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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

Goodfellow, Wad E.
Bad feeling marks sessions of I.A. of S.E.,   p. 27

Page 27

FOR MECHANICS' HOME                           SESSIONS OF I. A. OF S. E.
One Hundred and Five Cities Represented at T. M. A. Meet- New York Local May Have to Pay $1,000 in Fines Before
Chicago May Be Named for Next Year              Being Re-admitted-Ushers Turned Down
MINNEAPOLIS, July 12.-The T.
M. A. bi-annual convention opened
here today promptly at 10 a. m. in
the assembly hall at the courthouse
with more than 300 delegates present
representing 105 cities.
The meeting was called to order by
Grand President David H. Green, of
Chicago, after which Rev. G. L. Mor-
rill delivered an address of welcome
on behalf of the mayor and turned
over "the keys of the city."
After a brief address by Mr. Green
in which he complimented the associ-
ation on the work it had done, the
Grand Secretary and Treasurer Rob-
ert C. Newman, of Toronto, gave his
annual report, giving the following
There are 105 cities in which the
order is represented, the total mem-
bership being now 11,415, with 7,882
initiations in the last two years; 126
members died since the last conven-
tion, 179 have been reinstated and 96
transferred; 83 lodges have been called
upon to pay toward mutual benefits
and the grand lodge has expended
$71,455.54 during that period; 43 new
lodges have been organized since the
last report, and the order is now an
International one. Mr. Newman fur-
ther gave the reasons for starting a
home for aged and infirm members
and the benefits to be derived from
same. He also paid a glowing tribute
to the memory of the first Grand Sec-
retary Chas. E. B. Taylor, who died
in Boston during the past year.
First Adjournment.
After reading of the grand treasur-
er's report, which showed the condi-
tions of the order financially to beex-
cellent, the convention adjourned un-
til Tuesday. This afternoon the dele-
gatesandrepresentatives ofthe press
*were taken on atrolley trip to Lake
Minnetonka as the guests of Minne-
~.apolis lodge No. 50.
Atwo-hours' tour of the lake by
steamers and launches was greatly
enjoyed by the visitors as was the
sumptious fish supper served at six
o'clock at the Blue Line Cafe.
Wheeling, W. Va., and Baltimore,
Md., are the two presidential candi-
dates for the 1911 convention and both
have many boosters, so it is difficult to
predict the winner today.
Three cities are in the field for the
T. Ml. A. Home-Denver, Oklahoma
City and Mount Clemens, Mich.
Denver offers a very sightly forty.
acre location free and a substantial
cash bonus and has eight boomers
here detailing  the  merits  of  their
beautiful city to every delegate.
Oklahoma City's interests are look-
ed after by Delegate Chas. Nichol,
who is equal to several ordinary hus-
tlers. They offer eighty acres of land
and a bonus of the receipts of the sale
of the balance of a 320-acre tract cut
U into lots which they estimate will
bring $40,000 to $50,000.
Mount Cleiens is also making good
offers and has the backing of Detroit
andother eastern cities.
Among Those Present.
SomeftheromnentT    It A1
York; Robert F. Tumleson, Muncie,
Ind.; R. C. Aikens, Ottawa, Can.;
Harry Birmingham, Denver; "Doc"
Quigley, Memphis; C. W. Schweitzer,
Cincinnati; Chas. Nichol, Oklahoma
City; Henry R. Fitton, Wheeling, W.
Va.; H. F. Peggenburg. Detroit,
Mich.. and W. L. Landon, M. F.
Cullen, S. E. Ellis, Wm. Wallace, R.
R. Hanch, Jos. Hodgeman, Edw. Ton-
still, Zach Luckensmeyer, Minneap-
The delegates in attendance are:
James E. Eakins, New York; M. P.
Pickering, Boston; George Wilcox,
Philadelphia; William Barston, Sam
Frankenstein, Chicago; Robert W.
1\Iullen. William H. Barton, St. Louis;
A. M. Wolff, William L. Mansfield,
St. Paul; James Duncanson, Larry
Gero, Louisville, Ky.; James A. Ryan,
Cleveland, Ohio; A. E. Padlock, Prov-
idence; C. Leatch, Toronto; T. Gard-
ner, Detroit, Mich.; H. L. Gray, Kan-
sas City; M. J. Fitzgerald, Baltimore;
John C. Morgan, Houston, Texas;
James J. Quigley, Memphis; Gus P.
Meister. Charles H. Smith, Buffalo
N. Y.; Ed R. Smiley, Toledo; Henry
Fischback, F. G. Demaster, Ed Deth-
loff, Denver, Col.; M. J. Neylan, Gales-
burg, Ill.; J. J. Armstrong, Jersey
City; Robert W. Stamp, Hamilton,
Out.; William T. Corcoran, Troy; M.
J. Cullen, Newark; Robert F. Tumle-
son, Muncie, Ind.: Charles Collins.
Brooklyn; Walter Runge, Milwaucee;
Charles W. Schweitzer. Cincinnati; P.
0. Paulsea, Los Angeles, Cal.; Hubert
Oshton, Portland, Ore.; William L.
Carns, Pittsburg; Charles Dimmler,
Peoria, Ill.; Morris Marks, New Or-
leans; H.oA.Sullivan, Tacoma; E.M.
Reel, Spokane; Charles Aitkins, Ot-
tawa; W. L. Landon, William T. Wal-
lace, Minneapolis; Henry R. Tilton,
Wheeling, W.Va.; Joseph W.Hixon.
Piqua, Ohio; George Bratt, East Liv-
erpool, Ohio; N. J. Gallagher Hart-
ford;  Bert T. Caley, Rochester;
Charles Nickle, Oklahoma; S. G.
Block, Dallas; C. C. Chandler, Cum-
Alternate delegates: Louis Heimiel,
Chicago; A. Mirschell, Buffalo; Otto
Goebel, Milwaukee.
Grand   officers  present:  Grand
president, David H. Greene; first vice-
president, Charles Collins; third vice-
president, Andy Marx; fourth vice-
president, James Duncanson.
Grand secretary-treasurer,  R. C.
Newman. Toronto.
Grand trustee, Gus   C. Meister;
grand marshal, Harry W. Dunkel.
Finance committee, Charles Leatch,
W. L. Landon, E. M. Reel.
Laws, appeals and grievance com-
mittee, C. S. Luther, H. E. Witt.
Denver Wins T. M. A. Home.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 13-
Denver won the T. M. A. Home at the
convention here today. The first bal-
lot showed Denver 44, Mt. Clemens
36 and Oklahoma City 12. Second
ballot: Denver 54, Mt. Clemens 45.
Denver donates site of forty-nine
acres seven miles from center of city.
SPRINGFIELD, 0., July 13.-A
big fight was precipitated today at
the second session of the seventeenth
annual convention of the Internation-
al Alliance of Stage Employees, at
which 184 locals with a total member-
ship of 17,000 men are being repre-
sented, when the executive commit-
tee reported, for it was claimed that
International President John J. Bar-
ry and International Secretary Lee
M. Hart had deliberately set aside
the laws of the union without consul-
tation with the remaining five mem-
bers of the executive board. The
trouble appears to have been started
through the admission of moving pic-
ture operators to the union, and began
at Minneapolis last fall, when several
of the picture operators desired to
go on the road and act as their own
electricians, which is against the laws
of the union. Because the New York
local, it is said, enforced the union
laws, they were fined $250 last Oc-
tober, and upon non-payment of the
fine, the local was suspended.
Today the New York local dele-
gates were not nermitted to take their
seats, and it was said that it would
cost them more than $1,000 in fines
before being reinstanted. A   two-
thirds vote of the delegates sustained
President Barry and Secretary Hart
in their action against New York lo-
cal, and the trouble appears to have
deepened. It looked today as though
the convention might be adjourned un-
til next Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Opening Session.
At the opening session Monday
night as soon as John J. Barry, of
Boston, the president of the Alliance,
responded to the mayor's address the
convention got down to work.
Following the naming of the exec-
utive committee, which consists of
these men: John Saurez, of St. Louis;
H. P. McCalm, of Portland, Ore.; C.
H. Bomm, St. Paul, Minn.; P. J.
Ryan, of Montreal, Can.; John Motz,
of Akron, Ohio; Larry Cassidy, of
Chicago; C. V. Bergnew, of Denver;
Albert La Marsh, of Holvoke, Mass.;
and Frank Warner, of Wheeling, W.
Va.; Lee M. Hart, general secretary
and treasurer called the roll of the
The credential committee is com-
posed of John Soirries, of St. Louis;
H. P. McCalm, of Portland, Ore.;
C. H. Bomm, of St. Paul; P. J. Ryan,
of Montreal; John Water, Jr., of Ak-
ron; Larry Cassidy, of Chicago; C.
V. Bergnew, of Denver; Albert La
Marsh, of Olioak. Mass., and Frank
Warner, of Wheeling, W. Va.
Chicago is in the lead and expects
to capture the next convention, though
Hartford, Conn., and Mobile, Ala.,
are after the next meeting and the
Southerners are putting up a de-
termined fight.
Ushers Turned Down.
The ushers of Boston, who had
formed a union, applied for admis-
sion into the union, but were refused.
This is not the first time that ushers
of theaters over the country have ap-
plied for admission into this strong
organization. The action is always
the same-refusal.
Annual Convention of Association at Atlanta Developes Lively
Controversy on the Big Topic
ATLANTA, Ga., July 15-The As-
sociated Billposters of the United
States and Canada began their an-
nual convention here Monday, and
their allies, the Southeastern States
Billposters and Distributors associa-
tion and the Advertising Painters'
League of America are also in sepa-
rate conventions.
While the Billposters' sessions are
in secret and no one seems inclined
to talk, it has been learned that the
most important wrork being accom-
plished is a new division of terri-
tory made necessary by the rapid
growth of the country, since the or-
ganization was formed 19 years ago.
Each district in the organziation is
entitled  to  representation  on  the
Board of Directors, and it is believed
that a lively fight may be expected
before the matter is finally settled.
The board of directors met at the
Piedmont hotel at 2 o'clock Monday
afternoo, heard reports and outlined
the general work of the convention.
Eastern District-Barney Link, New
York city; James F. O'Mealia, Jersey
City, N. J.; Alexander Clark, New
York city; Sanford H. Robison, Phila-
delphia, Pa.; C. A. Yecker. Lancaster,
Central District-Robert C. Camp-
bell, Chicago, Ill.; Charles F. Bryan,
Cleveland, 0.; Phmielan B. Haber,
Fond du Lac, Wis.; George L. Chen-
nell, Columbus, 0.; Harry C. Walker,
Detroit, Mich.
Western District-Frank C. Zeh-
rung, Limcoln, Neb.; Peter J. Mc-
Aliney, St. Louis, Mo.; Charles T.
Kindt, Davenport, Ia.
Southern District-Walter S. Bur-
ton. Richmond, Va.; John E. Shoe-
maker, Washington, D. C.; Louis H.
Ramsey, Lexington, Ky.: Frank H.
Powers, Macon, Ga.; S. S. Van Beu-
ren, M\emphis, Tenn.
Rocky Mountain District-Thomas
H. B. Varney, San Francisco; Cal.
Canadian District-E. L. Ruddy,
Toronto, Ont., Can.
Among the entertainments planned
here are: John XMcP1;aranc, De .nve .r;                                   BOARD OF DIRECTORS.I
becue at Cold Spring, Wednesday af-
ert C.Morgan, Houston, Texas; Rob-  Charles McDonald, of the Ringling   New England District-Edward C. ternoon and the excursions to the his-
ertC. Newman, Toronto; Tony De-   Brothers' show, paid a visit to his  Donnelly, Boston, Mass.; Joseph J. toric battlefields and other points of
iner, Chicago; Jas. E. Eakins, New  home at Marion, Ind., recently.    Flynn, Lawrence, Mass.               local interest.
July 17, 1909.

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