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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(May 1, 1909)

Editorial,   p. 14

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The Sho      Worlid Publishing Co.
Grand Opera House Building
Eighty Seven South Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois
General Director
Associate Editor
Advertising Manager
Secretary and Treasurer
Entered as second-clasa matter, June 25.
1907, at the Postoffilce at Chicago. Illinois,
under the act of Congress of March 3, 1879.
Fifteen Cents per Agate Line.
Fourteen Lines to the Inch.
Fifty Inches to the Page.
The Last Advertising Forms Close
Wednesday at Noon.
Advertisements forwarded by mail must
be accompanied by remittance, made pay-
CO.. to whom all business communications
should be addressed.
(Payable In Advance)
Four Dollars a Year.
Five Dollars a Year.
The WesternaNews Company
and its
International Branches.
The Editornwill not be responsible for the
return of unsolicited manuscripts, but if
stamps are enclosed they will be returned
if fou nd una vailable.
Anonymous matter will not be considered
under any circumstances. Writers desiring
their names be withheld from  publication
must so state beneath their signatures.
We do not solicit contributions from un-
autho rized c orrespondents, but In special
instances we will consider contributions bear-
ing upon a topic of vital Interest to the
profession of entertainment.
Manuscripts or news matter will not be
considered unless written upon one side of
the paper only and addrAsed In the lower
left hand corner of the envelope to The
News Editor.
SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1909.
Theater Licenses.
The International theater of 11nis city'
whIlere T'e Girl from1 Rector's Was' pIlay-
ing a higily I slCcessful engagemllelnt, las
had its licelse rcvooked. owilig to in1 il-1
fringelielt of tile ire laws.
No one of CIllitable jtl(gtllellt call
object to this actioll oi tile part of the
fire inarshal of this citY. The ordi-
niances calling t or certainl restrictions
and observance.s ill regard to exits an1d
construction multst be obeved for thle
good of the entire profession of elter-
taininlt, and it is therefore to be re-
gretted that the blaile for tile closing
of the litern-11ati onal should be laid ilp-
oil tile slliliders of the citv officials,
who have but lole their dlty.
Thle blame shoullld he laid inl such inl-
st allces, upon1 tile theater  aCagers,
who, ill too m1any cases. trade upon the
lack of knowledtgt of tile officials a1d
dclieh rateil .  l1a   1th1e  iIn .
It  i,;ml unldei l   fact tha~t the  alter
aela Nmlan, whethecr hle be a conllimo'l
itizen or all otieer ot the law. knows
itgs of tilt average tieater.  ile ilt'-
!ter may be c mipared to nc> othier inl-
<titultionl  except  itself.  It  is  isolatedl
fronl thle Comm]ilercutl world by reason
of its in ivitlilitv. Partiecnlilal  is ilis
truet1  of  the  lleciillil1  tlid  of  the  tlit-
MtCr, whiCh i, usually un~lknownV to the C
nimagemencit itself. Therefore the city
Inspector finds it dilictilt to make a
emnlpr-lelesivec repori uiponl conlditions
II le filds theill.
It has been    dem'oniitratel t1hat a
crafty mianager cani talk all inspector
''t of lis objectionls. We do not 11 Can
to initimlate that sulch mlanlager bribes
the city ofticial, bit we kllov that tile
lack of exact kilowltIge upon1 the part
Il ofieils has Imore thall once p lCed
tiemIl ill a position wheCre a seemllyiV
reasonlable argt1111011t wvould discoutl l
their objection .
The situiation calls for ani oficiall with
thorough   knlowledge   of the    inside
\\orkitigs of a theater. Chlicgo) nieeds.
Il fact, a Collissioner of Puiblic Safe-
t    whose dulities wouIll df embrace tilt
utlpervision of all )ubtIibC piaCes an1d the
eniforcemient of all ordinances relating ,
to) the care of Collngregat ioils. Sich of-
fiCial shllid haVC I Certail p1olice p1ow -
Cr.  Ile shotill be free fro,11 111It Cs
and Iills staff slhnuld lie illlpregnable to
tilterior inlintences.
It has1  been hlinted that other hlouses
hlave beeni violating thle law\ all(d that
tile CIforcellnilt of tile law ill the case
of the International \was bv reasoli of
:a certain pressure bratigllit to bear lipoll
the local officials, b riVIl tileatrical ill-
terests. \Whether that ie trle or not,
it would CertailliX  Stell to prove tile
1leed of all inspecor who, 1Iv reasoll of
intimate  knlowNledge, could    not  be
fooled, and who, alo, 0111(111 lot te il-
flueniced by anlythinig Save- his ownI h1ighl
re a t] or  ljl  (1111<
Merely Players.
lerek  Plater is tile title of a1 ill-
t'resting voltil1it of hort stories from
the press of tile Centlry Conmpally,
New York. wh1ich shoild attract wide
attention 8111nlng readers ill tile tile-
atkical professioll, not only becaulse
the stories are stage-flavorel, bilt by
reason of their initrinsic mewrit aside
Virginial T)ritt  attracted consider-
uble notie, (Iivl . , te, past year or
io by reasoi   of  the   short stories
which hiave appemared under her sig-
niatuire  inl  Scrihncr's. Collier's and
Mtunseys maaziiine. and       to those
who have read themi inl their originial
Setting  this volumeli  will be hlighly
prized, for betell its coVers, Nliss
Tracy hlas  athecred togethier the genas
of her litIrary prodlItion.
It wou1l  t e difficult ilideed to select
Lilty ingle  lt, is   the  best, but
probabll for kIl interest adll nIll ex-
.un1Ple of truec professionlal experienicc
XXl(1e IProfc- iollals- should take th<
Il lld. Thi- 1tor1  l'ccile  1111 actor
wh-]o is strickeni with tuberCuloSiS anld
is forced to 1move to a wetIrnll cit-.
Hecre, after mlanyv advenitures, anld the ,
regainliing of imuch of hi., health, he( is
temlptedl back to the( stage by anl offer
too good to be mli'sed. Among other
stories ill tit volu1e will be found
Th'le L-otuis En, ters, A Votary inl Mot-
ley, The Tamreless4 Team, Thec Prin-
cess RosAlba, Inl AtIgust The In1ter-
preter. A   Dang1r of Delay, Noblity
Obliges, Above Rubics. Ani Incliscre-
tionl of 11is Majesty anld Thle Call-
(11e's Flamec. ( 12 mni. 21W) pages,. The
L     ,tur  C., Nc\w York).
Praise from W. H. Rice.
1acon, lal, Apr! 24.
I      Hvisil  I')  C( )WltI'iI l W v(Ioll  il  tile
Withu a< dob iis tien llwi t ad
1>est sheW v pAper publi hed1C~ today.  I
call't te where aliv liXt showilman1 , after
leading one Copy, wons ot dessre to
keep himsell posted. as \our Ile\\, is tll
a wee  k ahecad of other Papers.
1 am1 glaI to sCe votr imereased ad-
NIy ilow is doilgy a great blillcs5,
inl t.act,  mulch  better  thanl  last  season,
which, yot klow. wXas verv good.
There is nothing to it. you are cer-
tainly goilng to "Clean tip  as ceryolle
is struck ib tile big lot of llews vol are
disliig oIt eVery Xw, k.
\ith best .ishes,
W. H. Rice,
Owner of tile . TI. Griftith Hypnotic
Max Hoffmann Denies Report.
The following letter from lMax Hoff-
1,1 . ltisbanld of Gertrtile Iloffiain,
relters to an article which was qiotedl ill
this paper the Xweek of April 10. The
article ill qlestioi was quoted front the
Sacramencito Bee withiout commeniclt i1p-
(111 th part of THE SHOW  WORLD:
NewX York City, April 2.0.
Editor, THE SHOW      WORLD:-
Anelt  yotr  recent  article,  (just
brought to myv notice), charging liny
wife, Gertrude Hoffmann, and myself
with heartles neglect towXard a brother
of hers, suffering from ituberculosis inl a
Sacrallelto hsital, I have  tlis to
lInsIWer t: Xe were notitied of his con-
ditiol about fiXe weeks ago ill Clex-
hinld anld dleposited the amlounlt of his
tirst-class fare 1111d! sleepers froi Sacra-
Inento. Cal., to NX  York city, (also
$25 to be given him1 ill casi for ex-
pelnses), w\ithi the pasnger agent of
tile Ne\\ Y1 Ctlll  l 1. 1 ill ile
land ,1 illIllitl  NWe Xwtre 1111' 1off
tile following Xweek ill \nX N  rk city
and o his ari -a I I took hi1i to Sara -
1tac Lake, making the long and1 tedious
trip  with  hin 11  self, a11d  settled  hil 1
at A. F. Keinnedy'  Cottage. 26 Shepard
avenue.e Saranac Lake, N. `i, uinder the ,
care of Dr. Trem1bly, the l0cal phys _
Ciall of (;Co. Fu1llr Golden.  Besides
fittinig 111111 ouit twlin liend to foolt, be-
ore leaving, New   York, at Rogers,
Peet & Co.'s store. I bought Iliii eXe'ry-
thillg that was sliggesteI to mie at Sara-
ltc Lake by other patientts and settled
him there ill the most luxuriotus and
comfortable manner. belfoe retturning to
New   York citv.   If this is heartless
lieglect, as stated b' youtr article, we
I11f1, r]l il(lt les rgating", thle truth of mly
talllellts, Xon find yoll haxe llade a
llistake, perhaps you will do us the
X'(tcl  of  priltl <   t'  leter  as a  < a
Ill closi.g  1111 Millt onl tie suiject
o-f healrtlessnecss, allow mie to state that
withi thle exception of onle of her  isters.
my Xwife takes absolute and entire care
of the balance of her lillIerouls failly.
Max Hoffmann.
TIFHE  SHOW    WORLD     is glad to
publish thle foregoing correction anld to
state that Mr. I'loffminann's letter is cor-
rect  insofar  as  investigation  col1
Wilbur--],ori to Nlr. and M1rs. it.
C.Wilburl aIt Conicordia, 14an., a nine-
pounid boy. Wilbur is spejidinlg his
ff11th  v-r with  tile C. 11. Parker
Iho ws.
Dixon - Heath - Niarried. Tuedav.
April 1: , bv Judge~ Wml. Learv. at
Minaoi.     Fralkie    I IeathI anld
inillry 1. Iixol. Mrs. Dixon is the
soubrette with   Dixoll &   Dessaller's
1lig ReiewX. which played the T)cXC\
ill that cit X. while  NIr. Dixon  is  111 11-
agecr anld part ownler of thle show,
1ince l;dt Soloillmbr w I  lhe sh
started oIl tht -ad. The b ideI l wa X
attelided by ANifte  Chandler of the11  I
tlta ttin. lilt l111oi D1rt   1111
people, had dlinneir at the( National.
Huegel-Shepard-Johiit ("C111(lwn
naeof the leaml of uilet
Brothers, arid Martha Shepard, of the,
Qulilin Trio, wecre unlited inl mlarriage
ait ( rmvnl Poinlt, Inid., April}
Ida B. Heazlit di(ed in Spokainl
Wash., April 1. o1f blood poiso ing
She  wa,  thc  moltherl  ,f  thle  Hleazlit
Tri o.
William   Corbett, (ole of tile iet
kniowl litilogr aphers ill tile 4how
busincs.s, died at thle Counlty hospital
ill Chicago, April l9, and th  e liodyt
was taken to Wisconsinl for huirial.
Franklin M. Van Horn, ieAd of the
New   York  cotuming   irmIl   of VanI
lorn & Texter, lied it AtlalltiC (it,
\pril ' J. after a short illness. lie \vaq
a son of Van Horn, of Ihiladelpiia.
one of the b)est knownl costtuiners inl
the coliltry.
Floyd Williams, who had beeii ei-
glaged  ill  tile  Ilt'licille  shmy1  bullsille
for a number of yeart, died ill Phoe-
nix, Ariz., of ttif~ercuilosis. Hle left
lolva for the soulthwest inl Januiary,
ilopll, the chanlig  would benefit hi
health , buit  w\ithout  tuccecs.  He
leaNes a Wife anld onIe child. Hle Wa,
basred aIt lowa Falls. lowa, uinder the,
auspiee- of the Moderm Woodmnen.
I elmlont Theater Lompany, Chl-
ag;genleral  theatical bsines :
1r  l  ,lin  I I1  1)il1 <,  IC ( tiIm clt o
aul Arnold Stubbleticid.
1111mnan  Roulette Wheel Comnpany.
Chicago;  to    operate  theaters aiiul
alillusmlllelt device: Capital, $25,000:
incorporators-I. CLraig Jolits, lin]
F. Ninlde anld Frankl Pasvie.
Salls Sou1ci Park Theater Collpally,
Chlicago: to cIllltltt I gt'llerll tie-
a rca  1o><t  1<ir i   c apital  $2,00  tl<-
corporators-11. J  I  nlItniialil, J.11
Quasser aind C. T. Encson.
Alerican    Vaudeville    Compalny'
Cincinnati; capital, $25,000: inlcorpora
tors-Alfrd mN. CoiCII and others.
.1una )om11c Colpally, Louisville
capitad. $60,000: inlcorporators-H. L
Hrenig, Jamec     L. Glass and J.C
Cnso lidated 1 tlrulctuitisa
\nllnscnltllt Comnpanly St. l'(oonis: Io
erctaI ort n  nchain of nicc
theaters: capital, $250,000; incorp~ora-
tors-W\illiant, 11. miltenherger,
V. G;eraschle anld othlers.
New York.
IHarris &NWell. N'ew'ork: forniol
to Conduct alilmanner of busellss fir
enitertainmilent and amuilsemncit <tor1
pubIIlic;  capital,  $,-.000;:  inicorporttl
-Edla     Fischer,   Albert    10Mtllt
Younger ad William     F. kin(zey.
Theater     Companies   of AneriX
IBuIffalo:  capital.  s10,000:  ii tlc oro't
tors- Illgelni'  . Falk, IIIII"  11
Pielpk. anid Edward C. Schrelnell
Amuisemnrt Device Companly; N\oc
York: capital, $:;0,000; inicorporator,
-Theodore Mansenl anld W. R. Stock
A. G. Delemriter and Wiliaml '\('r
ris, New   York: general amus-ement11
Capital, $1,000: illCorporaltors-Arturll
G. Delemrater, William     Norris an)(
Nathian Murkaui.
The German      Thecater \ ,,ociationi
New York: a     memilbership   oro
tionl. organized to promote anld alsit
inl thle produltctionl of Germiani lf,
anld    mui:      inoprators-Lottl
Vierick. Al\ax  R  Ilini. Os carVn
May 1, 1909.
l's I

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