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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 21, 1907)

McDonald, C. P.
Music and song,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

AlI Tal Gil      previoula  well known
tlertghout the east and celebrated
tiare as conductor of the famous
Carlisle Inditin Band, James Riley Wlee-
Iaek was practically unknown in the wsest
whten the WTheelock's United States In-
dian Band was first organized, at Law-
sence, Kans., in 1902.
Now, however, the name Wheelock has
become a common word where good mu-
sic is known and appreciated, as much
as tie namae was a household word in
frotballci reics whren te gint XVioeioek
was ttie gaeard oct thre  Carlisle Indian
football team.
It is sometimes riestioned as to the
aility of the Indian in taking up the
educational arts. That question can not
re better answered than bp mere refer-
Cnce to W-heelock and his concert band
of lifta Indian musicianos. 1Vithout quoes-
tion this organization ranks with all the
lending concert bands    in  the United
Ile lNid's early siuccesses were made
in Phteilaudlphi and durier its visit to
Pulci  aul IDenver, in 1902, and at the
X'ild's Columbian Exnosition, St. Louis,
in 190. Sinace that tirne M~r. Wheelock
li's had a i-li selected land of Indian
ari-tets. earitep fromo all over tire ITnitecd
Stcte til  Slexin colurpeseraieg taentp-
live  adifferta cr Siia-s-  raeri  rars  iracit giving
doc it  a  the  rimlplsac-stI going ias flr
ear-at a-a N-1 sork Cti,  aclce it plop-ded
'(, i I ciae  thea-lters for several wseeks,
thSr saicw-s to the artistic  ecamrt being
at tlhae    t bteei g columees of Eraise
actet raoecatios from to lending na-
seaaSl citco' epas virere.
Xitet ter it im1ossibe to adsequatel
sc-rithe the tIieans  ualitc. ofere is n
seart,  a-tterie  cc  sornit i o ihe  tier-
alitiior ai dooitses te aertospre if
tier noa. so lto  ethec  ifferent from
tie handsi that aolths mani to conty,
ascnt this mat-t be exerece(]e to Ibe ap-
raaTtle  &      a concepaion  the inaterpre-
tatelo    te aitea icesfoimance, are tell
alaseis etheii Olanedle ead tie ipre-
sanih is lwits acoiitearl  b  the iith-
oose loeas aho tloday meer t o th ea a.
Xli Xhlotc- axas edataied at Carlisle
halladifi Seste-  a - meair gra yatiesgter-
iia  whti   wet cal Ga-og nera and studi
thatir N   ,ise  rt Iepig, nd  froe
tres al nt ta Loedon oee lie co  e -
dec tmbeat of that celebrated English
larcclyaiCto,  wan fl.
s\Irt. i eock is the omor I olan tart
if tri  orld nglinzaun tind itrdrded-
tatee to gis-ed arictp  rig-class cocetoh
tetasha-l   careas  thee fery o imt
ieelist(-aet tall-ut iof Indciane blood totie fundi
i Aerii son canes a-ietao eologis
far ta  cIirete r ats walitp of its h cn-
i-er. nither i accout of  lity sathi-
till19- car acre of its Ieoctbers- brut is awill-
eero Ie jadgea on its ereits as ao iu-
srich omaetizrttioo rm.
'lkhe tndIii ni  the  Emaongeentiot in
Xhilelhi  &w Copay, Phinelpim ant
NoxYork City.
The Old and the New.
a'iree's r  wva  of j dging,a sold a
seeoavicarsrites successful songps "wa-tetho-
a-r tce b-li-lads of todap meaesure tiptotire
hlads of ae-atetdap-soranieep bp p-ester-
lds oatax   call a s ong genera tion , ad
tht, coat  rea in thedty y suhog
IS 's hll T tis 'Soit of les  Tire
ree-s   oerm fine Tess of an old song is
larel -a t tter of what She coll an as-
sccatonrer at Tdeias. The Ciosory of at
faate  he ng is ieeti'Wh in itobeis
ie tie grin'e  ehn's recollections of ris
ipsic l-so-   sa ala  f drs. Tiefore to him
anet old sae   xas Sre sest eve com-
"'o asho uros tte  owks ouet  Tire
oitheri night ceo a trig Atlanrtic City Rathr-
s1e-led I   sat  ealr a led ale arond
ax-liehsoima-ear tirtv or fortp taisddie-agesa
h1ks aIttesralirg toe Elks.' coera eatearn ste
Pilesto  are seate.  Ir couplteof
of the' no the orchestra begn  tohplay
aup-td'tel tehin-thged in  lly ofal-
lala on a satg esrat   ,   ro
" There sa',so ic re m edey suchl songs
as  Wieni Wing.' 'Sweet Vi  el i Sose-
i's C     li g n et  te  wr-as- Drops
'ami i''ticg 'ol ta  Shills fra  tire
Sa--islioe' 'Wait 'Pill tire Cloueds Roil By,'
-t-teac  Thcemc Dells,' 'h~ena tie Rtobins
Nest Agailer.' 'XWhenr tie, Leav-es Bsglsa tic
FrIl' 'I'll Wait, My Lov-e,' 'It's Calp a
P'arnsy Iossoter-slraitrs fromr all of tloese
arced othiers.
Affects the Old Boys.
"'It 'as curtiious So note hows those muid-
allo-agpai c-taps   l rilirrlcivied aifter a good
inier, tookc tlint staff. Fora a couplri of
licitca  elccp  teril  breen  lisateinge ,  ax-iolip-
ceeceesc-l to ilae orsaatra irtndei-itg the
ece-tai-(ate  tlaltceua--tli- c-x  lrwrblladas.  ex-
luasaiaas sich-ls, s-agelin-, ietcepota-
tialos, Itodiaie  acoa  eosxlair  maeodies-
-larse  Moe runl(  tre XWorild is l~tne,'
'--targ''Schrool Days,' 'Ateiah W~an-
cac,' 'Yestercdasp,' 'ln the Land of the
"'tlhey had talked merrily and noisily
through all of the modern stuff, but when
tire orchestra broke into the old strains
a hush ifell upon them. They leaned back
in their chairs, all quiet after a very few
of the opening strains, and blew smoks
sings aet the open sky.
"I saw  several of the   middle-aged
chaps wiping their eye-glasses quite in-
dltriously, and when the medley was
over not a few of them blw their noses
with quite unnocessary violence. Then
they broke into a veritable tumult of ap-
Songs of Childhood Stick.
"It was a perfect exemplificaton of my
theory that the songs of one's youth are
the songs that stick, while those that
coe later merely glnce off. Mys uraId-
mothler tells me to this vry  uIar that
the greatest song ever written was 'Lily
Dole,' a completely forgotten thing pub-
lished in the forties, and of the deadly
sugary and soggy variety.
"The middle-aged Elks ranged around
that big table really   had  something
wxorth while remembering in listening to
that medley. though, for there were some
mighty good songs included in the hodge
podge. I doubt if there has been any
period since that could show    stch a,
bunch of genuinely good and enduring
liilald- as those of a song generation ago.
"They were well sung, too. The elderly
Elks, for instance, to bring back the rec-
allection of Banks 1sinter singing 'White
wings (he composed  the song). and
Fritz Emmet singing 'Sweet Violets,' and
his always alive 'Lullaby,' and Billy
Scanln singing 'Peek-a-boo,' and Fred
Oikland singing 'The Spanish Cavaliet,
acna so o. for in those days the lealing
Songs  beceme   ineradicably  associateal
axith the people who sang them best and
Good Things Last.
".Nothing is more certain than that a
good thin,, will last. At a steamer cor-
cert not long ago one of tire volunteer
entertainers, a fine old boy, with a splen-
did baritone voice, ang 'A Lighthouse
By the Sea.' Going bnek some, ah? But
that always was a beautiful song, anrd it
eoile the bit of the performance.
-" 'Now, isn't that a delightful song?'
I heacd a young wioman say to leer comsu-
panionl. a manree of sixty. 'I wodeuar wxIty I
haven't heard it before? It must ce very
new. I must get it when w-e land.'
" 'You cay find it in lnrSist. and you
may not,' said the girl's old fogy cor-
pacnimc. aen uncle, proalanly.  'I havn't
lacrtd it till tonight for over thirty
years. I used to hum it when I had all
of the hair that belonged to care, and
that. my dear, was long before you ever
thought of being horn.
"'How  extraordinary!'si     hegr.
-' -Isx  x~oocl~rerp'  said Sire girl.
'Fancy anything so pretty being done
such a long timto ago.'
"It is thus that the best of old songs
"Or the day when General Grant was
lburied in New York, Pat Gilmore's band,
tip at the tomb, laed 'Somebody's Com-
ing When the Dew Drops Fall' in slow
Slie. Th at song, a verp loelyone, tra
Irad its vogue masop years before 1881.
The rising generation had quite forgotten
"But the Gilmore band did it so beau-
tifull> that the younge folks at the tomb
aIII f 11 to asking for the neamer- oaf the
piec, and for -a long tie afterward the p-
a-larored for the piece  at the musiy
shops, and so tie old song, thus oddly
revived, had a second birth.
Ragtime Still Lives.
"Predictions as to the passing of rag-
time don't seem to pan out. The'y hoe-
gas predicting that five or six weeks ao,
anld yet the coon stuff holds out wonder-
fullp well and is wanted everywhere.
'Foty or hifty fellows are addressing
themnselves to no other task than the
riting of ragtime stuff, all fighting for
the lit, for the one hit in that direction
cuas a lot to the tucky rtan. That
s'hows that the ragtime sort is still in
"The writers of this sort of thing are
doing better at it all the time, too. The
rartime stuff of the last two years is
incomparably better than that -which
gave that class of composition its great-
est vogue. They're getting the genuine
African  atmosphere,   the  real Congo
thing,. the Zambesiland flavor, these days.
"It's no longer merely the coon shout-
ing stuff. but the croon, grass lut,
palmr-lined river sort of Africanese writ-
ing, imbued vith sentiment and color.
There's still a big chance at that sort
arf work. So emoinent a man as Dvorak
thonugiht so years ago, and his predictions
about it are being verified.
lThe uici stuff was better than the
Indian finl(] cowhoY material. There was
a samauencss about the Indian songs, pret-
tp ass somuee of therm axere; iand tire pres-
ent g-neratioi  doesn't  knowa  enough
about the red man to derive much of acn
ape-al from songs about him. The cow-
hay atuff, wihli its sound as of the
usica        n .U  0
September 21, 19
thlninaeg- of h igh-heelced loots upon tle
hokactatok floor, also is marked byacea
tam  sameness, and I doubt if it will t
a lasting vogue.
"The innovators are turning their at-
tention to old 1\Iexico lately, and there
be all sorts of Sonoras and Chihuahua,
and that sort published in the autumn
The Spanish motif runs through all ,;
this Mexican stuff that is being turni
out now, and the Mexican songs are go-
ing to have a big time of it, I think.
All Countries Covered.
"The color is there; the music, beir
Spanish, is ready made, so to speak
tht is, it doesnt' have to be invented
haphazard, like the Indian and csk-or
stuff-and old Mexico, of course, is over
laid and surcharged with sentiment. Some
of the boys I know are even trying their
hands at Aztec stuff-cliff dwelling, sun
dancing things with the wierd strain,
some of it not half bad.
"After that, the Incas of Peru, I sup-
pose, and our progressive song writers
may yet become archeologists and poke
through the ruis of Yucatan. and uch
like for inspiration and material.
The song writing chaps who beatte
others to it in establishing a balladvogul
are the lucky ones in the financial wa.
end that's wiry all hands are workno
like lemons to get hold of the new thing
A lot of temwreastd mnyraIrir-toslio,
1ours en endea-orinr to a t   aJapore
enge    nnvou. OuAme s canethui 
ver tire _pponr ounstryp    eredsottus
aslean a nomber of nhe lapaneer
wsere abouet to he sprung. and kowing
uttiteir efforts evoild tne fallendead
tirey head to give tuat attemoptup.
'tre some singers paidhy musicp hai
iohers to sing oteir new oangt Glrte
mtt cmedbailyare, andsoigofth rr
pacl beg for this sort of tboootinrg.
Ithe     are not paid icr a lupre
ialase themselves in for a pieceofrtIe
haryaie. Yusic pubisirers likeotni. r-
t'Th areanoemeot bettr, I think,l o t
a of core a guarantee tat the des-
err"-rs7roer will be more zealous in hisn
eer attemts to     aks tie new sng
stick end 'sel.
Bt         H after all, no song of mediocre
rit ca rese hboosted byteasaier-
ads inte antring    rore thep meres
c-pireerm l faclc aed prosperity. Iomar iy
T th  oistec h to a  oectrfora wihl
cittecomonplace stueffdoesn't edura
in ties ballaid on inhesny ir  orethf it
Haoes ic  E iteeat re o
Thoe wasre nteroosted of the sortIc
puisined foe  Auis Darlirgethe wriar
if   nat, to  the gau   ate octogesorisid.
(lied icr Kcetuaha a few stays ago-anl
ye-t   fuc'lltoa that  one  t-erywereit
aier anxld t   odar. I baa-hart  a buos
af Ka as coalisg a steameratioo-
thii singit. Wastree tre yboostingr
'Kathsleee Natournesea'? N'otcthat I cci
cheaid of. Yet it goesoct.
-fte good folks know  th godthing
i   he icr tir bgay e  bedepened
w    d to perpetuate it"
Hager Hollers.
mleat'  a p ire  sce e He f &n a aer
li  e racentla  institated-thio of tex
( agingic~ their 'aseekip-' paper-, "Echoa
io adittacomd' for a copy of legitirtat
heoials b t I doubtif itismeetings itu
the flattescg  reception  the puklsli~
claim forc t.
To t      haose  to are ponnected with,ad
unteestechd only i. the  irerou of Hello
aie     es r om "thirots Hitlandd" emut
asstdianl  ak e a strongappeal. Buta
hoe o o a e iterested i the gSI
petlisnoI hg business at large t i uer
lnis pooteicng of gentine inteestoside
ofthe facttatit cons the kniolede
that J. Fred thef is the geatest ol
oriter iso te   ord-that is if lEcra
From   Hiprn  e    n is to  tebelieedb
For irstaste: leFrt one fhrd writtoe
thirty 'lits' before ie ted of itaet
choseatecd of Iris royalties." Fred i n-
fortcnei insohknowainrgteattre srong
arcoof tielas-iaNew York, orss'iiereMn
iris pubtlisbers cora- lan ton locateid.
woiuldt cereailtrp  lae- been alown about
eicro acod toe Wsoulcd taete    affcrttll
amprtle protectiona nd an adequate tit,-
'Whien a cron lenas-writteren v, rtilr
iis anal beacomes ,ivare of tiefact tatr
lie is trot gettinrg tie rop-aities duelilac
tee tres anople opportuncita to makelis
pubilisheer sheow cacuse as-tryhe strould not
trap-himtalttiat is comnsg touler. Frld
didncot do thoat. Its preferred to wailt
auntil lire load beeo '"cheated"'outOf rol-
nities froms "thrirty- hits," stel then lie
dicdeot take tire couerse oponr to him, bitt
toe got es-en waithr tire peubrishlerbygoing
inoto  tire  bausisness  hinrself!  Stefferrigl
anotipodes. can you treat it'
Thenr. aganic: 'Anrong tise niasciell
sucesses of tire p-ear, tire ,,ritleeOfBelt
aptpeas o er at least ti-sr' There is at1
citler and tatoas-. to, tonl ,-e harrt
aeccaler ~ ~ ~ ~  'I tirca isossle  ln luelislsr
awtic farrio tle taw-s corprorations recentlY
argnizeid Iadecteleast oilcreitto each
irf tireir iratees. W~e leasehad bit after

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