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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(August 10, 1907)

Prof. S. Lubin, expert, says motion views are a power,   p. 15

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August 10, 1907.
Possibilities of Industry are Unbounded-Views are Popular William Bullock of Cleveland, Ohio, Gives Interesting Facts
in All Sections.                                 Regarding Industry.
Plt     S. I lIIN.      who as the In-
vntir and oni, of the largest man-
of1tureis of n.',ving picture ia-
vlines  nilmlins in ti world is generally
conceded to be an aithority on the sub-
ject, says the possibilities of the industry
are unbounded.    Amiong   other  things
Prof. Lubin, in a recent interview    in
Philadelphia, anent the growing popular-
ity andiidespread use of films in Amer-
lea, sill:
"I believe the time  will come when
tite life mtovng picture machine will be
a part aini parcel of every up-to-date
'I liv that the day is not far dis-
tant i in the moving picture film    will
Iecdelivrei-id at the home as is the morn-
ing netpapir of today    and that the
written doscriition of the events of thit
lay btftre will be augmented by the
iealistic portrayal of the happening.
Day of Quality is at Hand.
"'li day is coming when the    teopile
till not ltic to depend upon descriptions
written frot the viewpoint of the re-
orter or alps of repoiters, and are of
iecessitv fored to stititni  their fim-
aginatiot to help out the writer.   The
fliy of n-tuality is near at hand. Tlh
family will be able for a trilling cost to
witness the exact events of tie lain h -
ing, tie- flight of the airship, the list-
hall gamie, the charity bell, the parle
ii hionor of a new admiral the blowinia
up of tnother I-tell Gate, tlie boat re-e,
the hiise race, the games at Atiiis:
it fart, tily or all of Itoe chief movxiii_
ivents of our daily existence.
"Indeed, all this maiy he done now hv
people willing to exitend the necessar v
money for the teachiine and the films.
Of cours-, there must he a great lesset-
ing in ist before the moving pictures
hecome it part of thi faiily's overyday
life, but it will tome in time.''
Development is Interesting
The development tf the moving picture
is one of the nost interesting features
of the Inst few xetrs. That the moving
picture has come to stay and will in-
Irease in poptularitv With each coming
lay may ixasily be Itelieved when one
notes ith r-towing tinmlber of theaters de-
voted to this inteiest. It ias grown in
The affeittions of pleisu--seeking pib-
lie until in many of tlii great cities. tno
street is complete without its moving pi&-
lture exliition. In discussing the open-
Ing of so manxl thwater-s and the cis-
'illwnt loanfts. Prof. Lubin Said:
"It is not only possible for exhibitois
hot aloie in larg' (ities, but in smell
Nws is well, to mnake a thousani per
ett per wek ott their investin'ts. bult
it is hiing hone every iiay ain  the mos-
ing  iiture business is not a 'cot ri-i
'u-ick  -llloen ,' either.  It  costs  very  litil
low to lirthilse a compl-eto motinitg pie-
titre outfit. In almotst ivery city and
Slarge and rapidlv 4'w-reasing numbther of
sittiiii lities and villages you will now
tind fol-ner vacant stoics fitted up for
civing  moving picture exhibitions.  In
some of the large cities iental as high
is $25.000 per year is naid int the five
'ent admissions are yielding   enormous
profits. Many of these igh-nriced stores
are bringing in net profits of from $4 000
to $5,00 per motnth. The more of such
tnnaces to   orned seem to-all for still
others. and xwhile there is ato occasional
failure among the exhibitors, it is in
liearlv all cases due to the use of imper-
fect nieltines and the iack of a proper
iutfit of films.
Popular in All Communities.
'It would be a serious errol' to suppose
tha"It lte popuilt-it of the moving pic-
lture gallerv is coifinod only to the Itrge
ttowns. Our friends of small cities and
villars are quite as deeply interested
i this form of anmisement as their city
Oisils. Iet me cite one instanie: Ito
llasspott  Pa., a village of but 1.725 in-
liabitantts. there is a movino', picture par-
lr loeted in a store. This place takes
in from  $150 to $200 every week and
the admissionx price is but five cents. I
intn name a large number of similar
"The.  successes can hoe reneated in
-tnd cit and txwn in the Tinitei States
tvtu Ciulan. They will be repeated. for
oevr"xi1'o  are  capable  men   always
Ietfdo hirasn the opportunitv to make
a foliii>  iWnto the s'mtillness of fte
lixeetiticlt to, cicccnrv tii establishi a lxisi-
iensi xiili"  Sieli  enortmotis profits is
'ennrdeei, thtete is little wonder that we
:ile oxarittun wilth orders for machies
or ma  iliger1 to koni on inirensing
Our rnati fetutoring fiilities. As a busi-
not5btl'it of miai -eatrs' staitling, I do
ltbet  ittitosjch a1 rtuxitv Ihas ex'er
wome foitself to widle-awake men or
rmen f, tht  olik   10tmulation   of
themin  tlit home as is offered by
g pitilre exhibition busions.
Pictures Will Invade the Home.
l ilo   towns  voing  men    have
formed stoik comaniels, have rented a
vacant store, purchased a machine and
rom the -x dollars invested are reap-
inl-  %cry  tidty  inceows.  Yelu  will  so", the
iii  shoty 1   tlt iloving p1ittin  pni-lit
it,  its  frii  in10t11  tit  li  fittiti  its  ice   arlors  o r soda fountains.  The
tinal i'stilt of moving picture poplority
nill t its establishment in the homes
lit   Ltibln is spending thousands of
to iths  \ery wek to secure new     sub-
ject.  for his filmos and these are being
exhibitd inl iarly every ciiilized city of
tho wrldI Itls Oltmn secure pictures of
vital exeots that inust nec-essarily live
in history.
hli  Lost fat (FInny  .......... 450ft.
The  B.ganitist  (Funny)  ...........  500 ft.
LI  ichi  Lixw  (S ' ltsational)  ........  590 ft.
F  n  oit  ti  Farm  ................  525  ft.
Tho Wr-0kets of th. Iinil     Ex-
1I 'l-s s  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .  9 0 0  ft.
II.lAM  BtlllOCK, iianager of
the American theater, Cleveland,
().. and president of the United
Ass  -tion  of Electric Theater Man-
ageis, is in expert on moving picture
matters. In an interview upon the mo-
tion picture industry in recent years, Mr.
Bullock said:
"Moving pictures are no fad.    They
have been shown for the last ten years,
tand the appreciative American public,
like Oliver Twist, cry for more. '
"Are the pictures better than     for-
"'Yes  Originally the films were only
about fifty fuit 1in length, and of in-
ferior nelit; but now they ar- the high-
est produiit of the artist, and the play-
wright; mnl   the   sciences (of Optics,
Elec-tiiit\, AlIcannies and Photography
qp 40                       0
One of the most conspicuous fligures in the moving picture world is S.
Lubin, the film manufacturer of Philadelphia. Mr. Lubin is the inventor of
numorous devices used in the motion view business andl he is an expert in
every branch of the industry. The Lubin films are known throughout the
world for clearness, beauty and immense variety of subjects employed.
RestCu-d  by  Carlo ..................  500 ft.
Clown's  AdVcntur s  ..............  400 ft.
The Secret of Death Valle       - ...... 600 ft.
h    13-ink  Defaulter  ..............1,000 ft.
I ifi of a New York Pliceman.... 610 ft.
h'lt  'tnwritten  Law  ..............  950 ft.
A   Winter Day in     the Country
(Funnioty)  ..............*---. -....  750  ft.
Too Much Mdother-in-Law (Funny) 700 ft.
And the Dog Came Baick (Funny) 6 00 ft.
Jamestown Naval Review ........ 550 ft.
Oyster  Industry  ..................  500ft.
When oomen Vote (Comil ...... 700 ft.
W1tnitedi A  tiisan u       . ... 56 ft.
A F'itutIx Otinhtg (Funtny) .....   O60ft.
Elks'  Coivention  .................  700  ft.
Nerve Jim aindl the Cop .......... 1,ft.
The  Fortune  Teller  ...............  185  ft.
G  ypsys  Revenge  ................  900 ft.
'It'll,x o toprentice.......      530 ft.
Caughit 'uWith the Goeds- ......    60 ft.
T'he Gypsy's Revenge (derxt dttatic).. 900 ft.
S. Lubin isued 'Th- Now Apprentice,"
0i comic of 520 feet. Tuesday. Oin Aug.
5  "A   Misunderstanding.-   conic, was
paced on the miaiket     A  new   feature
film  called "Caught With the Goods,"
which promises to be one Of thte comedy
Iits of the season, was announced Aug.
I3.    There Is in lrepariltion a conic to
be alledi "ust Mirried," which will be
iaiketedi within the next two months,
aid also n eatbn rto feature film  to be
ialed  "'Ai Indian's Friendship," which
is said to be one of thi 1cst of its kind
made by this house tduring the present
aid in the production of 'feature' films
-ver 1,000 feet lin length. which protray
the highest ideals in pictorial dramatiza-
tion, whether it be   lugubrious  melo-
cIramxa, screaming comedy, inspirational
travel scenes or panoramas; the won-
ders of Science, and Art, or the sacred
themes. including the Passion Play-all
is lucidly and correctly portrayed, the
sunshine of love and the shadows of the
'under 'world.' "
Panoramas are Popular.
"Which are the most popular scenes
nwhe panoraiiias, or   travel scenes.
TNi. don't you see," said Mr. Bullock.
"1o1 can take t vacation for ten cents
ial gli'- through Switzerland. or the
islan  of Java, or see Croker winningthe
h'i" eriiby- jutst as tnily as thor Bio-
lctipu' Ioerator oo huo toiok  thc  hoitre
otilch unlfolds its mildsutimer glories be-
tor your cy-vs."
"It costs something to get the plc-
tures, doesn't it?"
"Yes. 'The Conquering of the Dolo-
iites' cost a large stim, and the Bio-
scope operaters had to ulimb where the
foot of mai had never trod."
"IHow 1o the chuilren like them?"
"Sinw themo 'Cinderella.' 'Bilue Beard.'
'Aladlin and the Tonderful Lamop' and
"I'ho Night Before Christmas' and they
bring thuir parents to see it."
"What is the fascination that draws
the crowds generally?"
"Well, the exhibition  is continuous;
anv tit' suits the patrons; they see
t ildisit with their friends; the enter-
ttoinient is refined, and is a veritatble
Chaittaluua for the masses. They catn
be aoused, or   educated, inspired  or
thrilled; give them a 'square deal' and
they conic again."
Business Here to Stay.
flas the business come to stay?"
''I believe it will be with its as long as
the telephone."
"Why dosome of the pictures make a
"That is produced in the best shows,
by means of mechanical effects, and as
natural or artificial scenes are produc-
tive of concomitant sound, their synony-
mous reproduction is an interesting and
realistic illusion."
"low are the pictures of the Rocky
mountains taken, which show     all the
gorges, mountains and canyons?"
"The Biograph is placed oio a flat ear
in front of the locomotive, and as the
train rushes along the operator turnsthe
inachine and o-verytling visible is cor-
rectly delineated oi  the ribbon of film in
the picture iliachine."
"flow are the illusions takent?"
"By stopping and starting the rua-
chine in accordanc   with the retuire-
ments of each change built up in the
"Wliahat mllakes thetn illusions then?"
'By slowing thern    frot  a machine
which is run continuously, while they
were photographed by a machine which
ran intermittently.-
How Melodramas Are Made.
"How are the plays, such as melo-
dramas, taken?"
"The best scenes are enacted by supe-
ior talent on 'daylight stages,' or stages
it the open air, as the exposure must,
of course, be instantantous."
''Is there touch  trouble involved  in
making the plays which are outside,and
In wtch there is a 'ehase' or a fight
takes pite?"
"Yes, lots of it. Many operators on
the streets think that the robbery or
the fight is 'the real thing,' and interfere
and   sometimes   spoil the , pictures-
ometiiles the improve it, unintention-
ally, by the additional 'rough house.' "
"Is the picture ready to show after it
is taken in the moving picture camera?"
"No. we have then the usual 'niiga-
tive.' It is taken into a dark-roon and
wound oil a driin and placed in a trough
in which are the chemical solutions re-
Iirved for 'develoinig,' aind then it is
wxashed, and dried and   placed  in  a
liiting machine in the dark over a
ribbon of sensitized film, and any num-
her of other prints are mtade fromt the
liegntive, ain  rented. or Soldi to tll- pic-
tre shows all over the wvorld.-
Philadelphia's  Movinq  Picture   Maker
Increases Capacity Six Times.
The S. Lubin    Philadelphia factories
have been enlarged to six tines their
former size.   This firm  now   occupies
seven floors, each 172 feot deep with an
"I" shape of forty-six feet more. It
has a capacity of printing, developing
and drying 30,000 feet of moving picture
films a day   and  ve are inforaed is
xvorking nightI and tiny to fill its orders,
TWhile formerly the Lubin forces nad-
but one new subject a month they now
turn out an average of three a week and
every one, so ftir, has been declared a
Mr. S. Lubin, writing THE SHOW
VORLD tinder date of JulI 27, says:
"We area ready to say without flattery
or any object intliew but telling straight
plain facts, that your journal is one of
the finest in its line. 'I'he numbers we
have seen so far could hardly be im-
proved. which means much indeed for a
iow publication.
Tom North in New Field.
Tom North will report in New York.
Aug. 15, to assume an executive position
in the adva  e of At therOldtCross Roads
tCo'lopaiv. It is gratix-iutz to thc mall-
ngement of THE StHOTV WORLD to -in-
nouinc  tltt Mr. North will atoe  as slit-
tial trveling representative for this nub-
7itntion  int the forthcoming theatrical
setisin Mr. Nioth is not only a cctinliii-
shliowiiian, hout lie is a writer of rettle
is well.  The readers of THE SIHOW
WORLD may anticipate xxith no sitlli
degree of nleatsin frequent COntibutions
from Mr. North's ponl.
,. E. Michael of Willshire, Ohio, lat-
terly opened a film  theater at Jeffer-
sonville, Tnd., known as the Electric.
The attraction is life motion pictures
and illustrated songs, and the bill Is
an excellent one
, * 5*
'E. V. Iandley recently installed an
electric theater at Pikeville. Kentuckv,
for a local amusement compiny.

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