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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(January 23, 1909)

One night stands,   p. 16

Page 16

Catharine Countess Will Head the Grand
Rapids Company Which Will Open in
Early Spring.
1it    1). Prie stock  mn'puny, hieaidedi
bY   thin    Coun",tess, will play a spring
lii,11 eti (x xii i etiletixntliite lhe  a.ti The tlay
\\ill be IOatit]  a Onesniid the company is
xpt   ed ii to  b s fist ihliss.
Mrl. Price had  Ia COmpany  In DenveCr Last
summner whlich   was   ied by  M\1i ss
Countess, who is Mrs. Price in real life,
aitid it wis very iihlt% spoktn of. Site
h  s li ll ol ttithe  staitrltid  stig  fr'  many
i-ti'rstantua iliic tuatllt enits'ithxc itinue fotr
E. 1). Ptit  t who controls the company,
is a veteran tlht-trial man a ild if hIC-
rintered a claim tas the champion press
igenst of America it is doutful if it could
Ito succesfulls disputed. Hle 1ias the
fteulty of seeing wiiit is interesting in
Ilis tIvIels aid to city editor ever printed
Sstory frot   hits ict with the idea of
doing l. Prie a favor; out the contrary ,
the favored one is tite newspapr editor.
Tile ('tits ftor te t'tgag-ttc-ut we're
sic it' 1 vtkis  lwektto ilur chliminaty liis
xete madet sever  w'its tigo xhen rof
I'riIc, x'is tent--is 1uIttliess imatnxager' of
Thie Alan oif tlhi lour
lilr. Priie is beii maniager of John
lCullough. Riaird Mansfield, Mirs. Car-
ti, Grace Geor-     ux Anna IIld. Lilitin
nicsstIl antd ther ftmxntu  sts ta  con-
in Nix  Yotk, Londonn mand Srtn FIt -ciset,
tItiludtintg the f~titutts AXl-tztit stock ei'-
<uit of California, which maintained tiii
highest stutndard inl Ameia. Hie is a
untive Alichiga-:nd-r and an alumnus of
ti1e IUnivrsiti t of Michigan. lr. Price in
a letter to Oinl Stlir. says:
"I :tin going to give the best up-to-date
pla ys imany of them   new   to Grand
Raptuid(s. They will all be clean, whole-
some plys. I will have a company of
cxperienc d aild c-ip-ible phtyers headed
1) vMAiss Counjtess . anld we  caleter to
11w  ho t  (uI-   ill th tIr-  is  inl  Grand
I ';, 1ti dS
Charles E. Blaney Finds Business Good
in the South and Especially in
ClItittanoogi(, Tenni.. Jan. 1'.
hleils El. Blainey. the New     yolk
iity producing manager and author, (-ane
down hist Friday and remained over tin-
til Sunday evening, leaving Iere with the
ceeil Spoonir (omiany, going as far as
NaIslhville with them and then on back to
New York. Ir. Bhltney is iatstIv inter-
C-ide in soutth-rit property, flteitricaland
otherwise, and is ninking a hurriod trip
along the lines where his interests are
In  conversation  w'ith  TIE  SI-OIGI
WtliD trepresontaitive wIile here, Alr.
tvlaN  spoke enthusiastically of southlrt
xw eonditions, sying tit while the
uiiness was suffetin, in Ill qitarters, he
found less cause otfor clatiint in the
Soitli titIti elsewhere. Int r-ply to a di-
St liiestion Mr. Bhtne vStated that from
lis e iItille li'-aiiness at CIattanooga
5tfelIs- ini a compa~rison xwith
iller towns, titan any' plare lie knew of.
t   tskoi as to :tin ly 5 for tlien fture
Which might be brewing in his fertile
inin, Air.  htney stat d that it present
lie had on1lY one new Show  in contempla-
tion, and in fact That was only a new
itce for ICei i Spotontt Ie, his boutit
 i   I li are  T.  i  Vt  tit(,  I)Lii ii r i t,
a  i (  writen sp It nor  ils  npol  itl
i    laii Itt en ill pl eseni t lir an S arl
iite. Its title will ie The Girl from the
Vist. The pilot is to be modirn and tip-
to-ditt,. The scenes are laid itt the new
stitt of Oklihoma.
Mr. Blaney is very optiistie regarding
ctrning ti heatrical conditions Itd partiti-
Istlv xxitht reference to the south. It is
his contontion, Iowever, thalt entirely too
niny houses ire being built and for this
reasioi nttlone, tinibeis of them will neces
stirily lay idle a poirtion of the time, mal' I
ig ilte grand n l  il fear a season appear
11i loss tha t   ali is. --iAt'LEY.
Poll\,  of  tilt,  CicuiS  tlirni-i  'IM  aay
twice  at  Ma i    \n, Wis.. Ji .1;1.
Carie Its  tis i SiS Perkis at uIn  r
ville, Ky., last MIondaly.
C. . Gillard hats leased tile Opera house
at NS1ettiInce-, MiCh.
lurs leaklins Ipen  several days at
1l[HI it  at Ilas jol<t11d A BunChI Of
The( ChseLite     mpan0 h'as gonle inl-
to Stock :It nlonuiont, Toxats.
Titm Great Qusioin wich1 Jessi
I"Oistellec, was featulred, has closed.
I1tti-k  IK -ixi i, o sIii lts  lu-eu  st-iy  ill ;it
a  ('i(ing ltstittl,  is  reporte  t<r   li!
slighjtlv imnproved.
T-l Wodruff is vrv ill at his home ol
asington    1i1it Ins Chicago witlh u
comp~lictiotni tif iiseaies.
Zoke' ithe Country Blov. under the( man-
a     Oiment of Eddie lOlirris, closed Jan. 14
at Ilinlwathn, Kan- it
:11l  1 ad Arnold WhIite, of the Van
<1vk 1tutu  lttul I  Itinit l\t, slwnt list Suti-
AN'. L'. Garver. L,. I). Simions atnd George
Archer itive bought the People's theater
it Phoelix. Ariz.
The MT:triige- ITtiter lost its date lat
it-nesioro, Ark., oni account of iissing
rilroad colnnections.
Jamines Wtrd-. formeils navsle tgentt of
varios tttrnt-tiilns. is sluiding the winitel
zit Mladison.l s-
lItimhad Cnrlo 11:td the( biggest house hie
ever pla         i   one night at Akron,
hie rltit] 1l stead iad a big erowdt
att Ilot spig.Ark.. recontly, ait hough i
the  s ow  \\Is  ftalling  all  <is.
t'p to ten Llys ago Fred G. Conrnd's
Cptiiitis hal done iImore htlsintiss t11Ii
for the stixme montlis of 1907-0S.
In tile last Iiok or so bIusiness hits
fallen off to sone extent
Mlalalli Butterfly, Putteinli's  heautiful
<ndopera, is not he(Ing sung by Henr v
1W. HStsg's ticomiptty  this  yet.r  A
Clevelarv1I firm has it onl the road.
Al G. Fir-lId, isohintg buiness just thit
StIxit ats t1o1ug1h it xxitt int an off selt-
sin.  W~ithi the  ecotttti of three Ott
t-tx-its, lusiness lias been very lig Iately.
Ionit Tell Aly Wife. in which Pcl'htrd
Jose waiS feaitured. closed il110 senson at
mort AM <h vtuTvs  1m 2. sTh loonpany
xs~is madite tilt Iargely oif wxestorn performi-
A nex theaten ixity le ereee     i at lit-
4-Vdiatia, Pa. Thle toxvn is a good one indl
ti nexw house wvould put it on tixe x'isitinig
list of the  best one-night-stand comn-
Moses Reis. president and treasurer of
tle Ri-is circuit, stopped over lin Tilkes-
tirre, Pa., recatntlY for t11e first time in
si-Vent Years. There are 129 theaters in
the circuit and Mr. Rtis owns six of them.
Reports recenily compiled at lenry XW
Savage's office show that The Devil is be-
ig  Nla e xx  I)\  -nili  cnis l d  lots  bxeen
product d ti  1i:; stnk  ot eanies since
14. Savalge nttie f the st plaey famouis. '
The Nu w and  t L wistown. Pa., was
oecPned Thursdii  night with  Alfred  E.
Auirans' produtinl  of Yania. The date
tike Ctifti  openxg Of lthe company as
ist s' t il  theater.
Geoi re Collun hd nl nudien  of imore
tiian 2,000 peopIl at Akron. lio, Jani.
itt  it  tfir t i v of t ii   tile iotltn .
1ie could have sold out againd
Ie Proif. in advCtnce of I. E. Pierce
Comptny's In WYingil. writ's That
11:11t zatti lij >nn i tb1een doin a} < renank-
Vil ilies In Ktiiit tie ct~f.aittilc Sout'ha
ejnl Caijfornjia and will return east by
wa    tirf mtt of it d Donver.i
1'lie rttiluitiseay toniin, silltl xsVanato
s  peIixsii t hart  bee 1tte1  in tidt
l  itbi at Fortsmouth. O., ay   George
T   nex- r. I i is said to have receied  0o
per   xniit of th grots and taen tuddenly
oncludedl to leirve      t for Cincinnati.t
Thi Thrre Little Tntids opened at ltx-
C,;hlile, Txats, recentlv, under the man-
iiint of It. C. w\ oods. Albrt Busof il
I -eixle i  it  litit'  i  tiiig
liatrry .In-Ikson, George" wVilliams . Cora
Williams. iatellinl -teistfz. anid Sylvia
fillen are membti ers of the colmiy.
Th1e Blue MNoulse comipanly. wh-ich was to
axve Opened at Torrr eapite, Ind.. Ist
,Alonda niht HIosed its season before it
lift Nxw Yoi The meemnbiers of t1 coni -
pany who had rehearsed are naturally
tissatisfic .
Te tlaul Gilmore nsk t-hii ttiti
tIs  it Jiixx It,. Til tecetit'  to xiilie
1 < -iIlaysing InCal tems at may points.
The Gilmnore hasket-hall team) takeo an fin-
tleSting pitt in The Boys of CoipanY
fl, in which Air. Gilmore is Starring.
Tis e Missouri Girl company. wsic
iFeenk Farrell alnd s 0die Rtaynnd are
rituredn is p       for t       eite xel  lt  first
tiate and  iet CISCO correspoldet of tht is
plper writes flie at s1tx lodT' is a big
hlit  in  t iit state.  Ir. Fairrtll, t s s  that
tli  ftnmpniy rectlyxi appeared for tile
ltl         wIn nnixniy towns Ii el 0r
E  drd aond  tx-ill lott  are -ith-
tht contany,
Says Business Is Good.
Erockton. M TIss.. Juan. 18.
Genern1 butsiness depression has not ;if-
reemtoe illn plyouses 1more annd bunsiness
is feetv d1cspl a~. T1t( ro11c lkaing
lnl is clse for thlis wel~c lobut aewO
thle events oif the senson. professional and
otherii will he the Elks' bImll, Jan. 25:
arlists fromt :ill over will assist. including
local plavihouse talent.-LOIC.
Mildred Holland will hale a Stotck 1o-0 71
panty at Nowvark, N. J.. next summer.
Says Minister is a Contemptable Loafer
and Must Be Seeking Publicity, if
Quoted Right.
At  a  nlinistters' imttting  in  N w-xv  N,-i 1
re Solultion)S  were1  pacsed  milling  forI  thl
11 ote' i Jss if N s  ork oi t't inptt,-
wxitl the Chlistians fOr a clostd Slntda;iy.
The rsolutiions stated tlitt IE en now
lotbriiV  us-hei S lst  mn  Ilt xomeCIling
Chr1istions to work onl Sun1da ,X
D~r. 1)n1id J. DuIrroll, pastor of the M\ar
bfle Collegiate Churech, wals  applaudled
tt  l 1  sttdicte t1itit  is f i li tig  ii
itoe-ncies "or the city laighis it its wih
wt' Christian m1xinlistt-rs Only come  In-
githeC'r once a year and then let go. Ve
iIve let go, yes: but onlY to spit on oui
hatnds and take hold again."
A. L. E-:inger was hot under the collar
whenoix he heaitrd what the minister hald
said.  Erlt'nger ut ontee eoc'lled tihat
the ittpreacher sought pulicity and ias Er-
lrInger has been i n the litrlight a long
litte lie knows the symptoms of this dis-
"Any man who would make a statement
liketi  ta conxtitiltible lonfer," lie said.
''I tinik ti-it lie is after sonic eheati ati-
vertising. This suiamc Jeswishx ssndiit lins
neVer refIused its tietteis or its s-ni-s
tO  lily  im:litIle C ristin  ctse
One Was White and the Other Colored
and the Caucasians Were Very
Hutchiinson.  an.  Jan. T1.
Biusiness has been very light sinc 11 :i
1itlidays:  miost  of  the  attrictions 1 w
ix ie anieared here S-inee tile first of I]
1tivo bartIv made expnses.
Mfax Fimnn gave in excellent lierforn -
ance of the Sibtiittt. Jan. 12. and did
not nmke   Iixpenses. Tlans & Nix ploy I
1(n  a  smialil house, Jan. 1.". The chorus girl-
te 1ti coniain std papers on tixe stret
itmectis of which went to tihe earthquatk
i tffer'eis. hut tie xiinin object was to ad-
I' ti.- Iiis & Nix.
Peek's Ptd Ro    (wite) and Mforgans
3!instrls (colored) vase a douile bill
i:n. 15. Tixe members of the white com-
pany resented the at-tiont of their iianag-r
for doubling thenit tip with a negro com-
paiiy antl as a result the company w a
'-ioit four members when it left town.
Egente ,Noore in Mv Box Jtck slxowx 1
nitttiee and nxight, Jnn. 1. There was
"ood atteIIIlCnee at the maiStntitep but t1w
niftiht crowd was sall. Tit show too
x    n  with i bothuiees -HAIiWICK
Neiw Orle:Ith. Ll Jan. 17.
Bitninox TAXilslh in The Test finisied n
g hIwxeek'slisiness ixre last nigvit nd
t'atugitt ati eai-v trinu ouit this tixorixitig
for Take Charles. n.. whicr she piyeil
lentliit. 0iss Visi has ma: s  1   friel
lii Nwcx fitlts aind xstis file t'e'-it'et if
a  little  so  til attention.  MNtiss  Walsh  ant
:ir7. Travers xw'ere miiariet'd Iere two years
non nt the homse of I. aIl Mrs. Bernarl
Sit'ld, an'i xere  ntletaieti ltst week
its these friomdlsa'uonig wttiters. Tlx
(Ii, 11nxnn fiti" Sovttii's ti,' oiicnctl at
the Tlntie lonigit and although it has
ittet iere seveal tinies before. ai excel-
t-t, week's business is expected.-MlIL-
Actress Shot Herself.
EIaInt. N. Y.. Jan. 21.
Clarn Prae 'orontc. letlinv woman of
lhe Chiiigo Stock Co.. neidentIally shot
horseltif inl  tle  hardl  d riiu-n'g  lth,  per1for I-
an'e of The Devil Ite     nt  at ilh T\-
ctetn  theater  ero   .I-n.  17.  Pllsi-(ians
tin-ct,- thew   ie  A   oi i lis  trete  ii
It shiort time.-TIEERS.
Wanted By the Police.
ittimt-in  Ill.-Ittin.  'i-
ltort- Renie -flis F.I.. lcGregor. is
wantixted by the ipolic on a i-h-rge of fir-
el y. Tle tIimed to be writinve a Shnn
ti u  uittl1  cll  11) lr t ino o e on
ftinuetlin. I     To teptsnter lniief as an
it il;tt ftititil .tf Katller-ix Clifford of
The Tittop 'I I  Viorit  Te i', 'ilsfriiued
out  thoe itlle  circleiIs as  niel  2- ' it
ftx'e( fot'ee sei-tntlies. xs't-lct 1 0-1. lie-ilt
t'  plt- i  N  N1J  Id wxIitliiit] tehli.
Don't Make the Actor
TheyHelpa Lot
If you don't believe it ask
I Make Actors' Clothes
A Namety Suit or Overcoat
has a distinctive individuality
I carry a complete line of latest
fabrics. Perfect fit and satisfaction
guaranteed. Let's get acquainted.
167 Dearborn St., CHICAGO
Absolutely Non-Breakable
nitable for snutill te-
ares aid tmovg    ic-
ureshtos.    carry
Odt i-n ship tin.e
Iteix   S( soend
tel (hatti  Alts
eatin tr Oit-of-
D~oor Us,,.
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Boston Office,224Congress
Street, Boston, Mass.
Ackermann=Quickley Litho.         FLICKERLESS!    NO VIBRATION!
graphing Co., Kansas City      Guaranteed forever against defective
SaleWa  h oiois, SalesYR  SCHtAs'Roomx  workmanship or material.
zo-zo  Knickerhocker  61-6  Grd  Opera
Theater Building,  Hloue  PuildinE,
ot Broadway   87 outh Clark Street  Viascope Manufacturing Co.
GOOD SHOWS WANTED TAL         MES     Room 6,112 E. Randolph St.
Net Oper   lH is, . icapaci t M0. ratio. Ark.
Populatuionl I.00 ROWLETT & DAVIS. Mars.       CHICAO

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