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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

Late information gathered by Show world correspondents,   pp. 12-14

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September 21, 1907
t~r f
(Sept. 12, 1907.)
Dl     1ACTAICS in the Angel City ar Just
a  trifle  different from  most other
large cities in this country, in that it
has very few season openings to announce,
being an all-the-year-round show town.
The imiost important feature of the week
is Che gettinlg under way of the new Los
Angeles theater, which is none other than
the old Hotchkiss, revamped and rechrist-
i    I, making now a very cosy liltte play-
hse. h'e opening of this theater signals
Che advenrt into Los  ngeIes tlheatricalS of
the Klraw & Erlanger syndicate, or more
diirectly the Nortliwetern Theatrical Asso-
clartion, headed by Hdellig and Cort, the K.
& E. of the Pacific Coast. The policy of tile
Los Angeles will be to book the best popu-
lir priced K. & E. attractions from 25 cents
to $1.
The opening bill was the Singing Girl,
most attractively produced by tile San Fran-
cisco Opera Company. This organization is
featuring little Daphne Pollard and had an-
nounced Dolly Varden as the initial produc-
tion, but owinig to a probable interference of
tile Hunaine Society, vilich organization has
lately beels ery busy putting managers fii
lie calahoc for playing cildren, the bill
its letcvoce, switched aid the Singing Girl
io'Never, in responlse to a hasty wire,
daitly little miss Frieda Wisher dropped
itll s Sai Francisco and was introduced
ill Miss Pollard's place. witis Cue result that
Dolly Varden is in full siing and pleasing
full houses.
Arilot gthsoprominiltltisembersof this or-
gritizritioll are miss Alda Helrali, Maude
Beatty, Daphne Pollard, Frieda     Wisher,
Lillian Raymond, Ruby Norton, Genie Or-
iiionde, Brownie rownilg, Arthur Cunning-
h1ant, George Kunkeel, Charles 1-'. Bates, Eu-
gene Weiner and maly others, including a
large chors.
'Tle Mason was dark last wteek. Septem-
her 15, The Prince of Pilsen.
Stock Company Popular.
At the Belasco tile stock company cele-
Pirated its third anniversary with an unusu
ally elaborate production of the TIming of
1110 Shrews. The Augustin Daly version wtas
used, with Lewis Stone ai d Blanclle Stod-
dard  in the   leading  roles.  Full houses
tade Manager John Blackwood smile Cx-
pianisively. 'The primrose Path is being pire-
sedited this week.
Ton Buriak Theater Stock is in the third
wteek of The lalfbtreed, that unusually popu-
Iir tielodramlla, written by Messrs. Cottrell
and Morosco. it is packing the house to
tle doors. For tile bill tofollow, The Wom-l
riti ill tile Case is tiiderlined.
The Grand had its usual capacity bus-
tress with Down Mobile. This week, It's
Never Too Late to Mend.
'Tle Orplientis, withi its 'Sold Out'' sign
1) Cvery nigllt, and nith tse matintees rua-
iiiiljg tile nlighit record a close seconld, had
tor its featuie number Wm. Courtleigh &
co., fiiiPeaches; h'red hay & Co., in Shakes-
pcrian burlesque; Ferrros and his poodle;
Emil Suiber, it biackface tilolologue;, Mile.
MNartill, quieeni of trapeze; 'The Thle Bey-
lilrds, Kelly & Violett and the Immensa-
Fiscler's burlesque, entitled  Dr. Dope.
Motion pictures and vaudeville.
The Unique featured Ed. Tannehill and
tola Radcliffe in a sketch, entitled A Ten-
derfoot on the Trail; Belle Gordon, bag
psuncler; Stanley & Scanlon, musical special-
ists; motion pictures and burlesque fill out
the bill.
Has Act From Madrid.
The Peoples had for its topliner a Spanish
dancing act direct fromt Madrid billed as
The Diez; Abigail Price, second sight seer;
Charles King, magician; Homner Long, illus-
trated songs; The Stock Company, Happy
H-ooligan in Spain, with Jas. Lee and Al.
Flournoy it the leading roles. Motion pic-
tures fill out the bill.
The Emapire.-Vaudeville, stock company
in a new comedy and motion pictures.
The Broadway, The Angelus Rink, the Bi.-
jou, all motion picture shows, are doing a
good business. Numerous Nickelodeons and
dime picture siows to the number of a
round dozen all seem to get their full share
of patronage.
The new fireworks spectable: The Destruc-
tion of San Francisco, began its first season
at Fiesta Park and is drawing large crowds.
The air is full of New Theater talk.
Mr. Morosco's new Hamburger Majestic,
at Eighth and Broadway, is moving along
nicely, one  contract for   $180,000  being
placed tle past week. Work on John Black-
stood's new house of melodrama is progress-
lug rapidly.
i anager Dick Ferris and his handsome
wife, Florence Stone, have closed their sea-
son at Minneapolis and after a short visit So
<el York and vicinity will return to their
i-N' home that is awaiting thsem hsere.
Witli them  will return Walter Hoff Seely,
stiso is to buldS for Mr. Ferris the new E-er-
tis theater. They announce that the new
bouse will be ready for next season's open-
T. Daniel Frawley is in town. He is also
nsegotiating for a new theaterthsat's already
in process of construction.
Humane Officer Reynolds has been making
liiimseIf rather obnoxious of late, having
IIIeady arrested three managers, Manager
Haker of the Grand, Ollie Morosco of the
Iutrbank and the Traveling Manager of The
Prince Chap, all for the crime of letting
'hildren under the age of 12 years appear
ia their stages. Mr. Morosco is going to
liiht the law to a finish and make a test
'ale of it with the hope of being let alone
in tihe future.
(Sept. 14, 1907.)
[)U.:t LAil, bonanza receipts cheered the
' "ianagmient of the Bijou theater, arid
the result was that Manager Benjamin
M. Stainbach was all smiles (the kind that
won't come off). The large playhouse was
crowded almost every performance and on
several occasions the S. R. 0. sign had to
be hung out. This demonstrates plainly that
Mernphians are hungry for some ne form
of aiuseilent, they having been treated to
entertainilielit of a vaudeville turn since the
close of the last theatrical season here. The
Candy Kid was the bill oftered at the Bijou,
and although nothing of especial moment
call be sai of the production, at the same
time so long as it pleased the public, it
practically made good.
Since the close of the house last season
it has been entirely renovated and over-
hauled front toll to bottom, uverything being
gone over. A new curtalit has been put in,
and fresh paint and decorations give the
interior a splendid appLialce aind cieatd
inuch comment of a laturable cariactel.
Yorke and Adams Please.
Beginning Sept. ' B. E. Forrester present-
ed tile well-known comedians Yorke and
Adaiss in the novel kusical coniedy, ely-
Itig the poniies. Yorke aiid Adamis are wvell
known to theater-goers of the Bluff City,
theyli aing made this toil fora la uber of
yeats in various hills slid eachi imll lint
provn Strong dcatin cars. Playiig tile
Forties is fraon the lien of tue author of
13anikers and Brokers, a  production  that
made a vast amount of money for its own-
es atl which yis still giient fin various partC
of tile country, prlincipaclly by stack vorip-
nies during the last two years.    In the
comnpany at the Bijou ilitere are iiore than
forty piople, some of them  ale .niuig the
best ktnownt oit the stage today3. Amuonga
tesc are Bol Harrligton, Maude Ctnicbel,
Aldrichs Libbey, Ritae Evdnotid, Eyre AMcl,
Artur Sullivan, Katherine iTrayer, Jack
iitton, Grace Clildere, Franlcis larre, Liin-
ton DeWollte, \'era Maxwell, Helena Tam-
ponz, Arthur 1ill, Laneir DeWolffe and
Antoinette Mafera. In addition to these are
twenty dancing girls and others. Following
tle above production, 1li bill for the sveek
of Sept. 15 still beKalle Baron's Templtatiotn,
'iith Ida Russell in the title role.
Last weeke's crowdstint at East End Park
(Clue, W'hite City) isov~ed Co be veritable
lecord-breakers.  In fact, Manager A. B.
Morrisoni stated to THEL SHOW WORLD
correspondent that Cte wveela drew  larger
crowvds than he had for the last ive on sirx
weeks. The programme presented was an
exceptionally good one, nearly every act
worthy to be classed a headliner. Due to
the eierrise of the Conmmercial-Appeal Of
thtis city, thousands of children attetuded the
park during the Ceek.
Good Vaudeville Bill.
Beginning  last Sunday and    contitnuing
thuroughout tite wevc a line of vandeville
Ivas offered that outrivaled eveb that of
last wceek. The bill is headed by Henri
Irenc, one Cf Clue m!,ost finiseud iisn-rsoi-
ators on the American stage. This is lis
first appearance in Memlpisis.  In hula hield
of art there can be little if any doubt but
iviat lie- stands rpr,stiaineiitCv to She frot.
and has drawn ibmense audiences in nearly
every section of the country where he has
been on the programme. His impersonations
are most realistic, and of such characteras
to practically defy identification from the
originals. There are other prominent acts
on  the   bill  besides  French,  however,
among whom are the Bootblack Quartette,
composed of Hayes, Keating, Weber and
Adams.   Their songs are unusually good,
and the team   is recognized as one of the
best in vaudeville. Then   come the Five
IFamous Juggling Jordans.    The Jordans
have traveled extensively, playing in many
of the leading houses throughout the coun-
try, going over the various theatrical cir-
cuits. Their act is unique, finished and of
a highly entertaining order and gained the
publi' full approval.
Armstrong and Clarke, in a dancing and
singing act, also occupy a place on the
boards at the beautiful White City and are
seen to the best advantage.    They have
brushed up their act considerably since last
summer. It is a rattling good one and
takes well in Memphis. LaGette will give
an exhibition in a startling trapeze stunt,
whilst the bill will conclude   with  new
views by the Kinodrome.
Frances Folsom Admired.
In the way of outside entertainment,
Frances Folson eas been retained for tie
fourthu week. Her songs have stan far her
thousands of admirers, and many people
go out to the park for no other purpose
than that of hearing her sweet and highly
trained voice. The summer season will be
brought to a close with the week commenc-
Ing Sept. 211, and the folloswing Monday
afternoon, the same managementngvil throw
open the doors of Hopkins Grand Opera
House to the public, where vaudeville will
hold full siay through the iwnter season
A. B. Morrison still remain in active chtarge
of the interests of the Hopkins Anmusement
Company at the opvra house, asieisas done
for the last several years. Harry Bilger will
be seen in the box office again. bleile genial
and popular Joe Berlr wtill be on the
The i ceum has not opened asyet forethe
cnurrli seasons, as ouli~e  in last -week's
notes, but still do so at a very early date.
Among the attractions that will be seen at
this popular thieater the coming months will
be Schumann Heink.
With last Tuesday night's performance
Fairyland Park closed its gates, the stock
company disbanding and the various mim-
ters leaving immediatels for their respec-
tive homes in different parts of the country.
The past season there has proven anything
else but successful, th  daily attendance
being small.
(S'pt. 14, 1907.)
A LI  ]BINGHAM    and an excellent
A 'omupany presented A  Modern Lady
(todia at Ford's and the house was
cioweNhed most of the time. Miss Binghat
ieas heartily applauded for her work in the
title role and his the intense scenes of the
play she brought all of her emotional abil-
ities into action with splendid success. The
C irnuglna, with  \1. S. liart and  Frank
dampeau in tle leauing roles, Sept. 16.
IsaunVys-ne    wee,   "Is   iiade most
i.:pieutis by the sPlesat-ivl, spectacular
urania o  modern times, 'tne Life of Ln
trtness, a story of stage -lue, stenic sur-
pries and numerous  timrls. ithe matinees
,,eu  especially well attended by tie young
Crcuiei and girls thO date oil a story of
tne socttghits iII al lurml. Cununing, the
juil breaker, ii From Stu1g Sing to Liberty.
Indian's Ielp in Dranua.
At thue lilday Street theater, with extra
ininiii,  o, Cei.  L. 5eroulee AimlUselielit
iuropa1y outered Liilan viorttimer in Bunco
In 5izona.   ttus includramua 1usd a lattic
bitouni real Indians and ctoos, wItL1
Cole   imitation   Sioux   and    princliers
irain iti tOr goo (A measure. It pleased
tile legnutar Clelt'uie of tis thicater atid
Cile many hairoreaitth escapes, iescues and
utr nypropriste tunli lul met    iil  geat
appl~ause. AC Choarus Girls luck Iii Newi
)alt, :a;cpt. 16.
'Iio  iso11tant openings are announced
for lxit wveekc.  sixoi  &  Zimmteinuan's
Aeaduliy will begin its seas ii witii A'er-
liiuna EleI, 11pparted P Ardeln,
ini Z . Libits's losstcrsie  Ruthi.  Ill tlt,
company are sucti weltl ainowl artists as
Jefineys LesiS, Alice Butler, Eva Condo
s1. i. Daiy, George Backus, a6d lorelce
AGbaughi's will open Silt. 16 vitn the
George 5-aweett comtpaniy fil Rallies. An ex-
eilent performantnce is aured   from  tile
rosten on players lrlnited Ca appsear.
Good Vaudeville Bill.
At the Maryland, Keith's all-star vaude-
ylile opened wtith a capital bill headed by
Eva 'Tatnguay, and including James Brock-
tnu  i aid Iss rollicking girls;  tile great
Irascillias, acrobats;  Eckert  and  Berg,
musnical specialty; Beth Stone, toe dancer;
Alvini and Keisrus, hrying trapeze, and the
Kluuetograpu.  As an  extia  feature  the
uaiagairieit engaged Eanett Corrigan
Co., fit his Wife's Picture.
Willard Siencer's pastoral comedy opera,
Miss Bob 1'1te, was the offering at the
Auditorium, with a specially selected colm-
pany, a beauty chorus and an abundance
of, finle scenery,
The Golden    Crook Extravaganza Com-
paity presented a imerry melange of humor
aid hsarmnssy at the Gayety, and crowvded
houses were the rule. A good olio supple-
mse ited the performance. The Trocaderos,
Sept. 16.
'tile New Monumental, owth daily mati-
nees, had The Hight Schsool Girls in a twto-
act musical affair entitled The Medicine
Man, which met with favor from the regu-
lar patrons.
Electric Park has    nade its gate free
aild the close of the season still undoubt -
edly ace large crowtds at the resort. Vau-
deville and dancing are the attractions.
BRADFORD, Sept. 14.-New         Bradford
theater (Jay North, mgr.).-Sept. 7, Before
and After played to fine business.
Star (T. B. Brealsey,    mtgr.).-Leonard
Sterns, Olive Newton, Robert Kellerman,
moving   pictures  and  illustrated  songs;
business good.  This week, Master Blake
Gifford, of New York, pianist. Miss Helen
Harris has returned from a short vacation
and resumed her work as treasurer.
Dreamland (H. S. Ingram, mgr.).-Busl-
ness good with moving pictures and illus-
trated songs. Arthur Proctor, formerly of
the Buckeye State Quartette, was a special
feature of the bill at Dreamland.
Peerless (N. A. Walker, mgr.).-Business
good with pictures and songs.
Carr Brothers report big business in the
film business, as they are the only film
exchange between   New   York  and Pitts-
burg, and have all the late subjects.-G.
FORT DODGE, Sept. 14.-Midland (Wm.
P. Dermer. inagr.).--A  Russian Spy played
Co fair business Sept. 2. Shosw belost aver-
age. Sept. 7, E. J. Carpenter's At Cripple
Creek.  Good business; show    fair.  Tilly
Oleson, Sept. 7; fair business; show fair.
Manager Kingsbury, of the Squaw     Man
company, wtas in the city Sept. 7 on busi-
ness connected Swith the appearance of his
company here Sept. 16.
Business continues good at the Empire
(moving pictures). 1. H. Bdrnstine, man-
ager of tle Empire, was in Chicago on
busincess last sweekt.
Tie regular concerts by the Fifty-sixth
egimenstal Band, Carl Quist, director, at
thCe Central Park, are still making good
and the crowds are enormous.-KEB.
CHAMPAIGN, Sept. 14.-Walker Opera
House.-Sept. 2, new   manager, Mr. Kalil,
took hold of the TWalker. The Van Dyke
Eaton Co. gave Men of Jimtown in the
afternoon, and Great Diamond Mystery In
the evening.
West End Park (Mat. Kusell, mgr.).-
Sept. 2, all vaudeville bill. Thurman and
tie cabinet the leading attraction.
Star and Varsity theaters.-Moping pic-
tur-s. illustrated songs, continue to draw
large audlences.-ROY D. PERRING.
(Sept. 14, 1907.)
i:111 ruled at the Grand last w,,iki
L-W Dockstader and his merry e
tracked their bones and banged ther
tambos, got off sonme quips and jests f
new and ancient vintage and succeeded il
causing the "big giggle" among the Grand
clientele. The show is the proverbial "bi
gest and best" and rallyi meruits somn ,
the advance    representatives fussome ver-
biage.   'le numbers are tuneiul, the c-
tauitig elaOurate and pretty, alia Mu In,
c-eeptsI oi a few 'why-'iiala-ile-clcke,-
cloc-tie-road" wnieezes    tie  nii  was
iretn  and   clean.   1.>uckstauer lisielf
still the capital fuinny   malln that lie ia
been as long as I call irebr, and h
has surrounued imiiselt wlit a companya
clever dancers and      sweet-Voiced singers
The next attiattilon at tie Grand Wil L
a  large   leap  trail1  iLlstrelsy, being ov
moe0's or less than Bill Biay' chnarlin,
wine, Grace    George, it harsou's cometu.
1Diorcon1s.  Cincinnati nas a special 1ons-
ness  otr tle stately   Grace and likewis.
cherishes a desire to see arails    oiting,
her elluet Support, so I I1rediCt a plosperu,
weeik icr tile saidura lay.
Woodru i n Polite Cmewasdy.
Hemty it   odilit, tire oriole tas i
itr)AIlilLL Ucola, It lie llO  u"Ne,,ei-
agelir gossip, IsacacaU tile U5I1 ilii 1,01.-
1,111liiLit, ailst-. I  ellsi    Suie It"
baby blue dralia <t ulte> e lie as it
-  -,n lii  Ut  O lilit  ii' %1, eS  W1LI  Willi la..
like sighs. A   lite  iluieK Of actolshin
,s eoitted winen Hiarry, 1la lie olatt b-.
led to beileia     it, a  ert et gent'ieman, sil
1-1iil at all exc*iting  lilliiieit.  Incsi up
porlung   cast wias capavie in every it,.
and tie group ot ecoege clas Wiii itn
tiappy-go-Ime    lookout doil it Inie In
sign  11' lily  yuunger  da  stin rl
course of tile 'irainmer      t     nilni ula
Ilairly burst eart" 111 cllg auG inse'
eral hiI Ids of a large lilt.   1ivl Qi liir-
Said   was a N e Ipopular oftering. L
Mlannl, "eill wli1st we  mNte bees led it r, V
ileve is a   big  Casino suceess, The iter
-sell, is the next attraction at tile Lyra.
the   management      promtises  pretty gin,
pretty songs, and a capable     oipany.
At the    Lyceum    a  lovely thling coaldl
Chiatowi nLhuarlie, satisora nle pecurea
requirenments   ot  the   Ly ceali  sudinc,.
Coal rle had all kinds of spectacular taca,
anld his companly contributed vaolderIL..
specialties  that   pro ed   to  be popuar
cLrinatuitl Charlie is a ver'y goes alc
drama, and the actors are a littLe bit bl-
tel thain the ordinary.
Miss Hobbs, with the little culinary scene
piat is apt to prove disastrous cts the a-
coaIplishltsents of tile stockt actress, furl
lished tile excitemtlent at tile Ulymipc and
all ta   popular ineiibers   of tne tltver
compay had congenial roles. 'tl awny
te t i~ls-lileiiyp yea recall that hiSS.'
mul Mary Niaiiieriig elite played fit t
ill be the aext attractio at tile Omyinfrl.
Melodrama Pleases Crowd.
Aiat tile press agent terms an astound
ig, affectiing, ardenstiy admairablebaind t
traetive naelodramatic treat held thetcad,
at litueck's.  'The  Four    Carners of I..
Earth is tile cause of tile foregoing rap.
sody, and it     was   amazingly, aimliat~l
giandly gigatic, alid overwheliningly i
psowering. Hueck's, howtever, always tr101
age to give big value for the mnl eyald
Klimt &    Gazzolo's advance    man is n.
tongue-tied boy.
Murray and Mack, in their new vehicle,
The Sunny Side of Broadway, with a IIl
of new    comedy, pretty girls and ftnrr
comedians, were tile means of attractli'
large houses to the Walnut. and rano
song hits bobbed up during the coursit
the evening. Everything about theshoii'e
new, and most of it is attractive.
Olive Vail, a    former Chicago favorite,
was accorded a warm reception at tile CO
lumbia last week where a well balancld
bill was presented and well patironiZed
Miss Vail employs a "stall" in an uPper
box, and sings a song that she made POP
ular, Honeymoon.      Mason-Keeler company
in Hooked by Crook closed to great ap-
plause.   Homer Mason is one of the best
two-a-day artists that I have seen at the
Columbia, and    that's gain' some. Others
on the bill were the Piccolo Midgets, lis-
ters  O'Meers, Bartholdi's Cockatoos, and
the Kinodrome.
One of Hurtig's girl shows, The Girls
from  Happyland, was the attractio at tW
Standard, and    was    well received.  IlsI
show   is new, the comedy clean, and the
chorus   attractive.   The   show   coibines
farce, burlesque and vaudeville and is od
Tile Tiger Lilies were the attraction at
the People's and   proved to be a leuombina
tion of what is popular in burlesque- pT
costuming was rich, Cie comedians pass-
able, and the r'-'S,' awl itie l01.
Today and tomorrow      there are somebi
cling-chug  races at Latenia iithlro
elGield, Eddie Bald and Ollie Savin as the
drivers of the big cars.
TULSA, Sept. 14.-Egan's        oef Cardtn
theater (Ed. Egan, mgir    -Vaudeville ad
moving pictures; good b-sincss.
Highland Park (W. A. McDermottd no1
-Good business with vaudeville andMe
ing pictures.
Robinson Roof Garden (Barney Horrian
mgr.).-LeGren's Orchestra, Miss De'ine.
Idle-Hour.-Moving pictures-     Good busi-
ness.                               ens Sept
Grand (Frank Buel, mgr )-OpeWRIGHT
17 with Fatty Felix.-WALTER

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