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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Vaudeville,   pp. 42 ff.

Page 42

42                                                         THE         SHOW            WORLD                                                    September 21, 1907
RHODA ROYAL, General Director        CHARLES B. FREDERICKS, BusinessManager
M. er Tomi Tul'iinb  (Countess  fte eairs 1i yFlirenc Ziefild.\t     AP~AUSPICES O
\1agri), is relieving the strain of daily itempest will remain in The Follies of 1907                  e    ea
appearances on the stage by holding pri- for the nonce, and then will be on view
vale receptions for the women of the    as th    rn   Ia  o   nanwmsclO                             ui                r      g     am
towns she visits, at which   the clever   productin
dwarf gives a short talk on Christian
Science, of which she is a disciple.       J. H. W. Byrne recently inaugurated
his season at Mannion's Park, St. Louis,      Display No. 1
Rose Royal and her V10,000 statue horse, and has bookings for twenty-six consec-        Aue                      n nov1y      i                         Ithoda
will be a feature in vaudeville during the  tive weeks to follow.
cting season.  *oa                                                                             Blc *  **R  I orse Hus rs in  disic  onovti entiiled, The
Gathering of the Garlands."
The Crotty Trio, who do a singing and    Carl Brentlinger, stage manager of the                                      Part II
lancing specialty. announce that their act Varieties, Terre Haute, Ind., is spending     "The Game of the Hose," the favorite pastime <f 1trt'rdv 5onsef
11s been refurnished and that new cos-    his vacation in Chicago.                        the South African Desert, requiring marvelous ls'ttir slip in an
tuiiies and scenery have been added.                     *     *                          effort to gain supremacy in the friendly contest,
Dixon, Bowers & Dixon played The Ar-      The Two    Franciscos recently intro-
Kan-Saw   Fiddler recently at Four Mile  duced their new act at the Majestic thea-     Display No. 2
Creek Park. Erie, Pa.                    ter and are now busily engaged securing          'Thse lonoin   Brothe    in a series of I9.a     clehtis  nd homer-
*bookings for the fall and winter season.Te                              lnidaBrtrsinaeisofIn
Harry Gage still continues to draw with      Tos gyr'timinitte Revolving ladder
his monologue, The Rural Philosopher. The Garden City Trio opened recently DisplayNo. 3
***with The Mysterious Burglar Company.                         Dipa       No3
Mackie, Murphy & Mack have been play-                   * * *                           A   triple bounding   barebacked jock'    .xlhilition in  conitnctive
tog through Tennessee with their successful  Arthur Manning. formerly of the team         achievements on the back of a running steed, assisted by their canine
comedy, My Son Tommy                     of Manning & LeVerne, who style them-            pet. McCree-Davenport Troupe.
Al Barnes. magician and juggler, is play-  seles The Fash  Plat Boys annoute
in an engagement on the Nash circuit,    that he has severed    partnership  with      Display No. 4
n  * t                   Edward LeVerne. Mr. Manning adds that           Paul Brachard, the world's greatest contortionist in a series of
Frederick V. Bowers. tenor and song- 1ie is at present rehearsing a new     act         amazing physical culture exhibitions.
writer, is the feature of College Days, a  with Lula Howard.
miniature niusical comedy that is being well             * * *
received in vaudeville.                    Pauline Russell, who has been playing       Display No. 5
* *fairs in the north, western and southern                        Superb Quadruple flaiSchool display        of equestrianism  by four
Harry Davenport and Phyllis Rankin are  s     is atnprsnt   aein an   engagr-         superb, perfectl   ' had m      nv-    ,r    ridden by Miss Carrie
appearing together in Mr. Davenport's or- ment at Wonderland Park, Boston, Mass.          Norenberg nl 1II     1'.   :  1 hi. He'ruth and    lu McCree.
iginal farce, The Goddess.                               * * *
Valerie Berger* wil remain in vaude-     E. L. Johnson, manager of the Lyric.        Display No. 6
ville and is ooked solidfor fifty-two weeks  the Sullivan-Considine house at Cleve-       The Tasu  nin Iropoe .'                         h- ii 'lw . TIe acme
She will offer three sketches, The Mountain land, was in Chicago last week on a           of aerial nIi    t ... I n w     It  .     .  l,Iis assisted b' the
Rat. The Morning arter the Play and Mar- combined business and pleasure trip,            devil's disciple twist and wlirl at ai trriil rate of speed while sus-
jorie Chooses.                                           * *                              pended at dizzy heights only by their teeth.
* * *                      Maae      aes L. Lederer announces
A vatideville fealture, entitled The Girl  Manager Jame   L.Ldrrrnone
in the Clouds styled a     new scenic sensa- that the Star theater, which is on Mil-  Display No. 7
tional novelty, was lately produced by Wil- waukee avenue, will open the last of          An invertebrate artist in refined and amazing contortions on the
lion  Woods in New    York.  Mr. Woods   September.    During  the  summer    the         A    netbaeats           nrfndadaaigcnotoso                       h
is the miinager of the Broadway theater   theater has been closed and has under-          high wire-Miss Annie Sutton.
in that city,                            gone improvements that cost $35,000 un-
*     *                  til now  it is a Class 5 house with a        Display No.8
George Jenney was a visitor at the offices  seating capacity of 1,600. The price of     Dashing and bewitching principal bareback riding by two of Eng-
of the Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso- admission will range from  ten to fifty         land's fiire-st queens of the arena, Miss Davenport and Miss Fantelle.
ciation last wveekt. and wvas very much en-
gaged booking acts for the Wheaton Coun- cents, and the acts will be booked through
tr Fair, which will be the last word in the William Morris office.                   Display No. 9
entertainment.                                           * i   *                         A superb program of astonishing aerial sensations, denoting unex-
Willard  Newell has recently completed  thti Ill is behdwa      t p eto thes fac       ampled bravery and phenomenal training.      The nicest of judgment
a one-act spectacular melodrama for Miller, taitsbendohrcisoftsiz-allied                         with  the most wonderful agility in itiny      ,xlloits of a
the Handcuff King, entitled The Lost Nug- in amuisement for the people, and a new         peculiarly hazardous character. The Delno Troupe.
get.  The sketch wvill enlist the services vaudeville theater  and  an amu~sement
of efty people.                          park are among the projects along this
*  *                  line. A Klaw & Erlanger representative       DisplayNo. 10
Hanley & Sterling announce that they   has been looking over the field for a site       Four horse Liberty and trick act, displaying thie, v rpinnacle of
have a new sketch, and that it is one of for a theater and Chicago men will run           equine education and mastery of man. Trained       itl presented by
the different kind. A few sketches of "the the park.                                      America's most famous horseman, Mr. Rhoda Royal.
different kind" would be appreciated.                     a a *
Thomas R. Henry, who so successfully       Display No. 11
Erynt  Seill. msial  insrel. hv~conducted the Empire theater at Albany.
been playing parks, during the summer, and  N  Y. last season, has been transferred      A marvelous and daring exhibition of Wild West and Rough Riding
eve  ty ha paed                  to' Toronto, where the Columbia Amuse-           by John Agge. in whose hands the most stubbori and intractable
r p   *                  ment Company, which controls forty the-         horses are but bending brass.
A representative of Klaw & Erlanger aters. including the Empire, is building a       DisplayNo. 12
has been looking over the field in Gales-  new house of amusement.                     DslyN         .1
htirs been, loithga ove t  uldinga* * *                                              A clever convocation of clown celebrities, single and en masse, in
vaudeville house there to become part of   Florence Rockwell has been re-engaged          antics and absurdities calculated to cause convulsions of merriment.
theiwesern  ircit.for the New York run of The Round-UP.
their western circuit. Miss Rockwell's performance still consti- DisplayNo. 13
5 5 *tubes a pleasurable remembrance.
Elsie Harvey, who opens her vaudeville  t                 r    m    cThe world's most'wonderful acrobatic act, introducing ladies and
season shortly, promises something novel   Plans are being prepared for a handsome        gentlemen in full evening dress, executing the most intricate and
inth't- danicing line. Miss Harvey will be  new  theater at Halsted and Sixty-second      difficult ftats ever attempted. The Vain Dienians.
assisted by the Fields Brothers.         streets for the Englewood Stock Company.
* es                   *                   * * .Display No. 14
Corinne has joined the vaudeville stars.  A rumor. Will J. Davis, manager of the        Miss Rose Roynl politely proffers the Arabian Aristocrat and her
*    *                       0n 1theat, an AddisondC   Thomas         Floral Cort.  A unique Parisian Creation.
The Elinore Sisters are presenting a    will build a theater in Gary. Id.
new skit at the Keith houses.*
n   h   eHarry Clay Blaney will star next season                   Display No. 15
in the role of Willie Live in The Boy De-       Animated and artistic poses on the bare back of unbridled and run-
Blanche Sloan, sister of Tod Sloan, teetive, one of Charles E. Blaney's latest          ning horses. Reno McCree and Lulu Davenport.
was the headliner at Luna Park, Scran- contributions to the elevation of the drama.
ton. Pa., last week. Miss Sloan is said                   I   *I
tonbe an intrepid aerial acrobat.         On the return of Edna Wallace Hopper        Display No. 16
a a                   from the other side that chic comedienne        Comic antics performed on the back of an electrified Mule, equalling
Max Goldberg, proprietor ofthe Grand ill resume her role in Fifty Miles from the skill of the most noted bareback riders. George Crandall.
theater. Joliet, Ill., has purchased the                  * *                                                        _
Sans block of that city for $65,000 and James T. Powers will continue nextseason
will put in a vaudeville theater. He  x   in the English musical comedy, The BlueIN 30 FOOT RING
pects to have the new house ready by     Moon.
the fall.                                                 * * *
Charles Bigelow, who has had such an
The Sullivan & Coisidine Novelty.Com    amicable time in Anna Held's company, will              W         0Orth                                     l
pany, of Seattle, Wash., is erecting a the- appear in the new musical extravaganze,        N   o        Booking
ater ol Curtis street between Sixteenth  The Show  Man, the joint production of
and Seventeenth streets. Denver, Colo., Reginald DeKoven and Stanislas Stange.                           *.,
that will cost $00,000.                                   *
* * *                      Isabel Irving will tour the vest during     andinterSeason9O                                      7=08
TTarrv Rush Raver was in Chicago last   the coming season In The Girl who Has
week and secured several attractions for  Everything, one of Eleanor Robson's dis-                                   -
11he Ak-Sar-Ben Fall Festival at Omaha. cards.                                    Is                                                                    drs
t A-re aFsv  aO     h    cr * *               *                       Correspondence Solicited from Amusement Committees. Address
The Moline   theater  at  Moline, Ill.,   Prince Pavitra  Kumar Bose, late of the
opened recently with meritorious acts     Punjab of India, has been engaged by                   CHARLES B. FREDERICKS, Business Manager
hooked through the William Morris of- Mbanager Herbert C. Duce of the Garrick
fices. Charles Kindt is the resident man-  theater as a box valet. The cause of the         i   E     O      A     I    =     O      R     I    C      S      ~l
bedC                                      Prince i      India aieisfor   romanre eav in  THE        ROYAL           IN=DOOR             CIRCUS rai
ager.  * *extreme. He fell in lov'e with a pretty girl
Casey &Craney passedthrotigh Chicago    below his own caste, and his parents cast
him  off.  He then decided  to come to                    65 Grand Opera House Bldg., CHICAGO
last week en route for Dayton. 0. The     America, where he could gain an education
team  announce that their new    act is  and sufficient of the wherewithal to send                         Long Distance Telephone Central 1577
meeting with universal success.           for the little dark-eyed Indian maiden.
* * *                    The prince is always garbed in white umi-
Florence Tempest. of the team of Tem- form   and turban and has charge of all
pest nnd Sunshine, was signed last week   box parties in the playhouse.

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