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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(July 17, 1909)

Remarkable business of the 101 Ranch,   p. 10

Page 10

July17, 1909.
With Many Discouragements H. S. Rowe Has Met $20,000 of Wild West Cleared $5,000 on the Boston Engagement and
His Indebtedness and Expects to Clean It All Up           Made $8,000 the Following Week in New England
strike here. Some of the complain-
ants were partly paid off. A party
of performers went to Allentown and
slept at the Lehigh station. The next
day they got funds from Philadelphia
and New York to reach home or
other engagements.
Only Two Weeks Ahead.
ST. CLOUD, Minn., July 12.-The
Sells-Floto opposition brigade was
here July 9 billing for July 24.
Edward Arlington, general agent of
the 101 Ranch, and Joe C. Miller, one
of the famous Miller Brothers, were
in Chicago for a short time Monday.
Mr. Arlington was en route for Kan-
sas City and Mr. Miller was on his
way to Oklahoma to pay a visit to
the 101 Ranch.
The genial smiles which both wore
satisfied the people who saw them
that the reports of the big business
the 101 Ranch was doing had not
been exaggerated. When Mr. Ar-
. 1-S. Rowe, manager of the Norris
& Rowe circus, has made a plucky
fight this season, against odds which
would have discouraged many a less
spirited man.
He started out with an indebtedness
hanging over his head which made it
look like it was impossible to keep
the show going but in spite of all the
annoyances-it is possible to undergo
he has struggled along until it be-
gins to look like he was waging a
winning battle.
He is said to have made a sub-
stantial payment to the Donaldsin
Lithographing Company and to have
settled in full with W.A. Shannon.
When insChicago lastSaturday aMr.
Rowe refused to discuss the matter
further than to state that he had
already paid $20,000 of his indebted-
ness and expected to make $40,000
more before the season ends.
In this connection Arch Donaldson,
who was in the city at the same time,
stated that the Norris & Rowe circus
was sold to Mr. Rowe and that his
note was taken for the amount. He
bore out the statement that Rowe had
made a substantial payment on the
Circus men generally are inclined
to give Mr. Rowe credit for extra-
ordinary pluck.
The M. L. Clark show, one of the
oldest and best known wagon shows
in the country, has forsaken the rails
which it took to this spring. The ac-
tion was not unforeseen, for Mr. Clark
got his wagons ready at the same
time he fixed tip the cars, thinking
that he might want to switch back.
Mr. Clark is very well-to-do, being
president of one of the banks at Alex-
andria, La., but he could not see the
losses which the railroad show was
turning in and took to wagons again
near Kansas City, Mo. He is now
making the small towns on the Frisco.
The show is headed for the cracker
country in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Fine Dinner.
H. L.Kelley got upa fine Fourth-
of-July dinner for the YankeeRobin-
son show, and both he and C. H.
Frank, the chef, were highly compli-
mented by the circus   folks. The
Chicken with Rice    Fish Chowder
Fried Perch, Cream Sauce
Boiled Halibut
Fricasse of Chicken with Dumplings
Roast Leg of Veal and Dressing
With Mint Sauce
Southern Hash
Irish Stew
Mixed Pickles Olives Chow Chow
Rice Pudding with Custard Sauce
Strawberries and Cream
Cakes and Fruits
Ice Tea         Tea         Coffee
Chased Negroes Away.
LEETONIA, 0., July 13.-When
the Ringling Brothers' show was here
Marshal Boyle chased a bunch of
negroes out of town who had been
discharged by the show for drunken-
In Hard Luck.
CATASAUQUA, Pa., July 13.-The
Howard Damon show had had busi-
ness at Freeland, Mauch Chunk and
Lehighton and the band went on a
Circus Notes
Herbert S. Maddy, assistant man-
agerof the RhodaRoyalIndoorCir-
cus, has returned from atrip to vari-
ous points.  He saw   the Ringling
Brothers' show at Kokomo, Ind.,
Monday, and says it is a wonder.
James Ford has been appointed
manager of the No. 1 car with the
Campbell Brothers' show, succeeding
Ben Rich.
Parker Campbell, a son of A. G.
Campbell, is looking out for his
father's interests in advance of the
Campbell show.
Phil Lewis, opposition agent of the
Campbell Brothers' show, is reported
to be doing some good work.
H. B. Potter rejoined the Cole
Brothers' show at Geneseo, Ill., last
week, after a visit to points in the
Fred Buchanan, owner of the
Yankee Robinson show and looked
upon as a circus king   possibility,
brought three flats, two stocks and a
sleeper recently. The cars are now
at Des Moines and will be added to
the show next spring.
What Newspapers Say.
The Bucyrus (Ohio) Evening Tele-
graph in reviewing the John Robin-
sonshow, says: "That thecircus was
not as big an organization as it had
been at one time was the opinion of
The Baraboo (Wis.) News prints
an article about the Barnum show
coming to Madison July 28, and it
starts off: "Never since the begin-
ning of time has an amusement enter-
prise so tremendous in size been or-
ganized as this one."
The Deseret Evening News, pub-
lished at Salt Lake City, in telling of
the Sells-Floto street parade, stated
in its headlines that it was "not very
long or very large." The same paper
on the day followin the exhibition
headed its review, "Was a good circus
if not a big one."
Where to Find it.
Circusmen  say  that The   Show
World can always be found on the
table or under it at the Davidson
restaurant in Milwaukee.
lington was told that the report had
come to Chicago that the 101 Ranch
had made $5,000 on its Boston week
and $8,000 the week following he did
not deny the rumors, but seemed sur-
prised that the profits of the show
should have become public. The same
report had it that the 101 Ranch took
$4,400 at New Bedford, Mass., in a
single day.
"I will say this," said Mr. Arling-
ton. "Our business has been tremen-
dous in the east; in fact, every big
show is doing well according to my
information. We expected to lose
perhaups$2,000 on the Boston week
and-well, it is no secret if you al-
ready know it-we did make$5,000on
the week.   If there had been any
other territory east I would certainly
have remained there. We have played
the east thoroughly and business was
remarkably good."
Earl Burgess came in from New
York with Mr. Arlington and left
Monday night for the Pacific Coast.
He has visited the 101 Ranch several
times within the last month and on
two or three occasions has remained
two or three days at a time. He says
the show is doing remarkably well.
IOWA CITY, Iowa, July 12.-The
Cole Brothers' show was forced to
switch lots here on account of the
rains. The street parade was also
given up. Eight or nine wagons got
stuck in the mud, making it necessary
to dispense with the street display.
The show did not have big business.
Breaks World's Record.
NOGALES. Ariz.. July 6.-At a
cowboy's tournament at Nogales. So-
nora, today the world's record for
throwingand tying   wild steerwas
broken by Ed Hall of Nutt, N. M.,
who performed the feat in 21 seconds
flat.  The best previous time was
211-5 seconds.
To Forsake Wagons.
The Coulter & Coulter Dog and
Pony show which is now touring
Iowa, will forsake the wagons next
spring. It is announced by Manager
Coulter that he will put out afour-car
show andhmakethe same territoryhe
is now making by wagon. This show
is one of the neatest on the road. It
intends going south into Arkansas and
An Even Break.
DULUTH, Minn., July 14.-The
have had a merry fight up in the Iron
Range country. The Gollmars get
there two weeks ahead of the Robin-
son show, but the latter gets in right
after pay day, which makes it an even
Four Shows This Season.
MINOT, N. D., July 14.-Four
shows this season will be the record
of this little city. The Norris & Rowe
show was here June 15, the Gollmar
Brothers' June 22, the Yankee Rob-
inson comes Aug. 9 and the Cole
Brothers' Aug. 13.-MASON.
Cars Were Inspected.
The Ringling Brothers brought six
cars, formerly with the Rice show,
to Chicago recently en route to Bara-
boo. The cars laid here a few days
while they were looked over by pros-
pective purchasers.
Barnum & Bailey-Marshalltown. Iowa, July 17; Mason City, 19;
Fort Dodge, 20; Waterloo, 21; Cedar Rapids, 22; Iowa City, 23; Daven-
port, 24; Peoria, Ill., 26; Rockford, 27; M\adison, Wis., 28; Fond Du Lac,
29; Janesville, 30; Elgin, Ill., 31.
Buffalo Bill-Pawnee Bill-Chicago (Riverview) July 14-18; Kenosha,
Wis.. 19; Beloit, 20; Freeport, Ill., 21; Maquoketa, Iowa, 23; Sterling, Ill
24; Jacksonville, Aug. 6.
Campbell Brothers-Rogers, N. D., July 17; Edgely, 19; Ellendale, 20;
Redfield, 21; Mitchell, S. D., 22; Kimball, 23; Chamberlain, 24.
Cole Brothers-Thief River Falls, Wis., July 17; Winnipeg, Man., 19;
Minot, N. D., July 13; Carrington, 14.
Howard Damon-Plainfield, N. J., July 17; Elizabethport, 19; Perth
Amboy, 20; Red Bank, 21; Keyport, 22; Asbury Park, 23; Weehawken,
N. J., 24
Dode Fisk-Spring Green, Wis., July 17; Sauk City, 19; Stoughton,
20; Brodhead, 21; Monticello. 22; Shullsburg, 23; Platteville, 24.
Gentry No. 1-Evanston, Ill., July 17; De Kalb, 19; Maywood, 20;
Blue Island, 21; Whiting, 22; Gary, 23; South Bend, Ind., 24.
Gentry No. 2-Spokane, Wash., July 17; Sprague, 19; Kennewick, 20;
Prosser, 21; North Yakima, 22; Ellensburg, 23; Rosslyn, 24.
Gollmar Brothers-Spooner, Wis., July 17; Ellsworth, 19; Menominie,
20; Neillsville, 21; Mondovi, 22; Eau Claire, 23; Stanley, 24.
Mighty Haag-Harrisonburg, Va., July 17; Woodstock, 19; Front
Royal, 20; Manassas, 21; Leesburg, 22; Alexandria. 23.
Howe's Great London-Tunkhannock, Pa., July 17; Waylusing, 19i
Dushore, 20; Towanda, 21; Sayre. 22; Owego, N. Y., 23; Greene, 24; Nor-
wich, 26
Hagenbeck-Wallace-La Grande, Ore., July 17; Baker City, 19; Nei-
ser, Idaho, 20; Boise, 21; Gooding, 22; Twin Falls, 23; Pocatello, 24; Salt
Lake City, Utah, 26.
101 Ranch-White Plains, N. Y., July 17; Flint, Mich., Aug. 11; Sagi-
naw, 12; Lansing, 13; Grand Rapids, 14.
Norris & Rowe-Milwaukee, Wis., July 12-17.
Ringling Brothers-Marshall, Mo., July 17; Kansas City, 19; Man-
hattan, 20; Beatrice, Neb., 21; Fremont, 22; Grand Island, 23; Kearney,
24; Cheyenne, Wyo., 29; Laramie, 30; Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 2; Og-
den, 4; La Grande, Ore., 13.
Yankee Robinson-Wahpeton, N. D., July 17; Minot, N. D, Aug. 9,
FranklRobbins-Augusta, Me., July 17; Lewiston, 19; Portland, 20;
Norway, 21.
John Robinson-Charleston, W. Va., July 17.
Sun Brothers-White Sulphur Springs. W. Va.. July 17.
Sells-Floto-Glendive, Mon., July 17; Dickinson, N. D., 19; Bismarck,
20; Jamestown, 21; Fargo, 22; Fergus Falls, Minn., 23; St. Cloud, 24;
Duluth, 26.

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