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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 14, 1907)

Raymond, Edward
Raymond's weekly budget: professional news and comment,   p. 20

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September 14,1907,
~   ~  i
it -
- C
:1-i~ -
&I  BY E
S'lI IN               th II-''it tIi,  II,b, w
go    nnoo i ln ,inong his ieno, town1,
 IPhila'de-lphia, toot Clif Gordon, the Ger-
iten ,,oil tioian.  Gennrdeto   itoi n i1tely
nooilen In' tlie Xi'Iclnnor loon>l to Ilarlake of
Ytral Kosler oincr. AVIot- tihe guest had
iir-pnrltl, the mrothoer of A%'-'101  otoked:
IIino  titl  does Ar. Gordon      get  a
"Thiree huttndtrd dollnd,'' sotid Ni'atson,
Ad hob unoh do you gt?'  sle  ues-
ticne d.
't>no boitdred a0nd tw0enty1-live dolIlars,''
1,as the r eply.
1hurn, for ihy do you woanot to be a
1-itoo> totoeotaoo'I' asked lois 5notie-r cx-
tiltIlt   1o ANl1a dolt  ul be a Gerniao
I Ilititial "'
The folIlowing is a copy of a letter ve-
>enly stnt oy Bert L-slie to Abe Franks,
Itlorietor of the Sherma0 lhouse:
''It is omly Intention to annoy at your
hotel for a for  w1eeks.  Kindi' bav  cell
A:ith   bath tand tell wardenr to await the
-Log,  I dool frcon t10h bt11 0tat the Ala-
jestieN we Gk  o f Sept.  -13 L I t T'  LSLI E,
Jrstor to the In000
Anoouncemlet is maoe of the narrialo
of Miss Ruby La Peaile, daughter of J. H.
La. 'earle, forll  prominent circus pro-
1,rietor, to Edgar C. Zane, onl August 31,
at Grace   loureh, Chicago. Miss La fearle
is a balladist and Mr. Zao  the pianist at
tIe Alcazar theater, ool Miladison street.
teocr a two woeeks' trip through northetrn
Michigan alld Aiseonsin, Ihey  will be at
homeato to their friends at their old stand,
the Alcazar.
Dixon  &   Fields spent last week   with
Frank Aintrs at the Crystal theater Ito
lilwaukee, Ais.    T'hey open on the Or-
photul irttit Spt 16, at Minneapolis.
1% in. A. Io 'n & Co., and Anna Dohert
Ittt  I o h ooked solid in tite mioddle 'Aeot,
utIl rMarlch, wshen they open on the Kit-
I trt    im    A European trip is contnt-
lillt i to July.
lhe Great antell 0and all- tar compilay
o notIattEN   stuile ,  Itt.,  Sept.  I.  111
lotl .  h  'title is ots folloo',  Sanl, i,
it t  10n Iu t-eotes;  tiss Cecil a.     to
.1 "ooroI'00icy  10)0>0s aontl Hollisltn  tato-
mno      Cal lrl    n     oledo  The
1        <-,1 ;t  aottor Liniger Trio, Euro-
San a, r0bats; Alable 1aige and boy, sing-
-r IItollt aoolt 11oinooto,  0etttY sI>,feb
Hanry I  tlk det,  bsion-,mtooitnogo  it IOl
tlrat, advance; GrIt  .   o lliEngton  ngle-
It,  ss agent, andot  M. lin-rman, mus0-
roll director,
*'The quartette knowna0 the     lantasett
ouy or has, tIiangd their arte to
nl oiteII    t Quart-ttoo and wNill be s--n here-
nltri' In 00 refin dstloraight singing act.
It ot aI(nd l i1s Hothert presented their
not rci-ltly at Hi,-erside Park, Saginaw,
Mich., to gooI)d r e turns.
1,rtrule Goldemn, Ibe g  toilth  ge
Noie NAtiottle her fost touoili'nppa'
10c0,  1 wt ain   new sketch wvritten for
oer ,by 1,0n Welcl.
th    & Mrs., eltei. 11M1ears & Co. presented
i-r .oltcese  TIot, XXrotg AMessaoge, at the
o'lotao'"  topet.0 hi~ose, A ugtlst 26t1. Ifhey
at  added ;o stroug patrt to ther offering
ito I t ,' , eri'toof Malter SIlte r, tilebo
ioootmlogist, w0ho wN-ill appear as the mlessel-
Miss tlno, Mignon is enjoying a rest at
hrSilmer IIC  ttage in 8t. Paul. I      a-
toro act, for the coming season are 'le
'atali-'  Farwell, After the Frenclt Ball,
nnd The Ahite XWronil'der, a statue act.
rthur   It. Kherns. fermoan   comedian.
loll d the parIs at Saginawe and Bay City.
AiI., rcotly and teas easily the hit at
Ioth olaces.   L a1t1 we'k lie teas seen at
lI icago opera louse.
ore 1      Nree, who has been conncted with
li-rdIn-s TIatrical Agency for the last
too y,    ha lots sevtred her connection with
lInt  firm .
'alltin and Smith artived from NewYork
I rntlly to hIta-itn their bokings writh the
Vst-n Xviiol-tll> Managers' Associationt.
'hey open their Chicago time at the new
'>r nua theater. ***
'T' Yaladons, 1sensational lwire cyclists,
r-p-rtnhio success. They have nolt lost a
weIk oiteo Notemiber, 1906, and are booked
,il unt11 Apil, 11908. They have just fit-
tinId tI  Keith-Proctor circuit .
iclard P. Cenlitts, who is playing the
tr1Oe  role  with  Xilliam  Courtleigh  i 1
It-is, is r-ceiving spltndid pre  notices
all  ilon'g  the  line.
Miss Rosa Crouch. of the lenn of Ladell
mlII Crou1   who have recently been re-
, iI'I so fatorably by Chicago audience,.
as thin listinction of 1i1n  Ith  daurtghter
ofb. the oolpser o f Kathln  o   tlornn,
no   t    add  l  istin to1,n  t- ing  th,'
(;l  \\' I , XX  ent c 1ona-  A . '..  No  Au t
Howard and Germaine
The Only Two=Man Casting and Rebounding Act.  Season 1907-8, Pain's Pompe
,-The Fashion-Plate of High-Class Minstrelsy The Best of Refined Minstrelsyand
"Polite Vau-de%,ille"
SILLY G               iiERRY
The attacton choen by Geerge  H. Ncolai fon  a thousand  others fo he Stat  Fai Week
010    loll,  ai l it  f        I initil  O  l -
',-It---t... il  ot N il  tlxiy  eaoros  Ill - 11 1 
ho-sotIf. andt these samne loalf-sist-rs air
)Iol- 1 onoto  MiSs CrO IChl's a irandlotlt of 1-r   H
fooodford and Marlbo at 1rite that hMar
No-It Huiland had ao auil-OuS o    ttni
'Thy sa that from presen-t indicationls tih
ehow,., ! .ihold  l-  a  wi oo-'.
I han  jtst rc-ited a number of Gran,
Haids liwspapfetlr clilpings fronm  Geort,;
M. Laing, ioplays the reibl lieutenant in
lh, - n-\  pla let,  The  Fall  of  't1.  Thle
lltO- of Glrandot lItitl ,tt tc-t titl Opic-
ont  nitoo   n ol l1oi111t1 t  to  tht  Irlng  lit-
t(e dlramltan andlo those ho10  prsent it.
Hitrris and Zanpa have recciNed thir
00N\w act entitl-  H otel Shine, Nitto r 0,
them00 by Jack Burnett. The act d,-als with
tih>  i-cisituds of a lady thespian and al
up-to-dat r  bell-boy, stranded  in a  tank
town, Moe tank than town. The act is
original and it is expected to 1tp a huro-
tot' 1  ooInali is anod Zaila are at present int
le throes of rehearsals.
Woodford and Marlboro told ie the fol-
Ioloing story : Al East Lnn com0pany, playl-
Ing through Indiana, had ant experience the
other niglht. Th  play ias oter' and every
one left the house except one old lady. The
usher told her the play twas over and it
woos tim  to lock pit. She sobbed and said.0
es, I knoiw it, but I'd like to see the
I woas standing in front of the Folly the
othuor day. Twto smiall newsboys came out
after the matinee excitedly discussing the
ditTerent features of the bill.  'Gee," said
one of then, "wasn't thent Bennington fel-
lers great somnersaulters!"   "Thetm  guws
wtasnnt jes' sonerraulters." loftilv respond-
"d  ' ofher  urhin,  'they  wa,  uhns"
13P, Daint\ luoess 0'-o ga  th-ir pre-
T   it        t r  nce  a ill thol  Troatlo <
'Theatelr So-lot- 1.  Choilli tooI~  Coorto>.
Ithol the pepper.lacking, wNas soerved for tl
lirst course. The scenery wtas adequate as
well as appropriate and the costumles wNer -
otunning. The comedians, all clver melin,
twere considerably handicapped by the indif-
ferent quality of the material they had 0o
work with. The tomeody      situation,s lhd
Seen sertle so long tllat t1101  wee alre-
Norno threadlare,. 'Tie 0i al numors
Were presente Il n 0m0ann1r which Itbothnould
justify an ploducter In fetling proud. X'itl
little up to  late comedy, the it  st part,
toitl its fine tnwulting, good peo- and eX-
quisit> wardrue, wo0uld be otto of the  'slt
On thlie circuit.
Helele May c n ontributed a neat singin
Specialty In t> olio owhichl pleased itninete-'
ly s'iheiThrel e Sis r, S o one 0f 1Mlil
Ilusit's imp~lorted 'tl, ttas a spoointlto
singing, dancing and acrobati c work wit 1 elt
lw-as given with much stle and finish. Flor-
ence & Charles Gregson's offering w0as w ell
recei ved , thle ladt itoinoher 01 the 1>0010 he-
itg very clever. Ile Nat0001 1Fot, Scao-
tlot Hattler, K,o toot1d 'Stevoeto presented
a traesty 110th nilitrl t        ls
U'niv'ersity Giotls ti.00 tile closong. burlesouc,
H1arry Keeler, as the 1110steal cultulte teach-
er teas tet1 funny . Next Iteek P11 Sher-
1odt01s City' Sports,
Rose Sydell's London Gaiety Girls moved
frot the Trocadero ovtet to Sidney J. Eu-
sons theater  nd a -ntertain ed the north side
burlesque patrons last wIeek. The conlltyt
1rmains the same a8s revieed in a prov-
ious issue of 'HE SI nOA   tOA LD D
Edit0001>  Hayes, ito connection i~ith thle
Jolly Girls, presented A Wise Gut by Geo.
M. Cohltn0, at the Folly Theattr last week
to crolled Itoses at ecvery performance.
Atr.  layes, ito the character of 'Spiko"
Hri-tttes y J liltl It,' has ollode ftous for 1
tile least ton  luots  is a laloale as
el-er. His im0personlation of the happy-go-
lucky pianont m0oer, wlo t tries to shine in an0
atmosphere   entirelt  beond   his  social
spher, is sidl  -plitting in the extreme.
AMr. Hayes' colplanit ths season is excep-
tionally stro,11 including a choros of twN>ent-
ty pretty a nd shapely young wvom0en who
sing, dance and we~ar magnificent costumles
to1tost  1) leacoto011  A Mss  Steil,,  Gilltooo,
tates Jl Collins. XXil IadeeltIlaHrr'l Flant-
(is, 1Xarren It 0, Da OI, bert Archer and Joe
Mack are all a great 1elp to the star and
contribute muttochI to th  'e success oIf the
foornotano'  Spiali' w'510ere introduced by
Ite  Itio'o1ta Inal IEntrtainers, acrobats
of rar' abilitol  Halrry F'rais assiteod l0y
otu  pr- i  gt-irls,  in   silging  specialty .
Neweell Sisters. Harriet  Belmont.  Mario'
Jansen and Kitty Buckly each led mrusical
nuiliber succssfully. Next worlk Fay Fos-
ter Co.
The   llt 0rass Xdwholdt hlo Ih   boahrd
t  lit,'  Eipire  last  w0ek.  T Ihh leSOOs'u,.
which twas dubbed A Sotch   lighball. wa00
di 'ided  into  two  doontiotns,  ioo  w ichlo  it
wa:ns  imposil  IIIr 10  000 1m ' in d -ov r  oa I r ..-al-  thi rtf  t he  lea Ist  said,  th,-
Week Sept. 8, Detroit, Mich.
Parisian Mirror Dancer
Educated Animals
Trained Dogs, Monkeys and Ponies
W. S.             JAMES W.
Harry Marks Stewart
Original Hebrew Comedian
ts    S ntto'
111.  0011'orlotAcrobats
Ai --- Bailey tGreatest Show oniarth
Iinkl, mhr first appearane If inn-
l,-sque- at that tine, and  the  gift was fl
.almirintg  Newv  York  friends.
111arry  Keeler,  wtho  play'd  tfhe 1,,
dirn  last  wieek,  failed  to  re'ie  his  trlin i
until  Av-di lday.  owing  to  the 101
mnil t t   l  lak n u  lois  luwg-k:  (Ia
Io.- A  .oIC'it  ( iepit.  'PThrough  i le,  kin( n00'
of Dui, Fields. woit, loaned hioo
wNir o, I thie  ianiaged  to  go  to  wlork.
AN.  H.  Rice,  bnueiness  moana'ier  tf  Ti
Flror of the Ranch. 'writso  THEIi St181
t  LD1  that  lois  attrctionl  plaeld  to  turn"
miont  iusine   at I r  p1rftimanc tI t
Lyo-   ,,n i at  -. De trao-Ii. Iat  w' k  Thol
troit  newsp ApN wer(  particularl  aiA t
i  1n n ing e nt urnhl1  I mI ention  I   .0
Frotd Statikill, whlion Ills b('  h  u1
ist  at  the  ILaw00  theater. Tei'  frill tl.
1od., for  tin  Lt- t  two)  Years,  will fill
Smintrt  office  at 1110- Stlr thuater at S'01".
Wr    ll..  111ring  the,- l 1m1Iing y'  rI  .
Girls From
Hapyland Co.
Feature Act.
Our Comedian.
Maxine Elliottof Burlesque.
The Funny Little Hebrew.
Comedienne Espanola.
The Boys Who Can Sing.
Our Handsome Straight Man,
Musical Director.
1,  - lntni.1, nnt   itill ttl  ''1  at oh>  ,   1,0
at,  i T h s  ii ,  lt   i mdfin   pU i lretf
Io niioo >.n,11  Co ennolot  iio   tut
sIhort  myo forty  winks* *
Miss stlia N. Alills Iaig' o and dancedo
Nith e  11tniderial< Dut Ight o u ls.
trol, gave  a  real treat  to    toi  w t  enjot
harlI~oiously  blended  voics.  H r. 1,1y  an,  l
Franci, wOith  their comledy  eatilre  His Firt-
l  iersal,  occa iont uni ihtoh  lauteI r ( ot
xetionatlt  ngood  act  of  the  tloniastic
-t ii tolwos e n t edby tte Tlotoe  Itel  ts
Clo;  1-aikO  &1  E'd.  Cou  ito  ot  musi'cal  ato
,r\   1011  liked.
RonIger Imihoff and the Empire Bturlesquers
lhold  the  board  for  this  wcelk.
Thb  laitnI Gras burloesouooers. a new spok 
itn  th   E    ,t  whetl,  will  hae  Harr
Marks  stNwart  as  its  fentlure.  Mr.  St Nw-t
art toill  prta-"e tnt  iis  owno  two -a4t  imusical
oedy,  untitled t m  and  .Tr r,  and  wtill
b)  u  te d  by Kitti.  I leolot  and  Son
11lw-  oit  lilyn1 , , l nt  Yenttina s  Cas-
S  H r  tr , lil0a 000 ti a  ll  al  I  ac 
olnn '11t.  h  I ). mn   Anit t a e  pac
in   Hut~alo,  N. Y.. out  ot   1,> (it.I"
NV. V. Jennin s, whn ano the sumi
11 "' ot   at  thl  Fall  y  lhet-ttI  tw0  earl
ag ", was  in  ieot   iont  w--k , ren ing
tl     i a uaintan n.  Mlt.  Jlanin's  l iast  oar
mIiana d IIn,  ijot  ihleator  ion  h'loiladlphila.
Thi,  reass n  le  is  butsin's  tana Zr  lor
Ellunl Ilayes
N131 Shlaioined ( Edmullnd IHaves and
lyis ,Joll  (;irls iCompanly at thIIll the-
at, 'e-k of S 1i. 0
Al'ule  l-ake  o Ithe  Wise G ,  noant
tots  III,  rcit Iintiat  of  a  bautifu  ni l wo '-atbh
't tddo   wthI   pre'ins  ton s  it  h op n 0 1
[ ing  at lt, I  E ,l  tl it r  l t  w l
) Al
. (

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