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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Chicago Rialto,   p. 20

Page 20

lly -
The Show World Publishing Co.
WARREN A. PATRICK, General Director
AUGUST FROEBEL, Business Manager
61 Grand Opera House Building
87 South Clark Street
CHICAGO, U         . A.
Eniteredla   second-class matter, June 25,
1907, at the Psstcffice at Chicago, xllincis,
uder the set of Congress of March 3, 18,9.
All communications to the Editorial or
Business departments should be addressed to
The Show World Publishing Co.
Payable in Advance.
Y ear  ...........................................$4.00
Six  Months-- .....................    2.0
Three Months-----------------------...... 3.0
Foreign subscriptions $1.00 extra per year.
Trade supplled y the Western News Com-
pany, General Offices, Chicago.
Fifteen cents per line agate measure. Whole
page, $105;, half page, 452.50; quarter page,
fates for Professional Cards submitted on
The last forms of THE     SHOW    WORLD
close at noon every Monday.     Clients are
urged in forward their advertising copy as
early as possible each week to insure best
position and display in succeeding issue.
THE SHOW WORLD Is Issued Tuesday of
sa.3h week and dated Saturday.
THE SHOW WORLD is sold on all trains
and news stands throughoutthe United States
and Canada. wshich are supupled by the West-
ern  Neis Company, of Chicago, and      its
branchies.  Failure to secure THE    SHOW
WVORLD    from   these  sources  should  be
reported to the general offices of this pub-
News-dealers are requested to place orders
with the Western    Ne-s CompEany    or Li
All remittances to THE    SHOW    WORLD
should be niade by postoffice or exprcess
money order or registered letter addressed or
made payable to The Show World Publishing
The Editor will not be responsible for the
return  of unsolicited  manuscripts, but if
stamps are Inclosed they will be returned to
correspondents if found unavailable.
Richard Mansfield, Artist and Man.
In the death of Richard Mansfield the
American stage has suffered a distinct
loss. lie was the foremost player of his
day and had hie lived a few years longer
hue miust have been universxally recognized
as the greatest actor in te vorld. le
gracefully wore the mssantle of Booth and
Irving and his Indomitable energy cru-
cified hil to Isis art. It is as the artist
rather than the man that Mansfield will
bel judged by posterity aInd his place in
the teiple of famxe, therefore, is rea-
sonably secure.
Mansfield in no sense had a lovable
personality.   1le   was   so   thoroughly
wrapped tip in his art that hie forgot his
dity to others and Iapsed into a con-
ditioun of chronic misanthropy.    le al-
most totally lacked those traits which all
good iein and wxomxen adiire and which
render the iemiory of those possessing
tixeni, sweet and enduring. Ile was ty-
rxunnicxal, impetuous, overbearing, peev-
ish, often insliting, lie lacked judgment
when art was unconcerned, and only on
-xtreiiely rare occasions did lie realize
that othrs had foolings which lie was
hound to respoct.     It is fortunate per-
haps for   Mlanlsfieli's ilmemiory  that his
thlne artistic sense and noble achievements
liftedx liii fxar abolve lxis feilowvs, tot- in
admxiire genxixus Ii xxixN guxise, sin though
it bi selfish and repellant. Were lie to
be estimated as ordinary men are judgecd
his famxe, except to a few      of his iln-
timates, would be short-liveci indeed.
But art rises to planes which are be-
yonid    attack and Mansfield long had Gc-
l I  l,'  lopi  xxxiii'   if  Ill,,  ixaixiu-u 'i
ilide xilm petulant and h-iolly subimiergeil
lthe good peirsonal qualities lie possessed.
It is the privilege of genius to be ec-
.itric and   aunsxield was all the termi
limplid. 1i1 wxas a poxerlss player, how-
iver, and it is as such that the Aier-
Joan people dixplore his passing as al
irr  'xarile loss, and  will treasure his
imi-mory, even unto the third gencration.
Suiumer Parks Close and People Are Con-
pellied to %isit Thl'aters.
By it. iH. BCl'KW'.ALTElt.
iENviER  Sept. I.-The suimxi'r scaison
is oflicialil  closed for Denvxr.  Why, xio-
ibdy kioIws. But it seems to be ax unwrit-
linaw   hat Labor Dir shalili send exel-
tixinig (If xiii sexi i IxhllIxrc to hibernxate fox
niie iuliths, just wiheni  Cioloracto's  most
gitiousi -lit<n shioil  stimulate ixdstLY
itt-0 xxxxux'lixxtx ll''llt:Ni~.T-li lxxi hseen
nxo oiplaiallot about iisilliss cicrIpping off or
dark sigls Ihadi--wxitii the cx-c-ptiioi of the
tleatlr at ix  lnattan Beaci xtlih hes iii
nuiii- piuilic Ilxii. cxxi tile cixxrxxrx liiixC,
has bexn uniformily i ood an1id there did-nut
xist    any rason for rlosing down except
twi, olle law \ which scils to pirvade all Col-
oradoaixns an( One thlit is the wxorst knock
tile stxate cxiii ixixe.
tl1xS xat efnoffrixig attractions to keeli the
toisuxts 1 lre and get others to come, Mr.
Wis     x    i Coloradoan folds his tents and wains
xLiil to i-xxxe, as Ilie 'cc-cxi-o is Lit alxx did.
lxe tioDlenve Trxiiai   Coiany  as tie
'williios" when Labor Day crops Ou t onl tihe
cxxi lixi. Atll ecotiutiio  a  t irlirxiii
amuxxscxxnix cexxx,'at tie streofcfill clock.
's are pulled off ai lines and men thrown
oit os oniiiloxixut jxxx  Cecause the ---x-
xxii xis exul axx'orixx  cc cic dae Cock.
ailtho ugh  thousainds ialk the streets at night
uiaix  to find entrance to  any   ilace of
xiixcxxi ifor aii the doiwn-town thcaters
il-i lxxxiiix to tile dolsc.
Ti woik of Lola More as Saloce" in
lhe<  lily  it,  layinlat t i u r  tilexter,
is dilxliilixt aut Ofi xie Ox-inaxry xandt xxii
II~ok-d xtii niithugh nOt ot'e xss tf -liter-
tiiixxixt thaxt apililli to tlii xNolir
At tite Orpountll  tiw bill is strOnger thall
neces-y to  i capi-ity  lusiness.  It is
crain   tun-xxiii   lixi-, mcli to tile lis-
Lust of tie noii tirasurer who cries real
lturs wein ie rifus1s the good-looking lol-
1 r s.  Froml  Istarlt  to  picture s  are   bill  is
g-nti xid[ i-hixr -i N--ill aand Exslix-s
('- 1.. x xxxxx-,-ill,  If,(,  stixxxxxxx Go l iii-i,'
In-c  Aiixcxtxxix>-  Diii. ~  Axii ll's.  .1 lxxini  Parriyi
&  Ciniixixxi  ixxia-iil xxii (11i, n xiri'lix'
A   I the Tabor Gran  Tli Lady Slavy lid
i'iaiiti 11istilx  with tte axmo oxtliok ir
six-cs ixlilt Cur ili' li-i: xf tlie xxxicix.
T   Tiabor  I Broadway t-ates have
hlie starIc press agent oif the town.  Alimeis
Ix-n   i- ietail 11 woniir iwhen-i it ico'1es
Io banxxinl out tiei ii'tionl fizz that tickles
11, i- il-   -Il   ,iii- iIi--- ii lxx- -is
--,  v             i   -
lnlx- as ii xxixliut  c i  u hisn  o  i t
ici "st  101o   -n'I'll,  pa  ixatili  ti il ;st,  t-
alis a1             I" who was
1iiii-tx 1 to lis art rnid wio perhaps did
imorex to elevate the American stago than
any other   anin since the day of Booth.
'le hinidireds of men and women Over
whom   1I(, ex(-r-is(e dspotic sway ald
whoml li Inshed will sareasm and abus
lo, nuse e li( old not reiccile himlsilf
xwith axt infc-r-thr to his own, the audi-
ca-s whoma 1ie grossly insulted b,-cause
of reall 'cr ta1 iel grievan-c-s; the thou-
iiiona  i and  ne persons to xvwIxian tie gave
oiuriin rIoaf that he held theim in dis-
anin, will unitei at his toiai in paying
iiiii i  hartfelt tiiliute that is clue to
geniius.  They  have alrady    forgotten
flo im-ax. i-lit tie- artist, which te was
ii tiruhx, alxxaiys will coxinniaaI their ad-
tipti-a aand t-espct.
l'taus lit, Itix1o ib the flpins of bodily
infixmity, xxwas a recitise. I.1- haid his ox-
llnt points and away down     in his
lieart, iidden- fromx aill except his most
intximxe fri-nxds. tIr, was a tenir spot
xxivch proilxind hi ai man of softer
iniilses. 1le luved his wife and child
ofi-Vot ell axtxind next to his art, they were
his sole treasure. IIx was naturall vkind,
iagnanimous land susceptible to kindness
from others. B ut hits imperious temiper
lik Suildia  to plxt  i flr well engag,
icxt llx ilxxxxx  if  lxixixicu  ftor  cone  xV(-(
I t       xili  '  - 11' e lo-ri-  that t
phx   xxixa the enitir- sumimer of 1908
lis playoulse, forxming sone of the b
(i'lxx, simer sixcisses.   There a
anxy nxumibr Of xilxundx ie chaps lin ti
--ixst lili ti  lxlii is destined to prov
Stx i-ec-a for tle  noing  m tinee  gi
tIlis  w-ek.  'i  nlsui  mlutillues  will  b
Victor Moore Wins Town.
,\cIxitoc MOiOi-  -x' Silxbyx'l ri-igixt,
nuitikinxix 'Tie 'l'xk of New  Yolk one
Ill lixienI x rtailimnis tlin toin. and I
Ci'Iililitl 15, lixiulitt Iiitithx xxitix tixxio
lowi-erS of (xia  axii Moor.t 'le dii
icilxe scintills, tile music is swing
midi. thic lrcsi are somxe of the clevere
thi  Yikee Doo)dle comedian has wri
tiei.      ixro production is prSttimoun
cd aii tiice is ax constanit swirl of skir
ai rush of Edcilxsiii     Bi  es Viet(
Mctcxe clue east ixiclxides 'xeixc Uxergex
Stlinlx  Forde. Jack Gardener and Einx
Siii-ifi Id. 'Ile sta ov-0f The Talk of Ne
Yolki is inidefinite.
ofe it t1ie Cirub is in the second ia
of is  nllgxu19inlexit at 1te  Illinois ai
I hitx~  W'iilixIns. Jamexs BiaeI ,x-  Wi
\st anxd 1ir VY. Donnelly continue t
lecar off Ilie holiors. A large ecorus as
ists iateiially, mul during the remain
xii two Weeks of thie engaeg-eient 1is
Wilinlin, xiil  in- Init  ixisl  Rosie.
xxxi-fxxxxxilxxx- lx) imiteaill's. buti ocigixic,
wxill hxer.  'he dancing of Triic Jen
nxx cclxxx remains a f'atur- of She perform
]llxi Fssett has rph-ld Julia Briie
iln the cast of'Alie R  l <li.\Jlchi c
hixixuis tox attcact ciii- Iiiuxxuoi'is of (lxi
u"-o and its enI-vxiios to tix, Grand. Ston
i   xtIntgIre  iIi''  -s  crixhxatiall
liixc fooul us aliisix-xl'Ix-xas xxi-.- cxxxi Eth.
.Tolmson. the  -pitnixi  if grac, is wve
wxrth eiin      Th'Ce Ilrerad B' i  ilossoi
iuIsionalit  shows nlo signs of flxigiiin
xxxii  S  ]Ill\ be had three xx eks I
Xrti`  alert full of life. ixnick  ax
pri h    ng  a  i uix moff'ring
ti-( Stubxlidiier  The gccinutl,'xxxxx v-ho
"n closs   lutwol ani otile-  bov and
door inat" is lo triui to life. iand ex
p)1ssux ` SO  imiuch  wxiscomIo Iln  typiea
A<1xsixule vx-noulixar th1at but fIew  seat
i uxin 1 for aliy of th performiance's. 'flu
titi  role is receiving .apilale trutmen-
xitSlo ilux ixxi- of ixixii-xui A\-e 'x'cIeatliii c
uxuxuuux'ixciilc-cof thle cxast are b(xig1'il
Mitil iiitrv  n xii lli piiciiticii is upt
thl, Dillingham  sann.lI
Girl Rangers Drawing Crowds.
'le (irl IH-lu--eu-. Genxx-- iW. Leilrer'
Ini-t prmcliiolni, i  rowling thue Audi
trixiii nitliti  and huncIrel-s aIre  hoix
tx '  Iixitexi n l to  tlux  lif,  of  tlih  bhui
ski'ld wst xiwith its mountinIls. gcorxge
xxiii1                  01ix   I xi-1 'i,  (I  l i
septentI % 90 '
i ,-  litr iIk   ill  li  .1 11iiii1
)Iming's collegiate composite. BrOwN
Il   x iiiraId,  comstitutes  tihe  IriniI(ip
l unixge iln thie Chicago  lraitic situtio
this we-lk, the grout-r liart of thle (th
lonton lhxousc-s xet linlxn  their fo
loer Offerhigs. At the (lri-at Nixnix
uniu onis Supiea is deliixting the cli
h1,<. is it  is (lone i pr'litijsac yt
xiall   itdjShxi  iul IxIxIS  xit  iii-  i''klii  xi
arruring Tle Isle of lilies, "a three lOi
iouxxey to the land of eteirnal sulinshi
ty the vcaw  of the m sicii  x1rndx li'
itexi c'xpx -ss.'' The 1Icl cut Pxix-s xxii
was presented for th first tiie Sunii
-inig   is Said to le a lit SUicsa
tc (Iptlialii RuthIs xxid xblludilli xxx xxxi
if tlxx lxilili thixut is wixininiti .x eputatic
for  __Igla  \lots    1  1  c     u  t
It is not Often that Chixcago  lay _xgoe
haxe ai   oppoltuniity to see so fine "I
:Ictress us Jssie Miillward i o i  po
txIu;inI g the prilncial role in Hxr  A:
thur Jones' dramia, The 11lxuirites,
AI-wers. The support ing comxpanxiy, lih
od lc'niett espexlall. is notewortlix ax
11ix play forms ac ioxwxrful sciion aai
Suii.   The plaiyhouse is filt-I night
wxith a large and fashionable andiile
iix the plhay is attracting the attlI
it deserves.
11xxxxx  \Voociii-iitinilxiii to ilhie (lx
it  x  i\x .xxxx ua   i illx, f lx   <il ix  ittracti
I cal-x ii s  Sillivanlx  xx1li  Ynx  1  usell .
nl    i A c'1 ....   arx,-  1110  x lxot bl s  aximii  th,  l
ail   Iilli-inh  Wislu il The Straight Io
 i  t            i(11x it  i   ( xx ti x 1   it
e   theatxr, xlerx tih,- pi-i-  will rxmain x
r-   xotxiex flrtnight. t'll i-isxix <ximpai
xiis ticpable  arixi  the  ticoxiioxxis xx
'inntx-r-noI's irexx-xxitxin. tipacthe
S   xe b      xie tbirs      n xxsxuntil She
xe  lix,, tx'x'-isiure'r is  dxreaix   ,
ir (1 stion will hold forth unitil xl  adv-
i0  of siring  owers with ti ea x   ompla-
I-  x  x tat Ixtgh-Adai-lio 1'x  succesx
lxt( is xIxx-uvNs enjoy....ixix Saixiix  ax 1
L   P. C1. Sars, the inha'-nud nuagnate.
ri  xiViga adlft iatic portraal. aInd t
X   elist iiicixlcs lxxxi' Mitre I-igie re
,i1  etndluni 'T'll 'Taylorx aInd I'liryxll~tit
rS   \-till MAiut  Voki's takinig th  plac
n1  the diminutive Alxbl lxiI, A Knlight
r-  a Dxi\- conitiiues to hold tix boards
r-  th,- W1iiitiw. '   re lu ms to be no n
It  of the successfu piii' xn sigit, xnd ,].
I-  SlaVinx is as finxny is oe\r. Additon
[d  liettv  faces have    been  addi-x   to tis
st  Amiirican Beauty chorus.
ly    Iflxilon's Siperlc a is pleatsing imightil
this wk. is it perennially does, at t,
iiI. - Niitixeixi. 'Fle eoixiiixi i- canxi-
ini:. the scenic equixiext fres- ixdai
r-  xntire entertainment a worthy one. 8
Ilopkins. with Rose Mxlviil- nortrayin
hl i  faios Hoier x-ixxictriization,
a Ixixoxiticexi for next xx-ox-k.
Bush Temple Successful.
Adelaide Keini is portrayiiig the romp
ish lioyd n in All-of-ai-Suddn   i Peggy
thx  xx Iush Tempei   thi Week. anxd is be-
abxl  assisted bxI dwxxrd i . liixs anl
capabfle comlpanly of pla        ( lr. I'h  iil
t  it cti i. a   "px-i-a  iiiiisi-xI  atti,
cxii-,  axe  .,xoxxiig  toi  1),  xi raiti-tixar f, -
Afterahipiilii'i   xxxxx xifor nealx
t lie  months Cpriii Rxfus xill iexit!
oIawn1 fromI tii Ixkin  aiid( Th Isle
lines a nixousion1 x mnix dy bi BIilly Jol-
sin  and   J  TI.  nI x. .x-ill  1<  tile  ltt'li
Sumn   'Thle ecist if She xewxix' e Iix-sclxxi-
Aint Miarshall, Jerry Mills. Corge Whit
Lottie Grad. Nettie 1Lexxis    and M:
lIxxiks. Tie ixitire' priixxio xxiii 1
xiad'r th11 Ciiixisix0    of  i. nl. Gree-
'Sue black Belasco."
t 'i    Gret iist1ci W   >rld m anotherpi-
tot,-iiis spctacxilair xxxlxiii5ia of aii.
e itiouxs theline. re-eived its first 'erforxn
.k  aix-e On an-  g<I at ixi' Alb iibria Si-
at  xeilstic homb thiowing, ald a coipi
ig  of lifty Dxooile. hxande-d be Rober n Hiyxiilm.
i-c  Floriice Severac  and .Tealett- Conncii
ie   . A  s'ntinwi tal. -astoral draima is t
o   ittriation this xx,-w k xat the 'oxxixlum
ri1 1i this latest conw-l  of hucolic affli ia.
e  it is sxxid that ilie iuthor  has xrlnxx tx
illint types of the villaie xxith ia mxixst
iasix1  nxo  gi-x  xnxn   it l re   tt tile  i-
xii- lindn iiaxxiie-iilix5  ofi Six- cxxi
is  t eI's.
if   Tl   Chutes clos-d Its    s   io Sindx
xe  iigixt after a sumii-r of tratix ing s
I-  cessc. 'heslilatin- rik xx-ichi s rx
I-  its populaity, xxiii xxxuii xop-x allxii
V.  ter.
St    The Nax-xsar haid is at Hixxiview ax
t-  will rmxixain until the paik closes. TI
t-  inninse pirk hias hald a iver succesi
ts  season aind will close its gates upon t;
ir   ;mi, li   senxe that has haracterizedit
i,  all 'xiixixiiei
au    Theie is n gixind cl-sng hurrah an
wx  excitemuenlt at White City. J0ihn L. Si
livan xind Jake Kilxin axrt still ii ex!-
If  bition;  the  rid,s  xnd  glids  retain  hii
ci scii lxxiii ixssillili's, axix 1-iixli
d1  i r x ii'xxlI -  t i-- i x-x's  if E xix1 11 ue1
o   Il  park  los-s tixe first Silxay inl 0
TIixxrxi-xt- oif x-x1iill-lahlll
-r      xxitiiix  tue loop contrlried bxy KI I
axix ('istie. re-opienicc for the( sxaeonlx-,
ls  Mncie. ''The thexxxer lies beenx entirt'
v   I ed,-coixtei  xiiilill" tlc oxlioii  t MI,
I-his,-x  cod  ile x-xxxdiii-xil0c liii005 li,
ilxixi  the lixxix  as thir Oxxxi fleet -!
co ile 1iixiiixxsi' to sx'c tixe cex,iilenti
p iresenxte'x. 'Ale Ofivixipix- ixit a p"cxii
ciii'iicle: the( iiijujility.iii its piti
d   (,iltxer  Si  to  iic, Olyxextile  ,,  oli  notil
sail anxyti plyxh   lxoute nwilix this ixiI
an xx-ilx l iixiviiixixiix' iit 'tile theati
a   Niiith ,Ixii cllxxxiiiii  thatiiiievexi
11'~iex,1v (Irphic-iix. opxiii,,'ei iiie PIxi
j-. ig it tlxxexx- Opli its ixixul. :111, tue li,
off,eed hiaxe ,lext xxixlx ixliixxi pixix
'iti   ii   tixi' xxii'i  oixI  bixi-'s .eei lx
x   tixi'(  vxiuxdexillianis  ix I n  I ll,  hll'i "
all              1,0A 11777, jj7,b   '
iiixilxv iel-Iixci iiiliigiiiiiixl.
- iii-i -a1i OLYd diCg little smptcies t
Striestof tie Stret auilx 'I'.xx pxhoti
:t ihinithIe fleop ci nliitxliled i I
an d  ctle'ro fapeer.  Afer The Cs 1nl
reidcor alise luiing tihiel ia xSit wI
I, ito  th   pa- io   I  - cee  t   exI\lnt x  1
n I~sttd tlChen nj          , h leac onl
A recent innovation, designed for the advantage of our advertisers, has
been instituted by THE SHOW WORLD. To advertisers desiring attractive
designs and "cuiling' copy, the advantages of this new departure must be
apparent. A practical demonstration may be gained from a glance at the
advertisement of the Chicago Film  Exchange, in the present ;ssue. This
was prepared by the art department of THE SHOW WORLD.
In addition to drawing designs, an innovation that stands alone in the
field of amusement journalism, the advertising department of THE SHOW
WORLD is ready at all times to prepare "ad" copy. It is the endeavor of
this publication to be always in the fore, to employ twentieth century meth-
ods, and take the initiative in all movements advantageous either to our
readers or advertisers.

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