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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Kenmore, Charles
Salome shocks north side; Rose Coghlan in poor sketch,   p. 21

Page 21

mugus  .
Bush Temple Audiences Giggle at Bad Production- Noted
Actress at Majestic.
I il  :  ,I 11  1tni  to her  coIu terf t,
i  l I CIfSsl thlit  I  aenot iit
tlittt glOtt    ' O ier  tie  sham  ie that
helmu4Ial( e whe~n LI, realized that I  t
hullianId bil htulniet like it veritable counh
hinlian  in  t i  Stli'et  of  a  tii'   t meiiI-i (
t)lii4  I shuddered  ait a spectacle  that
never lilmhoild hve been prtsltIt e  t  e
publit  and lauhlid a t th gritsu It
till I li ll  t  t  he Ii lih I'  hitl
-curii,,e truth t1ii Ofii lit xii'h VittiOlY ti'
uru, kiggld uinrestrain fadly at exhi-
bhit us of rti that l waShICIlOIan wiould
h   warn1edi as unworthv o f hier frator-
iti Fortnaitelv wii itlI Saloml'e, the
ii  I tof tIth    ush  Tnloe theatel
hunit  1ron the field last nilk and the  f
i , ill p  i  ul   forl it i.  111ihxtits f tile
Slit,1 -eml Ort ithlii priiutit thili te
fpoem to l  that wounld up1 its otherwise
prai   hi-t-iliy  1ihii  lti  i-for toli  ltt
tunt-ihu  ftou ftileii (,Ttlt 1 ii  hust  lltsltlhtt
1i1n cih  c eated, I 'it  ill  ie  greatly  sur-
hr dIliiil at I ilsue n-ver presented  f
inoiintl citi-liri Iu is e cptitiu'ng than 
% is 11)h4l 31ontgoinery in the( role of
Saloini She        t   about thile sceie  t
woith h e  a olanl , lissolunessi  and  tif-ter-  I
ish  %loIlleitce  of  ;t -ann r  in  tiht  talidi's
fablod  h l ll.  Whait  lier  conceptiOn  of
the' r-l Iilintltsiti 0 '  huh  Ilu-tCt iza-
lion  i  Salome s  ml l y  u   been,  I  it
unabl  to   fthigut , but  I  (o  not lii  itat
ti sayi thIt it iias  nlot upxi to  tih  statulrdul-
of her wolk in Other plts in  ii'sitg
has iipitared nit inis hiose. The dntlice
of Othe  seen  v-il:,  ait.,  a I l r ifli exhibi-
tioi. wshile  thl episo- i of  the  billi   hinf'
of  Jo0h1n1 Lit, xx Iuptist   by  liena  find  ti-
passioniate  i iSsin:  (of  his  bloOd-stainled
lips bt  Sitin , as  the  turtain  bteicidod
clut th  crowl  hio e  ith  t1 i cnnvictimii
I  i Ilh -ir  tim  hd lid t ll  Id  wiv   Iste . I
i  -hn ithe  taptist, Jos ill  1. Sullnvanl
ti-t    to-  i ittig ,  and I  wI as  the
O)ol 11( on ' of  te  cast  whoo tsu(ereded  in
r        1isi n I"g   above  1 Itulesilli t.  1i' read  i s
ulis  wih tt  ni'v  but hi e  a earit   ill ai t  f
e    Rsse, like  ost men do Nw n tlh.y fid
thireslvesc In anl undesimble emirion-
inelt.  H oil  tll   r  incil i is,  lione  of, tile
'as' distinguished himse in a pifoirm-
an1cf whlias a whol    wa.   hsi'ving
of tht i-ot sweping chentsulre. The pro-
luction wias ha-'ly stlgedi the costuming
of thd 1olt tay sIt, aind the gental
effct  of,  it  ii l-the  l gr l tsollii  ii
pres ii hitts a iiw Of the 1 i hrnoi  lt
reSPoniidlity' for  i110  vers-ion  used  by  tbe
em0  Ian  wasl not disclosed by the Dro-
grn, il  thili periaps was li wis preu
cantXni ti tith( ptit if thee  l uanagement
W lthu t  i c i n1:!10a  1 ;llt   ti a  it ,
conun111,n   ,rdict hast.  1  co w  1nOurin~oe
tll     i     i i   tt1- is  ' i toil][i   li itile
ittsoitl itit II (0u(ht ithti: sx-ioulif
xluhi Itt   xxtihit b  hiis  x 1 to  ces  i  il
ti T1  s   itt  t s  i s ,  it f o t  ctl -
liii  ki  tch,  Th u  te xl. Ittaw, wlith l l-
tiffrnit  :nict- s  at tf e  Ala esti  theate r
last woeik  I  tric iitl disposed to a
-von:1n 'h0  I aC ilit   's nn ah t' ss  is  tiut -
disput  iull wios desire to please is
ti-  nsiiltius  as  that  wlich  iliss-
Cogihln Imifests  -ut to do muy dtit.
as  ritic  coiscientiously. I  alm  compelled
to  ,;I  tat it o patis  of  va d vill irt
Iii4t w-ih goofl initiuntions lnd that their
bywNaoys are strewn with tile wvrccks of,
nisntt i hopets and  amibition  inSatiSti'
Miss Cothln dIoes not aoppour. aot her best
inl Th(- Ifllwr La:w, find( as for Fmanklin
Ritothi   who   r li   tt'ltsiher, tht' less  said
about hii the lotier. Ritthie looks like
Wliaim afindolph  t ,urst find his Only
Clam i filling t ichlo above mediocrity
nut rst u1ponl that fact.
Tho' Hillher Law is a growsomel, badlY
wr11tten plnntintorthly of a writer of
11l( 11ailn ilittios  of  D iizey.z  Thf  stm
woman:11 with a ]last. who mooves in hligh
(;iplomaatic-  circes.  Ani  old  lover  returns
"s :. sp~ Inl the( pay of a foreign contoy
alul so-lks to force, the woman to betray
the~ maidenllce of iwr husband, a enhin.t
official, under penaltNy of exposure, of their
f`0rmer( maeretiiious reIintions.  She ap-
'0   Ilist  .I se  of 1 .!t  ie a l(]   - n
"(r at poisonl ring of thle florglas witha
\i"\%  too  lonuni itting"  stilciat .  In  at  st u
9 eli t    tit( #i t'o  r l at e  s sessio
is 11eratclled by the( fatal rill, and dics
:!t tile feet of the( wvomnan he had
wrne.Her Iloilor, therebv is  ave<
n l th  lefttr"  whch l k  her  to  finl
ieuinosPaSt fire dtredbefore
lthe he l\y of the( wrec(ker. of hler happinless
Ae thmel such as, this. however well
hanleod. Is risque, especially Iin vude-
ill'.  tii  this  juist;[?](,(-  tho,  sli ti-li igs
hIliatu iltl r '  xtli  li-i' t iitsh-te  m i I
itie   ir the Snii iS   to  i  degree.  Iiss
toghlan work d with her old-time ardor
oplease, but herq emotional scenes lackd
inerity and thie conseutnilt power to
twaken the symptithy of her li'liirs.
)nly now and then wiere there flasot s of
dramnatic fire which  reminded )oe Of
hie days when, ats the star of till Iioin
Silliare Company of blesse-d inenmry.
Hose Coghlan's name was One to ,onl-
Iiv t.   liiit it tas the SpeIter if
lie I-iise of olti thlat I 5tstv list tt'i-ik.
Xias, we cannot altways retain our youth
ior  discard  its  gtlirs  is  one  Iiight
I row f\aay a worn-out glove. Bu t tMAiss
Coghhlltn Will som-e day perhaps sec(uret it
tlil-et woIthly of her giuiLs and be sup-
port-ii-  by all actor comipeteiit to be her
atil. Then there twll be a differentt stoty
oi teil.
The Yankee Regent Returns.
'Ilt   Yanke Riegent. a rather trim
ittlt craft, was re-lauintlled at the
,arrik theater last Sundax  eveling.
I dtrnet wi ainl ent sitstic  r et i it
-o-liend and some others. The Reg-
lit is tuneful. prettily  pr 'it eid  fnd, at
imeis, witty, tut alt energetic stage-
manager should take it Iin hand a(1fnd
prlune away Some of thle near-fttnl that
runs to tiresome lengths.
Toby Iyons wtith his quict foolery.
tome of it extminporanous, stood outit
is prominently inl the comidy lin-
ight ts .a coryphee at ' Christiaon Ell-
leavor picnic, aind his fun, which I  l
iist  of  the  basement  restaurait
itaimp, was well received its was that
if the Army and Navy enacted by Fred
Walton and Walter Smith.
iBirtha  Shalek   made  a  wlisinme
irincess,  played  tit  role  prittily.  if
nlarticullately,  and  sang  1l'  So'Veral
songs remarktbly Well.     H ler  1Child-
food Days and the duet with Prince
Otto, were especially praisworth .
1Edith Arnold portrayd a familiar
h11aracterization capably. ind was Well
Issisted by Thomas Bitoin is Kum-
muel. Elsie IHerbert as Gretchen, mail
of all work, Wis inot siliCcsSful inl
sending all the comedy that fell to lier
lot over the footlights ind My Eve-
ning :Star, easily  the most tuneful
number, wis marred by a tawdry elec-
tric effect and the light voice of Elsie
lBaird, who dressed the part of ia Latura
Jtaut Iibby  Ameriicatn  miilionairess
in a unique fashion, was greatly ad-
The Regent poil' iallet. a grouti of
twinkling legs and pert faces, dlanced
nimbly, beside cherishing in its midst
it embryonic successor to Bessie Clay-
tonu. Titie other' chiorister's wxere div'ided
between a desire to be gractul anil
faiir. an  tile chorus men possessed
siifieieitly tuncftul v'oii'es.
Mr. Jerome's s<orl. Toy i    iyls anid
Mliss Shleic anxd the tatstefuil scenic
irOdilCiitil xWili foirge' a pleasantt pathl
for The Yankee Regent ott the road,
bitlyll C   (icago sori  if the r'miiting
iiayet's snuffe'r by'-comparisonl wxithi the
originial La Salle cast.
Good Attractions Rule at Chicago Play-
houses This Week.
flie following bills ar   currenit it
Chicago thatets this Week:
POWXX   S-Rose Stall inl The ChOru
I-ad.\ still rue.Engagemen'lt close,
August 311.
IlklNOI.S-The manl of the flourc n-
ltrs tiupon its last four weeks at this
A'I TNEY   OPt-R A  -t'Sl' -  A
Knight for a Day continties to draw
1tig audiences and ti(  (ntilld is not yet
inl sight.
COl.ONIT-Biewt'her's Millions still
o n. Indetinite run.
GARRTICK-Thi Yankee Regent,I re-
v'iewed ,lsewhere in this issue.
S T1'l) I'lEHAtE- Th   Printe of Pil-
silt opned Mtondat . Review is defer-
rid until next wek.
iREllA'll, NORTIIERN -  The Isle of
spic. Review deferred.
MAEESTICSplemlid vaudeville bill
'l-s  xitha Aitgilia Earle and Efti
I   t,; hea' d tilineris.
CIl CGO OPEt'it  1`101';F, -  Goodti
1 uh 1 til  hil  AIiggi  <Clin'  is  til
hedie.Mayme (1ebru'Le Will appeal
in California sketch by Edmlnditil )ty
A4tAttilA   Shadowtte-i  hg 'thtri-i is
ti  bill.  Rialism  igialore.sligh. stage
cmelhi automobiles, railroad ;engine,
IPEhIN-Captain     Ruifuis  'otnitities
with happy results.
1ll1.--Tunlil-st arid Sul'slili,  QOM/IEBAIIwK
MIuW-Th'  Cowpuinchor, WesternMOEG
i I:(1 'tla  Pielty f g l  ply .M                   N Y
",  ""         "ovens Or
$19..0 Ca
GENERAL NOTES.                                      Free. C
io   f tih I"osY popular of t.50 per
I I  N  X  I          "i-n                 0 ter
Islano. N. Y. ;anet I on iS on    enss                 per
fire show, entitled .. 'he F,1-irean's Christ-  .:' Send o n
ma  Ee. "  Interun to the fire the      ,         ps.h
m  x In tlt                                    ah.1
i-s's ren ain iii it 1 ction inl tin: C .n-       C
tirif ttestae iy atradmill arr~ange-Ci..
inent similar to the Ben Ilur race.   t F.L.TARBELLMFG.CO
i-yor fails to arouse the spectators. The      CHICAGO,
,whilc productioin cost $60.000.
*  *  *
Rivorrview  Park conitinlues to attract
vast IriOXds and the mulititudinous shows
are daily and nightly thronged with it nIr-
ri sigiitieelrs. TIhe ianv riding detices
ar- nightly tilled Witi pleisutre  oving
rowds, who ate seking to keep icol    5iO
fram the iides they journey to the boat 5 o    r Litor tinto
lianding where they find a nice cool boat 1ItIalatutirlycper
i~,  eyrefreshing after a ht ilay.  liiei ie il-W onte l  ptet
rid-  very  r                           Special prices in larger qua
The night fairs are beginning to be the NATIONAL CARD C
thing xwith all fair associations. As a    -
iuli thousands of strangers staV in tl
eitv over night and are so Iusy looking WANTED        TO
Oter the stock lind other attiactions they
do not have tine to see tii siieial fea-       M   P    T
tures. and at liglit have no place to go         M.      P  H
for amusement; therifore tihe adoption In \liddle States:
if  the  flight  fairs.
* * *               Statceit-cragi-c rcii
Tihle quality of Weldon's fine hand at   IOWest pici for
Ilie Cliitis ins tbeeni iiiiprlVeil bIy the
ililithiiu of Cornetist  auipiti Atisandre A.L. G., SHOWWO
Digianni,  eupliollilil  sioloist;  James
SEtaiks. platyer of triple-tongue I'tiAls'
,itit a silver truimpet; Alviit Sith, tramn-   Allen McPh.
lotte artist and  a trap-drummer ex-
traoriniary. Trainer Gallitti's educated  Allen - Ictiliail, ar
goiillas and monkeys will play a new    tive fOr tile toiytl C
.eprtOire of well-known melodies. The it ih  Alexian Broth
iiiw  skating rink is a big hit. It is the cago, front paailysis.
It-st addition to the rinlks of tt' city Mchail tx-Its thirty-lit
:,id has si-voral appreciated improve-   well-kniwn in thlt-
in-its. No pleasantr place or cooler wtoirld.
spot canl be found( in thle superheated
citv  than this  zelivi-swept, iascd -
aooled, snow-white plrk wilth its crystal
ltk, and aerial stwings and ride devic -
lohn C. Weber's Prlize Hand of Arner-_
i itw  ilest  ullsiCa  organizatio  i n
1      ti countryi bigall l a  two weeks, en-
gagemenit this weitk. The fame of this
l)funt and the( imipression created ft year'-
tgox while in Chicago, will no doubt bring
io Stilts Souri Park every afternoon and  We   ave1 le'tterS ait
night Iaitge-rows dIluring the ilngaige- itllowing prsons. P
iient Joint . Webr is  i condutOr of
ituio't methods, ind olt who knows Iow ilit seaili  class will
to' get excellent interpretations of Men- eceipt of postage:
d<1elssoh, 1Yugner, Rossini find the more
imOderil  composers through l1t0 inediimi   GENTLEMEN'S
or lis artist'. Bialche Berut Mlehaffi'y, Ackerniantiln. Ed.
siopranlo soloi et of tile itnt, is a superb Adair. Robt.
inGer of national reputation, and Will Artiold, Florence.
gixi two soigs -at eich concert-         Adamis & White.
* * *                   Baker, H. t.
Four more    1Vagner festiii nights Hay &     Hock.
inaikedi tile program  of the Klaltenboirn Barr  &  Wolftr-tId.
tOincerts last week. The success of tte Berlriler, Guy.
last WXagner festival. when people were Blanknibiiktr,
turned away from St. Nicholas Rink. New   J.  A
York City, tihts so ciouraged Sir. Kal- Brown, Harry '. -
'tinborn that lie lias decided to set aside Buidells. The.
special nights for the proiiction of AWag- Clirk. Joe
P`t-r music.                            Cutnnttiin.m  Iltiti
* * *                     and Daisy
Th'Ie goveinment biatid  at Fort Di's Ciix, Stidney.
lilii's ts been "unionized altl in the Ctaerti &  Flain-
t'ilttire xxiii rociti-t  tioin wages when  li-i iii
tleing for ani octasin ittside of t  D' Cano, Chts. &
tirt.                                     Dal0
* * e                   Dxtau. Hubert.
ie Siele<ry Ctity Fair wiii teheld D1vex      lrt
lit\Xoodstock, ill., Auglist 26 to 30. TI'-i  Deimis  terige.
taograa was hiookedl 1y Stiss Ethel Rotb- Dickson, Nl. I
isogr and   includes the Eight Bedouin Deagoin, Edwin H.
Arabs and the 0torn Jaoanese Troupe.    Dickinson 'Th1os.
DIXolfts, Ile.
* * *                   Divlini & Ellwocd.
Miss Ethel Robinson lias completed the Dlrao, Joe.
liiokings of tit C ntral 1VisconsinState Ernest XXalter.
Fairs. The fair -ill he -held at Merrill. Earl' Harr .
August 27 to 3     a; Atisau, AVis., Sep- Fidlr, Flarry.
toibir 31 to 6: Stvens Point, September Fludd. Mr.
1II to 13: and the Nortlient AVisconsin Gill Ain.
State Fair at Chippewa Falls, September Glenroy & Russell.
17 to 90; at L a Crosse. September 24 Gilroy, Clis.
to 27. Miss Robinson hias enbarked in Guard, Still.
the moving picture business. She. has a Hiagan Will.
la'hine of her own and twill exhibit it Haller. James.
otn a circuit of six fairs in AWisconsin.  Henschelr, Fred.
* * *                   Hilton. Maurice T.
The following acts Will be seen on a Hioies Richard.
circuit of fairs to be given this month  Hiiglos  Sical
and itext ii Tisconsin and Minnesota:  lo.
Eliglit liedotii  Arabts. Otoro  Japtinese IHitegel, Peter.
'I'ipe, Miziella  and MiJlay, Dougasn Irvington, N. E.
i id Douglas, Wells and Husson, Jeanne JohnsonN Dick.
SMarie Weitzimann, Jackson Family, Six Juli't, Norman.
Glensorrettis, itarry Howard and Dogs             LADIES' M
and Ponies, and Shields and Rogers.
Armiotd. Gi-race.
* * *                   Anderson, Grace
AX. I. Gifford, secretary of the Fair   L
Association of Manfield. Ohio. has closed Bing. Kate Hope.
with Aliss Ethel Robinson for the follow- BriOiks, Jeanne.
ing attir-tions fo' >his  fair:  Mietts  Ctuningham, SMs.
Dog,. liter andt Johiison, cyclists, and  D.r
the Fight Bedouin Arabs.                Davis. E. M.
* * *                   Excella, Mile.
'I   t Aestern  Vaudeville  Managers' Lotise.
.Xsitin isi airraniging to place all at- Froxti'. AVilla.
it~a iii. fit tht Interstate Fair and Ex- Fennesy, Mi.
1-oitut  t 0 le held soon at Elm Ridge,  May.
Kitnsas City, Mo., for thirteen days.    Gassiman, Joseph-
S *  *  *.                 ain .
Gaorge Coliani has giventis another flig  Hughes. Mrs. Flo-
song, entitled "Undor Any Old Flag at     reince.
All.1 It has just been  introduced  in Iiamnttond, Flo-
The I-Toneymooners.                       ictice.
t 10..  1907OO
: Threc
500 lot:
-50 lot.
e - ha 1 f
lanc e
., 215 Illinois Street
w(IlA1TICKET anylo
forate '.1etc. S1 25
O.,Shamokin, Pa.
town over 50,000.
t tl expense,.
ail Dead.
dvanc,  re'presentat-
wef(comp1any , died
e rs' HOspital. Chi-
last Sunday| Mir.
e yars of age ain
rcuis and theattried1
Our itthies for the
apettrs Or matter of
1-  forwarded oit
Krso  d.
laxender. Geo.
ILaVinc, Edw.
I-wis, W. C.
ivingstoiin, Will.
M~acKey, Frank.
m(-(arry. Wm 11.
Miller,   Xen
Murlon, (has.
Murray. LawrencO.
Mtlyneaux, Aithur.
Nutt, Ed. C.
Niger, AX'
Nit di. Al
Noblette & Mar-
Novi1an, Harry.
()Il Quartette.
Otike. Ernest.
Pearson, Maurice.
Ilntefirn, S.
tzissi-li. Laxxrt-'.
lIshlv, Bert.
ltiitike & Barnett,
Rsse Bros.
Schomninir, WV. L.
Shelton, Prof. A.
Snood. Russell.
Spaulding  & Du-
Stanclifield, Alan
Stansfield, Fred.
Terhune, Paul.
Von Dell, Harry.
Webb, Iarry.
Walker. Ralph.
WorItheimeir, Iaun.
Wilbur, Prof.
-Wills, Harry.
1Woodburn. T. R.
XViliox, TWarren T.
Zimmerman. Al &
Ltockliart. Pheie.
L~ei, Beatrice.
Laindis, Cora.
Alanldel, E.
Magill, Alice.
rtsany, Iina.
itrin, Sidney.
ulilbault, Mario
Robertson Mrs.
Robinson, Mabel
Ramsey Sisters,
Scott, Mary
Vail, Myrtle.
Vail Olive.

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