lavill is Grateful.
Oil 1elalf of th  tnion Pre-ident lavill
extends throulgh i1 so columns his hearty
a ppaintiioft of the i-operation and assis-
tance rendercd by Le At. Hart, secrotary-
tre-asrit-r, and John ALirsh, president, of
I   toa  N. 2. it t-c Ilternatinal Allitnce
ISltuog- Etilous of the Uitedlli  Stales
-ni Canada, ill hit' prelimIntiinary work lead-
i to th, organization.
President lavill also d-sired to oxpress
his dup glatitudlt for tle hontuor ouConferred
tilon hit inl cletting him  its chief (x cu-
AiIe Mr. Haillit, ben identifiod with
theatrical staot  lighting ait  moving pic-
ture projieelion apparatus ii the city of
Ihicago for tlh lIst fourteen Nears, and is
wNoll and faorably kot wn throughout the
Ilit  I  Stats.  His  illiition  with  the  a so-
oiitIti in all 1s-ei\ut- <aiit leads a de-
Wree, of int and conflIdenceo in thle mlove-
tent nwhilhl soliultd ut I- understimtated.
THE SI1()- Wtlt ii-lhes him        and his
assocites su-u0s0   and  beli- s that the
fieturs set.d w vill safel- guide the newly
ltuolo-od craft Ihtrough  all  sntorms  and
lround all rocks whil  may loomtu up.
.I III1 TIII1 011E  itll.
L't        uti's s  lieris  ireakitowi n   and  Iler
En'lgageumentis Are Ca nvellei.
New Yorlk, April 15-Mioss Julia Mallwie is
lying seriouos ill in the Plaza li1thl as a
result if a i-rivous breakdowndute primarily
to the charges made against he by a divorce
litigant a ieek tugo, ant to the iarIships of
a season of tn iltwks of one-night stands.
Ht doctors have olured the Shuberts to
-an-I all of her engagmients for the next
fortnight.  Mits  ATarl,.o's physiciJan, Dr.
AT. Allen Starr. and Jollr attorney, Herbert
5,attrlo, have foinid it unwiisue to coIsut her
for hit,' timo being i-netring thle introduction
of her name in i Boston dlivorce suit.
I Ia- h-1on forcou to tct indtpendontly."
saith MS. Satte-lee to-atyI,  Ibut the public
Iav rest assure that to lmore lwarranted
or tutrageous as-Iull was ever Imote upon a
oo womiant's reputation.'
Conried Metropolitan Season Opens at
.1uditorium il on April 20.
The Meatrilliut Irand Opera Co., of New
Ytrk, higins at weki , engagement at the
Atiliuilium I,  chi-go.  iiuoer  the'  direction  of
Heinrich Conull, An hlay, April 20. Th list
of operas Iu he  irtsted ant  the leading
singers are Is followls:
Monday,   ti Ilwintutu, Mliits. Ftrar, Der-
titnet MM. lIto.           '-rlichiH   Dufriche,
Siotti.  ('tuluctor  Fer i.
M attfiel.  11oconer:  11'11 C:....  '.\it  . ..   h n n ,
S t!ai( rli,  ('ConduitI ,  F.rrorI a .
I ,L,    i n  I  i -I  ii ,    tt
"I c.2
Ni ni.  Ele -    Die Walkuere. Mmes.
I ilr % Iurokat-I, Fr-omsttiv,, Homer; MM.
utalltr, totritz, Blass. Conductor, Htz.
Thusday - Double - Cavalleria  RuSticana.
11sii,  Foria, Atlld, Jacoby; MM. Martin,
1;gue. F-ollowed by Pagliacci. Mnes. Alten,
I t    1 it   Reiss, Mucillmann, Scotti. Con-
Friida - Mignon. Mines. Farrar, Jacoby,
AOt    1M. Bonci, Dufriclie, Lucas, Plan-
an. - ondoctor, Bovy.
Saturlday Mat.-Iris. Mnes. Enma Eames,
Ftnia:  MM. Caruso, Muehlinann, Scotti.
('niuctor, Ferrari.
Fatur-lay Eve.-Tristan and Isolde. Mines.
rl-enitstal. Hoier; MM. lturgstaller, Muehl-
miann. lei-s, Bayer, Goritz, lass. Conluctor
. UI. 1'.eingarden I iderguies Operation.
I. 1l. Weingarltn, ianagr of the Troca-
(e1rn th.-ater, <Chicago. unob10-wlnt anl oper ation
tot  alttlicliitis  at  the  Mity  hospital,  April
1;4. Th perationi was successful and Mr.
lo in att-I-   is  '"ling  ea sily.
L. 'I. tiol'ardson  in  California.
I-   1.  ichitnisl t.  lit-  Il-t  if  the  Richard-
-it Ball 1ciiithg Skaite  ha.sIt  b-li spend-
i the last fv  ileck oti his raco at Red-
lati-s, Catl. Ali. Rlichardson is accompianied
lby his wvife, tntl in wNriting to the General
I iector of 'IHE SHONW  WORLD states that
hoth have ben greatly benefited by their
trip, and are enjoying the best of health.
Alt. Richarson was in San Francisco last
itt-k awaiting ite arrival of the American
floti,  atl  ill  retuin  to  Chicago  about  the
sijidle if Alay.
George Kleine Goes to New York.
tb-eorge Kleino. pr-sidInt of the Kleine
tiptical  Co.,  mtta'le  a  flying  business  trip  to
Ntw Ytrk last weck. The Kleine Optical Co.
will shortly opeit up a branch office in
lostilt, Maos., f r thi hanIling of the Kosmik
tilm  er ic
Gieneral Circus Notes.
it, ti-l Agent Frel Heckman, of Ailler
it    ],,.' ii Hanch Wild West Show is in Chi-
igO- 1iaking after the preliminary arrange-
m      cnts for the Colis-uim engagement to open
April 2:1 for two wieks.
john H. Spark's railroad shows is doing a
H   -uin-s through the Carolinas.
.1iimes AtIams tent shows is ieeting with
ss it South Carolina.
To Tax Filim Shows.
The Ilgislature of the 1roiince of Ontario,
ian., is consiltring the passage of a bill
which itioses, among other things, a tax
of .5 a lay for each motion picture show
wititi the province. The picture men are
igol-ttsla citalgthe measure, as fit addi-
tioto  payin I ~ tl l-  local  ta  i f itt It-  lown  in
wNhich they are exhibiting they hioldl this tax
i  t1l  I,  til  linjuii t  hiurden.
Ilegulating Film  siaNws.
Th tity cut -f i  it I anna, Mont., passed
ill  oi-linanti-  hit  ik  I roviling  rules  and
r; osulations for th- installation of moning
)i(tlure machines, andot for the wiring thereof,
al for lh  appliances cnnected therewith,
a I  ft  th,  1s-n- trutilt  if  b--ths  for  such
mna, hine.
lialler in Big Enterprise.
Saii I'. Haller. amusement liooter, left
I hicago for  Now Yotk, April 15. It is not
unlikoey that AIr. Haller iwill shortly sail for
1 -no.E  in  nnitietion with an amuse-
inent -xlIiitation if consiIerable magnitude
to  it-  launitt-l-l  oIn  th  other side.
Coxey Sails April 18.
Willard 1D. Cox-.y, the circus prss agent,
sails  Saturtla-  morning.  April  1,.  ol  the
Anwiricanl T]ranspor talimn liner Mlinnltonlk for
Enoi dl,,n ,  gIn- ,  wh r  h,1  ,  ,e  will  s penad  th ,
nitalng u  .. i otr.  It  i-  I. e  xiiiI 's  intention
to mnake a thorough tou    'of thle British
Isl-s.  ie will imake his h-adquarters in
london and speloli oisid rabole time in that
Stolwe Reports for Duty.
J. B. Stoive, Ii-hour mal ahead of lth-
I1 1lti t  w-  til'  ShI w  itas  at  lhe  tar-
I ll laisIt cl t ,roo  for duls. Ao'ilIIt
the oxcoiption of threo soasons, Air. Stowro
has been   w ith the big show since IsfR.
During the past wN inter lie has conducted
a picture shlyN ill Columbus, Ohio.
Morro  Signs With Barnuin.
Jas. A. Morro- has signed with the Tar-
nunt & Haile Slowis for the season of 110,
adtl wi jail ji ti  show at Brooklon, April
I'at, Talks in Circus.
-rank Tate. the St. Louis vaudeville mag-
nate, was in Chicago last Wednesday and
attended the Rinzling Bros.' circus at the
At the Olympie and Haymarket.
Nat Wills, the tramip comedian, vas the
heaiy-typed on- on the good bill presented
at the Olym1pic last week.   The program
include(]l:  Nat Al. Wills, Roberts, Hayes
and Robert,,. Macarlts Dogs and Monkeis,
Cora Aiimot and company, Bessie French,
tart . igfriod, 0ntttIaghe1 ant  Barrett,
I tree Wislolo, lotly and W-ild, Pero 11111
AVilson. Stuait and Keeley. Cook and Oakes,
Minton and the kinodrome.
The Star Bout was the feature of the
Haymarket hill. The list of clever enter-
tainers  included:
EIwi-ard LTnaine, Gil Brown. Wansley-
Brewer   olpanllN\. C1pitmIpan  Sisters  ant
Pick. Flix. Barr and Harrm, Mullen and
Cor1lli, Willilr Mack and company. Amie
itie, Kitt sitophe.s Salt Goldman, Ken-t
dall Do and th kinodromt.
The  htills  i>ifor l it  i lte  Chica-o  f1wnters
devo ed  t.  hu le 1:,la t  --k  lio-  ],,,n
preiosl    r         homn  in es Own colnns
April 18, 190b.
lila  111 ~*i'ui oG ' PuiP I-'T\\ii lsuiu i.
I du  l ornonk of Alnn Fromt liom1e Co.
Celebrities Aiiniversar,
ldl VIoinon of Thli  Al-i From Home
comiill  celeb rated 1the anniversary of
hei  2nd yeir oIl the stage April 15.
Illis ntolu lift n adon of tue fatitaiesti
Alidsumiimir Night's Dream, April 15
s6. S11t wits thenl twelve years old
and sIlh- is i-rold to say that she has
not liissed  a  single seton on ihs
stage since then    As a leading actress
she sltil)ortd I-tiIvinB }-ootI for many
Alirs, and duirilig the Civil war was a
sltnr Ints ei Stittl, Iolay' ilt  East Luynne
rv t 120 Iigits.  Twice ste ran the
blockade in order to get to Niw York
tilid back  agaiti   After til ir she
tloaed the rle- of Sister Genosvie is
'ie Two Orphans in New        York and
has Iliayed many othir prominent roles.
Gollimar Iterald Makes Hit.
The advance herald for the Gollimar Bros.
shows, just off the Itand-McNally presses, is
undoubtediy one of the most striking pieces
of circus lit-rature ever issued.
Williams Joins Gollnar.
Lon Villiamis, iho was with tho Gentry
Bros. shows for eleven  arsil. a1 niuober of
them as -eneral agent, will I- identified
with the (Illmar Bro=. showis as aisistant
to Fred Golliar, in the adiance. THE
SHOW WORLD joins ivith a host of friends
in wishing him   unbounded suiccss in his
new field of operation.
Fredericks in Northwest.
Charles Il. Fredericks, gintral mianagero
the Royal Indoor Cir-ts, trailatl business
in St. Paul and Minneapolis Iist week.
1Yho's 1-ho on Stage Issued.
The ls08   ilition iof Who's Who on the
Stage has been issued. The vork contains
700  coiplete.  authentic  and  up-to-date
sketches of the iarecrs of the prominent
actors, actresses, manag-rs and playwrights
of the Ameriican stage, ant over fifty half-
tone  illustiqtions  of  the  Ira1ig  lights of the
dralmatic profession, bond it in attractive
gisen cloth binding, simtiuously stamilel in
gold. The book is olited by Aalter Browne
and iE. De Roy Koch, in the Knickerbocker
theater building, New York.
Culnlains' Wild West Notes.
Miss Ittz-I Moran, the only real '-- ibiy
Girl" as wiell is lady rider and trick roper,
has contracted iwith Cummins' Wild West
and Indian Congress for the seasons of 1908
and 1909. Her triek roping has the indorse-
ment of te public alt  cier act  1ill be one
o-f tito gi-it-t 0111actit-ls abroadi.
Henry Stingii  Beat, I. S. Government
Indian Inte1rpretr of Cummis    Wihi West
mnd Indian Congres , wil ...e tourig Eng-
Iin iand the C-ontinent wvith the al-<i- ag-
gregaltion seasoins of 1911S and 1l:.
Almong lth  distinguished Indian  Chiefs
who haei joined Col. Cummins' ANild West
and Indian Congress is the famrous warrior
'hief "Hed Shirt," who was presented to
King Eciatd some )ears ago as the head
if the Sioux trib. The Chief is moro than
pl-ased with the thoutis of being pre-
s lted to his Majesty once more.
Stella Martine For Vaudeville.
Stella Martiell, formerly with Ichr 1\.
cavage's Prince of Pilson and Sulton of
Solu, is  soon   to  enter  valtlovillo i  In  tr i-
inal sket-lh now eing written by i, il-
known author, Frank Tannehill. li   311iss
Martine  will  1)  assiste  I y  L o.  11  I the
turop-anut <incer  iiho  has  t - I ile
thiroughti Eturope.
Will iaie New Sketch.
Tolo  lorri  the  sictac a -i   L  is
soonl  to -----t   ia ri l ill,  in  i  ll k  toh
110n1  bi g  tritten    F  ink  Taill  .Jr.
Miss Yb-rri will to assisted b t:1 ier
little comiedinielot  Cliha Martine, fti  it-fy
with Henry AV.    tvag's Prince of I 11sen
and Sultan ot Sula   opais
Aore Houses For Sultivan-Considine.
Do   5 it--il,  of  te a Sullivan-Considile
torce-, r-trtii-i tIC Citags lasl weolk 1ot11
a trp through Oilahoia and Texas. Il-re
1 t organied A circuit of te-n iwecks which
will 1-e bonked by Paul loudron from the
Chicago offies.  Asct  returning frlm the
easnt will play TDrnver, then down this-'ugh
Oklahoma and Texas, lil into Ark-tl-  tnd
ack  to  Chtictag7. M1. Fishll al-,  si t-nI a
contract to book the nLw vaii n t Wi  the-
ater at Wichita, Kan.
Carrie Scott in Chingo'
The original Carrie Scott art , I n Chi-
cago April 12 and opned an en-,g ienit
at th  Ro-al theater. The presInt visit is
her first to Chiago in two years, having
been kept in the east by popular dimandll
Milwinukee's New Vaudeville Theater.
The Majestic, Miliaukee's new vaudeville
theater, will ii formally dedicated Monday,
April 20. Ttw hous-, which is situated on
Grand avenie, is one of the iandsonwst
playhouses in the west. The opening bill
toill include 1Yilliamt Hawttroy & Co., WiAl-
100 Jones ant' nianche Deyo, Bessi, NV ill,
1111111-s Bears. Jatk Gardnler, Cattl,. 1 mili.
and the Royal Musical Five.
Get Another Playhouse.
The   Chiambe1crlin-Harringt  rirtuit
1hetaters will include the Theator Heatiflifi
at -Waterloo, la., a Stroture built a Nettr
ego at a cost of $75,000, and one1 of te
Inest houses in control of the syondicate. A
change has 1 i-n mlad- in the bookilg or-
Iongenients, also, 10 wlhich Georg tl. loI,
is- loiks after lhe ibookings,  11iiI clanlze
ni"~n in fliltui ill T- a-Ile in <'li-tgo
antd N-w Yok.

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