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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

Correspondence [continued],   pp. 36-39

Page 36

September 28, 1907
(Continued fro
lileir'  ani  the  StIl ..... n e - Girls;  iHowart
i1d Norls, uLa'I-s-ns  Ild Cross, Felix ani
tarry, Hibher and  R'arra   ialto 'tln(edIy
tutirtet, Welch and Francis.
Soenic.--Movi ng pictures and songs.
Notes.-Business has been very good at
all theaters since the opening of the sea-
MIDDLETOWN, Sept. 21.-Middlesex (H.
ngl, sngr.)-le Gree   Bird; 12 to oioot1
liusiness;  18. Colleget Widow; 19. isght
ells ; 20, The Struggle  verlast g  Gn coi
AT. Colsass's F~ifty Miles fromsBoston, usked
for 11, changed the data to later in the
iesel (Bullock  and  Dais, igrs.).-
Xtitng pictures and sons; tusiness good.
Notes: lie nry B. Harris swill present for
tse first time on any stage the new pro-
suction , The Struggle tverlsting, by Ed-
tnils Miltoss Boyle at tise Middlesex, 20 and
t1. 'Tle Lio  sssad tse Mouse also received
sts initial performance at tlsis thseater.-
LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 21-Majestic (Sol
S. Harris, ssmgr.)-Opened its doors for the
seasoss Sept.* I .
Orphiesin-Doing  tlse  biggest  ltunss
oer sotse isn Little toek, is a iosin tes
sire theater. er. osg is certaisly put
ti ng on tlse best mnoving piictures ever seen
(entry's Dog & Pony Show, to good au-
siences.  At the night performance liun-
dres  were   turned  awvay.-Elh-ENE   It.
TjEIRL'IDERBE, Sept. 21-Derthick Opera
house (Mirs WV. IT. Derthick, mgr.).-ames
Bus !I  poor' tir :IsItssy, to Iigist bsusiness;
1s's opers Compaiy. 10; pool shwn snd
business.  Uister Soutisrut Sksies. 16; Ber-
rysMinistrels, IS0; My Wife's Family, 27;
fit the Wolf. 23; Little  'ssnio T 1eten,
2;PifLaf u'l Puf, 1; Ly-n  'i'niss in The
Yanke     stisumm<rs, 3;  Side-Tracked  10;
'sloild its ttse Hills, 10.
Lyric thseater (W'. J. Rntdesilh, susgr.).
Illustrated suits asd movins pictures.sneek
of 9: good show and fine houses.-G. AV.
LINCOLN, Sept. 21.-Star.-Sit. 9-11,
Josie Garcia. Spanish arobat; Mahl Hee-
Itert. singing; Rand & Byon, sketch team,
Mark Lea, Iebrew impersonator.
Broadway Operi hus-li     g of T--a-ps,
12; good sslosw, lighst house. Flaming Ar-
row, 14; good slowr, good business.
P'AIS,   Sept. 21.-Shoaff's (L. A. G.
Shoaff, mngr.).-'ne  Si Haskins, Sept. 11,
delighted big house: The Belle of Japan,
14, to fair crowd; Old Arkansaw, 17, heavy
business.   Royal Stock   Company, 10-21;
Tames Boys, 24; Toyland, 27; Are You a
Mason, 2s.
Hagenbeck-TXallace Shows, Sept. 11. De-
lighted two immense crowds.     The show
was delayed its gettinsg to the grounds, so
only got about half their parade on the
'audeville Pavilion  (It. C. Engeldrum,
ngr.)-Week Sept. 16: Mae Lucas: Ethel
C. T'\atermans;  May   Rozella;  Bowman
Bros.; Buckley's Dog Circus, and the Pa-
vilionscope.  Souvenir matinees and even-
ings are being given, also voting contests
for most popular ladies
Work on the New Majestic is progressing
itith siurprising rapidity, and Mr. Engel-
drum assures me that his opening will take
Isici sss snuns',stsceti Oct. 21.
Nicke odia, a s  'r1seatorium.  Business
continsi ts siil suail ahtractiotis.
Strect fairs: Miller Amusement Company
Sept, 20 -Oct. 5.-K. J. BARR.
PEORIA, Sept. 21.-Grand opera house
(Chanberlain, Harrington & Co., msgrs.).
Man of the Hour, 20-21; Lion and the
Mouse, 23-25.
MTain Street theater  (E. P. Churchill,
ngr.).-Noblette and Marshall. Nellie Re-
vell, Pankleb, the  Raven   Trio  and  the
Kinodrome, week 16. Business good.
Majestic (WillIam  Proctor, mgr.).-The
Cat and the Fiddle, 15-18. drew well. The
Hidden Hand, 19'-21; Superba, 22-25. House
is enjloying capsacity businecss.
XXeast's (Charles  F. Bartson, mcur.c.-
Burlesque, steek  16.   Business  continues
Co iseum (H. B. Morgan, mgr.).-Col. Lem
Wiley's Concert Band. Oct. 10,
Dempsey's Svartin Dempsey, ingr.).-Em-
mott and McNeill, Collins and La Moss,
Darnell and   Marvell and   Mdr and   Mrs.
Frank Fairchild, wetc 16. Business fair.
Central Park    Pavilion  (Phil.  Becker,
mogir,)-Suiday Vaudeville, Zoo. Curio Hall.
Gymnasiuni asd Sulphur Baths, week 16.
Businsess good,
'fIs Eshibit (L. MsT. Ames, mgr.).-Busi-
ssess, goodi.
nAi Fesc   Park CV. C. Seaver, mr.).-
Yn1i1ec Ruhios'l Circus, Brooklyn Military'
it1i. eok I!. This wek marks the cios-
in  i of  this  ' u t    iko
XVirgiia' its'st'  (F..  iteinilse. user).-
Vaudeville ant 0011si itteactins seel 10.
Busissess flute.
Alis lrk (Geo. 1t1il. nigr..-Outsile at-
tractions and concessions. Busiless good.
W ill Bradley, late of the Girls Will Be
lirts and other companies. is now associat-
d with the mss-rehant tailoring business in
this city, operating the largest establish-
mssent in tbe cit.
It is rumored in theatrical circles that
Klaw and Erlanger are trying to lease the
Grand Opera house, intending to put onl
advarced vaudesille. Nothing definite Ias
been done as yet.
After a long and prosperous season, ou
parks are beginning to close.   Al Fresco
will close on 21, the majority of the others
one week later.-ROLAND I,. LOHMAR.
SPRINGFIEDTD. Sept. 21. -     Chatterton
Otesa Htouse (Gtoo. W. Chatterton, ig).-
The Steilomitl Stoek Company, Sept. 9-12:
fair returns.  Man of the     Hour, 13-14.
played to two splendid audilences. Astrong
cast anti goodincsr'       Entires Companuy
DNDENCE                                                          FAMOUS JACKSON FAMILY
m  page 19.)
received eight  ourtain  als    n  opening                        orld's G          reatest Trick               Cy     clists
night.  The Flaming Arrow, liI, god     e
turs 11  ornin g IThro' th e Hy e, 10, business         .
goa. 11  ""evil .Leanl,,th1el Chicago comedian,
malde a (becided hit.  B3rowster's Millions,
17-1',  business  excellent.
Majestic (E.. Karn, nigr).-The're
Iiteer Organi5t, Sept. 10-11, good busi- ss.
Al. W. Martin's t'ncle Tom's Cabin, 12-14,      T   H   E       C   OL         E   G   E       T    M  B   A   T   E   R
gosodi I sS-s. 'file Cowboy Girl, WithsBs
Flyso, 1-Il, made an iGnilnse Iit. Dark 1                UG0   NE    McGILLAN, Lessee             aid  Manager.
17-is Sot ai(o11nt of Barry Minstrels hav-        Week       septeIT        er   23            ThT      TOllgate       Int
og  Ilt c'ssielled.                               c  k    s   p     n2b        :3
M] r s. J. B. Karn has arrived in this (it,
from  Toledo, Ohio, and     will hereafter
snake her home writh her son, Manager I                James Durkin                          Virginia       Keating
Edv. Fitzgerald, treasurer of the Majis                   ILeading Man                         Leadingo Woman
iti', has been very ill the past two weeks-
hot is able to be about again.
Orpbeum   (Myers & Watts, ngrs.).-Sept             E. Laurence Lee                        Louise      Randolph
16, Will I. Cross & Co., Robert C. Mlil I                     Heaxv                                  Ing-enue
exponent of physical cultssre; Mlaleeiii
Thonas, sitging  and  dancing;   Joe St
(lair, harpist; illustrated songs and mov-
log~~ p1iies  uies od                        Harry Von Meter                        Carrie Clark Ward
ing pictures. Business good.
The new Gaiety, under the old manage-                    .Juvenile Man                             Charactrs(i*
ient of Burtonl & Smith, will open Sept.
I(,. The Policy of the house will be hi               Moris      McHugh                          Jean     Adair
elass vasudeville. These gentlemen are s NII
lstossn in theatrical circles.  THE SHO X 1                  haracters                              Gen1B lus.
%VORLD takses this opportunity to off,,
themii best Wishes.
mpi  e ( ou. Connors, mgr).-Dell l           T. Edward         Mc Gillan                   Sedley      Brown
Fonda, Iotle Delmsore, the Daileys, Lilianu
Little, Eva Sager, Goodwin   &   GondiNi                 I ight (oiedy                             Director
wNest &  Drane.   Business good.    Conni,
iX ad, ss-so  has been  singinigilusi                              r    .
i atle Enmpire, has joined the sits              Smith       Davies                         Allan     Kelly
of H1ades company.
Olympic (C. J. McCann, mgr.).-The Hi-                      Ciaetert                           Asssttl-e Mgr.
to  Cits  Trio,  asmpert & Pierce, Wilson
Sistes Vis'na, May Clark, Dollie White,
lair returns.
Elctic (C . HT. Davey, mngr.).-Busns
go0 ' c'  ith moovinig pictures and songs.WEPSTVL                                                          DRW       HE   EOE
Iositi City Park has close .   . )--uiis  THE ACT THAT GETS THE MONEY.            WEPOSITIVELYDRAWTHEPEOPLE
the mailnigr. reptoets a psrosperous seaseoln.oft
ie l1llissis State Fair opens IeSpheO                                                                    l     cto    t
be 'si es'and Setter than ex-r iefiict F       SHOOTING              THE         FLUM         ES      ind     in  the World
the occasion the followinig produerlossl'ovS
ihe oce tClsatterso's    Opera etions he    (ml      ' sit mor' iwiek-s opln in thiis wintry. Ti- wi  were unssable to lal us for
Hattie Williams in The Little Cheruhs TI    liitis sstl ct in linle Siw tor linxt vasonl: tim libeing bookld up ritapidly. Will be back oi
.l~i  aid  the  Mouse,  assd  Stro-glse'st. tis onsitsout losse- 1l.S
Majestic, Hanlon's Suprlsa  26ti0n  ti  tins Eronti an Maln. igerslln i address EDWARD MARSH, 208 W. 42nd St., New Vork, N. .
& Mack in The Sunnyside of Broadway. 29-         All othes aLddlres  W. G. McKINNEY, Mgr., 792 North Itamiln Avenue, Chicago, Ill,
20; Wizard of Oz, It-Oct. 3; Piff, Paff-
Fotif, Oct. 4-7.
The Springfield Business Men's Associa-                                  ALWAYS WORKING
lion have made arrangements for the ful]-
1ossing free attrictions on the square,  I
chief one bseing Ski jumpinig act swhicts -      APEL1RD
one of Barnum & Bailey's sensational fea-
tures  last  season.    The    Dockinsdorf                                   (Also Little Dick)
Troupe,   the  Ranellos,  the   Bortlornila
Troupe, 'arno & Vladare, and the Great                       DANCING              AND        JUGGLING
Gillette. Forullo and his Italian band will
give daily concerts at the Arsenal during                        Open Orpheum      Circuit September 1st
thse week-CARL E. SPENCER.
the w A  PWatch for the BigThree Act.                                          Sole Agent, JAKE        STERNAD
ANDERSON, Sept. 21.-Grand         (J. E        ' liANSlsnT, Sept. 21.-Dowling thea- Leoni & Dil', oI'sratic singing duo: Silient
Hennings, msgr.).-Harry North, withNorth S' -_Spt. It1, London    Gaiety  Girls;  131, Tate, Europe-n - omedy magic: McCune &
Bros.. comedians;   Stock  Company    with  Jnie Cor-uis, in A Doll's House; 14, Our Grant, comedy     acrobats;  Geo. Hillian.
Arminia & Burke, aerial artists; billed fisr New Minister.                             Dutch comedian.
tle entire week.                             The Crystal theater has its weekly vau-     'arieties (John Ileteol, ros. miigr.).-Fine
Bijou (Tons Bates. mgr.).-Dunn Francis deville.                                      business.  Four Royal BHawaiian Serenal-
&  Co., Eddie Dolan, Casadt &    De Xons,     The Ark opened its fall season last wek irs; Courture & Gilette, acrobats; . &
Evelyn Watson, Eva, Hazeltine, and Bi- ith moving pictures and illustrated songs. Mrs. Litchfield. comedy rural sketch: Tll
jouscope; capacity business.                  The Vista opened the season under nsesw   Musical Tolfes;   Seionmmer  &   Brown,
Crystal  (W'. T'%. Mfcswen- mgr .      l  management.    Moving pictures and illus- dancing act.
Deshs b  Elliott &  W'est, Jack &  Mildred tratel Soiigs by Miss Florenc  Murphy.-     Bill for next week: Dun. Francis & Co.
Pattee, illustrated songs and moving list   PA L ARTID.                               comedy sketch; Roger Bros., trapeze ar-
tures. Business ip to standard              'MISIAN CITY. Sept. 21-Grand Opera    tists; Maud Beall Price, monolosgue anl
Nickelodeon is stilt oisi1  a lis  libusiness  ilouse (Otto Doren leril mng.)  Hot Old ineitations;  MXr. &  Mrs. Wesley, singing
and chsang-es picisires Twrice a sweel.      Iisis  11i  Opt iiig night bere, pool' house, andi dasncinsg: the Vagges, bag lptutchers.
'Mouinds Pack  (R. C. Caslisle, suet 1    fat itr s    Iufe.17      ag     os           Airdoise  (Sans H-. Youmsg, inge.).-Cals
rel iind concerts arc the on  slattactionn  Millb Fett ismIafflcs rep      Isis sue- Stook Company.   Go  ) business.
ts  orning wneek. A-Xl conessions ate still oess of list s,-'s,iss- 'The SIoso Girl. 17. do~ Clsu  breqeFy       Fse     a
op'n and doing a nice business in spite of ismsei   Dstes ahead: Sis  opkins, 21; Dis-  Fine show. Nice business.
1ad weather. Park will not close till abit triet Trader,  -23; Iisle Jos  Spruceby.   Nickledo   Flectric theater and Dream-
Oct. .-R. C. CARLISLE.                    ': Ise tof Spice, 2S; Billy Barry's Min- land.untg busines        p
BRAZIL, Sept. 21.-M4ajstic (uckley &      strls.                                        County faIr opened Sept. r  ae d ears in
Hatrtley  mnrs.).-Week of Otis. Sidney T-     Hijout (E. J. Cox, mgr.)-Good attend-      1.ows  at the fair grounds
ensue. Fiddler and   Shelton, Brandt and    ance. Hiarr  Davis Co.. expert rifle shoot-  S
Tarane and Helen Ogden.      Big business. itg   Edwnsoinski, Polish violinist: Ball &  mSells-Forepaugh sosN here 1E. did i
Week of 1c. The Great Gay and Compan  o    Zell, codicily acrobats; Master Suther Kits-  issmens, husiness.-JOBN HETZRI.
Holmes and W'alsion. Harry Steel and Flo- narc illustrated songs; Original American      VALPARAISO, Slpt. 21.-Meorial Oi-
rine Price. with J. R. Watts. pianist.      Newssis Trio singers and comedians: the era house (A. E. Heiniman, mgr.).-Uncl-
'The Colsiii (A. D. Davis, nmgr.1. Ass Blinusne      with  moving   pictures.-J. C. Josh Spruceby, to very good business, Ed-
Anristocratic 1ramp. Sept. 7; good bissiess  ,X Sep lar &            s   C r,           are Lucas takig the leaditg part. oIfl
Forepaugis-Sells, Bros., 14, to big liti-   'IBI       eI0.Ts         tr(.B       n   Ssruceby Mills Brass Qusartette, osne of th.-
ness.                                        isess isgi I  Bisek S_ TLslie. CalVGa- leading   attractions.   Sousa's  Band  is
Tl e Majestic tesater, shicn   vas e tr-e  ao n 's Fox Terriers. aunistan & Lestl5  botked fur the Memorial Opera house Sat-
Is- thle Airdoue. is being redecorated att] 1,ran5k Gi'sv aid the Canseragraph lsen unlay, Sept. 21.- GEORGE It. FPTHPE-
wil lie seated nith opera chairs and con    to capacits    business week  16-1.  Card  "ROVE.
s-ted into a Nviniter theater.             (hine   23
.T. R. Watts,. pianist, opened at tie MI-  The  M'ajstle. The  Cops  Trio, Clair-           INDIAN TERRITORY.
j-sti Sept. 9.-CHARLES SHULTZ.             Mlitnard, the Parrotts, Rice Bros.. Ralph
CONNERSVILLE, Sept. 21.-The        Audi- 'Miontrose and the Mtajestoscoe dretw splen-  TULSA, Sept. 21.-Roof (sarsel theater
iorium (F. E. Kebl, igr.).-Al. W. Martin's lii houses 16-23. Change of bill 26.        (Ed. Egan, nigr.).-Vaudeville and ioving
t'cle T4tr's Cain, Sept. 20; Jane Cor- 1X1ysor Grasid (H. R. Wysor. ngr.).-A           plict  trhs.
cocan, 24; Stronghecart. 20.                       fosr ~ibterty. 10, to good I ..siss.  Highland Park  theater (IV. A. !\tc~ct-
TIe Vandette (J. C. Schilling. mer.).-  The Monte Carlo Burlesquers. 14, failed to mott, mgr).-Vaudeville and ioving pic-
Set. 10: 'ts Lancaster. Russell Gross. the oliaso. The Himielein Stock Co., week 16- tures.
Whlettons. Sept. 23: .T. H. Murphy, Leonard  1 to fine business.                        Robinson  Hotel Roof Garden     (1art>
,L-Fulton. the Alton Trio. Genevieve Ruther- T e  toving picture theaters are all do- Horrigun, itgr--Legrei's Orelisitr.
ford.                                       tug great business.  Tue Colonial and the     TdIle-tiosr theater. itovitig isictari-s.
'The Andre (D. WY. Andre, mri.).-The Nickeloedont       have   suspended  operations,   Grand theater (Frank Buel, nsgr..-Bil-
Tndon Gaiety Girls, 14; poor performane    I e orin  tile field to the Royal, Xaudelle ly Kerssnds ant  SsstssE IIin etied t
to goodi house.  The M~onte Carlo Co. 17   'rltc'storii  astd Palace.                good bus iness.-X'A LTR  WIVTCIT.
good norformance to crowded house.-D. R.      The Majestic Stock Company. operating
MeINTOISH.                                  several amusement houses in this section,                     IOWA.
ELKHART. Sept. 21-Buchlon (Fred q. will incorporate next wook wnith the Na-
Timmons, mgr.).-Sept. 11. Rafferty's Flir- siaolu      aa Asisi nt Compnay, nd beginning  ELDORA Sept. is1  ihouse
tation; small house. 12. The Alaskan: il   Sent. 21, sill have in entire change of sur   (G. E. Gilman.t mgr.)-Too Pruito Boie'
scenic iniestiture was Very handsome and t         Tiuc  a  rnel  Will Ornsf' sh'i s tiec e 13. to capaciti hus and pleased. Quine
the musical numbers were generously ant- ery Tudor as datiager of the Malesti A           t I spams  sawy ur,  a   c.
tiauded. 14. 'ile Show Girt stillsears well. and hias engaged booking E t 1 PeR  e       ijou (. W. Parks. ngr )-Cntinues t
Lillie Sutherland proved a worths- stcoes     inal sasoi  goey-B- E  ESPER     R.    1  good business with  Ioing pitures, i-
str to Hulda Thomas; 1C. Mrs. Wiggs of       TERRE ITATTTE. Sept. 21.-Grand (T.1 XX   luqtrated sois and vaudeville.
the Cabbage Patch, first time here: ever- Parbydt. msgr.).-Good business.     nt. I-i. The amumt      Co. have in mel1
hiy liked it: 17, i'ncle Josh Spsmeclt. Mirray & Mack in Sunny Side of Broad          tbo etablishment of several moving picture
fair house: 1q, Sis in New York: 21. The -ay: 1. 17. 178. The Lion and the Mfouse      itS       some of the smaller towns  If
Missouri Girl; 2-. The Isle of Spice; 2L    19, 2n. 21, The Cowboy Girl; 22, The Bell iowt, ssinnsota and the Dakotias.
The District Leader.                        of Japan.                                     Miss Zella Smith, musician for the B-
Crystal (G. S. Laurie, mgr.).-Sept, 22: ATr.  Tayrie (Jack Itoeffler  gen. imgr: JTohn jou. has received several tempting offers
nd Mrs. Lew Stanley,DottieDale..tohnand Hotzel, res.     mglr..-Business  ven' good    of late to go on the road with tiheatricrl
Matscl Moore, Gerdie Gardner, the Kino- Maude Rockwell, prinma        donna  soprano: companies as pihnist and accompanist.-E
drome.                                      Fortuna & Stokes. issenmiy har act; Whar-    10R B
'I'tse Elks' Fair in the Elks' New Tini. ton & LeRoy, cossdiass: Tones & TWnIto s       D           t.
Sept. 9 to 14, was the most successful affair rural cosmedy sketch: Mlexican Hern  m'l n   s'ou''zy D , plye  t fibsines; Lin-
of its kind  i e   nr iv  in northern Indiana. gicpan.  Bill fur  siext  neek:  illdysam,, coits JS i e  T playe u to fair   fae r
-NED    X. MILER.                         Thsompson & Cu., biaclIsface coniedy sketch; tolit J, Casterls Too Proud to Beg, 11, fair

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