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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

Hoff, J. L.
Things theatrical in Empire City,   pp. 6-7

Page 6

0 (1.  j"J1inqahivdiilinlln`11pitc(J'ik
NI1-'1 YORK, Aril 11 -A slight falling
off in the attendance at maly of this
t radwar playIsiles has been noticed
turing the past wek, though the- most
popslular suc'esses are still doing a Capa-
its  hsiess.  There is no change itn ts .
hill,  at  the,  principal lIuIse'.  Bertha  Kalich
in larta of the L~owltuis at the Iarden
theater closed April 4 ol account of lack off
patronage. The Garden seems to be too far
down town.
Monclayl nigtaApril n6. sans tlip psrodtuc-
lion of Tue Royal AlutteI isy Satisiet Cla-
gett at the Garrick. This is a story of the
Canadian Northwest, writtens by Cecil B.
and W. C. de Mile. presenting Cyril Scott
in the star partntriesutenant O'Byrne. 'The
stage' settfings introduced  mountains, for-
es.t, and lumber camps, which are suffi-
cieltly piCturesque.
I\t-eardting  to  the  story  tieutenant
O'Hirnie. stith Plenty of brogue, is sent into
tile scuds to brinig hack a niurderer. Wh ilIe
ests tite lots tie fallts in lose seiti a half-
breed ngirt. whso iroves to  ee a sister to
thle tan tie tins been sedit to catch. so tie
lets tie fellos n escape and surretilers tit-
self for treason. To straighsten things out
it is made to appear that tile shooting was
justifled, and  that the alleged  murderer
wtas really entitled to fricdom and a re-
sward. This discovery sets everylsosdy right.
tend the ending Is a happy olt,. Tn the
cast wcitK nitr. Scott are lCharles B. Welts.
Arthur  Kenneth.   Charles  Lamb, (CInca
Baidick,E Duane  Wagar.   Harry   P ol  .
Griffithi  Evans.  Ethel  Wright.  Brighami
Rovce. Elwrood Bostwick, George Archibald
and Charles Lane. Favorable mention was
given the play by the critics.
Alt English version of Papa Leonnird.
tmaide by Mre. Kate Jordan Veranilve. was
presented at tie Bijou theater, wcith Henry
E. Dixcy in the title role.
The play was produced in New York about
a year ago, welen the Italian actor, Mr.
Ernstte Nevell. appeared in it at etie Lyric
Itt ea ter1.  Its stoVry treats of thepisappen-
ings in the family of Papa Llabonnard, who
Is a lovable old watch-isaker.     iJe has
amassed a    considerable fortune lut has
continued his profession out of love for
it.  His household is ruled b    his wife,
iho has social ambitions. A daughter has
falls-s in loe with a phsysician. who ha
attended her during a1n illiess and she dis-
sI-ers  a secret in  connection with   his
hirth. but is desirious of marrying hiT i
.Obtjsections are raised to the match, but
papa Lehonnard. being desirous of bring-
ing to a happyv issue tie love affair of tlis
adlired daughter, proceeds to gradually ob-
tails the uppr hand in his own home. In
order to carry his point he is obliged to
confront his mife with evidences. which are
in Isi psossecs sion of her, infidelily.
D)on Quixote Produced.
Important among the week's offerings is
the first production on any stage of Pall
Kester's version of Don Quixote, in Ihich
E. H. Sothern appeared    April 7 at the
Lyric theater.  Cervante's clasic tale of
the  life atnd deeds of   the Knight Don
Quixote she la Mancha is deservedly well
known, and lit-. Kester in his dramatizi-
lion has endeavored to retain the spirit of
the original ant in recasting the hook into
a playv lie onlty took suich libserties as swere
necessary to epitomize it so that it could
tie played itn three gets.
Tr. Sothern   acted  the  title  role.  f
cosrseto and met   ith  success.  Rowlasid
BI setne. scis has been a measlir of ll'.
Sothern's company for twentr years, played
the part of Sanco Panza. This makes the
fifth produlction given  y tr. Sothera dur-
ing his enigagement at tise Lyric theater.
and everyone of them have hien a success.
Bills at Popular Prices.
The following are the hills at tlhe thesa-
ters  playing   popular   prices  for  the
cusrrent  week:   American. Wine, TYon-
an  and   Song: Blaney's Lincoln    Square,
Edla LMay Spooner in The Wife: Dtoies.
Keitlucky Belles; Fourteenth street, Happy
Isaligan's Trip Around the World: Gothai
theater, Strolling  Players: Grand  Opera
house. Rogers Brothers in Panama: Hubcrs'
14thi Street M iselum, curiosities ald vaude-
s-Ile; Hurtig and   Searnon's Music   Hall.
Robio's Knickerbockers; Murrav Hill, New
York Stars: Metropolis, The Girl from   the
Golden West; New    Star. Broadwsy After
Dark; Thalia theater. Tony the Boothlack:
West End, Busy Izzy's Boodle; Yorkville,
The Smart Set.
Tile Vaudeville Hiouses.
The folloing list  rill glie an idea of
tie igh standard of vaudeville being lre-
sented at clite differenit theaters in N-sr
York ti sweek:
Alhambra.-Alice Lloyd, Simon. Gardner
and company, O'Brien and Havel, The Me-
Naughtons. The Farrell Taylor Trio. The
Big City Four. Mayme Remington and Her
Picks, Those Four Girls.
Colonial.-Joe Welch and company, in At
Ellis Island, James Thornton. Belle Blanche,
Terry and Lambert, The Rose De Haven
Septette. Ed. Blondellen and company. Ge-
noar's Gondolier Band, Howard and How-
ard, and The Kratons.
Keith & Proctor's Fifth Avenue-Trixie
Friganza, Karno Troupe in A Night in tsei
Si umns of London. Rose Coghlan, Burr liMi'-
Intosh, Elinore Sisters. Six Nossrs, Cirlise
Moore and company, Charlene anu      'har-
Keith & Proctor's Fifty-Eighth Street.
Mlaurice Levi's Band, The Pullman Porter
Maids. (IsMande  Lambert, Pekin   Zouaves.,
T'iInrd  Sitis and  company. A]. 1holan,
Patrice and Friend and Dossning.
Keith & Proctor's 12.,th Strset.--TTourini,
Harry Vantl Tilzer, .Tssie Milward and c-
pany. Lily Lena. High Life in .Tail. Ioe
Hart's Electric Crickets. Vynne and Tewsi.
The Sophomore and the Freshman, Hill and
Hammerstein's Victoria th-ater.-Williorn
Rock and Maude Fulton. Minnie Selignn
and TVil lim Brainwall. Tntie TCr- ansi
.o11pany.  ,ti s  Nitthwsrth,  J in  Ii lcl,
Patented in the U. c. August 31. 1897
Reissued January 12, 1904.
All our subjects are with titles and bear our
Our Films are fully protected by patents and supplied only by
- Just Out -
Long Distance Wireless Photography
Length       =   366 feet.    Price   =  =   $44.92.
One of the Most Comical Films Ever Produced
-Out Last Week-
A Night With Masqueraders in Paris
Length,  =   =    363 feet     Price  -   -  $44.56
As a Comedy Creation this Film has no Equal, and will cause
Out Next Week
Length    =  =   458 feet.   Price    =   =  $54.96
The Most Mysterious of All Mysteries
Let us bear from you if you wish to receive our weekly bulletins.
TI,. Is--- Ic-i- Lloyd, Shean and Wa-
r    In Th  B ittons.
P'sstsr's thater.-Chas. B. Latll ist
dau'ghsters, Mr. and  lilrs. HatlPh  Lew \\is,
Matt.rian and Detin', hltedIan's Dogs, hIa-
r. 'the lMozarts, Nat .Ternm- and      n-
at.    'nsty  -t       siLomlair and  man, .t. W...
Costly Yaudeiille Production.
Announcement was masde this week that
during Easter week Jesse L. Lasky scould
lsroduce at tlie Fifth  Aven  oneoter TI'
Love 'Wahtz, the latent of Viennese spesi
etta. The piece was written by Mr. Lask,
and Guy Bragdon, the music by (Char]s_
Berton.  It carries a chorus of men atl
siomen, escry one of    houn is oare  tia
six feet its se igist. and linen castt of tin-
cipals which would do credit to any whole
evening's entertainment.  Pretty Miss Au-
droe  Maple is the prima-donna and Celia
Valerius has the comedy role. The com-
tinny itill earr- tsso staehusshIN isotuon, a
stage  mtanager, alt electrician. a husines
manager alnd several extra musi-aus.
Sceusicahh I- it stitt tie Insst elabsilate, ths
great sets is-laving hien speciall ypainted ty
F ra  E-rnest .11e rts. asse  tse  co-stssies.
which  are costly and beautiful, are the
work of Comselli of Drury Lano    theater.
'h'lse waltz mlody and mi-ment are ex-
teced ho creat as    tuch furare us hi
those if Thle -Mterry Widotc. Thil trill he
one of the  ost elaborate productions ever
tint on its saushesthe.
lDe KoBen Operettas for Vaudeville.
liartin Beets. genserah Tinaliagor of ttss
Orphoum  Circuit., has made an exclusive ar-
rangement with Reginald DeKoren. the fa-
mous American composer, for four one-act
operettas by the popular writer of Robti
food. Foxy Quiller, The Highwayman. Ti,
Red Feather and The Crusaders, Ros 1-
and   nearly  twenty-five  other  successfiil
light operas. These offerings which will 1
staged by the Producing Department of It.
OrpheunF Circuit, under the directioi  o
Charles Foteky. wnihl ho cotiplete nousieill
comedies condensed    into  thirty  msinsiteS.
and will be utilized as a regular vaudeville
act. playing two weeks in each city.
Mr. DeKoren will have as his collabora-
tor on these miniature musical plays R-t
ort B. Smith, author of Fantana. A Knilit
for a Day, and Mexicana. He trill proil
the necessary lyrics.
Each sketch will be mounted and      ets
with the same care that would charater-
ize a complete production intended for a
Broadway   run  at high   prices and 'Mr.
Heck sintends to make them    distinct fet-
tuires next season. As this will be one of
the first efforts of tho no"c producing de-
partmsen1t the results wrill be watchod tiith
great interest among vaudeville managers
and artists, as mle us by their patrons.
Vau,,devillc 'Noctes.
The opening of William Rock and Maude
Fulton at Hammerstein's Victoria theater
this  eek was announced by a procession
of twenty-five sandwich men, wvho paraded
Broadway from    14th street to 42nd. and
was accompanied by hundreds of admirers
of those clever artists.
Elfle Fay is playing her last engagement
in vaudeville this Neek, as she has b-on1
engaged   for the  leading role in   A. E.
Aaroas' Hotl Cherks.
Eva Tauquay hos signed a contract for
a two months' tour of Europe. Her salary
will be two hundred pounds a week.    The
engagement was made      by the   Marinelli
The Leamy Ladies, who made such a
hit with their aerial act with the Barnum
&  Bailey Show. will play a number of
urls and vaudeville cngagements during
the suommer.
Trixie Friganza is investing the money
she is getting from her vaudeville engage-
ments in Long Island real estate.
Photographic pictures shoving phases of
the tour of Secretary Taft are heintg shownt
in connection tith Burr McIntosh's teture
out the tour at one of our vaudeville houses
this week.
Richard Golden was oue of the vaudc-
ville performers who made good at the
Shuhert dinner given by the Friars.
John Daly, inho is one of William Morris'
lieutenants, says that tle Morris circuitT
next season will startle and surprise ever,
one, and that the office is nows booking
iany foreign acts.
Wotan. the balloon horse now st  ith thue
BarnumS &   Batley Show, wvill play parks
and hig vaudevills theaters this sumlimer.
'le baby elephant itit    the Barontis
Bailey  Showtt wiill play  vaudeville boue
during the coming seaeon.
Miasude L~ambsert is playing one iveet its
vaudeville me Kolb and Hill are not play-
ing Lonesome Town this week. She returss
to the cast as soon as they go on the
New Show at the Circle.
The Merry Go Round is the title of ilh
new show which trill be installed at the
Circle theater about April 20, or a icek
later. It inas given its first produection at
the Lyric theater, April 13. Edgar Smith
and Aaron Hoffman wrote the book, Paul
West the lyrics and the music is bIy Gu
Edwards.   Before the play is brought to
New York the Circle theater will ie rono-
vated and redecorated to the tune of $5.000.
In tlhe cast will be Mahlhe tite, Taices .T.
Morton. Bobby North. Ignacio liartimstti.
lillville Stewart. John Keefe. Max Free-
uan, George McKay, Join Cantwell. Pilleec
Wilson,  Horaothy  Jardon. Rita    Perkins.
11ahol Russell, Tohn Saw-cr, Ethel South-
gate. Edna Beltiont. Lillian Rice. Angie
Veinurs and the    Six Dancing    Stirimnps.
The Shrimps trill be one of the big faturos
,lo1 anre sald to he the smallest and icelist
sextette of dancors ever seen on Broad-
Monday. April 20. is the sate set for the
coming of George Cohan's A Yankee Prince,
in which the original Cohans will to re-
unites. The new Piece    as. givein it, first
prnuhtn at ITartforid, Count  \1 1. Fr-
lange-r  s,  it  aitI  stied B   that  it  i .   ...t..
ft b1
of  the  best of ts.  C-ian  sw  .a .  t ill fil-
loiw The Tralk of Nesy York at tile Kisick-
At the Circus.
Attendance records for the Barnum     &
Bailey engagement at -Madison Square Gar-
den held up strong all through. The per-
formance of Saturday. April 18, closes the
New York season and the big show moves
across the bridge to Brooklyn for a week
under new canvas, and isith its first parade
in five years. The only event of unusual
importance oflast weot tro  the christen ig
of the tsaby camel., borns on Atiril 3, tsy the
members of Mecca Temple of the Mystic
Shrine. This occurred on Monday, April 6.
The baby was carried to one of the stages
by George Conklin, the head animal ene
and there nused Mecca byi three befezed
potentates and a pint of joy water, and
cheers by 2,500 shriners on the benches.
Following the christening the clown con-
tingent ga-e a burlesque initiation that
ston tittitittiots applause.
One of the popular clown acts is Dick
Ford's hurlesque strong man.     Ford ap-
pears stith unusual muscular development,
Carrying weights labeled 5.000 pounds which
lie throws about with rare abandon. He
breaks a brick with a tap of his fist, tosses
a t''anInon hall its the air and finally strains
a mscle of his leg trying to lift two boys
ont a chair and limsps out of the arena anid
rinrs of laughter.
L.ast Saturday morning seVral of tie
clinwis and acrobats visited two of the
children's hospitals and gate a perform-
ance for the benefit of the little ones who
could not get out to the big shotw.
The circus train containing the parade
material. canvas and caup equipage ar-
rived in Brooklyn on April 11. and the
work of erecting the big canvas was at
once bseguna.  Everything is nloss in readi-
ness for the opening in that city.
Dutrinig the last sweek's engageiment o f
the showr in Neir Yortk tite intisatee of five
children's homes will be the guests of the
management at the matinee performances.
The active press agents of the Barnum
&  Hailer Show   have gotten more space
in the New York newspapers this year tha
has ever been gotten before. Whole pages
of pictorial matter and readers by the col-
unin were wveekly events.
Frank O'Donnell, the contracting press
agent of the show, Will remain at the Gar-
den until the close of the engagement. He
does the first five towns out of here by
iimiping away in the morning and return-
ing at night.
Hippodrome Happeninge.
G. S. Cole,. of the .thn teiinoln Big
Slios, ias a visitor behind the scenes last
wolk. and was searily groted by msaly
friends who had been on the road with
him.   He left this week    for Cincinnati.
where lie will again join the 10 Big Shows.
At theV close of the sen the  talagers
of the HiPpodromte will gile a banquet and
reception to all of the eniisloees. This is
a function that is looked forward to by
overybody connected with the show, as It
is aliways one of the most enjoyable events
of the season.
The Tedtlv Til of acrobt left ott April
1 for T. andotn Enzland  They ap n at the
to0t1(l  I I1   13 tt'OTie  iil  18I s .  t n  s i
152=154 E.Lake St.
Chicago, Ill.
Ity<cigeinent ill En:gland, France and Ger-
George Holland, one of the funny clowns
with the show, has received a liberal offer
to play a vaudeville circuit this summer
which he has accepted. He is now fram-
ing up an act that Nill be quite a novelty.
After a twenty weeks' engagement at
this house Mr. R. Castang. iwith the Hag-
enbectk hrd of ticelve elephants, has left
to join the lagenbek-VWallace Shows. The
act received lots of praise from the news-
papers during thseir engageinent here, and
every night the qutick workitng of t1e hage
beasts drew out lots of applause.
New   numbers and evolutions are being
Put on every week     by the   Hippodrome
Cadets.. Captain iilirns kieps them busy
relsearsing every morning and the result is
that they always have something new to
offer.  They will play a summer engage-
inent at one of the big parks in this vicin-
Balno and Shaw    have prepared a new
act Which they have booked over a park
and   vaudeville  circuit for the summer.
They will not lose a day, as their engagc-
inents  start the tweek   after the  house
A daily parade is now given which not
oily helps to advertise Itse hotis- but also
gives the horses the benefit of exercise
in the open air.   Six of the lady riders
have boen added to the proces-ion and it
creates a lot of talk titere over the par-
ade goes.
Quite a number of the heads of depart-
nients attended the Friars' dinner given to
Mr. Lee Shubert at the Hotel Astor on
April 2.   All of the   employees of this
house were pleased sith this tribute civen
to their employer by the best cand ,f fel-
tosv's en earth.
B. Tootas. who has been with the Hippo-
dronie  force<s since hie  closed  ith  the
Buffalo Bill Show  last fall, left oti Auri
I for Patianma. Hie trill open s isuaber of
soving picture theaters on the Isthmus.
and has the best Wishes of his many friends
Marceline. the clown, is always up-to-date
in his burlesques.  He is now putting on
a  very funny burlesque    of The  Bonon
Horse. which is one of the features of the
Barnun & Bailey Shows. It causesc ,eaoms
of laughter at every performance.
April 1 was the third anniversary of the
marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cole, and a
grand reception was given in hon r of thist
event.  Many useful presents were given
the happy couple and large qitintitis of
"Fizz-swator" was consumd.    Mrs. Cole.
whose stage name is Tunanita Davis. has
beon with the company for two seaons.
Mr. Cole will leave here in a few dan. to
reslme his position as official announcer
for the THhenhsck-TWallaw Shows.
Charlcy Ediwards. io has bon one of
the "'pidler''s" at Luina Park for a nuibser
of ioars. is now acting as doortendor tire.
Many   of the employees of the    til-
drome  wtre for'erl  connneeted  wihll tie
circus that wvinters in Peru. ITdiina. and
ther would like to see more news in TIE
SHOW WOBLD from that city.
Phoebie Powers and     is educnted  piv
Inake  iorrs' during  th cloNs-t anetic  and
"'t 1,-d applaunn for their mnyI' amT ne-
April 18, 1908.
204 East 38th Street,
New York City

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