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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Routes,   pp. 25-28i

Page 25

JiE SHOW    WORLD herewith pre-
sents   another   installment    of
routes and professionals are re-
quested  to  forward   routes   to  this
office without delay.   It is aimed to
make this department as complete and
reliable as possible.
AIIRI, Jeaniette & Co.: M1annion's
A   Park   St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 4-10;
thitk Summit Evansville, Ind., 11-17.
AminF, E. Kirk  &  Co.: Auditorium,
Jaimstwn Exposition, Norfolk, Va.,
-hr:ini & Johns: Lake Michigan Park,
Mluskegon Alich., Aug. 12.
Aniricus Comedy Four: Temple, De-
toit Mith  Aug. 5-11.
Axlin Bros.: Oakford Park. Greensburg,
Ia., Aug. 5-11.
Adelyn: Boe's, Lyon, Ia., Aug. 5-11.
AlIh.i tui, Tie:  Beacon  Park, WVeb-
ster, Mass., Au  . 5-11;    WNildwood,
Putnam, Conn., 11-17.
Amelrican  Newsboys'   Quartette. The:
Lake View   Park, 'Terre Haute, Ind.,
Lug. 5-11; Coney Island, Cincinnati,
)., 11-17.
ApphlY, I. J.:  Bijou, Jackson,   lich.,
Au,  5-11.
Armistrong & Clark: Majestic, Chicago,
Aug. 5-11; Chicago 0. H1., Chicago,
Auern &   Baxter: TWhite City, Duluth,
liin   Aug. 5-11;    Haippyland  Park,
Winnipeg, Can., 11-17.
Andress, Chass: En route with Barnum
& Bailey Show.
Aces, Three: Bijou, Racine, TWis., Aug.
Andersons, The Four: Lyric, Muskogee,
I. ''., Aug. 5-11.
Avery &   Pearl: Grand. Marion, Ind.,
Aug. 5-11; Cook's Park, Chattanooga,
'T'inni.,  11-17.
Arlington Comedy Four: Ranona Park,
Grand Rapids, Mich., Aug. 5-11.
Adamis & Mack: 0. -i. Old Orchard, Me.,
Alpine T''roupe:  Unique, Minneapolis,
)ilan '.  Aug. 5-11.
Allerns, fle: Park, Old Orchard, Me..
Aug. 5-11; Park, Bangor, Me., 11-17;
Park, Lewiston, 19-25.
Apdale's Animals:    Beechwood     Park,
Philadelphia, Ia., Aug. 5-11.
Adaims, The Musical: Coney Island Park,
Cincinniati, 0., Aug. 5-11.
Anderson. Grace Lou lise:  Park, Ports-
miiouth, 0., Aug. 5-li.
Alueh, Chas.: Bjol, 1Philadielihia, Pa.,
Atua.  5-11.
Aililtiih Bros.: Fountaine Ferry Park,
I)uuisville. Ky.,  Aug. 5-11.
Aiugt'r, Capt. Goo. & Co.: Ei route xxith
1arnui  & Bailey Show.
Artists, Le:- En route with Cole Bros.
Arthurs Kitty: Floods Park, Baltimore,
ld., idef.
ArdIls , T'he: En   route  with  Fore,
paiugh -Sells Bros. Show.
Araris T1rio: En route with Ringling
Bros Show.
Altons, The Five: En route with Parker
Alft'do & Cerita: En route wxith Sells-
Flto Show.
Alexandra, Mile. &   Bertie: Palais d'
Ete, Brussels, Belgium, Aug. 5-31.
Aldo &i Vannerson: Gras Circo Bell,
Mlexico, Aug. 5-Oct. 31.
Alberts: En route with Forepaugh-Sells
Bros. Shosw'.
Alahia Four: North Beach, L. I., in-
Adelman Trio: Empire, London, Eng-
land. Aug. 5-11;    Hansa, Haimberg,
Ger., Aug 15-Sept. 10.
Adair, Art: En route with the Hagen-
heck-AVallace Show.
Abbott, Mollie: Cosmopolitan, James-
town Exposition, Norfolk, Va., indef.
BioWlNNN  Bros. &  Doo  Keely: En
B   route with  ixglng Bros. Shuo'.
Hell, Crystal:  Crytel.  Maiol   Iie.,
Auig. 5-10; Crystal. Elkhuart, 11-17.
Berids. Clarence: La Crosse. ANis., Aug.
5-Sept. 10.
B5-Su & Elliott: Celerolx Park. Jales-
towno, N. Y., Aug. 5-10; Mdora Park,
Youngstown, O.,3 11-17.
iurke, John P.:    Floods Park, Balti-
morut Md., Aug. 5-17.
initul tk Quartette. 'he Original: Ra-
miuuin Pauk  Ui'and Rapids. Mich.,A ug
a5-i0;AWenona Beach Park. Bay City,
AlIi 11-17.
lteh, I17e Great:   Family. Billings,
Mont., Aug. 5-10; Family, Miles City,
Baesseus, The: Svendbork, Denmark,
5 . -Sept.  20.
Aug  N       3et  i
Bimuo  & Chapman: Garden City. Mem-
luil' Tennx, tofdef.
Iiihl'en Dog 21    Monkey    Pantomime
Co: Inammerstein's Roof, N. Y.. in-
it l.Three: fWebster  Park,  La
~-ulI.  Ill.  imndet.
Bhluchard Bros.: Beacon Park, Webster,
Mai"   Aug. 5-11;   Wildwood    Park,
Putnam, Conn., 11-1i.
Br1idxxix Quartette:  adison Sq. Roof.
N. A. mndef.
limext I, i(I: Bijou, Dickinson. N. D.,
Act'  n11; Hijou BHismark, >-17.
Hiit-- &' I'miiit:  Cituitral Park. Do'er,
N. II. Aug* 5-11.
Bxd 1 Aance: Elyria, Elyria, 0.. Aug.
5-11; Bijon, La Crosse, Wis., 11-17.
Messing. ir. & Mrs.: C re-i','lit ird oen.
lIe\vre Beah, NMass., Aug. 5- I  Pal-
Ji oston, 11-17.
'itoks & Jeannette: Park, AWebster,
AlIass., Au,. 5-11;   Nildwood   Park,
Putnam, Conn., 11-17.
Buxton, Chas. C.:     Crystal, Menosha,
N'is.. odef.
Brooks &   CIark: Bijou, Duluth. Minn.,
Aug. 5-11.
"Black Hussars:" Aug. 5-Sept. 7, Hip-
podrlintl  Londoll, England.
B3arnes, Al.:  ijou, Duluth, Minn., Aug.
5-11; Bijou, Superior, Wis., 11-17.
Bowes, Waltrs &     Crooker: Orplieum,
Salt Lake City. Utaih, Aug. 11-17.
Bennett. Ned: NWigwarn. San Francisco,
Cal., Aug 5-11; Novelty, Oaklaid, 11-
Biernier & Stella: Park, Crescent Park,
R. 1., Au-. 5-11; Forest Casino, Rocky
Point. 11-17.
Hlarra, Mabel: liendersoi's, Coniy Isl-
and, N. Y.. Aug. 5-11.
Berger &   Johnson: Lake View      Park,
Terro Haute, Ind.. Aug. 11-17.
Banta Bros., The Four: En route with
Original Cohen Co.
Bowien Bros.: Orphium. Chillicothe, 0.,
Aug. 5-11; M1arion, Aariion, 11-17.
Bowman Bros.:     Aeniona   Bcich.  Bay
City, Michi, Aug. 5-11; Riv'rsii, Park,
Saginaw, 11-17,
Heecher & Ma      Iie:  Park, Bridgeton, N. .1.
Aug,2. 5-Sept. 2.
Belfords, Thie  Eight:  En   route with
Ringling Bros. Show.
Horcini    Family: En rout  wvith Fore-
pi ugl-Sells Show.
11urtinos. Tlhe:  Mlineral  Wells  Par'k,
Mineral Aell', 'x., Aug. 5-11.
BuckleY, Joe: G rand, L~ewiston, Pa.,
Aug. 5-11.
Byers   &   Herman:   'Temple,   Detroit,
Mich., Aug. 5-11.
Burns, Ilarr: Swisher. Morgaliton, AN.
Va., Aug. 5-11.
Brown, Harry A.: Vautdeville, Denvr,
usih FamilY:    IYric, Galveston, ''ex.,
Aug. 5-11.
Buckleys, The Musical: Park, Pueblo,
Colo.. Aug. 5-11.
Burnes Al.: Bijou. Dulutli, Minn.. Aug.
Burton, Al. IT.: Family, Butte, Mont.,
Aug. 5-11.
Beatties, The: Crystal, Frankfort, Ind.,
Aug. 5-11.
Burton & Vass: Peoples', Los Angeles,
Cal., Aug. 5-11.
Blue, Clius. C: Enl route' with the AVon-
derland Show.
Boyle Bros.: En route wxith the Sun
Bros. Show'-
1rachard, Ponl: En route wxith the Ha-
genbeck-AVallace Show.
Bradna, Ella &7 Fred Dcriick: En route
with the Barnum &    4ihil(e-v Show.
Brooks &   Vedder: Elli'r', San Fran-
cisto, Cal., indcf.
Broxn, 118rris & Brown: Riiveside, R. .
Briixn John A'.: Rainbow Roof. Strea-
tor  Il.. Aug. 5-11.
Bruces, The: En route with Colt Bros.
Builxxortli &  Wells: N'hit  Bear Iakeo,
Mlinn., indehf.
Burkhart, G.: En route wxith Col Bros.
Burson, Arthur:     n IiuIt  with  the
Cosmopolitan Carnival Co.
Bussler, Walter H.:    Orphia, ladison.
Wis., indef.
Benton. Elwood &    Maggie: Star. ('ar-
negie, Pa., Aug. 5-11.
Bowers, Frederick V. & Co.: Brighton
Beach, New York City Aug. 5-11.
Babcock, Oscar    Y.:   Dominion   Park,
Montreal, Can. Au'. 5-11.
Bowser. Chas. AM. & Co.: BIl, Oakland,
Cal., Aug. 5-11.
Barton &   Laughlin: Steeplehase Pier,
Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 5-11.
Breton, Harry: Carnival, Wilber, Neb.,
Aug. 5-11.
Brandt, Sophie: Forest Park lighlands,
St. Louis, Mo.. Aug. 5-11.
Hishop, Blanche:    Coney  Island  Park,
Cincinnati 0.. Aug. 5-11.
Barnes &    Edlwxins: Oak  Park, Sacra-
mnto, Cal., indef.
Bayrooty Bros.: En rout  With ith  Bar-
num & BaileY Slow.
Bedinis Faily: En      route  with  the
Riigliiig 1ires. SIIoxw
Bert'   1 liltKi  Eii tiite with the John
Holbisoii Slioxx
Blai   s & McNuilix  Gen  Missoula, Mtont.,
lIliiplii &  Helir: Star. Atlanta. Ga.,
.RI.1OS, MILLE.: White City, Chi-
cago,  Ill.,  Ai .  5-11.
Carlos Dogs:    Enx route with Ringling
lros. Show.
Clark  Bros.:  En   route with Ringling
Breis. Show.
tarme, Grit: AVilkes Barre, Pa., Aug.
CIiosar the Great & Co.: Folly. Chicago,
Ill., .Aug. 5-11.
Culminigs. 5Ihlornton  &1- Co.:   Giraiid.
Fargo. N. D., Aug. 5-11: Bijou. Winni-
peg. Can.. 11-17.
Casey   &  Crancy:    Aiidom. Leaxin-
worth, Kans.. Aug. 5-11; Mannion's
Park, St. Louis, Mol.. 11-17.
Chapin. Benj.:   Orplietim. Los Angeles,
C'al., Aug. 5-11: Majestic, Chicago, Ill.,
Chl ria.  Eimili:  lijiiii.  Duluth .  innix ..
Aug. 5-11: Bijou, Superior. AVis.. 11-17.
Courtney & Jeanette: Orplieun, Spring-
ticlil ..A1g. 5-11.
Cirley, Pete:   'l'rocadeo. Chicngo. Ill..
Cli'1' nto. Fiank & Ett :  Hippodrome,
Iixhtin. Hiuglnnd..Niig. 5-11.
treo  n- Co.:  Phillis, Hichmond, Ind.,
Aug. 5-11.
Carell. Hdna: Flood's Park. Baltimore,
Md., Aug. 5-31.
z as s:lt  EdIdoI o :  Ste-l  11,   A  t  lnt ic C  I)o  14,  MaI;jorI  .1  s. :  IEmlpir1 ,  SanI  FrIan-
it,   . N .   .  -1i                      t  C  .,  A u .  5-17.
ti & CnIioti    Als-, & Stil 'ITour if lxilaIr Iiroupe:  Ell voute with Fore-
giitlnd. Aug. 12-Il.urh  1;;.           pIuth -Sells  lro  Show.
izard iBelle &  r    East Lik. Park. DiuIl: Great Southern. Columbus, 0.,
Hirmlingh'Iam. Ala-  indef.             indef,
Cotlen, toYd &    Co.:  Place H;inen, lItpree Sisters, Connor's Imperial, Coiey
winAno , l rnss.,  Xug. a-17.         IsIn , x . Y. A Xg. 517.
C   irroll, Jo:  MaIjiestiic, Chi(ago. Ill., Dily Comedy TIiree: Robison Park, Ft.
Aug. 5-11.                              N  ayie, Ind.  Aug. 5-11.
Coiitland. Glraie: CrYstal. Iuebloi, Colo., Dahl, Doiothv: -\xxiA n Park, Youngstown,
Xug. 5-11                               t., Aug. 5-11.
Coll  & (rano  Aildomxi  Brazil. Ind., Denetto  Sisters:  Bijou, Philadelphia,
Aug. 5-11.                              Pa., Aug. 5-11,
Coile &  Iinlin  A': VimiIiIont PIark. Ke- DeMond  & D&ninSiiore: Grand, Hamil-
wante, Ill., Aug. 5-11.                 0t ,  O., Aug.  .-11.
C,ighton, John  .: Bijou  Piqua, 0., Dl  & 1'Irien  Spring  Grove Park,
Aug.  5-11:  Phillips.  Richin nd.  Inl.  S1ringfiIld,  0.,  Aug.  5-11.
11-                                   Dubolis, hle Great, &  Co.: 1Woodland
Curzonl Sist'rs: Aondei nIid Park, In-  Park, Ashland, Pa., Aug. 5-11.
dianapolis  l., Aug. 5-17.         Draer & Son: loward, Iiuntington. V.
Caldirn. A. K.: West End Flrk. Ne         a., Au . 5- 11.
liltians In.. Aug. 5-11, Electric Park, DriiW, DoiOtIx  Emplir, Notingham,
iuston, '1'ex.. 31-17.                1 i    Aug.  5-11:  Empire,  11ackney.
1lark Bros.: 1i route with the Hagen-  12-17.
iek-WNNilliace Show.
Callilian, Jis. T.: Nonderlind, Revere.   DNXRDS & Vaugii       Ialit   Indi-
Mass., lidf.                              ni. Pa., Aug. 5-11; Aluse, BIlairs-
Carlos  & Silvoriton: En route xxiti the  xile, 11-17.
I. A. Robbins Sihow.                 I'inpire Comed\ Four: WAiiter Garden.
Cannen,   L'rune: En iouti    xith the      rlili, 'urninnu, Aug. 5-31.
Bariulim   Bailey Show.               I was, N1trgie & C. 1lwyn: Hippo-
Carroll, No ttin:l Eni route with fte Fore-  ' roniw, fluffallo. IN. Y., indef.
paugh-Sills I-Bros. Show.             I":r iils. nItl  School Boys and Girls:
h estir, Cins.: En rout xxithi thxe Ia-  II'lIMlinrstiin's Roof, N. A. City, in-
gehik-iIIlace Show. di                 f
Cliffors. llt': Enx route x'iltli the Gill-  idmndils & Hale: Crystal, Anderson,
miir Bros. Show.                        Ind., Aig. i-11; Airdomxe, Brazil, 11-
Clinton,  Chris.-  'I'l atoriumn ,  Bonning-  17.
toA, Vt., indef.                      EI'p, Dutton & Espe:2 Bijou, Duluth,
iole. Gen.: E'n route wvith the Barniii  Alilin., Aug. 5-11;  Bijou, Superior,
&  h''ile  Sh w.                      11xs..  11-17.
Colts, 'lhe  u     'n:En route with Em1- 1gellne & Mar:  Crystal, Marion, Ind.,
rsoni's Floting PaNle.                 Aug. 12-17.
Collins & Itirt: Folit  Miligniy  Paris, Elliott  N< st: AVheeling Park, AVlliel-
Frlinc. Au_. 7-31. iXig, AV. \., Aug. 5-11; Lagoon IsI-
CIullins, iddi :  Oshkush, tA is., indef.  and, Cincinnati. O.. 11-17.
Cook, Chester   1,.:  AirIdume i , iarion, Elwood & Mlaggie Benton: Star, Car-
Ind., Aug. 5-11.                        Ingio.  Pa.,  Aug.  5-11.
Cooper   &    (obinisoll:  M'i nit  Ifill. Evers GeoW  Empire, Los Angeles,
Brighton IHeadh, N. JT., Au19. 5-11. . Cal., Aug.5-1
(Dielef &  NVNldron: Star, Alumii, In1..  arle &i Fisher: Boise, Ida., Aug. 5-11.
Aug. 5-11.                            Edmunds &    [aley: Crystal, Anderson,
Crawford & Atinning: Dreamiland. Co-      Ind., Ag. 5-11.
iy Island, N. Y., Aug. 5-11.          V1ins  io: 0. IT., Alliance, 0., Aug.
Chapmxlan Sisters: Orpliu, will Cit,   -11.
Mo., Aig. 4-6; Lyric, Cartersville, 7- Earl & Ailson: Salt Laka City, U-tah,
11.                                     Au    -11.
Cook, Joe. & Bio.: Keiti'S, Jersey City, Eckit & Berg: Riverside Park. Sag-
N. J., Aug. 5-11.                       ilawo'. 'Xich., Aug. 5-11.
CatTrs, Tie  Star, Jeanette, Pa., Aug.    ierila  Sisters:  Vienna, Austria,
Aug. 5Sept. 14.
Clifford & Hall: Novelty, Oakland. Cal., Ev"erett, Joe: En route with Hargreave
Aug. 5-11.                              Siow.
Istanos, Ilie: National, San Franixs,.., E'xVers, Geo. A. Novelty, Vallejo, Cal., 5-
Cal., Aug. 5-11.                        11; Vaudeville Point, Richmond, 12-18.
CreswIll, AN. p.: Bijou. Diekinson  N.  IEL    Cleone Pearl: Carnival Park,
Diil C Milman: Aest Au 5, -1aco1  'x.    iUansas City, Mo., Aug. 5-11; Man-
rion's Pirk, St. Louis. 11-17.
Aug a-11.                            Failx  iJames & Bonnie: National. San
Cuulin  Itilin N.: t,s'rie Park, Dallas,  Fai's',ClAg
Cltx,    < irgiaua: Orphoum, Oakland, Faeie   Elsie: Itopkins' 1irki St. tiuis,
'I~re  Uuir'1,133  iiliii103.Oakand 1'Xo.  Aug. 5-11;  Ftiutiii  Fe'rrx'
Cal., Augl. 5-11.                       LouisVill, Ky'., 11-17.
Cline L.  . Dilnir G ardens. Oklahoma  FoIizrei Eui ni: Hammerstein's Roof
5-Ki Nig  i14.
CiOshall   Aux, C-14.                  N    Y Aug. o- N rk Ci. Aug. 5-11.
Co l, Jay R.: Cluao Il        - Fox &    Ilughes: Empire, Boise, Idaho,
11                                      inxirt'
Crook11, Carl: Cscade Iark. Bellows  -'I10I Iros.: Scala, Copenhagen, Den-
Fills  Vt., Aug. 5-17.m                           a5-
a      1es: Sitanon Park, Stub11     Ftli,'r & Coulter: Riverview Park. Chi-
70),,D.,  -10-cago, indef.
E  MXIAlOt0: Ell route With Ring-  FiIds, Nat & Sol: trocadero, Chicago,
D   ing Bros. Show.                      Ill., indef.
D Vines. Ile: Enl rout With Ringling  Fulettes, The: IKilth's, Boston, Mass.,
Bros. Show.                             indef.
I)e Laceys, Thl Dancin: Star, Deo1n, Fa1    Coley & Fay: Empire, San Fran-
Pa., Aug. 5-11; Str. Monitessen, 11 -1  isco, Cal.. indef.
Deel  Roy: Alcazir, N'w    atl  1  Intl  F  Ray AW'.: Alamo Park, Cedar Rap-
Lig. 5  11;  Gralt.  Libinni  1is           Ia., indef.
Do Atomni & insmor'' Irandl Hailtn     Fairmian & Jewell: Family, Blutte, MntixixI.
0. Aug. 5-11;     Phillips, Richiond,   Ailg. 5-11.
Ini  11-17.                         Fowlers, The: County Fair, Burlington,
Duiprez, Bob.: Canvs, Provo, U tal, in-  a., Aug. 5-11.
Pef.                                 Fantas, 'wo: Lyric, So. McAlister, T.
Ditix' . E.: Crystal, Elwood, Ind.,    T.,,Aug. 5-11.
indef.1                                Fox &   Sumners:  Airoe. Seynmlr
I)o Goil, Atilie B.: Apollo. Chicago,   Ind.. Aug. 5-11; Aiidomxe, Pita, i
Ill.,  indef.                           11-17.
iDavenport, E11i: Bijol, P hiladelphi , ti'ids & Hanson: Terrace, Belleville, N.
Pa.,  Aii ' 5-11.                       J., Aug.  5-11.
Dlntoi 1arr: Family. Nixx York City, Frankel, Fannie: Ahialom Park, Fitch-
indef.                                  burg, Mass., Aug. 5-24.
1aniels Walt'r: St''Ttl'IIas' Pier. At- Franks &, Franks: En route with Johnt
1inut1ic City, N. J., Aig. 5-11.        Robinson Show.
oiIiil  &- 1' vtr A'I Nxline Stock, 'I'erre Fritiks, Txxo: En route with Cole Bros.
F11111e  Ind..  Xii4  5-11.            Slixxx.
Ie OlIzo:   n ihell. Font. Ia., Aug. 5-11; FrisC0, IMr. &  s. Signor: En route
Gt' lll Sac  it Nx'. 11-17.            xxithi isullsox Amxusemnt toe
1JulO z.- red:  Bijou, Duluth, iinn.,Fristo    Clas:N West6th St. Theater,
ANug. a-11.                       '_    F1r111iit  'Xiinix  ixdef.
Dilx n>, J. ernt1d: 'Tiiltrlusp, Denver, Frederic alrosl &A nurts1 Chicago 0.
Colo.i  Ac". 5-11.                      Fl.  Chieao, Ill.  Au". 511.
I1,rrow & Mitihtll: Star. Atlanta, Ga.. Fox. Rex:  Hippodromle   Birmllnglam,
Dery. NI      Crysitl. NEl, -ug.        n g.,.I Au  1. 5-11; flipondrole, Liver-
Derby, ~ ~ ~  ~    ~   ~    ~   ) 11:Cytl  oleAg  - po, 12-17; Tivoll. Led,19-24.
10, Star Lebanon, 12-17.               FinneNs. J.  &  Elsie: Fountaie Firry
Dailys, Iie: Empire. Springfigl'd, III., F Faife    Alest  t, Ig  N ug. 5-
idef.                                  1.
D:itrue, Alillard: Fix route with Camp- F   :.... East End Park, Memphis, Ienn.,
liShxowx.i. 5-11.
D1misp Floyd:          Boulder, Colo.,   u   g,5 Sistis: D Iuesne, Pa., Aug. 5-11.
indef.                                 Fu"   Irio, 'Th1e1: Oak  Suitiilt Park,
Davis, H.: MurphYshoro. Ill.. indef.     I'valsville. Ind., Aug. 5-11.
)avis & McCauley: Grayilig, MiCh., in- Fiddler &  Shelton:  Milxxaukee, Ais.,
def.                                    Au".  -11.
DeLano, Bill: E  route  with  DeRiue Fields. IInppY Fannie: Empire, Notting_
HB'os. Minstrels.                       IIIII. Eu l'nd, Aug. 5-11;  Palau''  I'i-
Delmont, FreT: Hut ioe w  ith t    a-    ioster. 12-17; Empire, Ni'w Castl(i, Ill-
D   nelno Troupe: rhu ivltexxith the Hageni- i mmii , Bud: Alcazar, New Castle, Ind..
b'ck-Wallace Show.                     iAig. 5-7; Vaaudette, Connersville. S-l0.
Nearmk Nl Je undet.                      ORDON,     LAWRENCE:       Crystal,
Dickoxun's Do<Ss:   Leip's   Park. St.      Frankfort, tnd., Aug. 5-11; Crystal,
Louis, Mto. inelef                      1-Iwood. 11-17.
Dioilcix Brios  Giran Circo Bell, Mex- (Ii     'h,' Six: En route wiith Ring-
iii C'ix'. Alex  Ain" 5-17             leg Bros. Shoixx.
iillne, SMx Fn     Ite With Ringling   r:lit',  'wx  Wilite Rats. New  York
Hiiis. Shoux.                           I'it. Auig. 5-1l.
Iiiitu', Capt.: lxi ioute with Campbell Gilmiore Sisters: Ashland. Ky., Aug. 5-
Bros. ShoW.                              i.

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