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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Fair list,   pp. 36-37

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)ctober)  >jutct Fair  of Alabama,
-1G. Geo. J. Barnes. secy.
I ildersburg-Colored  Fair.  21-26. H.
W. Brown, secy.
II untsville-Tennessee Valley Fair. Sept.
21-5. Frank J. Thompson, secy.
>t .ntgomery Fair-24-Nov. 2.    Robert
*Tnit. or-y
I Alabama    Fair.  18-23.
,it,  secy.
Territorial Fair. 11-16.
; i, u i k,  secy.
I  teville-Washington Co. Fair. 24-27.
W. J. Reynolds, secy.
!iiyce-Dallas   Co. Negro Fair.  7-12.
'rince Askzuima, secy.
Irrrt Spri ngs-Arkansas State Fair. 3-12.
Hay Gill, secy.
Hanford-Kings Co. Fair. 23-29. F. L.
Howvard, secy.
Tilare-Tulare Fair. 28-Oct. 5.   W. F.
Ingerson, secy.
Littleton-Arapaoe Co. Fair. 23-28.
Grand Junction-lesa Co. Fair. 24-27.
Leon J. Chapman, secy.
Ilotchkiss-North Fork Fair. 25-27.
Aspen-Tri-Co. Fair. 1-4.
Brooklyn-Windham Co. Fair. 24-26. Jos.
B. Stetson, secy.
Granby-Granby Agrl. Fair. 25-26. Theo.
G. Case, secy.
Rockville-Rockville Fair. 24-26. A. L.
Martin, secy.
Colchester-Colchester Grange Fair. 3.
Myron R. Abell, secy.
Danbury-Danbury Agrl. Fair. 7-12. G.
M. Rundle, secy.
Suffield-Sufflield Agrl. Fair. 1-2. W. L.
Stiles, secy.
Miami-Dade Co. Fair. 12-15, 1908. E. V.
Blackman, secy.
Tampa-State Fair. 15-29. J. L. Brown,
Atlanta-Georgia   State   Fair.  10-26.
Frank Weldon. secy.
Cah oun-Gordon Co. Fair. 22-26. J. T.
McVay, secy.
Macon-Colored State Fair. 30-Nov. 8.
L.. B. Thompson, secy.. Savannah.
Augusta-Georgia-Carolina Fair. 4-9. F.
E. Beane, secy.
Broxton-1-3. TW. R. Frier, pres.
Douglas-Coffee Co. Fair. 5-15. Melvin
Tanner, secy.
Eatonton-Putnam Co. Fair. 5-9. J. T.
1Vatterson. secy.
Eatonton-Putnam    Co. Fair. 5-9. J. D.
Watterson, secy.
MountainuHome-Elmore Co. Fair. 23-27.
J. A. Purtell, secy.
Boise-Idaho Inter-Mountain Fair. 21-26.
W. F. Dolan, secy.
Lewiston-Lewiston-Clarkson    Interstate
Fair. 7-12. H. D. Newton, secy.
Galena-Jo Daviess Co. Fair. 24-27. G.
C. Blish, secy.
Magnolia-Putnam     Co.   24-27.  E. 0.
Gunn, secy.
Robinson-Crawford Co. range Fair. 23-
27. Henry Coultor, secy.
Springfleld-Illinois State Fair. 27-Oct.
5. W. C. Garrard, secy.
Vienna-Vienna Fair. 24-27.
Carrollton-Greene Co.     15-18.  S. E,
Simpson, secy.
Golconda-Pope Co. Fair. 1-4. Barney
Phelps, secy.
Roodhouse-Business Men's Fair. 8-12.
TV. C. Roodhouse, secy.
Freelandville--Freelandville Fair. 25-27.
J. H1. Rltterskamp, secy.
Kendalvlll-Es tern Indiana Agrl. Fair.
24-27. .1. S. Conlogue. secy.
North   Mancheser- North   Manchester
Fair. 24-27. Chas. Wright, secy.
Auburn-Free l'nll Exhibit. 9-11.     J.
C. Lochner, secy.
Bourbon-Bourbon Fair. S-11. B. W.
Parks, secy.
Bre m en-Bremen Co. Fair. 1-4. L. G.
Ditty, secy.
Atlantic-Cass Co. Fair. 23-27. J. 8.
Harlan, secy.
Iowa City-Johnson Co. Fair. 24-27. Geo.
A. Sneppel, secy.
Nevada-Story Co. Fair. 24-27. F. H.
Greenault. secy.
Northwood-Worth Co. Fair. 23-25. E.
1If1. Mil ler, secy.
Ogden-Boone Co. Fair. 25-27. W. C.
Trealor, secy.
Pella-Lake Prairie Dist. Fair.    24-27.
J. H. Stubenranch, secy.
Sioux City-Inter-State Live Stock Fair.
7-14. F. L. Wirick, secy.
Toledo-Tama Co. Fair. 24-27. A. G.
Smith, secy.
Vinton-Benton Co. Fair. 24-27. G. D.
McElroy, secy.
\,Vapello-WAapello Dist. Fair. 24-27. A.
1-11. Rundorif. secy.
What Cheer-What CheerDist. Fair. 23-
26. Geo. A. Poff, secy.
Winterset-Madison    Co. Fair.    24-27.
Elmer Orris, secy.
Forest City-Winnebago Co. Fair.
J. A. Peters, secy.
Guthrie Center-Guthrie Co. Fair.
T. E. Grissell, secy.
Alanson-Cerro Gordo Co. 1-4. C.
Somers. secy.
Rhtodes-Eden Dist. Fair.   1-3.  H.
Stouffer, secy.
Concordia-Cloud Co. Fair. 24-27. W.
McCarty, secy.
Effinghnam-Atchison Co. Fair. 26-28.
E. Sells, secy.
Emporia-Lyon Co. Fair. 24-28. W.
Dugan, secy.
Grenola-Elk Co. Fair.    25-27.  E.
Place, secy.
Newton-Harvey Co. Fair. 24-27. J.
Mack, secy.
Abilene-Dickinson Co. Fair. 2-4. H. C.
Wann. secy.
Belo t-Mitchell Co. Fair. 2-5. Ira N.
Tice, secy.
Marysville-Marshall Co. Fair. 1-4. R.
W. Hemphill. secy.
Mound City-Linn Co. Fair. 1-4. P. S.
Thorne, secy.
Oskaloosa-Jefferson Co. Fair Assn.
1-3. Frank Leach, secy.
Paola-Miami Co. Fair. 1-4. L. T. Brad-
bury, secy.
WinfIeld-Cowley Co. Fair. 1-4. Frank
TV. Sidle, secy.
1akefield-Wakefield Fair. 2-4. Eugene
Elkins, secy.
Falmouth-Falmnouth Fair. 25-28. R. L.
.Galloway, secy.
Bardwell-Carlisle Co. Fair. 15-16. T. C.
H-allemnan. secY.
Mayfield-West Kentucky Fair. 1-5. W.
T_ Hale, secy.
it. Olivet-obertson   Co. Fair.    3-5.
Samuel Throckmorton, secy.
Abbeville-Vermillion Parish Fair. 25-28.
D. D Cline, secy.
Donaldsonville-Ascension Parish Fair.
Gibsand-Dixie Fair. 23-28. Glen Flem-
ing, secy.
Breaux Bridge-St. Martin Parish Fair.
23-27. Vic. Jaeger, secy.
Clinto-East    Felicana  Parish   Fair.
17-19. I. L. Heyman, secy.
Crowley-Arcadia Parish Fair. 30-Nov.
2.  L. A. Williams. secy.
-omer-Clalborne Parish  Fair.   23-25.
DillardHtulse, secy.
Lafayette-afavette Parish Fair. 9-14.
Lake Providence-E. Carroll Parish Fair.
Leesville-Vernon Parish Fair. 1-5. R.
H. Bonham, secy.
Marksville-Avoyelles Parish Fair. 16-19.
A. J. Bordel on, secy.
Mlinden-Webster   Parish  Fair.   15-18.
Thos. M. Robertson, secy.
Natchitoches-Natchitoches Parish Fair.
9-12. Sam H. Hill. secy.
Opelousas-St. Landry Parish Fair. 2-4.
R. M. Little. secy.
Ruston-Lincoln Parish Fair. 29-Nov. 1.
E. W. Patton, secy.
Shreveport-Louisiana State Fair. 5-12.
WV. A. Mosby, secy.
Bridgeton-ridgetol nFarmers' Club.
24-26. J. S. Ames, secy.
Bristol--Bristol Fair.  24-26. Geo. A.
Huston, secy.
Canton-Androscoggin Valley.       24-26.
0. M. Richardson, secy.
Ell swortb-Hancock Co. Fair Assn.
25-26. HT. F. Whitcomb, secy.
Exeter-West Penobscot Fair. 24-26. E.
F. Colbath, secy.
Machias-Central Washington Agri. Fair.
24-25. W. H. Phinney, secy.
September 21. 1907.
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Richtmond-Richmond Farmers' and 1Me-
chanics' Fair. 24. H. E. Alexander,
Union-North Knox Fair. 24-26. Geo.
C. Hawes, secy.
West Cumberland-Cumberland Farmers
Fair. 24-26. E. W. Winslow, secy.,
Woodfords, 2.
Andover-North Oxford Fair. 2-3. John
F. Talbot, secy.
Acton-Shapleigh   & Acton   Fair.  1-3.
Fred K. Bodwell, secy.
Amherst-Northern Hancock Fair. 1-2.
A. N. Jewett, secy.
Damiriscotta-Lincoln Agr. & Hort. Fair.
1-3. A. L. Shaw. secy.
Farmington-Franklin Co. Fair. 1-3. C.
F. Smith. secy.
Freeport-Freeport Agrl. Fair. 1-3.
Fryeburg-West Oxford Fair. 1-3. B.
Walker McKeen. secy.
Madawaska - Madawaska        Fair. 12.
Remi A. Daigie, secy.
Newport-Newport Fair. 2-4. J. A. Mer-
rill. secy.
Phillips-North Franklin Fair. 1-3. D.
R. Ross, secy.
Tostam-Sagadahoc Co. Fair.       8-10.
G. R. Tedford. secy.
Unitv-Unity Park Fair. 1-2. E. T. Rey-
nolds. secy.
Upper Madawaska-Madawaska Fair. 12.
Remi A. Daigle, secy., Madawaska.
Freeport-Freeport Poultry Assn. 31-
Jan. 2. Geo. P. Coffin. secy.
Portland-Maine State Poultry and Pet
,Stock Assn.   10-13.  A. L. Merrill1,
Cumberland-Cumberland Fair. 1-4. Geo.
E. Denen. cecy.
Frederick-Frederick Co. Fair. 22-25. 0.
C. Warehime. sees-.
Hazerstown-Crea1Tt Haerstown Fair. 15-
18. Daniel H. Staley. secy.
Amesbury-Amesbury and Salisbury Fair.
B2rre-Worcester Co. Fair. 26-27. Pan
H. Rice. secy.
Cummington-tillsia Fair. 24-25. C. F.
Brow. serv.. Ringville, Mass.
Ireat Barrinton-Hloatonic Fair. 25-
28. Fred J. Fuller. seev.
Hinghman-Hinghman Fair. 24-25.
Brnckton-Brnekton Fair.    1-4.  Baalls
Sanford. secy.
Northampton-Hamnshire. Franklin &
Tampden Fair. 2-3. C. A. Montgom-
ery, see-.
PnLmpr-Eastern   Hampden    Fair.  4-5.
Louis E. Chandler. seeY.
THlyoke-TolYoke Poultry Fair.  18-22.
Frank L. Buck. secy.
Adrian-Lenawee Co. Fair. 23-28. F. A.
Bradish. secv.
Alnena-Alpena Co. Fair. 24-27. H. W.
Portwine, secy.
D~anbury Fair
October 7 to 12
)ne( Of the( Hig FaLirS. Write for privi-
leges to M. T. Bulklev, Supt. Hlooths
ant Stands, Danbury,Conn.
Benton Harbor-Southern Michigan State
Fair. 23-27. H. A. Foeltzer, secy.
Caro Tuscola Co. Farmers' Fair, 24.
27. J. H. Beckton, secy.
Charlotte-Eaton Co. Fair. 24-27. Geo.
Decke, secy.
Crosswell-Crosswell Fair. 25-27. A. R.
Martin, secy.
East Jordan-Charleroi Co. Fair. 24-26.
R. A. Brintnell, secy.
Elkton-Elkton Fair. 25-27. W. E. Gard-
iner, secy.
Fowlerville-Fowlerville Fair. 24-27. C.
E. Dunstan, secy.
Ilillsdale-Hillsdale Fair. 30-Oct. 4. C.
11. Terwilliger, secy.
Holland-Ottawa and Allegan Cotunties
Fair. 24-27. N. J. Whelon. secy.
Reed   City-Tri-Co. Fair.    24-27. M.
Fleischhauer, secy.
Cass City-T. H & S. Counties Fair. 1-4.
I. K. Reed, secy.
Hastings-Barry Co. Fair. 1-4. C. L.
Beamer, secy.
Lake City-Missaukee Co. Fair. 2-4.
Thos. Doyle, secy.
Miford-M I ford Fair. 1-4. M. C. Wil-
liams, secy.
Vassar-Tuscola   Co. Fair. 1-4. R. S.
Weaver, secy.
Albert Lea-Freeborn Co. Fair. 30-Oct.
3. R. J. Tweedy. secy.
Austin-Mower Lake Fair. 24-26. J. Z.
Rodgers, secy.
Howard Lake-Wright Co. Fair. 24-26.
HT. W. Vogel, secy.
Jackson-Jackson Co. Fair. 30-Oct.
Brockport-Monroe Co. Fair. 25.
Montevideo-Montevideo Fair. 25-27. Jas.
R. Burnip, secy.
Morris-Stevens Co. Fair.    26-28. GeO.
Bisie. secy.
Redwood Falls-Redwood Co. Fair. 26-
28. Chas. F. Galles. secy.
Rush City-Chisago Co. Fair. 20-22. C.
M. Johnson, secy.
Tyler-Lincoln Co. Fair. 25-27. C. H.
Kelson, secy.
Appleton-Swift Co. Fair.     1-1. Alan-
ford H-orn, secy.
Madelia-Madelia Fair. 1-7.
Marshall-Lyon Co. Fair.     1-4. R. B.
Daniel, secy.
Columbus-Mississippi & West Alabama
Fair. 22-25. John Oliver. secy.
Forest-Forest Fair. 30-Nov. 1.
Hazlehurst-Hazlehurst Fair. 15-19.
Starkville-Strkville Fair. -10-.
Yazoo City-Yazoo Co. Fair. 21-26. W
B. Stinson, secy.
Jackson-Mississippi State Fair. 5-16
John F. McKay, mgr.
(S -o

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