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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Kleine Optical Company
Independent motion picture films for sale or rent: new independent film subjects not yet released,   pp. 14-17

Page 14

14                     THE SHOW WORLD                     April4,~
April4,19 40
We control exclusively for the United States, Motion Picture Films made by the following companies:
1~'Dt~NTrT-J 1~ArT'c'iDT~Q
GAUMONT                 -        -        -       -        -       PARIS                 GAUMONT                     -        -        -       -       LONDOI
URBAN-ECLIPSE                    -        -        -       -       PARIS                 URBAN-ECLIPSE                                                 LONDO
WARWICK                     -        -        -       -      LONDOIn
LUX             -       -        -        -        -       -       PARIS                 WALTURDAW                        -        -           -       LONDO
RALEIGH & ROBERTS                         -        -       -       PARIS                                   ITALIAN FACTORIES
THEOPHILE PATHE                           -        -       -       PARIS                 CARLO ROSSI                     -        -       -        -      TURI,
AQUILA                  -        -        -        -       -       PARIS                 AMBROSIO               -        -        -       -        -      TURI
KOSMIK          FILM      SERVICE is the Film Rental Department of the KLEINE OPTICAL CO. This service
at present established        in  the nine cities mentioned          below.
The product of the factories which we control                                            A    large number of these stand supreme a
in   America is unexcelled, and combines the high=                                        mcs
est degree of photographic perfection with origin-                                       masterpiecesofmotography.
ality of subjects.                                                                             Successful exhibition             of   moving       pictures de
We give herewith a partial list of film titles pends upon quality. Here is comedy that ishu
with brief description            of subjects                                            morous; scenic           effects that        are awe      inspiring 
WHICH ARE NOT YET ON THE MARKET                                                      their grandeur; sensationalism devoid of objection
and which        will be issued from            day    to   day   within                 ableness; dramatic             effect    that     is  superb; pathe
the    next    four weeks, according                to   the    needs     of                                                                                t   t
INDEPENDENT film users.                                                                  that is not maudlin; scenes of human interesttI
These films have been selected with great care                                     touch a responsive chord and illusions that amaze
for special excellence, and               present an        exhaustive                   The samples can            be seen     before release days at o
variety of subjects.                                                                     Chicago offices.
FILM       SUBJECTS                    a'ed during the search for the wild beast o tte dummy and takes its plase. Whie shot by hisyrich andjealous rival, WeO
tnueh damage is done to the contents oftire Itt this trying position many ludicrous cccurts tharoie rfte iltwdOlnA
(IIL)EN  OME1fO~   Gumnt      los  Fineally, heowever, the suit is found  occur to the unlucky' young neon.  The  tic brid al part3 aeoil their sec  te ll(
CLtlDRINfCOM1PETITION: s      u at  atsh  ilkl, hooes      hls   liena                 eis nfucky adohandds blac  and  church theyg11nounter tetwrttea sii
Longie   31  f    A  pleasing subec t that  Ia the loier's looms, and the police venit father pa its hi tcanhndleoi      ntceui      h    *tottrleisnile1111
,Iuld apeal to young and old. A parade    heir anger on the unlucky tenants who        s   the loe    Whenthe  wit   at- the prospective rlideroom for e t L
if scores of children from the babe in arms  have gen them a false alarm.          btar  th  lover ethbraces her, ritl aiss  te
to the eight-year-old, in holiday attire, fo  SKI CONTEST:  Gaumont. Length 564    trouteffects, as the  fiat on leer   oAvals love.  CA              :
lowed with competitive dancing 13y the little ft. An Alpine vintersc  of great beau-  amused that he forgives the couple.    LenTth     A   calni        his savin
tots, and ending with a group presentation. ty, showing witer sports. Skiing in the                                         Length 374 ft. A oathivesd    wat
YOUTHFUL      TREASURE      SEEKERS: snowy hills, gliding down the inclines at      FUNERAL     OF THE    LATE   KING   OF   i a sackr    oa ol. Ti0h tetes stl t
lumoit. Longth 590 ft. An old sailor is terific speed. Thrilling exhibitions of dex- PORTUGAL:   Gaumont.   Longthi  24 ft. fro  a trap dooroeand hook  Whet
sot siiteing a yarn to a number of boys. terty on te long runners. Hurdling over An up-to-date subject, atd one of the grand- sack withscoe his lsses   frci
To sc-ees accuatoely depict a small s    obstacles 10 to 15 feet high. A picture   est spectacles ever reproduced it Inmotion  coalnruns dio te  stris ee gb is 1 bIt
port and life in a fishing haomlet.  Fired  etebodying scenic effects aced thrilling situa- pictures. The mourning crowds, the ear- an  rcs doevert tace fco h ee  I
wtitih enthusiasm  twjo of the boys take a  tions, which should prove immensely popu- riages, the soldiers atnd statemen pass by  openc  r '  ios oughly Ice t i
roteboot and row  to a disteet island to lar oing to the interest lately evinced in in solemn state. Tle royal casket is car- excitexet te is refals r eell To
search for treasure. They land at the coral this form of sport.                     ried to the cathedral for the last rites. and  so te wxutle exlelluns t0 to hilc r
island and explore the caves. In the mean-  THE MIRACLE: Gautmeont. Length 327      as he palliearers ascend  lce snarb  stairs oughty exausaed,  isult tot is .ct.
time lebatdit awaey. Th         osaemnit                                        taviewv of the dead mottarcht is htad tiltrtte  antI the thsieves add)l ital t~oil il
n cscairboo  rithe  'ea ' e  boysa   por e ftAtuchite kpictutc of shutnan itesta the glass dA subject of pocmp ornd splendor  IlroppittgrtieT coallr utctli undcoin
its deslef.Atuhn                                          itro      uvr             h                  o   on    rdslno        .            .i e acetic cheatnges to the hica- A poverty stricken hote is tioin  vitle alss A-ujc  ~pdg-~bTlspoe  hi udl
let, where the mothers are frantic. The   sick mother and a little boy and girl. There  uequalled.                            1It  lsues soundly thrashes theml, reei111
old sailor is appealed to and scours the sea  is no money for medicine. The little boy  .THE ASTROLOGER: Gaumont. Loengt      ing his prolerty.
ihl  a telescoie.  He siies the boys and a  and girl solicit alms and are rebuffed. Tite  267 ft. Abounding with illusions beatiful                   EBURLAR
hat is manned.    The rescue is effected. little boy  anders to the seashore and falls maids it handsome costumes de'cendin  THE DOVrNFALL       h T 4t.B
Tihe ttothe at the landing embrace their  asleep on the rooks and dreams that an   fromt the stars atnd bewildering the o1t l  lTH T: Gaumont.. LFiant hma  an eet
childret amid great rejoicitg.            angel showers him   with money. In the    astrologist with their grace, interspersed  vl aoverpower te oors are bloWn op
RAILWVAY TRAGEDY: Gautmont. Length      Meantime a lady passing by is touched by   with atpearance of genii who vanill mys- tle batk. TiOe  ne of te bld
320 ft.  Showing a train wreck anti the   the pathetic little figure and slips a gold  teriously. All colored.                 sith dt nalite.n  r  s awn ayf  A se
tercible effects of a railroad collision, the  piece in his hand. The boy awakes and                                            es            1     to      the foah
masses of twisted steel anid burning cars, imagines his dream a reality whene  dis-   THE    SUGAR    INDUSTRY:     Gautmtont. tacular chase folor.. tlhecle tice
Lie itmtnse gathering of the crowds, the  covers the money. The medicine is bought. Length 447 ft. Atn industrial fiem showing  aced aecrss a laret sthea u.alstrein 1i
retscue of the wounded, the isork of the  the mother gets well, and the happy little the process of manufacture of sugar fromi  burglar forgets that ie of alulusersil
b)usy newspor reporters, the ambulances family go to the spot where the heavenly   the beet state to the finished proluct at the  coat pocket, atid tsrocicg it omfpanos f
anid fire enegines hurrying to the scene, aced  apparition succored them  from  their dis-  realtfast table.  Fle  mini  othe lie, to tile saer. tis foreseer 0ecbyt
ice, ccork o f tie fire depeartment. Flee giant  trest.                            the gatnt presses and sltuices, the cookintg  loin, aced icet1rt are pus e 1 tiele
v-cliig trtihe ttre  api ears otl tie scne  THE BOSS, HIS DAUGHTER AND THE         lfthe juice are shown in the minutest de-  wlo ind the ttsure.  I   the 10
and removes thc ruined cars atnd debris   DUM1Y.     Gaumont.   Length   30 ft.  A    il.                                      catihte tie treitor ated dtsrCoth
A  BREAR IN   TIHE  FLAT:     Gaumcont. comedy of exceptional merit. A clerk loves  THE    SHEPHERD:     Gaucmont.  Length   of te  seami whre the    idingolic
Length 330 ft.   A practical joker in an  the daughter of his emploer, and is driven  360 ft. The story of a shepherd's love for  of  uon stremi
aparttent building peets on a bear suit and  away by the irate father. lIe returns antd  a wealthy girl, Dortraying the life of each 1poDABeO            : upon ticeta.
saunteis thtrott the halls, and terrorizes  makes love to the girl in front of the  ice their individual surroundings. A pleas-  THE   SCANITh   doings of a claso
the tentts. Fcnemotium reigns. Final- store. The father's approach frightens lim, ing effect is made by the shopherd with his  Length 367 f  te dnh'ofmrlevst
l a stuad of police is rushed to the scene  and he quickly garbs himself in the clothes flock. He serenades his lady loe and is  naughty boys.   scloalter Ics'cc
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1( 0 Co.
All Purchasers and Users of our Films will be protected by
LICENSEE UNDER THE BIOGRAPH PATENTS.                  the American Mutoscope & Biograph Company.
NEW YORK                 CHICAGO            MONTREAL,CAN.               SEATTLE
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