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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

Gilmore, George J.
The moving picture operator: news, views, and discussions,   p. 11

Page 11

amendment to this answer when it shall
have ascertained the same.
Patent No. 12,192 Are Void.
XVII. This defendant, further answering on
information and belief,saysthat saidreissued
patent No. 12,192 are void and of no force
and effect because the alleged improvement
altempted to tbeh patented thereby did not,
at the date of the said re issued letters pat-
ent, or at the date of the said original let-
ters patent, or at the date of the said al-
leged invention thereof by the said Edison,
involve or require invention; that in view
of the state of the art as it existed at that
time it did not require the exercise of in-
ventive faculty to devise and produce the
devices described and claimed in said re-
issued letters patent, but merely the exer-
cise of mechanical skill; and that the said
reissued letters patent did not produce any
newsand useful result not already known to
others and already In common use by oth-
ers skilled in the art of photographing and
reproducing representations of objects in
XVIII.  This defendant, further answer-
ing on information and belief, says that
the reissued letters patent here in stilt are
invalid for the reason that the same were
unduly, unlawfully and fraudulently ex-
panded and broadened during the proceed-
ings in the Patent Office for the said re-
issue, the said Thomas A. Edison claiming
in said reissued letters patent more than
he was entitled to claim, and claiming an
invention which was not included in the
said origi nal let ters patent, the said  cc-
Film Service Association Opens Branch Of-
fice at Cincinnati.
At a meeting of the executive committee
o the Film Service Association held in
Nanw verk, March 21, the committee voted
to open an office at Cincinnati, 0., in the
interests of the association.  This action
was taken because the association has no
representative in  that  city  and  it was
thought desirable to adopt vigorous meth-
ods to fight the opposition there.
It was decided that the office should be
owned and controlled by the entire Asso-
ciation and that each of the eighty-one
members of the Association should be of-
fered an opportunity to have a share in the
support and profits of the office. Further,
that the office should be opened at once and
conducted strictly under the rules and reg-
ulations of the Association and in accord-
ance with the manufacturers' contracts.
The Participating Pool.
'oile pool owning this office shall be irm-
posed of the members of the Association,
and the number of shares in the pool shall
net exceed 81.   The pool and the office
shall be managed by the executive commit-
tee of the Association.
Everyt member of the Association may
subscribe for a share for any branch house.
If after ten days from the receipt of notice
any members of the Association shall have
decided not to participate in this pool, then
the shares allotted to such members shall
he offered pro rata to those members of
the Association who have accepted and be-
came pool members.
The subscription  to each   share of the
Peel shall be $50 and 10 reels of film. The
total number ofsharesin the pooil shall not
exceed 81, and the total amount with which
the pool shall begin business will be $4,-
050 in cash and 810 reels of film, or as
nearly this amount as may be subscribed.
A check for $50 shall accompany each
subscription to the pool for each share sub-
scribed for and a list of reels of film  giv-
ing the names of the subjects upon the
reels, from  which list the committee shall
have the right to select 10 reels each to
contain approximately 1,000 feet of film and
when delivered to the office at Cincinnati
to be i  a condition  satisfactory  to the
conmmittee. No reals are to be sent in with
the subscription, but merely the list of
reels from which ten may be selected
Love Waltz Pretentious Act.
One ofthepretentiousnew     audeville fea-
tures is a musical act called The Love
Wltz. which never would have hapuened
had there been no waltz in The Merry
Widow or The Waltz Dream. Twenty-one
people and a carload of scenery are used In
the act.
issued letters patent being unlawfully and
unduly expanded and broadened during the
said proceedings in the Patent Office with
the object of covering improvements made
by others subsequent to the date of the
application for the said original leiters pat-
ent and developments of the art siibse-
quent to the date of the application for the
said original letters patent.
Reissued Letters Declared Void.
XIX. This defendant, further answering
on information and belief, says that for the
purpose of deceiving the public the descrip-
tion and specification filed by the said Edi-
son in the Patent Office in connection with
his said application for the reissued letters
patent in suit was made to contain less
than the whole truth relative to his alleged
invention or discovery, and also for the
same purpose    the  said  application  de-
scribed and claimed an article of rvhic
the said Edison was not the first, original
and solo inventor, and that the said re-
issued letters patent are therefore null and
XX. And now      this defendant, having
fully answered all in singular those portions
of the bill of complaint that is material
and necessary to answer, denies all and all
manner of things in the said bill alleged
which are not hereinbefore answered unto:
and it prays the same benefit of the several
matters and things hereinbefore alleged and
set forth, as if by reason thereof it had
demurred or had pleaded to the said bill;
and it prays to be hence dismissed with its
reasonable costs and charges herein most
wrongfully sustained.
They Are in Great Demand by State Fairs
in All Parts of Country.
Charles H. Duffield, western manager at
Chicago for the Pain Pyrotechnic Co., of
New York and London, has recently closed
contracts for the latest and largest Pain
spectacle, Sheridan's Ride, at tihe  Iowa
State Fair, Des Moines; the Indiana State
Fair, Indianapolis; Youngstown, 0.; Colum-
bus, 0., and Saginaw, Mich. The season of
this great spectacle will open at Madison,
Ind., May 29 and 30, during the big Home-
coming week celebration.
The other large Pain spectacle. Vesuviu,
has been contracted for by the Inter-State
Fair at Denver, Colo. Manager Duffield has
also closed contracts for a big display of
Pain's fireworks during the Wisconsin State
Fair. He reports that never in the history
of the firm has there been such a call for
these big spectacles and displays.
Plans Accepted for Fine Playhouse in Big
Tennessee City.
Plans have been prenared by tie archi-
tects, and accepted, for the erection at
Memphis, Tenn.. of the New Jefferson the-
ater. This edifice will adorn Madison ave-
nue, just east of Fourth street. Work on
the foundation began last week. Memphis
will soon have another modern, fire-proof
playhouse, costing more than $100,000, and
will be ready for the staging of stock work
early next season. The theater is to be of
yellow pressed brick, thoroughly modern in
every particular and absolutely fire-proof.
As anup-to-date playhouse it will have ev-
ery convenience, Its staging being of such
dimensions as to accommodate any pro-
duction. Its seating capacity will be 2,000,
and so arranged as to admit of a clear
view of the stage from any part of the
Manager A. B. Morrison, of Hopkins East
End Park, better known as the "White
City," and who for many years was asso-
ciated with the Hopkins Grand Operabouse
of Memphis, now the Orpheum, will be in
charge as manager. There is no better nor
more popular theatrical manager aiywbere
th~an A. B. Morrison, and that the house'
will meet with continued success there can
be no doubt.
Annie Yeamans Engaged for Li'l Mose.
Mrs. Annie Yeamans. who, since the death
of "Aunt Louise" Eldridge, has been the
grand old lady of the stage, has been en-
gaged to create an eccentric comedy role in
Li't Mose, which will be produced early in
It having come to our notice that certain firms,
members of the Film Service Association, have sent
letters broadcast containing the statement that any
exhibitor who uses Independent films will be liable to
having his theatre closed or taken away from him, we
invite the recipient of any such letter to send it to us
with an affidavit stating the manner in which it was
If similar threats are made verbally, obtain the
presence of a witness if possible and send us affidavits
testifying to the threats made.
This form of intimidation makes the offender
liable to severe penalties.
Kleine Optical Co.
52 State St.               CHICAGO, ILL.
120 E. Randolph St.,     -     Chicago
Railway Exchange Bldg.,         Denver
BrandeisBlock,- - - - - - -     Omaha
601 14th St., N. W. - - - - Washington, D. C.
Grand O'llouse Bldg.
Chicago Booking AgencySut30ad1
S- Sulte 30 and 31
CHICAGO                 87 S. Clark St.  Phone 5619 Central
LUKE BALFE, Manager     CHAS. H. DOUTRICK, Booking Manager
Booking Vaudeville houses in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin that were
on the late Henderson Circuit. Wanted good acts of every description to
send route and open time.
FDL-\OWING is the last series of answers
t the questions which a moving pic-
ture machine operator should be able
to answer in order to qualify for a license.
The preceding questions and answers have
appeared in recent issues of THE SH11OW
58. Do you think al operator of a mov-
ing picture machine should understand the
theory of electricity well enough to define
the units used in its measurement?    Ie
should understand the fundamental prin-
59. Do you think a knowledge of optical
lenses necessary?  Yes, as applied to mov-
Ing picture machines.
60. When you "trim," what do you do
with the short, hlot pieces of carbon re-
Moved from   lamp?   ilow long a lituc do0
tIhey retain the heat?  ohlu tlley come
in contact wvith the film would Ithey ignite
same ?  They should be placed in a mcetal
receptacle, filled with water; the carbons
retain  heat for about five minutes. and
would surely ignite film long after thle red
glow disappears.
01. Will half-inch carbon carry 50 am-
pores.  No should use five- eihths.
62. What has been the principal cause
of film taking fire in cases you know of?
Carelessness and smoking.
02. What is the meaning of the term
"short circuit,"  or "ground?"   To shunt
the current across the line witlout con-
ncting in resistance.  An escape of cur-
rent from line to ground.
64. Should the insulation on wires con-
nected to lamp become defective, leaving
an   opportunity  for  "short  circuit"  or
"ground," what action would you consider
proper?   Remove defective wires immedi-
ately; install new and heavier ones.
65. Will two 110-volt rheostats work
satisfactorily in series with a hand-feed
arc lamp, operating on a 220-volt circuit?
No, it requires special resistance to control
the additional voltage.
66. About what is the carrying capacity
im amperes of the ordinary hand-feed arc
laimp? Not over 45 amperes.
67. Would you cut in your lamp on a
circuit of 550 or 1,000 volts?  No, unless
you thoroughly understand high voltage.
68. How would you harness the excessive
voltage?  Consult and experienced man in
this line.
69. Do you think it advisable to use
small strands of wire for fuses?   Strands
of lamp cord as fuses are allowed in an
70. Supposing your rheostat proves satis-
isfactory, light apparently giving no trou-
ble, and you discovered your feed wires
were hot, what would that Indicate?      A
sure indication they are too light. If the
feed wires are heavy enough to carry the
amperage, and you find them hot this in-
dicates defective resistance.
71. What is "Greenflold" and "conduit?"
Greenfield is a spiral, flexible, metallic pro-
tection about wires; conduit as used In In-
side wiring is insulated non-flexible, iron
72. Is fiber and rubber a good or bad
insulation for an arc lamp?    No insula-
tion should be used in or about an are
lamp except mica, it being a perfect in-
sulation and impervious to 1hat.
7. ethn insulation would yot use to
protect wires passing ibrosigh sheet Iron
or metal?  Greenfleld, conduit, or porcelain
b4. What are-the advantages of a three
i   system?   For power as aell as light.
sa matking it easier to ballance heavy
T5. How   would yoi connect uin    your
lamp on a three wire circuit?     For 110
volts acrosns from either outside line to
center for nelulcal); 220 volts, across from
Ilvo otside tines.
76. Ros   would you determine the live
ie of a two wire alternating current cir-
cuit?  Roth lines are alive on a two wire
ss. mrhat. in your opinion, are the re-
quisite characteristics to enable a man to
become a good operator?   The fundamental
characteristics of a good operator are cool-
headednes. common sense, system, and an
adaptability for small, mechanical work.
At a meeting held at Assembly hall, 109
E. Randolph St., Chicago, last week, 3
moving nicture machine operators met and
perfected a union. A high dgre of com-
noteicy is reauired to become a member.
The objects of the organization are to up-
lift li conlitions of moving picture ma-
cblue operatOrs, secure a toroper minimum
wrac scale. and to secure the passave of an
ordinance by the city council reoulring all
onerstors to procure licenses from  the au-
thorities before they are entrusted with the
reepnsibility of handling a moving picture
The officers elected  are:  William   H.
Itavill, president: James  Sloneker, vice-
president; Joe Bernstein, secretary; John
.T. Pink, treasurer.
April 11, 1908.
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