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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Amusement notes,   pp. 30-32

Page 30

30                 THE SHOW WORLD
thbcmoion Picur PatntsCompany
so fifth ienule, 1w York City
TAKES pleasure in announcing that it has at last succeeded in getting a reliable
Casualty Company to issue Fire and Accident Insurance, at about half the
former rates, to any and all Licensed Theaters.  Heretofore, only about Ten
per cent. (1000) of the Exhibitors have been able to obtain insurance at any price.
q The policy covers all deaths and bodily injuries resulting from either fire or panic in the
theater or on the sidewalk immediately adjacent thereto; liability for death or injury to one
person limited to Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00); total liability, death or injuries to
several persons limited to Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00), covers patrons, owners,
employees, all.  Thirty-five Dollars ($35.00) per year for theaters with maximum
seating capacity of Five Hundred (500) or less; an additional Ten Cents (10 cts.) per
year for every seat over Five Hundred (500).
This insurance will be issued only to LICENSEES of the
Cinlcillnati. O., April 27.
Thle  thecatrical  seasoni  ill  the  ihfst
class htoises is ne-aring al entd. The
Olympic \till Close thiswe-k.
Amlong' thec mloving,  picture  ;1nd
valuleill- htoutses, the LIceumn  asily
leads this week with Arthtur L.Guys
MNinlstrcls, as the leading attraction-
Robilison  t and Hiticks are alo dtilt t
;t splendid business. The Auditorium'
ias tot lbtet sO Stcce-sful at nl still
cl;se tite seasont Sattirday night.
Th'le saintller park, are ready to
opent.  Ot Sunday,  lay : , Chestetr
park wfll Open. TIheZoo \\ill open Nlay
Sthl withl NklrCO VaelItalianl hanld.
Coney islanld anld the Lagool \\ill
Among    the  I']V e  Centi Iaudeille
h1ouse, the near\ ILubin and the new \
Colonlial are  playling  to  stanlding "
rooml only at all evenling" performan-
teS. Tle other shws are also doin-
a \-vry good business.-RUNElY.
H. M. Evans Here.
il.Ni. isais, of tihe Jefferntstuck
company. s\-as ii Chicag  this wet-k
aind reported tha hiis attractioni had
beenl playing to fairly. good businiess
ill Kenituckyo anld Tenneissee for the
past  Year.  1l-  -titt-S  that  lie  1ltds
June11. Jully. August anld SeptemIbCer the
best mloniths for hli,,hot anld that
the "unlder cna"proposition is a
vecry good onec. Hle play" v'audeville
betweeni the acts of II repertoire.
Top Salary for Singer.
JuI'Il 1c  loskc ,a  K ihl',  lI po
drnoin .  wNill  sail  ill Jun n o  r  ag111 ldiT
11C has at contra;Ct Withl a phonograpJh
comlpanly to s inIIg tw\en Ity Sonlgs t (or
116.000.  th'  hicgtt'est  -eie  offertd  att
\me1ricanl sinlger for thlis purlpose.-
FILMS FOR SALE - Ttt-i reels coi-
taiting fr till ti t) feet  i5h 0tier ren-.
Seidf rlist. MAYERIVE MAN, Futon
lBulcig. Iittsburgh, Ia.
AMUSEMENT                  NOTES           IN THE MOVING PICTU NE
Carlotta[ I)otY joined Johnl l1rew's
coipay at Soutth Httecd, Ind.. and ap-
peared for the first time April 2:; in
the small part of the vicar*s wife.
W. W. 1unkle, oin the staff of the
Souith Benid, (Inld.) Tribunei, is turn 11
illg hli., attention to \-pdeville  sketch -
es and ias wilttn and disposed of
ine suicce'sss SiniceJnur.
Fred   Stoe,  of   oitinlltery  &
Stonme. w\as enitertainled byv the Sott
liend (ind.) Gun Club at a pr Iiv\ate
shoot April 2)6.
'ile Lyric itn Des  Iotines. Ima, is
offering )oorri" vaudeville for Ih c Irs-t
itne this week.
J. S. Johnison. mlanlager of thle m-l-
lr  skating   rink ait \ebster   City,
lolvaL, wsdis;Charged aIfter- his' pre-
iin a      earitg April 15t    Johnson
w\as chiarged w\ithi assault wNithl intenit
to kill, but it w\a, shouwn hie acted
whiolly itt self dful se.
WIen the tiajestic closes it.     ti-
sil  at I )1)e I I oine s,  10-  : Iawn.  Ilat  15,
A Ianager  Hullchanlall says the house
will be kept openl duinlg the sum11iner
season,. Moving pictures of thec best
type becingt offered.
t1aore r  Williaml  Fs tecr  of thle
C str an   G I randI I Opera hilouse  at
1 )es MNloines, l ox\a. hias just return-ied
froml a two mlonithis trip to Florida.
(Oti., Bowers fomryof the Ileach
& llolvers m1inistr-cls has left lovand
,   0  eol1t to  al, ;sh].,  wherci  he  w\ill
to   atdienceA  il al van i(cil11e lil
Imarks thlat a vaudcevil  teaml knlows l
ais _NlcNeil Sister,  made   Irelative to
cer tain lBoone residenits, resuilting ill
the actor's being" g_~ive  ;In imlpromlptu
'"shavecr" of old rnhhber-S, lemonls, etc.
Phyll1is 1)aye. leading" lady w\ithl the
Patterson-1)aye musical comedy(I coml-
edy, hlas beenl ImarIe to UErnest D.
IPitI  I rI.  leoathu 111g  manI; II.  T h I  I, r  I,  1 ,nI I
was pi-rform d at Sai Aitoi, Txa
\t  thec  clojse  Of  thec  Seasonl  Nr. allo
AMIr.  Pitsor  still  go  to  Ani  ,1 : .
the hottte of the groomit
Pearl Dilll, dau~ghter- Of Bll 1)i
tlt11.  tf  mttarriedt  ill  iii  tos  ti s wti k
to) Arthur Wood.
Lewis S. Stone is to  tiec starredI neit
season b- Fred icsco.
Tih  Dick  I crris and  Florenc,
Stonle Company openecd a nlew~ oper;a
lIouse ait Oxuird Cal.
A  nis\N  opera  hiou  t -se  w-ill  be  buil
at Gourenclir, N  Y.
11. C. \tihine-  and  Uti   Harlan  ar-
iat  itg  witl G  tO-rg t W. CItt-
toll.  of  Springield.  Ill., H it   a  6iew
of  taking ot er  all of th i  Cliatterto n
hlOuses.  Whtile  Whitie wras  il
Sprinll L eld  reccenitly  hie  looked  over  :1
hlighl  schlool  comlic  overa_ .
Sloly  Nlabellc  was poisoned  by  dill
ing  ulponl tIIh  anld  woa  dangerously  ill
at P eblo.  Col., for  a  time.
Itewi- McCord was taken ill in the
wes'c t,  being  stricken  wh.Iile  oil  thIe
Thle juldgmlenit obtainled by Alice
Fischier  for $9;l.0froin  thle  W ill J.
lIlock  AmuIsceent  ('< nepaiiy  ha;
reachecd the appellate divisionl Of the
suipremec couirt lit Nc\\ lYork.
Klati & Erlngr av    decided to
produce  a  near\ p)lax. bv  licy  licach
N  e dh un. i e  CIIt itlIed(  SenI ato0r  W est,
ee lillp  \\ I  po< litical  o lipdicationi n II
McIntosh a Hit.
Nlanclous   Nlclinto'lh  with  his  :llllo
atct  at  the  Amelrican  oni  State   trocl
Chicago, mnade a big hit last week and
at the Western thecater the mngr
took and applied thec Fire ax to hli,
bulildinlg  to  mlake  thle  enitranice  big
entlingh  for  thII, ter'u  AutIO  ha-
PiCiL _
Ifyou  antthe atcaction  that %I i  twd the l--eand et
the money at every performbice, write for orlow rental
it-mit  a i  it o -  si   o
$6l-  00 St it' S t- i ck t  w n Sten
$pio s  10 ;  ,),1  songo-  l,-  F displ
tI  . tints.  $3  andfi   witt  iasa
Pl y.  nther  Ium mII aIia n Ii1,S. -11.  1   W1.
Frieda Gascone
t  e ntoo l y  i ., tot'  a t   AblesI-
Ito-c I(Id Im  too  lir  ndvaning  t,  coinenunicac
with  'r. F. Dinn, ntox  691. aimatioit  Nei.

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