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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(February 1, 1908)

North, Tom
Tom North's gossip,   pp. 26-28

Page 26

February  1, 19 ,
EVE  meet Imto?  No?   In sour whole
lifE   AWll you have Something Comng
t.ou 00\\hii amn 1 talking abl)OU
Why, ")ad" Russell! (of Russell and Drew,
Managers Seattle theater, Seattle, Wash.).
tie's there A'ith hellS on, forty -oaye! Meu-
sins, that marvelous man, once said: "The
great man is he who does not lose his
child's heart." and by this quotation you
shall know 'Dad" Russell. Just as pleasant
as h   can possibly be and as sseli n ele.
Makes you feel like you have knownt him
for ''as and y'ars." You hae heard the
expression, "HFas a heart as big as your
fist," many a time, no doubt. But in Mr.
Russell's cise it is claborated to "a heart
as big as his theater."  Mighty pleasantly
Ias Mr. Russell surrounded Iimself also.
Itis treasurer, Mr. Potteroff, is the ideal in
the box office. His assistant treasurer, ex
cellent. His partner, Mr. Drew, is well read,
gentlemanly, courteous and more than so-
clable. His ushers, stage crew, advertising
forces, orchestra-all sun up to the mark
of contentedness and happiness.
Me, Russell edits and publishes theite
attle Dramatic News" wseekly. 'Tbis is the
originual in its purpose atti the Seattleites
lo ok forwaret to this nowsy, wetr ieded.
aoms eisent courierweeckly. 'The distribution
of same is by paid men, house to house and
t'flhes in  large  buildings.  Should  the
''Ne's"  be  a ccidentally  misplaced  b
"reg ular,"  th1,e office is called up relative eo
the replacing of sanme at ence. That shows
you the spirit with which this publication
is  received.
Sunray Rest (?) in Idaho. Ihappnod ast
sumtier hot dog up fete betiede of present
Sunday ''BIne1. Law" followers:
A few' Sundays ago a tariner (trove ever
to a county attsrney's oflio and demanded
the arrest of a neighbor's threshing crew
that was violating the Sabbath. Tin coun-
ty attorney was pulling Nseeds in his gae-
den and 11e suggested that the complainait
go before the justice of the peae in his
tessnsip, hutless'as informed that tha in--
tire s'ias fixing his swindmnill. He seas then
asked to telephone the sheriff and have hint
attend to the matter, but ie was loading
cattle at the stockyards. The farmer was
exasperated and resolved to saddle a horse
and go for the constable, but his good wife,
whoi sias canning fruit, informed him that
t' boys had driven the horse to towen and
were playing baseball.
'I'iut was a monster bonofit the T. M. A.'s
pulled off int Portland recently!  Expected
as muh tiough, as Don Bowen had charge
ofi the publicity and that boy cant go some
in that game.
A northern Michigan toswin is going to
bitt ott a comic opera for the benefit of the
ceretery. The cemetery will probably have
to be enlarged after the performance.
Lynn Hazzard sends me the following:
A certain act in vaudeville man and wife
carry their son with them; the lad is about
fhie years old, and has a remarkable mem-
ory and also is a decidedly observing youth.
The father was discussing some future time
with H. F. Keith, to some performers and
the lad swas an interested spectator. Dur-
itg the conversation the father made the
remark, "If I land a few sveeks from Keith,
to is-11 with Proctor." That night when
nwammisa seas putting the baby to bed his
seinttg prayers sere as follotws: "Now I
tay me doswn to sleep, etc., God bless mamn-
sa, God bless papa. God bless Aunt Josie,
God bles Keith, and to h  I with Proc-
Casey. Not Casey at the Bat, but Ca-
sey at the helm   of the  Elk's  theater,
Leadville, Col, You're meeting afine oh-
liging chap when you meet him. He runs
the highest theater in the country, too,
two miles high. And he runs it two miles
high, too. His advertising agent, Joe Tag-
ert, has some quaint sayings painted in
his bill room, such as: "Don't tell what
you did East. Do it here." And, "Don't
t ell us what you've got, lay  it out."
Agents can full yappreciate the meanings.
Joe's a clever advertising agent and a
reliable one.
H. C. Butler, proprietor and editor of
the  Leadville, Col..   Herald-Democrat
handed me the following when I hit Lead-
vile recently:
"Tom   North dropped into   town   last
night. His right name. of course, is
Thomas Fortesque North, but that is too
unwieldly for business purposes. North
is the business manager of Arthur C. Ais-
ton's At the Cross Roads company which
is booked at the Elks next Sunday night
aId one of the prettiest and most idyllic
pictures of southern life now touring the
conttry. In addition to his managerial
duties, Mr. North is a column conductor
in THE   SHOW    WORLD, a bright and
breefly theatrical paper, on up-to-date
Good for you. Butler. for your high
compliment to THE SHOW WORLD and
the next time I meet you we'll "cut into
the grape" because you're the first one
that ever told me I w       "one of the
prettiest and most idyllic   pictures  of
southern life now  touring the country,"
or did Iread itwrong?    Selah!
* * *
It was with the deepest regret that I
learned of the death of Lee Grabbe's wife
in Davenport, Ia., recentiv. Many a pleas-
ant hour have I spent with these most ies-
pitable people In their home. Mrs. Grabbe
was one of the best liked ladies in her
community, enjoying the friendship and
lasting love of all who once met hern ut
her husband. Lee and Is wvi fe wA"re in-
separable and lived to Satisf ieach aothe2
fortune has overcome you. Lee, and oxtend
my heartfelt sorrow and this word af sor-
rowv brings to my   mem.-ory Shakespeare's
lines that I can. mo St fittingly qluote:
Serving alike It Sorroe. flowkd s our
And we, poor mates, stand oil the dlying
Hearing the surges threat: swe must all
Into the Sea of Air."
Here's a tip and a good one, too, to
you who troup West and play Canon City,
Col. Whenever you hit that town, by all
means stop at the Strathrmore Hotel. It's
an oasis in a desert," but surrounded by
mountains. I had Thanksgiving dinner
tsere this season and par excellent. Sim-
ply gorgeous,
Had an Amusing Experience.
James Bennett Grant, of the Mercury,
Leeds, England, met with an amusing but
rather uncomfortable experiensce recently.
Mr. (rane is touringthe United States gathi-
ering nsaterial for Isis naper and desiredI to
catch a trait from  Cleveland to CIncin-
natl. Through a series of mishaps and
wrong informatio lie nrised tis train re-
perttedly, b ut his teuni, contatnineg all Isis
money, swent forward. Mr. Grant found
himself penniless, bit managed to make
connections with a train leaving Cleveland
at 12:30 at night after borrowing enough
money from tth (' evelond Plain Dealer to I
last him on the trip. Altogether Mr. (Crant
waited fourteen hours for a train.   This
shows that a little atlentinn to our foreign
friends visiting in this country in the way
of correct information from railroad of-
flcials would prevent much criticism.
Theatrical Companies Close.
Among the road shows that terminated
their tourts reeitly were: \t Cripple Crek,
My Wife's Family. Lottie Williams In The
Little Maeap, Minister's Sweetheart, The
Qteen of the White Slaves. The Heart of
ehicagt and The Hidden Hanel.
One of the busiest men In the theatrical
profession today is George Abel, the clever
English ehracter actor who Is snpearing at
the Percy G. Williams houses. Besides be-
Ing a talented artist, Mr. Abel is a slrewd
man of business, as is evinced he his organ-
Izing the George Abel Electric Transfer
company, of which he is president. Among
the  stockhliders  are  Emmett Corrian,
Willie Pantzer, Talla Albani. Frank Coomb,
Fred Lamont. F. and B. Leihton of the
three Leighltons, and Cartwell and Harris.
Performers to whom    baggage companies
iave lone been a  te noir have expressed
Interest in the company. as it is believed
the long and vexatious delays in handling
baggage will be obviated. Complimented on
his astuteness. Mr. Abel replied: "The
Americans at first were inclined to believe
that I was not clever as a husiness ican.
'by. you know I was proprietor of soveral
theaters In London and the provinces while
I was an indefatigable promoter. I wrote
the sketch I now appear in and as I have
a Strain of the Trish as w-11 as a, preponi-
detrance of English. I believe in one being
able to do a turn in alt spheres."
Robert Golton. revirewr of music and the
drama. for the News-Leader, Richmond,
Va., In writing to this publication, says:
"THE SHOW    WORLD is newsy. entertain-
Ing, and as the twentieth centur- amuse-
ment weekly establishes a clear title. Here's
hoping It will float high on the crest of the
wave of prosperity."
H. B, Burton, as~sistant manager of For-
est Park Highlands. St. Louis, prominently
Idenrtired seitis the John D. Hopksins Amsuse-
ment Co.'' enterprises, was a caller at the
general o-fee of THE SHOW   WORLD re-
cently. Mr. Burton is engaged in looking
sup acts and big features for the coming
season at Kansas City, Memphis, Louisville
and St. Lo.   * * *
Johnny   Stanley, the chief cut-up of
Gus Edward's Blonde Tynewriters, it is
said, will soon branch out in a, single act.
Mr. Steey's work has been the feature
of the Blonde Tynewriters.
Bertha Blanchard. who was a member
of the company of tie nto Richard Mans-
field. is in vaudeville with a, hyper-dra-
nsatic skitlh entitled The Ashes of '64.
The tabloid draima. Cite work of Oliver
Curtis. is based upon an enisode of the
Civil Wrar and allows Miss Blanchard ev-
ery opportunity for the display of her
emotional ability.
The Three Renards are finding favor in
vaudeville with their aerial feats, (and
teeth). The trio are booked by the West-
ern Vaudeville Managers' Association.
A  Knight For a Day, which has ben
ritmnin  at t'ie TWhitney Opera btose, Chi-
cagzo for many moons. is soon to have a
succeseor'  Harry B  Siith his a candidate.
The Air Kin", entered, and Richard Henry
Little is regarded as a dark horse.
Johnny Ford is finding favor in vaude-
ville with a monologue, singing and danc-
ing specialty.
is different than the common variety.
We give you the film you ask for, no
excuses; if it is not in the house we go
out and buy it. We can do this
We have ample capital and we want
your trade.  One customer writes,
"after being with all the big ones, I've
tried you, and now
satisfied that you are the best; Ben-
Hur making good."   Unless you are
to some film renting concern, get on
with us and we will send you the
good ones.  Don't wait, go and tele-
graph us
Temple Film Cao
Masonic Temple
ARq 0

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