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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(September 25, 1909)

Dawn of new era in moving picture field,   p. 20

Page 20

6eptemnber 25, 1909.
A. Kessel, Treasurer of National Independent Moving Picture
(Alliance,IEnthusiastic Over Organization
bought the Electric theater on Main
street from A. C. Wallace and has taken
possession.-W. G. Hammond, contractor
and builder, has broken ground for the
T. J. Miller theatorium, to be erected
on the southwest corner of Magnolia
avenue and Second street. The struc-
ture will be 45x80 feet with an inside
elevation  of nineteen  feet.  Cement
blocks material to be used and sixty
days' contract time to finish in. This
building is leased for a term of years
by the Pastime Moving Picture company,
established and successfully running
here for more than a year.
South Bend-Edw. Nardi, manager of
the Nardi confectionary establishment,
has leased a building here and will re-
model same for movin! picture theater.
Ft. Wayne-George C. Killen is mak-
ing arrangements to open a new moving
picture theater at 1124 Calhoun street.
NEW    YORK, Sept. 23.-A.    Kessel,
treasuier of the National Independent
Moving Picture Alliance, when seen by
a representative of The Show World,
was enthusiastic over the future of the
organization and spoke in the most
glowing terms.
"Mr. Kessel, as treasurer of the Na-
tional Independent Moving Picture Al-
liance, what is your idea of the future
of your organization, and just what do
you expect to be accomplished?" was
asked of Mr. Kessel.
"First, let me say that I desire to
thank the convention through The Show
World for the honor conferred on me in
making me treasurer of this association,
and also a member of the executive
board  It has been a well-known fact
that ever since my entry into the mov-
ing picture business I have been in
that, as in everything else, 'indepen-
dent,' and as a consequence, when the
manufacturers combined and formed the
Motion Pictures Patent company, 1
never for a moment questioned ay
stand. Naturally, I did not know what
the future held, but one thing I did
know, if I had to go down I intended
to go down fighting for the cause that
was the reason for the Declaration of
Independence, and also the reason that
we today stand pre-eminent in the
world's history.
"From the formation of the manufac-
turer's combination last January, with
their awful un-Americanlike methods, I
took off my coat and made up my mina
I would never put it on again until such
time as I could feel certain in my own
mind that I had protected my American-
ism and demonstrated that the freedom,
fought for by our forefathers, was still
dear to the hearts of the citizens of the
U. S. A.
"With these ideas in my mind, I have
labored night and day for the accom-
plishment of just such an association
as was formed in Chicago September 18
and ratified and strengthened at the
meeting at the Belmont hotel, held in
this city, the 25th, 26th and 27th.
The Dawn of Freedom.
"With the formation of the National
Independent Moving Picture Alliance
came the dawn of freedom in the mov-
ing picture business. The formation of
this body made it possible for great
and small so inclined to enter into any
branch of this endeavor that their in-
clinations might point toward without
the fear of being illegally prevented be-
cause they did not legally possess suf-
ficient personal means for. defending of
lawsuits, which are the known weapons
used for intimidation purposes by the
self-constituted powers that have been
attempting to dictate the moving pic-
ture business.
"Naturally, at the start, as is always
the case in the pioneering of any enter-
prise, things did not possess the color
of the rose. As a matter of fact, it has
been one hard, severe struggle to bring
order out of the chaos in which the
moving picture field was plunged, Janu-
ary 10 last. The advent of J. J. Mur-
dock furnished the independence with
the Cincinnatus around which the le-
gions of the independents gathered; then
came the necessary tests to separate
the wheat from the chaff. This elimi-
nation has been going quietly on for
the past eight months, until when it be-
came necessary, we found ourselves in
the position of beingable to gather as
representativ'o a body of men morally
and from a business standpoint, as can
be found in any trade organization or
association In America.
"Never in my experience have I seen
men more determined to carry out    a
fixed purpose than those that gathered
atthe Belmont hote . AlI the prelimi-
naries are now accomplished, and if
you will take the trouble to call on me
after the meeting of the executive com-
:ittee, I shall he more than pleased to
give you the fruits of our labors, Mean-
time, I shall have to beg to be excused
for now, as in the days of yore, 'Eter-
nal Vigilance Is the Price of Liberty.'"
Phoenix-M. Echlin will erect a mov-
ing picture theater in this city.
Hot Springs-Chas. Bronson of this
City is having plans prepared for the
erection of a moving Picture theater.
Wallingford-Paul Ruese will open a
moving picture theater in the near fu-
Torrington-G. D. Stevens has leased a
buiiding on Water street and will con-
vent same into a moving picture the-
Washington-Dr. G. C. Ober. 505 Sev-
enth street, will erect a moving picture
Jacksonville-John   J.  Fahey   has
are preparing to open a moving picture
''how here.
Covington-T. J. Edmonds will erect
moving picture theater a  170 Pike
Muskegon-'arl Hay, of this city, is
having plans prepared for the erection
of' a moving picture theater.
"anistee-John Sharp, who recently
opened a moving picture theater in this
city, is making arrangements for the
openinig of another one.
Stargis-R. J. Crosbie, of Montpelier,
will engage in the moving picture thea-
ter business in this city.
Allegan-William McClelland will en-
gage in the moving picture theater busi-
ness at an early date.
Houghton-The Bijou vaudeville thea-
ter, Fifth street, has closed for the pres-
ent week, during which considerable
work in the way of improvements will
be made. The little playhouse will open
again Saturday of this week under a
new management, Lee Lassner, who, for
the past 18 months has been represent-
ing the George K. Spoor Company in-
terests at the Grand theater, taking
complete charge. Mr. Lassner has ac-
quired an interest in the Bijou. The ,
changes to be made in the house will
le under his pe'rsonal direction.
Granite Falls-The Elite moving pic-
ture theater will he opened in this city
at an early date.
Madelia-Ed. Knudson, of St. Paul,
has just opened a moving picture thea-
ter in this city.
Owatonna-S. L. Manhart will erect
tmoving picture theater in the near
iat ure.
Baltimore-Chas. W. Demmitt and
William  Enrichowill ere tan uptodate
moving picture theater at 1715 Harford
St. eoseph-J. F. Bilz is making ar-
rangements to open a moving picture
theater in this city.
Hannibal-P. E. Goodwin has pur-
chased the Nickelodeon at 206 North
Main street and has taken possession.
Carrollton-S. Waterson has opened
a new moving picture show on North
Fulger street.
Newburysport-The Orpheum theater
herewill be openod soon under the man-
agement of F. H. Wiowell.
Buffalo-Domenico Saraci will erect
a moving picture theater at 103 Dante
Waverly-Ciarence Cowles has leased
tise Walker block and will remodel it
into a moving picture theater.
Valentine-George Hunter and L. L.
Bivens have purchased the moving pic-
ture show of John Stetter, and have
taken possession.
Berlin-Work enl a new moving Pic.
ture house has been started here.
Spencer-H. T. Blair has sold his
moving picture theater he toM.Tie-
Hamilton-Carl F. Mason and W
M. Shears will erect a movingPiCture
theater at an early date.
Findlay-A deal was recently Closed
whereby Fred. Neipling, Popular maa-
ger of Riverside Park, secured control
of the Orpheum theater, and thehouse
wvill be opened within a few days as
a strai ght moving ptcture tleatera
The house was leased from Jamesand
Murphy, of Columbus, owners of the
Southern theater in the Capital City,
and the lease covers entire control of
Logan-Messrs. Stig, SwiftandPfarr,
of Mtiddleport, are running a new elec-
tric theater here.
Middleport-Messrs. Stig, Swift and
Pfarr, who conduct the Grand ftande
the ter at this place, report splendid
Chandler-The Orpheum moving pic-
ture theater at this city, has been dan-
aged by fire. Loss is partially covered
by insurance.
Norman-G. W. Brown will erect a
moving picture theater in this city at
an early date.
Philadelphia-C. NV. Rogers will erect
moving picture theater in this city.
Allen Wilson has been commissioned
prepare plans for the erection of a
oving picture theater for Samuel Pat-
rton. Seating capacity, 2.100.
Reynoldsville-Christ    Montie   will
rect a moving picture theater at an
fly date.
Brookville-The Casino Rink has been
ased to Messrs. Verneck & Farrell, of
iI City, who will convert same into a
oving picture and vaudeville theater.
Scranton-Arrangements will be made
model the old Star theater here.
Parkersburg-Barrett and Cohn, who
and conduct tihe Star moving pic-
theater in this city, have closed
;,eal whereby they have taken posses-
on of the Colonial theater at Marietta.
:hey closed a deal last Saturday with
Ed. Latschaw, of Marietta, who has
been running it. Messrs. Barrett and
Cohn will conduct the same show at
Marietta as they have here and this
will undoubtedly get them the patron-
age, for they enjoy a large amount of
it in this city.
Kendall-Dud V. Chaney has sold his
moving picture theater at Sparta to
Jos. Melcher, and one at Tomah to Gus
Merrill-Chas. Staehle will open a
moving picture theater in this city in
the near future.
Chicago.-Charles    Magdefessel was
the victor in the final heat of the two
mile race for amateurs at Riverside
rink, September 16. John MtcDonald fin-
ished second, being less tlian a dozen
feet behind. Had it not been for in-
terference on the part of Schuette it
might easily   have   been McDonald-
Ellwood City-The Casino skating
rink will open October 1 under the man-
agement of Fred. Clark, according it
announcement made recently. The rink
will be improved considerably. During
the summer Mr. Clark was manager of
the park at Rockpoint.
Raleigh-The Auditorium has opened
its doors to skaters and many wore
turned away on the opening date This
rink had a successful run last year.
It will be under the direction of Man-
ager Brown, who had the Latta park
rink last year.
Spokane-J. A. Randall of Portland,
who first came here during the land
drawings and was so well Pleated with
the city that he remained here and
opened up the Princess roller rink. l.
Randall owns several skating rinksin
the Oregon mnetropolis. The interioriot
the Spokane rink has been altntticvtl
remodeled and many conveniences added
There is an important letter at this
office for Miss Frankie Raymond.
The Viascope
Guaranteed Forever Against
Defective Workmanship or Material
Viascope Manufacturing Co.
Room 6, 112 E. Randolph St.,  CHICAGO
Logansport-The Lyric moving picture
hlouse, which has been closed for several
months, has been opened by Harry Sipe
of Gas City.-WARD.
Fairview City-A. C. Albright will
erect a moving picture theater in the
near future.
Sterling-Hatch &Mouck of this city
have secured the contract for the erec-
tion of the new airdome in Sterling,
nearly two thousand blocks being re-
quired for the work.
Seneca-TWilliam  Powers will erect a
moving picture theater in this city.
Winchester-Joe and Frank Ruark
have closed their moving picture show
Albia-The Comert Amusement Com-
pany is making arrangements to open a
moving picture theater in this city.
Dubuque-Jake Rosenthal has opened
a new moving picture theater at Four-
teenthl and Clay streets. It is known
as the Royal.
Waterloo-C. J. Rugg has purchased the
Jewel moving picture theater from Mr.
West, and has taken possession. r. C.
Jurgenson, of this city, will erect a
moving picture theater in the near fu-
ture. It will be known as the "Colum-
Great Bend-Messrs. Chas. Lundblade
and J. H. Kramer will establish a mov-
ing picture theater in this city in the
near future.
Herington-A. Petrie and C. F. Perry
Treasurer of the National Independent Moving Picture Alliance.
n ;-

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