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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Important bulletin of Film Association,   p. 10

Page 10

THE  SHOW  WORLD                  April4,1908.
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8131 Chestnut St.,
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America's Largest Film  Exchange is Forced to Move  to Larger Quarters
Because of Lack of Room
Announcement Next Week
"With 57 Varieties of Vaudeville" 14 Minutes in one. Richmond
Hotel, Chicago. Closed with Irwin Show, open time.
Our Enemies
Are Altoaps the BEST
TJE Viln Service Association has issued-
under date of March 24 two impor-
tant bulletins to the moving picture
trade calling attention to the transactions
of the executive board of the association in
New York on March 21. The first of these
announces the suspension of the following
moving picture concerns for alleged viola-
tion of the rules and regulations of the as-
American Film Exchange, Wabash build-
ing, Pittsburg, Pa.; Consolidated Film  to.,
143 East 23rd street, New    York, N. Y.
Detroit Film Exchange, Newbury building,
Detroit, Micl.; Fort Pitt Film  Supply Co.
Pittsbuarg, 1a.; Kleino Optical Co., 52  t
street, Chicago, Ill.; Kleine  Optical Co
lDenvei, Colta  Klelite o  Optlical  Co.  Des
Moines, Iowa  Kleine Optical Co   oM iatn
ols, Minn.; Kleine Optical Co    650  ixt
avenue, New   York, N.      Kleine   ptCal
Co., Seattle, Wash.: Southern   Film   Ex-
change 14S West Fifth street, Cincinnati, 0
Each of the above named were notified
of then suspension in the following letter
from  Secretary D. Macdonald:
Dear Sirs:-You, and each of you, are
hereby notified that at a meeting of the
Executive Committee of the Film     Service
Association, held on March 21, 108, you,
tand each of you, vere suspended from your
membership as members of the Film Serv-
ice Association by the Executive Commit-
tee for violatioi of the rules and regula-
tions, the resolutions and the by-la-s go-
erning the conduct atnid actions of members
of the Film   Service Association.
Important Announcements.
The second bulletin calls attention to the
filing of suits against alleged infringers of
Edison camera patents as previously a-
nounced in THE SHOW      WORLD and an-
nounces that the suits will be 5igorously
pros eu td.  Other important oflicial an-
itouncemen ts of the committee ate ther fitl
low ing:
The Cleveland Film Renting Exchange at
Cleveland, 0.. just prior to the executive
committee's meeting, announced that it had
gone over to the opposition and would use
hereafter unlicensed film. C. H. Peckham,
formerly a member of the executice coi-
mittee, was replaced upon the executive
committee by Wi. H. Swanson, of Chicago,
Ill. Mr. Swanson attended the meeting on
Saturday, the 21st, in place of Mr. Peck-
The committee took up the question of
cettain members, in addition to those sus-
ieoderl, against whomn complaints ihad been
Indged in regard to violations of the man-
ulfsctur e'. contrets and rules of the asso-
cition, and  a  thorough  investigation of
therse toitmplaints will be made at once and
proper action ta.ken upon them  is s-on as
the facts in each case are ascortained
Comtpaints Are Investigated.
A  great many complaints, which have
l-n referred to the Scretary have been
in-stigated by that official and in muany
instances the secretary rep)orted in the com-
mitee that the cviIs complatied of bad been
corrected or found not to exist.
The cotmnittee took up the questiol of
members having shipping offices and agents
permanently locatced in towns and cities for
which they did list hold memberships. The
committee decidei that there were no rules
against a member having a shipping office
or alt agent wilt tn office to whom     reels
ca- be shippetd fto r -isti ibution and further
that   there was nothing    in  the bi-tas
which prevented i meber doing ttis.
Therefore, the rule was idopted that all
Imelmlbers of the As--ittioln w-ere free to do
usliness unrestricted  in any part of the
country by ieanls of soliitors or agents,
and to haive shipping offies or distributing
olies in which  uclt solicitors Or agtIlls
-oulid be located in aly to--n or city inl the
Uniled Slates.
-lemiber Must Owm-n Office.
The only condition is that the office nut
e owned by the member of the asociation
and the] business done through this onlce
muist be done strictly in accordance wvith
-i-i manufacturers' contracts and according
ta tie rules and regulations of the associa-
lion, and  Ite only film used in such aii of-
fice must come directly from    the member
ownmg the office. No film  ca- be shipped
from the manufacturers directly to such an
office, as tle -ianufacturers will only stitl)
to the tiemtbers of the association at their
tuthorized main office or to branch offices,
for which they have taken out memberships
in the association.
The executive comiittec has instructed
the secretary to prepcre blanks uton witicb
members ca- notify the secretar- of exhibi-
tars svlo fail to pay their bills, so that ac-
tion may hie taken Is cisforce paymiet: a-it
also to prepare blanks upon which members
of the association may report information
regarding exhibitors showing unlicensed film.
These blank-s will be prepared within a few
dIys and sent to all members.
Evils of Sub-Renting Considered.
The evils of sub-renting were tlhoroully
discussed by the committee and reports upon
conditions in various parts of the country
were carefully considered. This is an evil
w1hich operates against the interests of all
members of the association in that it per-
isit exhibitors to get fili from sub-renters,
whsich exhibitors should  e customers of our
association. It means a serious loss of bus-
itess. snd all members should co-oerate in
trevnting their custoners from   sub-rent-
m  artienlar attention w-ss cnlled to the con-
<tilsn existing in Nirfolk, Va.. -n  in that
Ini-lt- sul-r-nline tas result-rI in at least
thlirts-xhiitor  -eltin- their se-ie  fr-
sub-ronte,  isttat of froi  msibers of ilo
-ssnt-ion T-w sub-rtilne in this section
Is to 1i sloppd in-ineiatels and all mom-
irs of th    -ssaeiiotn imn   ttsints in
1ltt Iurilits -ou1lt  o in tic-  -i snn tne a
s  -ir uu-is  effort  to  gt  the  ui-sin-ocs  of  It-c
. l- s  -i-i 11si e  lcen  depentting-  upon
cuscs fit 11I      1,i
The sandition'    other narst of the coun-
tre- in re-ard to sub-i ti-i  are being i-
st--iet -Id to ro-iest is mde that tll
nreihrs of the is-notion having   inowl-
srt-' of n-- su-renti-' to 1ia-se notify  ite
secretary at once of the facts in each case.
- 41 W,25TH STREET,
%                                         NENNEENNOW

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