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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 28, 1907)

With the white tops: news of the tent shows,   pp. 24-25

Page 24

HI wIN       thie  I In I It is the, iin-
mo    appronin, the    &-rlii&
liiI    a Gatest Show  on  Earth
-oesrI its golden way rejoicing, and
THEl SH()IW WORLD corr-spondent finds
lul to iamuse anld instruct in the daily
doings of the arm1y of entertaineis that
ialk   u1) the  %ast aggregation. He
sends tle followiIng notes:
The Greatest Show on Earth is at Clili-
licoth, M\1o., as I write and the usual
ailiiiigcrowxd is 'gizinig -kyhighoat the
itIimiiitaletierfoinaai,-iof Yolltuilvcipon
tile highi wire. pa1t 01 tio jirogrin of'
the morning free show. The SuitIS s1Z-
zling as only a Missouri and Kansas sun
can sizzle. Even Stevens, the iiper-
turlable treasure. 1as shaken his coat.
Andiress is happy, and is lie tousses on
his uneasy couch during these hot, sullen
oglits, tlie vision lof a1111 iccs of xxax-
log corn wvaxinig taller, xxitlioii1t ceasing,
dlay aiic niight, briiigs 1111teiiti110lit to) lis-
soul. It illI be stiam,,if w1x don't see
him fraternizing witiini aricit Bend
farmer at some of tilos Kanss stand"
Wae slioxx'im  Be-ic" Net)l, tiii other
d ay. As at relic ot dlepaltoo lo1ry, the
main street of that ity is laid wxith a
line of steel-tribute to the ambition of
soime forgotten, albeit enteilrising, trac-
tion company-but "the lins are rust,
the cars are dust, and the conductors'
souls xvitI tie saints, we trust."  (This
with apologies t, xve believe, Sir Walter
Scott.)  "Kid" Lovell remarked that it
was "the most successful failure tie city
had suffered"!
Accident to "Papa" Grunatho.
There isavacancy in the ranks >f the
elderly geitlemen who sereiely play sol-
itaire of nights, between shows, in the
dressiiig room. Groinato p0ro became,
unforcinately, mixed up ip rnel of the
tandemi teams a week or so back and
wiis oblligedl to enter a hospital at Kamn-
sas City. Meanwhile, the ciarmiig Gr-
ntlio Sisters-real Sisters. and  really
cliariiilg-conlilile toicatiivaiteaudiences
by their grace and dexterity. As the
injuries do not appear to be serious, they
hope to have Papa tack with them when
xve retich Kansas City.
The Greatest on Earth turned thou-
sands away at St. Joseph, Mo., Sept.
14, at both perfcrmances.
W. D. Coxey spent a few hours with
the show at Leavenworth Sunday. the
16th. He intends to devote considerable
attention this xiiter to his infant-
"Coxey's"-incidentally  enlarging  that
magazine and broadening its scope.
"Big Mac," who loads our trains, Dan
Taylor and Jack Kublmanii have com-
menced letting their hair grow long.
Old Mr. Beddow, the range rider of the
government military reservation at Leav-
enworth, Kan., our stand  on  Monday,
Sept. 16 says the Greatestnon Eatlih oc-
cupied mote of Uncle Sum's laud than
any other show.
Charley Bernard is no respecter of per-
sons, and the connection must remain
clear, It was a xvee bit hard onl you,
Degnan, and also on the front door, who
like to make rare visits pleasant re-
membranes. But youl1 come back, won't
General Agent Louis E. Cooke was
with the Greatest at St. Joseph, Mo.
Sc'liafer and  his iluaidy-butchers are
busy, these equiatoriail days.
With Jimmy Johnsoni up. Doc Elliott
says Charley Scroggins would get in the
money every time.
The "Tigers" hold their annual reunion
at Kansas City, Sunday, Sept. 23. There
will be great eatings and speechings, and
a smoker to follow. enlivened by vaude-
ville talent. As a post-prandial orator,
Chauncey Depew is not in the same
street with our own Charley Stocks.
Ladies Plan Special Feast.
And tIen-it almost gt by the xriter
-that little band of lovcly ladies, whose
motto reads "love and good-will to all
men--and women," ire to have their own
seance in Kansas City. A local caterer
has been hard at work for several weeks,
and next Sabbath morning will be spent
by the members of tlhe club decorating
the private dinimg room they have en-
gaged. Confess, you male things, that
you would give much to be able to play
the part of "Peeping Tom!"    But the
courser and sterner sex is rigidly barred.
The spirit of prophecy is again upon
us. Pete B-I is in the matrimonial mar-
ket, and bidding has been brisk. for Pete
is debonair and popular with the ladies.
Youi may bet Saginaw against the field,
"Little Bo-Peep. She lost her sheep,"
is the nursery rhyme that Steve Miaco
recollects most clearly among all his in-
fantine  memories. Who    will be  the
faithful sheep-dog and bring the wan-
ilring and erring sheep back to their
Other things besides scenery and sun-
S1t r110 ofte seern hv him who "runs
mnd   a    as he tak  s his walks abroad
Look 00t toi opposition down in Pan-
ami Tote!
II his able conduct of a difficult pro-
an, M1 Dueiow    las maintained,at d,
it poissible iiicreased Iiis ireputation as
prenier equestiian director this year.
'Billy" Ducrow is liked and respected in
ad out of the drossing room. When he
d Ernest Cooke get together, younger
mieni nax learn inuch froni two men who
know a show from front to back.
Charley Andress has commenced his
annual story that 'aftcr forty y-ears, in
the business it is high tiime, at oan re-
ti red," etc., and hlow pleasant it would
be to spend niext sumner tiuilding that
apartment house in Chicago. Whichever
way he bets, though, you may be sure
that, as the irrpressible Con Foster used
to say in those little poker games, "the
old gentleman is got 'em."  Meanwhile,
route-boiks will be ready on time.
All the prinipal nd bareback riders
no" here will iide for ti  Greatest on
Earhi again nextSeason.  hat theyare
the hst in the business is evidenty the
opiio of tie cnalgemein   s well res
tlie 111al1terahle heoif of
tCircus Merger Stillrin Doubt.
While it wlould    appear  that the
Ringli      ng Brot  hers  laxe  secured eon-
to1 of the bonung inel Bailey show,
it has bcii found impossible as yet to
nsecure direct coniiation of the re-
piaiito merger  of  circus  interests.
shoi. is still   gloat deal of uncer-
tintl as to just txhcre tile Barnum
and   Bail tRingling  Brothers  deal
sandad It is truc that Doe' Freeman
fos Minad booking erformers and
hiing  hossos to    the  iied season,
whlilc out cit Nex Yoirc comes a seem-
iiiglop  a ted the Nortory that there
is a hitch in ta negotiatiois esper-
itally ill rognld to the ouffalo Bill
Fashion Plate Shows.
It atpGears fram rcenit reports that
the      Fashion   Plate   Shows  o  itted
Lancaster, New    York, xhich mas to
have been their closing stand Sept. 14.
lid made a        night run to Geneva, Ohio
from Medina, N. Y., the Sept. J3
staiid. The show was leased to aiid
operated by  iet North Central Amuse-
menit Company, an Ohio corporation.
S    salte' c. nsii held stock and offic-
iated as general director of the con-
pry. The showisnowin winterquar-
trs at Geneva and it is s         nid arrange.
ints are pending for a settlement of
some kind with workiWgmen. pe rform-
ers and other members of the organ-
ization.  ho  Fashion Plate Shov.a it
is understood, was to have made a
long tour Sooth.
It is repoi'ted that the Cole Bros.
Siox  shipped three cars of theio out-
fit to winter quarters last week inre-
vieninary  to making  a toer of the
It is reported that the reuas. Sparks
Shoses. considered by many to be one
of the strongest five-ear aggregations
on the road. has enjoyed a very pros-
pirous sum     ,tmer season.
Bert Davis and wife have signed
with the Hagenleek-Wallace show for
thle seasoniof 190S. At present they are
taking  the tiaters at French     Lick
Springs. having left the Hagenbeck-
Wallace    Show, now  on its southern
tour, to open with  carnivalcompany
Rine ings Want a Permit,
A representative of Ringling Brothers'
tioeus is sitting down tight in te office
of the mayor of  llas, 'rex.. pitd inter-
viewing the aldermen in n endeavor to
get a permit for the show Oct. 10. Sev-
eral years ago. at tic recilist of 1110
Slate Fai' Association, the oily council
assed an normiance forbidding any cir-
ciis to showifile tlimiits of tl itvdi'-
ig fte progress of fthe aniual fair. The
dlates set in the ordinance were from
Oct. 5 to Oct. 19, at that tilie tli- period
of tie fair.
Since that time the fair meetinigs are
111101. 1)1t thie ordinane, has neeri been
repealed nor, changed. InI the last tivo
years, Ringliiig Brothers have induced
tiie council to give permission for i le
October show %. The Commissioners, while
not ready to act at one, promised the
repres-rntative there would he no opposi-
tion to tile show.
The Forepanugli-Sells circus pitched its
tents lnside the fair grouind.,at tileWil-
liamson County Fair. at Marion. Ill.. Sept.
19.. and the people were turned away at
bo0th performances. The mainagers of
the fair colucluded to mal~ke the circus
part of the attraotionls oil thy ground,
mather than have a rival o1 the outside.
The arrangement xwats a big success for
both the fair and the circus.
Robinson Knows His Friends.
ie Billpostetand Distributor," insie
cirecis department of its September issue,
gJohin Robinson's yell-knoxln old-tiie
aggregation is playinig the shuttle-cock
gan1- through Onio, Indiana, and Iiinois,
and knowing ones wnk tie eye wilen
they remark that i 'ncle John will never
let the show get out of reach of Ciliciln-
nati's long-distance telephone call.' Still
it must be admitted that 'Marsa' Join
Knows xvwat lie is about when it coies
to successfully routing a Show that has
oeen in existence over eighty years."
"Old Fop' Semon, who has been con-
tracting tar in advance of Buffalo Bill's
Wild West, closed the season early in
August and returned to New York.
'A most important bit of circus news
xas xafted across te    Atlantic froIn
Lemidoli last month to the effect that A.
A. Stewart, Nev York representative of
the Strooiige Lithographi Coi., Nx'luo was
abroad recently, had beenbusily engaged
an buyingtipalltle English stock of the
Barnum & Bailey circus that lie could
secure for Ringling Bros. This will not
be surprising news in   some quarters,
xhile in others it is bonid to create an
enless amuount~ of -onj.cttire' amio specu-
Cooke Transfers Headquarters.
Louis E. Cooke, general agent of tile
Barnum & Bailey and Buffalo Bill shows,'
who has beien making Ils headquarters
during the past summer at the National
Show  Print Offices, Tribune   Buiiniig,
Chicago, departed for New York Thurs-
day evening, Sept. 19, where he is now
making his headquarters at the Bailey
Building, 27 West 22nd stroet. During
his  brief  sojourn  in  Chicago.  lr.
Cooke has   endeared  himself anew    to
n'emsers of the C      viigo professioial col-
din:,, and his presenoc' xwilllie niissed ohl
the local Rialto.
-      0--   --
Will Close at Richmond.
The Buffalo Bill Show    will idose lIt
Richniond, Va., and the last throe stands
preceding the end of the season will be
Ja1ksonvsilhe, Fla., Savannah, O., and
Wilmnington,. N. C.
The 1907 tour of the Buffalo Bill Show
has hietei remarkably free froiiieishah
alil altogether it hias Iresu-li Onle of Ohie
most successful i a finaioal way ever
known in tle history of that organiza-
tion. Every department of the show has
been handled in an efficient manner and
the delightful harion' existig both in
front and back xwith the show in all d -
partmients has had inuch to h with the
success of the tour.
Hargreaves on Chicago Lots.
The Hargreaves    ircis and Inenagerie
cad a big day at Vhiting. Ind.. Thurs-
day, Sept. 2, the matinee "house" being
comfortably filled and the night audience
overflowing the seating capacity.
Friday, Sept. 13, the show inaugurated
a three-weeks 'engagement o1   Chicago
lots, opening at the Ninety-second street
lot. South Chicago, to good business.
The H-argreaves show is one of the
most pretentious one-ring circuses on the
road, fourteen double-length  cars being
required to transport the enterprise, and
the main tent being a one hundred and
forty-foot round top with two fifty-foot
middle pieces. When the spread of can-
vas is up, it presents all appearance not
tunlike that of a big one. The perform-
September 28, 1907.
This istheoneandonI addre
of the old established Tent aiiA
Awning House so long and laor-
ably knoiwn for the quality acd
(lstinction of its product and the
reliabsility of its service.
'Thomembers oftiletfirmn lo,
were and are still restonsil lo
that quality. distinction and rla-
bility, are all here intent on s, r
ing you better than ever befor
We hase in sockalarge numberatf
Newand Second HandTents,Seats et.
n-    is  ighl  mo-ritrious  and  gives
spl adid satisfaction. The program  is
presented with remarkable. .emoothness,
for which France Reed, equestrian di-
rector. should be given much    credit.
Those who should be complimented on
the excellent condition of the stock are
NI. bWalter, boss hostler, and Dr. B.
,NJ. TTunch, veterinarian.
The ITfagreaves show has 1)001 out
since April 20 atid, despite the bad
weathoel which  has prevailed geierally
throughout the season, the business as
300 to 500'%-   Profit            /
Oxvdized   Skull and
Cross Hone Rings. Ver
Brilliant faceted riI
stone set ees.e Thy a
winners. Do, 75c. Sn  IN
for 1907 Catalogue.
R. E. DODGE, 14 State Street, CHICAGO
Pop Corn Goods of ilkids  Privilege men
Bell &Heilfy
S'asn907. EnRoute,8arnum&
ey ratest Show  onE
-          Heengaed eason 1)9
Danbury 'Fair
October 7 to 12
One of the Bi- Fairs. Write for privi-
leges to l. T. Bulkley, Supt. Booths
aid Stands, Danbury, Conn.
En Route,           ECCENTRIC
Hagenbeck-        MUSICAL
Wallace Shows
Combined          COMIQUE
Geo. W. Miett's
Educated Dogs
Booked Solid By Western Vaude-
ville Mgr's Ass'n.
And All others
Send for CATALOG.  ciition  Kind Wanted
Special Attention  Given the Proessin
4lastern Unifor       Cc.
214 Clark St. (Dept. B) Chicago
..       J.         FOR THE ASKING  ::  ::  ::
It you want them correct in style, fit, workmanship and price, write us.
JAMES H. HIRSCH 6 CO., Chicago, Ill.
In Order to Reach Us Without Injurious or Vexa-
tious Delays, be Sure Your Letter Reads Like This:
Tents and Awnings
59 and 61 West Washington Street, CHICAGO
(Istab  shod  1660.)
Ii -
1.1 r
I -~
ill' -
L-                           ---             ---      11111

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