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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

LaDuque, W. A.
Roller skating rinks,   p. 18

Page 18

5     -
-            es'
-         is1'-
Or                                  I
AMd, presen0ting h1 erewith a few  rules I
iav coipiled on fancy skating in hopes
that they may  prooe of interest and
mayliay benefit to amb10itious skaters.  The
ult-s are:
The front rollers of the skate should cone
directly under the ball of the foot.
The action oi the- rubber should be suflt-
clent to mk   atiall circle.
There is a fibre whel now on the market
1hat will hold any floor surface without the
Its, o tiiuit 0ston  cr  i 0t . It is valu-
,able tor racetrs or fanlcy s kati10,.
''The po    livered in a strobe should
10 studied with care. The  iower must be
venly a1 p lied throughout the stroke, grad-
ually raisin  the heel and extendinlg toe to
end of stroke.
ilying tllhe power 0rat the end of
stroke is wcrItong  iiant is thoe basis of lost
There are four counts or stops in all
round, dancing or )romenade turns.
Corre-t aniin tgurns are made onl wheni
th skater is able to deliver loner in the
strok at any and all times during the turns.
1Dur1ing waltzos wiheir  partnors face each
It"ior ie lead should le hld skating bick-
waril, whoen starting or revrsing a turn.
I-lax al musles whie skating, iolding
the hody irmli, only a slight strain being re-
quiril wIen exertion is really nIcessary.
Alwa1s hold the    1ody  rct.
Ftrm the numiber of orders N ing receiVed
bv promin, iet Amriiinn skate inuatictur-
it wouIld iippear that roiler skating wtill
soon he an popular in Eurnpe is it is on this
side.             *  *  *
I hear that Freil Nali c-tonplati- going
abroad to represeint n populr Iller skate.
The3 couldn't seeure  1-iter maln as Nall
is one of t he oldest ani bist ii-.n in the
WVhat is the   iattoer?  Can't suome rinitt
ma-nor ct Moore and Daidson togelthr?
SIch an event night he th reasn forinne-
turing holes ini existiic reeorIs.  Richard
AndrSon, ti1e Ant.ur 0IlO 21im1s atree-
lin1 of 2: -'  for  ith  miile. maile  at Riverl ie 0
rih, Chir-ago,  rutIi. woyuld make a good
opponenit for Ilhe io.
I am receiing hlitms of names of rink
mloll  fmi   all pailts of Atmerica who are
1rililing  tionelves in thl American Rink
Mianager'l  Association.  Til  temporary
halauarters are located in Chicago atnd
the location for ti- enisuiln  ye-ar is to be
lotermoind laiter    popular moembrslhip
vote frIom (acl state. i'lhe sltate which has
the lnrget vote at the enral election oc-
urrin  next fall will be selectod. Oflicers
should be elected io each state at once.
Mr. Ilink Manager: Send in vour sched-
uls and dates of carnivals, races, attrac-
tiotins aind pots of all kinds. I want the
nalet of every rink moanager and emptoe
in the busiilss to be filed with the Rinkt
iManag-rs' Association for reference.
All inquiries, suggestions, records, world
chiampionships and news pertaining to roller
skatingi will fdid place in these columns
Swonallthe  ne and
Diamond edalsat
skathe recent World's
Championship 1 o1.
ler Skating Races at Pittsburg and Cincinnati. First, second and third in every
final event. The same old story. Have held all World's records for 24 years. Our
regular rink skates embody the same scientific construction as our racers. All promi-
nent skaters, fast or fancy, use the Richardson, and all of the largest and most success-
ful rinks in America are equipped with them. We supply everything pertaining to the
rink business. Write for catalogue.
Richardson Ball Bearing Skate Co.
promiptlY  if addressed  in  care of THE
S11010 -ORLDl.
While performing at the Coliseum     rink
at 3E1gin, Ill., recenty, I was delighted to
f1I so many   gracc-ful and  well-behaved
katcis. Ipon intiquiry I found that it can
altlbe attributed to the successful way in
whicih Manager C. E. Aldrich operates the
iink. Milr. Aldrich caters only to those who
aIe willing to comply wsith the strict rules
lie his laid dow-.
Exhibition skater: All fancy and trickh
skaters are invited to join the American
Association of Professional Exhibition Skat
no, being formed for the purpose of
n11111ing a Combined list of cards in THE
R1O     W1 - ORLD  under the above heading.
Ail acts m0ust furnish legitimatoe clippings
to prov that their act is of the highest
tandard. Credit will leo given those already
Inquiry: If you have an outfit for operat-
ing a roller rink you will find plenty o
SUImer park advertisers in THE     SHOWY
WOHLD wioho have large buildings which
can be devoted to rink purposes. If they
hve 110 building you can reint a tent and
build a floor to   feet from  the soil on
high ground, thus making an elegant sun1-
moer proposition.
The Rink Newos, a magazine devoted to
the i terests of roller skating, has sprung
into promilnence lately owitig to the- spark
ling  m.. anner in which thir first edition
was edited.
I want to request all exhibition skaters
and'1 racers to foirad their routes whicn
will be published pioptlyI-. In thi  way
you soill keep in touch wiithill th rinks Ito
Amierica and  their migers will know
iwhrre to find you. A line in time makes
1 ooking fine.
S. T. MlcQuown, mnana1ger of the rollec
rink at M101m0outh1, Ill., ritcs that Babatz
&G Gibson filled a thitc nights' engagement
as trick and fancy skaters at his rink, and
their work elicited so much favorale com-
tlint that he desired to recoimimenod them to
all rink managers.
Messrs. McCochrane and Brown, proprie-
11rs of ti Bolton Hall rink at Troy, N. Y.,
wri te.
1Last week was the most successful week
of loliniless since thc oponing of our rink,
duo to the wonderful performance of Miss
Adelaide D'Vorak.  Miss D'Vorak's act is
far in advance of any attraction wse have
0 t 1ooked and the attendance, at each ses-
sion. showid the value of this attraction.
Our attendance was more than doubled and
11, gladly recomiend this attraction to any
rink  ianager w-ho is booking nothing but
the ver best.
Mliss D'Yorak's racing as well as the fancy
skating captured the people and her return
engagemient wsill be anxiously waited for
100 the  1001110 litrOils of ouit tint>"
Tis  cmianoil hs beeno insolicited. It
is given for the benefit of managers who
are bo0king good attractions.
G. F. Gordon, of Gordon's roller skating
499 and 501
rink, of Fairbanks, Alaska, wishes to b
placed in communication with both profes-
sional and fancy roller skators who can be
induced to go to his section of the country
for the purpose of giving exhibitions. He
is operating quite a lrge rink.
Prof. TV. C. McConnell, manager of te
Hippodrome rink at Birmingham, reports
xceilent business. This is one of the larg-
est amusement houes in the south. Prof.
of Keith & Proctor's stage managers at the
iPali Garden in Fifty-eighth street, New
York, last week. Two bands of music made
thinegs lively. The managers wiere on hand
to cntertain their guests and nearly every
oaudeville artist playing in or about New
York was on hand. The grand march was
1,bIy Gertrnde Hoftman and a mysterious
iiidividttal said to lie the Duke of Catnter-
lur-. Prizes were awairded for the hand-
smest aid iost unique costumes.
"Our ServiceSpeaks For Itself"
247 Sixth Avenue, NEW YORK
DanceHalls, Skating Rinks and Merry-GO-
< ~
Largest and Finest in the world. Made in
Latest American Songs Made to Order With-
out Delay.
office and Wareroomns, 31 Bond St., New York City.
mm  *       m
Wells Street, CHICAGO
C. W. PARKER, Abilene Kan
vices in the U. S. "IERRY-GO-ROUNDS
Address, La Salle Theatre
Western Dramatic Exchange
P. J. RIDGE, Manager.
"TOTICE:-Vaudeville Acts, Sketches, etc.,
including Singing, Dancing, Dramatic Art,
etc., Written, Coached and Rehearsed.
We purchase copies
of every Licensed
Film Manufactured.
Write for our
"Special Service
Crawford's Theatre  14th & LocustSts.,
El Paso, Tex.      St. Louis, Mo.
214 Levy Bldg., Houston, Tex.
Featuring His Famous Racing Dog
Unique, Novel, Exciting, Dangerous. Original. Positively the Only Dog racing in
running harness against a Skater of his own free will and insinct. exhibit-
ing points and tricks of his own equal to any professional skater.
Competes in six different styles. trotting, running on two
legs, rider astride, full speed alone, hurdles and
meets all coiners, closing with 1-4 mile
against rink record.
Artistic, Graceful. Attractive, Fancy, High-Class, Finished, Pronounced as the mostpoliihed
and graceful Fancy Dtntcing Skatir: world-renowned for leaching and execution of
Facy Dancing and Original Exhibitions with his Famos Racing DoMAJOR
the dog attracts where others fail. Write quick for dates. Furnish my
own paper in beautiful half-tone cuts. Address:
SHOW=WORLD PUB. CO., Grand Opera House Building, Chicago.
Refined, Renowned, Artistic-Travels on honestly won laurels
-Is a star of high order.       PittsburgHerald says: Amarvel of
grace and skill. Permanent Address, The Show World, Chicago
- Winslow's Rink Skates forfifty years havebeen
iiioiilfurspeedi,dur-abilitymu dbetty. Arepope-
awith skaters betause they wear longer and cost
N.17                     1  forrepiis. Ballbearirgand plain. Ournew
It        -wb          1W       titsrated tatalogues are free. Writefora copy.
Steel Ball WoRCESTER, Mass. U. S. A.
-earingRolls                84-86ChambersSt.,N.Y.8LongLane,E.C.,London

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