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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 26-33

Page 26

September 21. 1907,
i',i   il     i-    tiit o
fElk., l., inddf .
in lir:  En   rout' wit lhMiso  N. Y. Jr. Co.
til      .i  .  Fair I' ll i ,  Iallus , 'Tsx..  lit-
.6. r,J  ti    & . '-  :  itIs  rou  t  witi I
xriti          li  E   t,  Wit hi Cole  1ros.
Is  in s . itt':  Floodl's  Pik,  Itilttiotr ,
IT(  Is   i i- 1  ii Sist'
Arh 1s,  T 1 E .sli    sIiit - I tt'h  ForIi
AT:iAIIgII-S,  '  . 1aris  Tr in:  E l  nonI   ith  the  Hingtling
Plto SIoo   s
A  'iid, It i ta ],Axle %\ih t o S iI
1&r n   ionn  Ciro  ll, -Mi-
ti  'l   mi t  t.N1l  th Fsiropaugh
\lhai  Fi-  rTs  Norili  lit mli, L.  I.,  in vlf.
tits    T k  ).  IfI )  0r ard (r,5
11 ,  i         u   I, ds    '
Allh n,  Edw\. R   En  route, wNIlthfie  FlanT
i ,5  Jr it ruts  stiltsli 11  Isle  of
lie  roto  sith  The  Ia-
11-      ),1  A   . ,  srio  ri. Tupok.  K m
n x-i   r       - ,-  nOssint
\l   t  tIssisMaji     ti i. St.  i-u .
ill nil0 ' x s  'on---
Ii In ,   SI, 1'0 - ,
A     ll ii,  il A I i
n                I
nt-sit n  a   oi, Nsi'  1-mst '' . ''i
n,,   -11  A   a  n  o s wn ror.
.\fl'Ii  ' 1   itu-i'o liiis~tvt i  ts.,
i ,,, n  hzs  n ann   IlA y. \in aIn nt  I n,
1  it  l  I Pi  '
ia ii   S tihsi   sudIt  itrI   Lynn , l .,
A -Ii ks I6 . sIss  xisisi m i s,   I  l,  E,  I .,,
1  -1  Kal   l-
x in   xu io rium.  L n  Mass..  10-21.
AT l 1  leorrine: I 'oli s  W tru , Maxs I sll,.
11  5-  3 l -'i
Ali un h  Ts''  x IsoI ti,  W ett llin t oin, 0-
ij-x iris &'li  xliiL n: 1xi t ius  in sI
A ill 1    .  itxnill i,   I sl
Ai  Tru   :  1t, l 1i)ubuI , la
A  s  xltsst  itli   lush
1iis -i. )1          0-1
1 : o 1  I i   Iti  istl.  10- t1 't
Al,10 ,   iv  i  Fiiour Ei' ml's  xi,i,-  N.aml
t 1 )st .  I l  t  r
Alln i  i I P iii k  lilVt  I ttii ,  Ju l.,  its-
.1      i .1    I  I t N.w  A
A  tl  x A iml i :  i oire. 1 _ 1 O , t   .T.1
Ilisnis'  x sit, ] All  it \itts  I also
<. r  Rs  - 1
Al.1-sit A  slut  1Six: tsis  xisit  use Co-
I"i l isit  I stlt
A  eit.  Its -, Portsmouth.  its 10il1.
AlexIn I     tt. Rnn tt's.  Otinw ,
Aid s o  & oInes: triotor',  Ala', N.
N_.. 10-21_
Brlsln:  L  ri,  Msobill     a Ala.,  1t--1.
I('KETT  FAMILY:  oonville, Ind., in-
tiijou  Trio:  En rutxil l Nt   i Yi Watson's  Bur-
l    et' Sers.u
How\\ s, A\alIt(r &" k  Crooker:  Orphoeum,
M inn n .6 is.  Mi-l,  15-s i
Jusllr,  WaIt r  HI  Orldin,  Mradisonl,
siis,  ind . I
1iiiso  Art   in rt e  t h  (0le  Cos.
nIopolitan  ll s it Bl   l   l to.
trow tn. Haris & tirownSi: r
B uters  silak :  En  routo  with  Gay's
tia s   ti i  is  ot:  storl  se ty,
IsIt1  16.  41   N itt',
Jitrnn,   h.6  lii i: Hainhisv  Roof,  Streator,
Il l  A .6.  1it  S t. IG  .
\VIate- N w Ylk 1Inet 1r, Tr-
iral,,y  &-  Davis: tussl  l it  &  Considinle
(it-f.  id  f
Hut i  I,CIas  . :  Crystal, Monosha, Wis.,
IlrIiart G.  : te  route  I  wil  ( le  Bros.
'' ii 11  & n il y  Still.s
Ths-lt  vstsiiii ht  English :  Eni  rout, st ith  AT
N  t s -.wEa  rote  wNith,  arnu &
rsuna  ;I  Tto:En  riute  sith  the  Bar
urttion  &  E ke':  Fair iavrl,  N.  J.,
It)l''  lin  &  14-ir:  Star,  Atlanta,  n   in-
1i11  CIns:  En  rou's  wN.it1 .the  T coder-
1aerf,  Th 1, Gro t: 1h  Chicago,  !in-
H~arrett &  Rolle:  En  route  wNith  the  New
Boh   ara  & l r  (11:  Enl  roulto  with  the
New  CnturyGirl,.
131,onnanll  & Higs1:  En  route with  the Now
(' ilrv Girls.
lIme   'I'l ;  En  route  with  Cole  Eros.
lut i's   i &  \ I s :  |\It .  I   1;k
MN inA .,  irl I
rooks k   &  Aodder:  Eilpir', Sant  Francoisco,
Iitmaina,  Eilla  &  Fred  Derrick:  En  rout-
it h t.  l   r &s  litl Sis it t It
its t  ; s .t     ith  the  Sm r
it-ss  t'os,  Iv  coe  Kley:-s  ERn  rosito
shl     Rwi. g   g tI-t.  Sitw.
lioasitsa'  Qu-Irll.tto:  Madlision  Square
I ii]i.
inn  s  v  iapi,  ardeni  Theatesr, Meml-
1llis,  Tsin.,  inid f.
li 'gstsos,  Th  Svonldbork,  D nimtltark,
t1,1it  I  ts-  S-0l  t.  20 .
Ii sit r .   I' .Nts  0em,  Miissoula,  Mont.,
Ii a inis  FI nli y:  Enl  rouite  withl  the  Rinig-
Iro. :0 En route wvith the Bar-
itsiiri& B ie Sio,.
ia   &           IT~vn   a  Park, Sacramenlto,
,i.  i Ide.' -snx
Jon  P.:  Flood's  Parii, BltimloIr-,
Tiss   Eight:  En  route  withis  the
11,"i n ti lf '. i
l         luiFa.. 1  )1  miite l ith  tile  Fore-
'x I A A 1u-f  ,   -
B ri hard,  pal:  El   route  l ilaginheck-
1    e   r   En  route with 'sit
I t   itt s ,  i .,,En  ot le  wN ith   Rose i
,]1-ll's  Londo  ]   e13 11s  (Co.
Ed, it    En 1oAO siilti  Ihi
IIi ll   s it  s: En   ruto  wil ll  I aai's  i,
Etravgaza Co.
slitkJo n: Eniotte wihisya t'tE
I   I   an'its i M'  lt.  11tins1 .  N.  Y.
-1i;i Hijun, I. J - a .  ti-h.  16-21.
t;4lle     i wa-t,  S:un  Frait c
r    t i  ;       i1..  Syra sn ,  N
nic t&asirk:i  Famliiii.  Mahiiisis,:
"    ii k  n tt  tit  1 inf rk. ,  Nit
l    i  Ntiu      , x'siNtin t  n
.,  1 t     t  I.
u . I   is,.
1)  C ,  16i  mu  Fu k ,  . I).17 2
Ilu~ ~   ~v<l pnsn, Th.  ot Pta   1-> .
isis~or   1) ,itsi  I'Sit I, 1 ,
P]0. -         n \t.   syni- - 1
i -tn In tsi, snis   1,  I- 'I
'I   A''  li  1.   ol  t,      -
S  isns n i sni  an.  xv'nse,  usiisii'
1 ; i  >s  i o:  IDAijuItt  Si n I  n,  'iii,  W. i .
1ts-rtrami ,  Ilten:  Shsea'ts I'sso rintos  O N et., l
Iis is  & A Wi lt  'Timil,,  Fort  WaVIiy  '.
Is  ,iii   l pi :  ir,  Wax in,  Ms.,  i1i-i1
liatt  Nss;  Pantiss,. tll  Wash.,
Ilis   1  is . istin T,,: s:  ItiistttNw y's,
T  Gl n-  ItlI.a   e te. I la u n i.
'Irtrtii,  "0'i: Sie *s T r n o, O t, I;
2n1.,  0 2
Hardw  &  Wa ilemotiju  Furort  i.,1-
t-I.  Iii 21
ii isx A6.  ni ti : . AI ' Fa ilt  ,  .\sAa y, - IG.  .
Hiita  lis . ,   M      )tilwouk ,  W' ais.,1-
IH iti s.   n  is1.  2:-s.
thanttes.  Te : Ju glng  ills,  H ill
It i  \xiti -s( ionkr  iirplwo'rnt  St.
.Iaul,  16- 1 ;   51155  Iinni apisin -
1  'slissn itt  &  Nymanu  wxiith  rtgorly's
'5its  of  iJeriso   1 -1;  ()miaiha,  tN..
r3  k   - Martin  C o sctors'  Snba y,  Ns'sv
Irui- s t i   its-jit,,  "u  is.,  16-
Iist n &  u   sz . ( sitsIsA s:  tL-ri-,  10-21;
i 1.rie I ,  I oi5  Kan.g   'hI.5  -
Butis,  Tiilw; x  isisn  Stt  F-rantcisco
('al. 1 0-"1 , t   G -1
I \ini  &  erlt  Minisit' A r Apo'umt,  S tinx
liiia  &n  Wx-n,:  Orphoum: ('sitar  Rtapis'
In - 1  Famiilt  isocki  ITstiand,  Ill.,  2 -
liisr  K  xlix's-  1a-tor's. Newt  York,N.
Ya , 1 - Is; Ol rs, s  PuoIstsn,  Mass.,  2-
2s .
ls   t  1Ms-sit  l i'sartt  B1 aitas
1s elsti,'  The:1  Majsi,'ii  -  i in i ,nati,  0.,  N
Tlizirs This Orplislili TLos Antsele's, Cl'
ii  Tll s  rils  T  i  1 H st, S(i0 , 1N,
1  inlln , ie:  Orphstisoum, ps-ite r, Cooi., 10-
100s01,,   lni  Gastoin:  Maijetie,  Cihioa-
"I  li ,  It - .  ia a o s. Ai - 2 2S
Pin     'ol   Du   poPilot  B AInntil's,  Lon 2ln.
I  is tt i iisw  Cotirg:  IsOs.  Bi L-,  16-21
li , a it   M  .  1 ni t  its:  Orphso ,  N
Ii IovAAir  o u TI, : \ K igton,  F a i Kington ,
1- 1'   -1 .
'iTERT  ii ' TA : En rue  wih  te
1    hslit I'h i I   I  T   I   liisAtoo w  Itri ei,  Si l',
(Ii yr .  1t   E  route ith  th -or -
punm i -Sl   Drns  Shnw I"   lpoal  ea  1
I(;-,)nis  Th:  Enmly rot  wit I nllna ad 11 . ,,
I rs  Show. 1   Az P .tr  N w Y k N
1 Gs   orIn -      liot  th  arnu,  m
CIit ye  & T; 1, c  1it   lottie. (', iii, la is
l  I  ' ho w.
isles.  i'The  Muisioil:  Ent  lout,'  wviiit tom '-
sn,,'s  Tloautins-gL PiaC.e.,
.r 0 a :  E nrite  w i  the  1i -21
Important Notice
to Artists
Department C                          :,m Innm
n sixty weeks in middle west.  efinite
and courteous replies to all inquiries.
Department D Artists booked in the fairs, parks and
chautautuas, controlled by this office,
are requested to Write in, as it is possible further time can be
Department E Park managers desirous of securing,
bands for next season should communi-
cate at once. Bands are requested to communicate with
this department.
Department F All the best clubs and social orgai/da-
tions in Chicago,Milwaukee and St.Louis
secure professional talent through this office. Artists are
requested to advise exact weeks they expect to lay off in
5slisst itna n E   v.stiu  t u silti,-  ii11t
A~l ..lit   11,15  A15 if i 1, t1
i os  v  &st  I-s.i  I  n,-  yItit  s' 1t-tsi
( il  I lI "   1Iit  I 'n  roti   111tls  te  Ebi.
]o     r  K.- :  Enl  it Iro ti wit  t, le
Curiil, Pt: En rott with the tiohmans
O ]     c  wrs:  Enl  ro55te  with  The  , h-
P..slsl  xci10tol\Liss
(' ,liA  &  Hadeliffe:  En   rolite  with  th"
TIroei t  Eal t  xresta its
('Ilrence  S isteirs:  W;1YublAI ain r  P ark ,  Er il
Co ...  &   nr oalld:  Moss  &  S toll1,  Tour  o f
Englanid, Au~g.: J2 to Mlarch 1:1.
Carroll &FE'     En route with the Fay
IFoster Co.
(zad, Bell,, & Earle: East Lakie Park,
B',irIn11ghaml  Ala.,  indef.
Cassady, Edldie,: Steel Pier, Atlantic City,
N , ay  27  to  Seit. 30.
'll's Dogs  Eii rout with the tingling
Corelis, 'ho Three: En route wilh thei
F~orop~augh-Slls ht.
Clinton, Chris: ial limts' hIlloatsr, Jer-
is  City,  N.  1.,  intef.
Collins & Hart: .llmm..rst iN.t, eork
City,  indef.
Clark Troos.: Eni route wvith the Hlagenl
heck-Wallace Show.
Callahani,  Jas.  T. :  TWondeIrl IA nd(,  Hevere,
Mass., indef.
Carmllon, i Troup : Enlit route stith Vial-
lunt & Bailey Show.
arlxa &     il-riton: Enl rout e stith   ts
A  obbins Sht,,o,.
iitani  Astixtn & Sito's. Desti.
'assin &x   Casid:  Crsttal  ]'ark<  .1plins
Cairuts  1'tlss  N. Y. ltesf, Ni-stN  y'iT
'ity,  indef
('arnor Sis:  Na YI-stl,, i w No
int (I ,   tl. o LTF yt.   ufl,    .Y
Collins, Eddiln:  Oshkosh. Wis.. indol
Cusniusn &- St. Clair: Es rout- wxith Toy-
fia i  No.I
Cinambersi o Irk: En route with lageiihock-
Wallace Siow.IW
i')isoor  Ci-Va isc  llShow i. i  xx ilc  it-o'
hsIsiatig, Pittit: En route with Rose -
itskx  snilt-s i s on t  ih T w
a'sitst  istutel it C lrote wtiths the KSn-
tlky etlldsi Co.
1tintl     & MaEk:  i route ih ilt Chat-s
tSi 1 ~ 'itl'i 1is o
tsossisiis Lu Tl o Tenl: rosE  w t  Stith lts Gra'
Hieat SitieIe Co.
onlmis &' xtro: E rolute swith the Grea-
Hacynande  Co.
C'lsar, i  I*.  AlisI  MTrs.  J ssisi:  Lans teuir,
-1l     :  Wi ii oious, 1x -"'.
niletrs, Ai': Bit rhouni xvinisns  Citaiti-
10i-ti1:  Wain o   . J p i. 30. o .
listhll,, la: Bi r  ptou mst  tl Great
C  1 , ii.t.Isiile 1 ri:  Bi  rout(,  ilts  the  C.-ot
O'sxsCs    i ..    isis  si tsY.  lta.,  12-2i
Cadea   A.i  K.      "I x  Ix )i 1,it   Sitsix  "its,  Ia..
I  xl- - -t:\ sots. t  Iils  -\I"..  --'Si
1) 1   11   & t  ls y  iilitis'ilti,  Sit.  Pat],
is--i1  -z  .  ,- A1 1 1 . ,1,1 1I  ,I  ''ii  I "!
t rat pC 0.t ( Fi,11llnL1 WVOr , 11101-
ert prc1       W't  lor ternis.
BARR GRAY Philadelphia.Pa,
Western Dramatic Exchange
Managers wanting reliable people iwrite
P. J. RIDGE, Manager.
NOTICE:-Vaudeville Acts, Sketches. etc.,
including Singing. Dancing. Dramatic Art.
etc.. Written, Coached and Rehearsed.
1ntipell &  illy; Orphount, Tx atertaiin,S
J)., !G-21.
Carroll, Joo:  Idea, Fonid  duI  Lao. 's,', 1-
I1  Liiou  Racine, Wis., __ ___
'-rie l Emile:  Family, Seranton, Ia., 22-
Sart   The: Star, Wilkinshurg, Pa., 16-
21; : as      shinstit,  Pa.,  2--'s.
Copelanid, Carl. PrAices, Hanniball, mo., 16-
lros '\\Will  IT.  &  Co.:  Orpu is,  Spring
C iks- &,  1    t :  'rawford s.  ToTpella,
Kan.,  6-1;  sir  Lisi n,  Neb.  22-2
Conk,  .Too   &  E .:  Estir.  liobknlt, N
I1..  I-21;  Airmory, si inilan tn5 .  N. J.
i      1&  Cully:  niu   Aberd n.
'< nn ittnt han I,'1   &  Iaiy:  Orphouni  Chil-
liotie,  O.,  16-11:  Orpi u,  Portsml out h.
In I:-  -itl'f(21slevelant
aosptt, Ye. Orphis    um , KanSIasCits
Mo. 16-21.
tss1tt  1u0t,  Deil:  Streot  Fair, Lodi. Cal..
Cl1rk Clover: Fair, ForIt Atkinson,WI
iartot e  Sisters:  G.  0.  IT..  Ftiltts,1ur, Pit
's'migs Triin, The: Brwod     Oiail
Carlton.  Ar `tshur, &  Lucillo:  Grand.  ]t11tt-
oh  ,1, ta  11 _,tt.
1  Pi  :itoh1.2,~isis's.  povidctte.  t. I
1  Dow   y  < Willard:  O '1um.  Sai
T sssx is  - 1
I'al;:',~- CH"  ]I-N'.est
rn       &  Dolores: Creent,
bunt.  Ala.  T1 -2N.
Chathlam  ites   Stilr'  11eAvor,  Talls. Pri
Cook  &                            llna:E g as3  1..1
Onuy  R  0 N.1   Ilia  .  Newv

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