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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(February 1, 1908)

National Alliance Bill Posters and Billers of America,   p. 19

Page 19

ebruary 1, 1908.             THE SHOW       WORLD                                   19
ARL REYNOLOS & NELLIE 00NEGAN                Biggest Hit and     Sensation
usual thec notes fonvar"ded" this weeak
from  Ith , tl etaries  if  tlte avaruills
at als tlan  It th intenesting items and
ng  as tlf1 traeiU w n m  tmer  of  the  -Al-
as(, s ,  el. a  the-stay-at-hlomes,  this
ia11 as  ,it l th  tile  few  inorents  de-
Noste  rom Ihiadelphiia No. 4.
0111  iut of tonll  Illme b-is  of  this  I-t:ll aro
a, notiftie",  thlat  all  circus  contracts
n 1 pr iosto, .Jan.  ir  lhall  b,  od  as,
ptdate, Loulis E. Cooke of Buff1 alo Bill's
Vil Wst silhwi and Edw. Arlingttn of
it  ln ilt 11ld  e\s(t. have  signed  the  cir-
urrm     t      ,1 disappeared sud-
Tel oetimle ag has turned upat at
rAmibo    and Ias go  t wI ork fol
Frank Harv  , adeirtiing agent ther .
Be Wl. 'aisi, alias Sig. Sautelle. ar-
i-al ini town last iMonday eening fron,
prigtt1,Mas.,whreho was, working.
10   lilth will  j itin  tt  rith  the  fJohn
inn il  1 this 1co ing  ason. AV iI
e is out w iththeMlissoul  I Girl  co lpan ,
wi  sttl s  that  Voi  thin iI s il oo  ing  with.
h  im. 11 Igoeswith  Buff1llo  Bi 1  this  season.
,,r\thurv  Harri,  al('Zad  of ckWilliams  &
Iill .fit  I . n lt i  a 1 itis1es  to  be
(ill tl thti ittiih  'ill,  SH-O\' NWORI.D
al   111 h  i ket     h prsn.
1 , Enni isti   sa1n  of th  lital i  te ater
fl(N           Sith z- lonlt:  Bell
l'i  Plia,, I ick tt,  illp- ltti.,  'ltn'
Palo),,),        llltil l   I'. t ot
l'Ii, 11 11. l lo -l I.
taf of NY, Park emsst  f Agenut Franlk
\oolf F'ronian (Our, Frs. atricius Corio-
Alt     I 0on1r1 r ttad Hert Glatt, Jack Me-
\ h t lmi s t u' phy.  Nick  l'ilkits and
Frl di Zepp. hillposters,
Toas Connors, bete   nown here as
,It tsburg"  Phlil,  dlishe'd  out  somel  delightful
lopoe to) the, hny this, wek, regarding ;a
lu l editt 111 it  Noi  tilealls.  The  boys  had
tolh it  h  it  it  to  dig  doln  in  i  I-
,mIn  and  not   th y  are  all w1 earigl  the
smuile that won't comie off  Each one is ex-
1il   s Ii S   m l sid tank roll destl tte
ategd striiiititrt itt thne monieyIt ittliet. P.
S.: Thrare a'no pikers among them, but
they all look hop e fully forwcari to tle next
lUlearanlce of 'fol wiith another tilt.
AlIIlout o f lotnmembers of this local
kind ly communicate with me( at once. Harry
I'. Toties, secretair-.
Notes F1ron Lancaster, Pa,
A great many circus men make 1,ancastir
ther ome. Tomn Daily ando Geco. Goodheart
lav"se  Il with  the Ringling Bros. show
for yiars as car manae-s; WValter 'api-n -
stoin, 2, touroin with tte World's Great-
sot  ro. Jirr  neihil wl o had thle pIior
adll I illy Makler.
Ilro. Nick Nart. of No. 1, and his nmylcit
wedded bride lare off on their hioneymnoon.
Bro. Elmer Mtiaafery, If No. 4. andi
his wtife hale returoed from    their   -sternt
trill. wthere they visited many relatisis and
Bro. Hetrs iMhililer. of No. 5, is anxious-
ly waiting for thet blue birds to sing . Then i
th, mfail.
ro. Ruttet, of No. 4, with     B. and 13.
show   last season, has an oyster a stand at
the western miarklet.
ro. in. E. Knox. of Ni. 30, writes It'
1 st-iiiitt-il'  life  anid  st ill 111-I ',lsdli
ll1--lr flil ',ilt' of his inlilt frit-ilads.  Hi s
adtIllrs 57~ Manotr stre-et, ILtaetor  11,0.
'-lAIS. E3. KNtOX, Secrtaty.
Notes From   No. 3. Pittsburg*
Hro. Sam    ilVanLeNo  of No. 3 just re-
turn, d fromt a tr ip along the 11. & IL. E.
I. H.. w "here hie had been placing a lo t o f
calendals   fio  a   s -stern  railrnadu.  Hiro.
Vai  e   has 50,(00 caledars to put out
in Gre,,ater Pittsbur.. r _
Th'e( following memibers of No. 2 w\ere
'Ielc-d to ofices at the last r.egular motot-
II: Bro. Geo. Alernethy, pre slitnt C. 1V.-
Hood, vice-ttesideit: Gt0. AV. Lioy. see-
retcar-Otrealsurer;  TlVmn.  Si ith,  tusine-s
;--r t: t. V'. Moonl       sitalnt1  busintst
agent; H. A. Dil-oll seI'r gieant-at atnis; trus-
toes, Jackl Kes-lI. A..I. Nauniant, M. 1i Ii-
Icr; e'xeeutive boal~rd, J. L.- Do.0 atns d1 J.
Bearten     repndn      toa.l         n    s
hlle  gitd  ssatll r afl-ohd it bio.  A Nis
son it   d ha   ti ,s     tiret Ni. 6j4,
ot1h Hs .  T    he b ok f Nil i ane planide
to entae   ne  f tIe t   he adtes lat- it the
seasi anti hout an a siou citr lsoit ttldt
for a sreet
Bra. a1(11t Vattoy of No.3 ;! (15ettise  tile
ijt islt ado ro-el  bay recetlr. Waile   it
thnking  ares ini dat Ite at    the air
beortrin a -ressllmdiag to    rt.  Oi is
tits  hug 11011  atts  101111r 55as cottiing lit
fEllY speet he iticer   ote of tile fire
Nollii tles bel Iroe sNo 3a  itok . As
the ''fir-al tea CoatMen pll the   tig cr-
l and Saree  ha  oia suffin   fro VleyJmpeud
oic ine sdemberl withe pnuoia and wadde
toi ted to        lie eg  isits  his aleg-
lltir atoiisr, writ those arheu, at the
ll ( timeo ldlling It Bijon (-lirl sit it could
aer- sti  nd  lna  b  all.  Bro. Vartel is
to ti  Mi  of res igitg  at tte  Hijtm Mt
teositg ai root ireittli .-B171. AN' 1,11-v-
tlY,            Secretary.
Notes Frot No. 31, Broolyn.,
Tiot. J. F . -Act'rintacha 1100 l Is  silt1
fir  the last three  ioitis tsitut  oiinat isti.
Bro. Wo~lter Colchrail is it ttie ( uitttoer-
Domin0Sik  Slosplital surfering frNick  atnu-
tillia  orsodn.ertr.HryPf
s r. .  t.rerm; reorin   wsrtayn Danely
siT lohit; Dseinsr asigt, neumJonCutin tu Ns-
Hli int(rtel t  liec, ex cts to  e a ble
to etual ti Wis Nori at the Ortteult tio-
. Dcarth       .  ristor of trh . Wi . Me-
Ittt-     D. SIMiMONS., Scl-tatyN.
,Notes F',oun No. 17, Hoston.
Frot Boestonla compan, SentdSunday in
ttin (If officers sslis held ansi thle followlng
lttltttrs 55eoiatedtI: I'risitlots, HEll-
lu rl (I Atrstioig ati] J1ohnt I,,. Lyons: vic-
tit-silotit, Johni 'T'ract: finanil ses-retaity.
Dotinlick  Sptettltlitl  tr-eatsurer. Nick  Pail-
ll:o c-arrespttndting seor-etlrt. Ilint P1et-
r. 1%St It term; rcotrdtinf  s's-Il-Iart., Danilt-
tow.iti;  sinse    t, E.tJ. CrtiaL;-eI
alpin, Mohi Cotell, isntr dvne. Ae
still its ol 110111 AslIi.
Hit,. Dave Ssuperiotr, of the Fifty Mites
t'litit  Bstont comp~anyt, satentt Sundlat  itt
I'lh-s. Mici'Orll  Ion- in 0111ance~ of tte
Alan of the Hour company, had eight ment-
Il-is of this tocalI hoiiifinit his at traction.
T herr we   h ih jins at the Tyler C lus'
it t n Bro. Dick Armstrong was initiated
nidot.  Despite ti1, iLtiation Nro. Athld
itsing was alto to lti t  to the bill p a.tig
tplattt of Dtonnelly Z Salts.
Tro. foloingics Stean  is now   a full-
tiVm.,(, J. M. A.
aarm, JiVhl t. Itots,mur abtingpresi aent,
is tein r director of th r tig  et   osters'
aembty's Fance at Paitte   Hatl. Fh. d
ATavelngsfatotry t ritd  sei their tatte
ig  for atoad as wossilt to harry eysr,
Notes  eros  No. 10, Minneapolis.
itt Sldtay. J. 12. Loal N . 10 teld
itsh -temtlony f seaors fr the cotting yeat.
Toe fHogieg stois ttr unanimous result:
Itositcit, Jt. J. Whtitehtead; sitO-Ireotdent,
Bro. JoMcomteatd    sBreto, Ca. N. Mutt-
seti treasurer. Z. turaens- er sergeant-
Bt-aro.s,  . St. Hoi-st; usitss agett,
as Jroens: m oar   of trustees, 11. H.
Meoine. Fo.   Hoardst, e s  A. E   ards
Nlo  onte Fro-  No 1, Srigiild
A  sisfatoy aitreetent air just agee-
iote fCr trO ears  ith the Northern 1)is-
t'tat  Advtertisittg  Comtpatty  oif tlie 'Twsin
The oldist  ilt  oster in al  wanr,  fs.
DTffy is stilt oing Itis ss, and it ste
f tick i  g hltiis I the   bas lut i, at tfo
t)tstiers, ta  still  saet tetting tt  a f-.'
Bin. Htogue, who has licett ill for a litte,
Ilts. o
Is aould toie ltott~ harg-omarstiun.
Inor  c ltti titue agoi. ittl  at last repoirts
Hits Mtherg i, tte Mirrisot ston, Chicago.
D  t-.  At.  to e ats  taket a itudrasla
rai  froin Otn itha datIelt t2.  i-Ic sats lio
iltr join Na.  t itt te sp  g.-H. N. mUN-
SEN, Secretary.
Notes From -No, 1.5, jSpringiehal.
Metrbers sholuld nit sigitaly cicuarette-
tmtett tuntil tIev Itt-r front inls.
The annmta1 btait tatkes plae Feb. 4 at
Ap[olilt H-all  \11 of [lie hilys arle ettdeas-
ltrittg to tmtake it t h  best yIeI.
Secretary Datis -cas elected NIce-ptcaside t
oft tlte C'entrl Lbor U'niott ait tte rcett
Pra. C'liff'ord  NIts hte-e  iii atdsance  of
Thtorns aittl Oranige- Blossoits.
icirkv Coultghlitt is dinitg ttte billting far
te Gtittar theater said getting go11od iC-
I swould like to hear flrtit [tins. 13rstro
Hfiggints. Mather, Mlter, Peton. Wisteati.
D. F. tKeefe. tCtrl tla-k. lause iDattas,
N'altctir Iraab attd I'has. Haltcy ott ri-tters
If itortantce. PAl't, DAVIS,. Secretary.
-+1.                                                                                    A
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