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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

By-laws of big Film Service Association,   p. 8

Page 8

IIE great contest between rival moving
picture itteests it this country  as-
d ire cted genseral attenstion to thse vary-
ing phases of the struggle and each move
of the contlestants is swatchod wilt interest
by all who are affiliated weith the industry.
At the meeting of the Film Service Asso-
ciation at Buffalo, the by-laws of that or-
ganization were adopted, but their nature
was kept a close secret. Secretary Dwight
Macdonald forwarded a copy thereof to THE
SHOW    WOR LD last week and they are
published herewith for the first time in any
newspaper. The by-lawrs which follow, show
the scope of the association, and their pe-
rusal and study will be of advantage to
every moving picture man in the country.
SECTION 1. The name of this Associa-
tioni Sall be the Film Sereica Association.
SECTION 2. This Association is orgatn-
ized for the purpose f promting and safe-
g uardiisg tise interests of tisa filis-renting
concerns of the United States, of their cus-
tonsers t ie exhibitors, and of that portion
of thea public Iv iiel patronizes moving pic-
ture shows.
SECTION    1.  Any individual, partner-
ship or corporation conducting a legitimate
lism-renting busitss its te United States
is eligible to a rseosbershils its this Asso-
ciation for each and every separate film-
renting exchange owned or maintained by
each individual, partnership or corporation.
SECTION 2. For the purpose of mem-
bership in this Association, a "legitimate
film-renting business" shall be one equipped
to do a self-sustaining film-renting busi-
ness independent of any other office or
concern, that purchases new film for rent-
ing purposes to the average amount of at
least $1,200.00 per month.
SECTION 3.     Any   eligible  individual,
parnership or corporation desiring to be-
come a member of this Association shall
sign a swritten application for membership,
stating the name and office address of the
applicant, the names of the partners, the
names of the officers or directors, if a cor-
poration, and the name of the person who
wtill represent the tsemsbership in the Asso-
ciation in the case of a partnership or cor-
poration, that in how many, if any, moving
picture shows the aplicant is int-rested,
oither directly or indirectly, and the names
under which they are operated, and wheth-
er the applicant will, if elected'to member-
ship, give a Pledge not to rent film to any
person or persons   whom    the  applicant
knows to be re-renting it.
SECTION 4. If any member fail to pay
to the Treasurer the annual dues, or any
part thereof, any special assessment or at-
seasoiseis, swithtin ten days fro n the date
on shics they are due, the Treasurer shall
notify the Executive Committee who shall
thereupon declare such member suspended.
The Executive Committee    shall reinstate
such suspended member at any time with-
in thirty days of his suspension provided
that all money due the Association by such
suspended member shall be Paid before the
application for reinstatement is considered.
SECTION 5. If, subsequent to election,
the business of anly member be conducted
in known opposition to the Durposes of
this Association, as set forth in these By-
Laws, or if, subsequent to   election, the
member    shall  not   comply   with   the
requirements of membership, as expressed
by  these By-Laws, the Executive Com-
mittee shall, after receiving a complaint
as to the conduct of such member, make
an  investigation  thereof and give such
member a hearing and if after such in-
vestigation, four members of the Executive
Committee shall vote that the investigation
is  untfavorable to the member,   then   a
trintatd report of such insvestigations, giviing
the full facts in the case, shall be, lre-
pared and mailed to each member of the
Association. Upon receiving this   report,
each memnber of the Association shall mail
a ballot prepared and furnished wtith suei
report, in favor of, or against, the perma-
nent suspensioi or expulsion of such meni-
her, aitc tire-thtirds of the inbers afte
Association signifying in this manner that
they favor the permanient suspetision. c r ex-
pulsion, shall sutpend or expsel Sucs isseiss1-
her, otherwse else charges sisal1 be droipped
and the member exonerated.
Meetings of the Association.
SECTION    1. Ts e reguslar aisnual msteet-
log of this Associationi shall be held ott
the second Saturday in December of each
year at the hour of 11 A. M. at such lace
as shall hsave been designated byt'e pialre-
vious annual meeting. The Executive Com-
mittee shall cause notices thereof, stating
the time and place, to be mailed to each
member of the Association by registered
mail at least three weeks lin advanc of
such annual meeting.
SECTION 2. Special nitetings of the As-
.sociation may be called by a majority vote
of the Executive Committee. wyho      shall
cause notices thereof to be mailed by reg-
istered mail to each member at least two
weeks prior to the date of the meeting,
such notices to state the time and place
of holding the meeting and the turpos' or
purposes for   which   it is called.  Such
special meetings shall be called by the Ex-
ecutive Committee on a demand, made in
writing, of any forty members.
SECTION 3. A quorum      at all meetings
shall consist of a majority of the member-
ship. to be represented in person or by
proxy, but less than a majority may ad-
journ the meeting to a future date.
SECTION 4. At all meetings of the As-
sociation each  member siall be entitled
to cast one vote for every membership, i
person or by proxy. but no member shall
be represented in the meeting by more than
one Pet-ton enitllad to v'ote.
SECTION e. T    e anntal meeting shall
elect a President, a Vice-Prosident, a Treas-
urer, and two members of the Executive
Committee, all of whom     shall serve for
one year or until their successors are elect-
ed and qualified unless sooner resigned or
r eunved.
SECTION 6. The election of the Presi-
dent, Vice-President, Treasurer, and mem-
bers of the Executive Committee, shall be
by separate ballot for each, and the can-
didates receiving a plurality shall be de-
clared elected.
SECTION 7. The regular order of busi-
ness shall be:
1. Roll call and examination of creden-
2. Reading of the minutes of the preced-
ing meeting.
3. Reports of Committees,
4. Election of members.
5. Unfinished business.
6. N  te business.
7. Adjournment.
Executive Committee and Officers.
SECTION    1.  The Executive Committee
siall consist of the officers of this Assoe a-
Iis, cx-officio and of tseo addielotul meins-
bers to be elected at the annual meeting
of the Association, all of vhom shall be
members of this Association.
SECTION 2. No member, either direct-
ly or indirectly engaged in the manufac-
ture, inporting or jobbing of ren or in-
terested in any itay, either directly or in-
directly, in any concern so engaged, shall
be eligible to election as a member of the
Executive Committee or as an officer of this
Association. Any officer of the Association
or iemsber of the Executive Committee who
shall become so engaged, subsequent to his
election and during his term of office, shall
resign ont becoming so engaged, and his be-
coming so engaged shall operate as a res-
SECTION 3. Any vacancy caused by the
death, resignation or removal of any officer
or micmsber of the Executive Committee
may be filled for the unexpired term    by
the Executive Committee.
SECTION    4.  No ollicer or member of
the Executive Committee shall receive any
salary or compensation for his services, ex-
cept as hereinafter provided, but the neces-
sary and actual traveling expenses of the
members of the Committee     in  attending
meetings of committee or in traveling oi
other business of the Association shall be
paid after being approved by vote of the
Executive Committee.
SECTION 5. Any officer or member of
the Executive Committee may be removed
from oflice at any time by a vote of four
of the Executive Committee itn person or
by two-thirds vote of the Association in
person at any regular or special mseeting of
the Association. Any officer vho shall be
suspended or expelled as a membei of tie
Association immnediately becoms disqoahi-
lied as an oflicer and is removed by notice
from  the Executive Committee.
SECTION 6. The Executive      Committee
shall ex-rcise general supervision and di-
rection over all the affairs of the Associa-
tion, shall have the power to employ and
fix the compensation of such subordinate
oflicers, clerks or employees as it may deem
necssary to transact the business of the
Association, and shall have the power to
engage counsel, furnish and maintain of-
fices, and incur all other expenses that it
may deem needful to the ielfare of the
Association and the furtherance of the ob-
jects for which it is formed.
SECTION 7. It shall be the duty of the
Executive Committee to from time to time
investigate any matters ihich may arise
that it may deem   prejudicial to the wel-
fare of the business and the good of the
members of the Association, and it shall
hsave the post-ar to msakte else necessary cx-
ienitsret for such inquiries and insestiga-
tions, and to take action thereon if it dells
immediate action necessary.
SECTION    S. The Executive Committee
niay at any time, by unanimous vote of the
Committee, make such special assessment
or assessments on tie members of this As-
sociation asoitt nay de-o m ecessary to prsp
erly carry eut the policy aisd purposts of
the Association, but not to exceed $100 for
earls msetsber in any tear,
SECTION 9. Tie Executive Cosmmittee
Shsall hi resliois rcgularly  pasted  Olle
recorded in the minutes of their meeting,
designate the bank or banks in which the
Treasurer shall deposit the funds of the
Associatio, sues bank or baniks to be na-
tionsal hots.  All expendittures authorized
by the Executive Committee shall be paid
Pt c1 ck signed by the Treasurer and cout-
tertigred by else President,
SECTION 10. It shall be the duty of the
Executive Committee to have the books
and   accounts of the   Treasurer  audited
SECTION   11.  Regular meetings of the
Executive Committee shall be held without
notice imumediately following the adjourn-
ment of all meetings of the Association at
such places as the majority of the Execu-
tive Committee may agree upon.
SECTION    12.  Special meetings of site
Executive Committee may be called at any
timo lay the President on five days' notice
by ttelegrai or ten days' notice by regis-
tered mail, iwhtich notice must state the
time and place of holding such meeting.
The President shall call special meetings
of the Ex-cutive Committee on a written
demand of any three members thereof spe-
cifying the time and place.
SECTION 13. A quorum      of the Execu-
tive Committee shall consist of the major-
ity- of the memssbtrs in office but the Execu-
tive Committee, by majority vote, may del-
egate any nortion of its duties or powers to
sub-committees to be appointed     by  the
President and Vice-President.
SECTION    1.  The President and Vice-
President shall be elected at the regular an-
nual meeting and shall perform the duties
usually pertaining to their respective 0ffices.
SECTIO N   2.  The President shall fire-
.itle at all teetings of th  Association ant
of the Executive Conmnittee and shall have
the deciding 5oto, in case of tie, and if the
1-resident shall ho unable to act, the Vice-
President shall takte his p~lae anti perform
Iis dutics.
SECTION 3. The President shall call the
Executive Committee    together   when   he
deems it necessary and shall at all times
exorcise supervision andi direction ove the
business interests and affairs of the Ar sso-
SECTION 1. The Secretary shall be select-
ed by the Executive Committee by ma-
jority vote on such terms as the Committee
determines.   Ho shall not be a membei
of the Association, and he shall receivt
sucli compensation for his services as the
Executive Committee shall agree upon wilth
him. It shall be the duty of the Secretary,
in addition to the usual duties portainin6
to the oflice, to attend all meetings of the
Association and to keep a record of the
minutes of such meetings, which      recort
slia1 le correctly reduced to typeswritin1
under Iiis diirectiotn anti Subervsint, ane,
ie made the permanent record of the As-
sociatioti. Tils record of the mitlutes thai
le submitted to fte Executive Committe,
for  correctiotn after the adjournment   o
each meeting.
SECTION 2. Tise Secretary shall die-
charge such other duties as pertain to hi
office and as are prescribed by the Execu-
tive Committee.
SECTION 3. The Secretary shall mail oc
deliver to the members all notices required
by the By-Lawvs of the Association, and all
special itotices as directed by the Executive
Conmtiittee, ansd its case of his absence ot
refusal to do so, then such notices may be
transmitted by any person thereunto di-
rected by the President.
SECTION    1.  The Treasurer    shall  be
elected at the annual meeting and shall
give a. surety company's bond to the Asso-
ciation in the sum of $25,000 for the faith-
ful performance of his duties and the se-
curity of the funds belonging to the Asso-
ciation  which are entrusted to his care,
such bond to be paid for by the Association.
Their bond shall be approved by the Execu
tive Committee before the Treasurer sial.
be qualified to hold oltice.
SECTION 2. It shall be the duty of the
Treasurer to keep full and complete ac-
counts in regular form of the receipts andt
disbursements of funds belonging to the
Association and to deposit all money re-
ceived by the Association, ol    the  first
banking day after the receipt thereof, in
its name and to its credit in such bank or.
banks as the Executive Committee may
designate.  The Treasurer shall at each
annual meeting and when called for at atit
special imeeting, present a full and clear
statement of the financial condition of the
Association and of the receipts and expen-
ditures for the period since his last pre-
vious report.
SECTION    3.  The Treasurer shall issue
and sign all chcks for tie expenditures
of the Association and deliver them to the
President for countersignature.
SECTION 4. The Treasurer shall deliver
to the Executive Committee     quarterly  a
complete statement of the receipts and ex-
penditures of the Association for the pre-
ceding quarter, together with a statement
of the financial condition of the Associa-
SECTION 5. It shall be tile duty of the
Treasurer to submit the books and accounts
of the Association for audit to such per-
son or persons as the Executive Committee
may appoint or employ for the purpose at
such time and place as the Executive Com-
iittee may designate.
Initiation Fee and Dues.
SECTION 1. The initiation fee for each
norsbership in this Association shall be
$5,000.00, paable to the Treasurer vith
the application for membership.
SECTION    2. 0 Taeannual does shall be
$100.00, Ali tiet Shtall be payable to thi
Treasurer quarterly in advance.
SECTION 3. Special assessments may be
mnado by unanimous vote of the Executive
Comiiittee  and shall be payable to the
Treasurer swithin fifteen days after members
receive notice thereof.
SECTION 1. These By-Lass shall be al-
tered, attsetsded, added to or repealed at
atny iteeliisg of tis0 Associatiots at swhichs a
dtorti is presett by a t     1o-lt1rds s-ea 1
the members pretent.
SECION 1. These By-Lass shall be its
fot-ce frott tse dlate of adoption, all pre-
sous resolutions inconsistet sits these By
Laws under wehich     this Association  weas
formetd aeintti abrogatd, an st ose Awoe
ihase paid tlir itnitiation fees in accord-
ance  vitl teose previous rsolutions shall
becotie  msembers itittialttely upons subs-
seriling to these By-Lases without further
paymuent of initiation fees.
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