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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 18, 1908)

Gregory, John M.
Idle thoughts of a busy press agent,   p. 7

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The property iil gae the last smoker
,f the season Ol April i at Koch's Hall.
it was a brilliant affair, attended by nearly
all of the employees of the Hippodrome,
and many of the performers. As we are
all big happy famil 'it this big amuse-
ment enterprise these social events are the
pleasantest events of the winter.
The Bedina Troupe of daring riders are
on their way to Peru to join the Hagen-
beck-Wallace Shaiows.  Th ir act is bound
to be a hit this summer, as it is startling,
surprising and novel.
Zula, the living bullet, is the name of a
new and startling act that was first put
on at this house on April 6, and scored a
big hit. A  performer is shot out of a
cannon across a space of 225 feet, and going
through fire and flames successfully catches
a trapeze. It is one of the r-al thrillers
of the season, and made a distinct impres-
iss. It will contine to be a feature un-
tilithe end of the season.
Kubelik will gie a farewell concert at
iste Hippodrome sn April 12.  He sill be
asslsted by Panorosch and lois Symphony
Orchestra, and the seats are selling rap-
idly for this evetit.
Wells Hawks will spend the summer on
lis Long Island farm and, when hoe is not
engaged in sowing and reaping, will think
out new publicity ideas for next season,
Floyd Lauman, the genial superintendent
of the Hippodrome, will put in most of
the summer at the Hippodrome.    Hte may
take a week's vacation at Newcastle, Pa.
In the grand Automobile Carnival parade
on April 7 the Hippodrome was represented
by a beautiful float that attracted great
attention. When this house is left in the
way of getting the attention of the public
it will be a cold gray miisty morning.
Notes of All Sorts.
After twenty-nine years of success at
Manhattan Beach, Pain's Fireworks will be
seen this season at Brighton Beach.     A
large force of men have been at work on
a new tract of ground for the past month,
and the new enclosure will be a commodi-
ous and comfortable place.  The name of
he spectacle for this year has not yet been
Hery 13. Harris, the theatrical manager,
has purchased the Hudson theater.     The
amount paid for tle theater was $700,000.
The house has been under the nina...etin
of Mr. Harris since it was built, ant indetd
it was always intended as a home for hi
stars.  Mr. Harris is also the owner of
the Hackelt theater on 42nd street. Though
Mr. Harris has only been a producing man-
ager for six years his theatrical properti-
in New York City are worth over a mil-
lion dollars. His successful tours of Th
Lion and tle Mouse and The Chorus Lad
are in a great measure responsible for his
rise to success.
Florence  Ziegfeld  has  engaged  Billie
Reeves to play a special part in tile new
musical revue, The Follies of 1908, which
is to occupy the roof of the New York
theater this summer.
Henry V. Savage's English Grand Opera
company playing Puccini's Madame Butter-
fly has ended its tour, closing at Rochester,
N. Y., last week, after having played 300
performances and appeared in 1 cities.
Otis Skinner is busily engaged in writ-
ing a new play in conjunction with an emi-
nent French dramatist.   The title of the
nest play is Tue District Attorney, and Mr.
Skiner sill play it next season. As soon
as Otis seasont is over here he ssill go to
France to complete the play.
Felix Isman has leased the American
theater at Eighth avenue and 42nd street,
and it is said that he will turn the house
into a first-class theater and play nothing
but the best attractions. The Eighth ave-
nue entrance will be closed and the entire
theater redecorated  and improved.   The
house has been playing melodrama under
the management of William T. Keogh, and
his lease has several years yet to run, but
it is claimed that Mr. Isman has arranged
to take the house off his hands.
The Conreid Metropolitan Opera company
held a meeting this week and the following
directors were elected: Edmund J. Bay-
lies, George J. Gould, Clarence H. Mackay
Rawlins L. Cottonet, Eliot Gregory, Hamail-
ton Mc.K. Twombly, TW. Bayard Cutting,
Frank G. Griswold, William K. Vanderbilt,
T. DeWitt Cuyler, James H. Hyde. Harry
P. Whitney, Robert Goelet, Otto It. Kahn,
and Henry R. Winthrop. At a subsequent
directors' meeting, the election of Giulio
Gatti-Casazza as general manager, and An-
Oreas Dippel as administrative   manager,
wtere form'rlv ratified.
itF tump ftri H. Louis, Mo., to Cata-
Teonl 'Tx  is a log tie. It is as great
is It way as the transition from   Mrs.
Fiske, The Ied Mill and the delights of
Mtay Robson, who were, at the time I left
St. Louis, playing in the different theaters
of that city, to the string of yellow cars,
the blare of the band and the white tops
of the Great Parker Shows which I met at
Cameron.  Tile trip down, however, was
aiply recornpensed by the opportunity it
afforded to study tile various conditions of
the states through which I passed with a
view toward the possibilities for the show
business the coming suimmer season.
All along the route of the Iron Mountain,
through Missouri, Arkansas and Texas, evi-
dences of increasing business are shown by
the fast lessening lines of empty freight
ears which were so noticeable on my last
trip through the  same   territory  a  few
months before. This will be good ness for
the managers swho intend to make this ter-
ritory this summer.
The Great Patterson Shots, shich have
been wntering at Houston wtill open their
season there in a few weeks.
The new Airdome at Texarkana, which will
he conducted by Manager Greenblatt with
tile usual attractions of the Crasford Air-
dense Circuit, is rapidly nearing completion
and will be one of the handsomest of its
hind in tile South or West.
GeorgetValentine of the Four Flying Val-
entinies. swrites he has signed for the comn-
lag seases ith the C. W. Sparks Circus.
Mr. 0. T. Crawford of St. Louis tells me
his new venture with motion pictures in the
Subert thseater in New Orleans is proving
tery suc'cessful.
Col. Fred Cummings was at the Planters
Hstel in St. Louis last week.   The Cum-
ings Wild West sill spend the summer at
the parks in London and Liverpool and then
tour the continent.
Theatergoers in St. Louis are talking of
the return of Dan Fishell to manage the
Garrick there as a certain revival of the
Popularity of t ha t pretty playhouse.
The Shubert stock company, under the
management of Messrs. Flaven and Barker.
will remain at the Shubert theater, Kansas
City, until the first of July.
ate Glass of Pueblo will open 1los season
at MianeqaPark May I. He still again of-
fer stock to his patrons with a company of
ten people inclmding Lulu McConnell anti
Grant Simpson, late of the Piff, Paff, Pouff
"To what depths of insincerity will lit-
erory persons descend in search of 'copy?'
exclaims Bert Taylor in a recent story in
Tile Saturtday Evening Post. 'thsis seems to
,settle the quecstion regarding tise truthifuli
and the untruthful press agent.    If he is
'literary" let him go the limit.
The following "news item" in the Cam-
eros (Tet.) Enterprise is a fair indication
Of the lice topics of the hour in ibis 5.-c-
lion.  "We   are  haviing  sotch  bseautifil
weather and everything seems so bappy,"
eaclaims the newsgatherer.  "All the sweet
little birds are  singing  and   the  sweet
flowers are blooming everywhere now and
they look so sweet after the nice fresh
To spend a few   weeks down here is like
a summer vacation. About all one hears is
political talk which, to showmen of course,
is intensely interesting.  In  Texas right
now eterything is "Bailey and anti-Bailey."
Mr. Bailey's opponent seems to be ai un-
known quantity. After a week's stay hero-
and with the papers full of political stuff,
I have never heard tls name nor seen it.
Texas seens to me, tlis year more than
esr, to be particularly alive for tent and
ilotinig titure slows, both  perniaitilN
located in the larger cities and trareling.
Texas has always been good to her own
traveling organizations. The Texans sier
by Mollie Bailey and her circus. The vis-
itor seems just as welcome and his seats
are always full. There are a great many
of these tent shows    down   here  whose
names never appear in print and all of
them report good business.
I have beet   often asked if there 'as
peonage in tile soutis. I happens to knoss
there is, but Io am  not runlning after the
chiatice to disclose this knossledige' Has-
ever this much is a true story. There was
a preaciher in the south who owned a good
sized cotton plantation on which he workedl
about fifty Isegroes. Otse day one of his
negroes stole a pistol and the preacher
culled together tswelve of his mets atid
named them    as his jury and sat on the
case hinself.  This, of course,   tas done
without tile knossledge of the court, but to
the negroes it ans alt regular and accord-
ing to Hoyle. The thief was foutnd guilty
and sentenced to pay a fine of $100 or to
be sent to thle ''farm" for ninety days.
When I last heard of him he was working
out his sentence in the cotton fields. This
isn't peonage.  It's a joke.
Most chorus girls aren't so bad after all.
They're just careless.
Benny Krouse, the concessionaire, Will
have about fifteen concessions in the Great
Parker Shows this season.
Ialph F. Verve   3t Represent this Journal
in Liverpool and Manchester.
THE SHOW WORLD will be represented
in Liverpool and Manchester, England, by
Ralph F. Veto, private secrettry to Colotel
Cunsnssi, whbose Wiild  W'est and  Ind ian
Congress   ill be a featture at NewBrighton
Tosser. ~is'erpool, this season.
Mr. Veve has a wide acquaintance, hav-
ing traveled extensively, speaks four lan-
guages, and has had considerable experi-
c-ace in the amusemsenst business. Readets
of THE SHOW WORLtD can thserefore ex-
pect  interesting nsesws  tmatter from  Mtr.
Vote's pen during the coiaing season.
Macdonald Goes to New York.
i. hR. Macdonald. wIo las been malkig
Isis headonuarters in Chicago the past fest
weeisi left for New York Sunday, April 5,
and it is probable that hestill beconme iden-
tified in an executise capacity tith Richard
Plitrot, the swell knoswn booking manager.
For the past seven years Mr. Macdonald
has acted as secretary of the Barnum &
Bailey Greatest Show on Earth, and his
experience and wide acquaintance eminently
Tale the Autumn Leaves Told
A Story of Ye Olden Time in Merrie England
Synopsis of Scenes:
GATHERING AUTUMN LEAV-ESMistress Dorothy of Elmhurst Manor
meets perchance young Squire Douglas-He picks some desired leaves beyond
lier reach-Love's young dream.
SIR VAiNE   ' OF LONDON TOWN-Her father. Lord Ravenhood, has pledged
her handto Sir Varney Ie israther distasteful to the lady.
'FHE 'lTHYS'lING PiACE-The yotung lovers secretly meet-Plan their future
-er father and Sir Varney discover them-A quarrel ensues-Mistress Dorothy
sent away in tears-Barney challenges the Squire to a duel.
THE VARNING-Giles, the Squire's man, warns the lady of the proposed
THE DUEL AT EARLY DAVN--The ground is paced off-All is ready-The
opponents tire-Mistress Dorothy arrives to save her lover's life-She is
wounded instead.
IN THE GAltDEN-The lady recovering from the accident-Entertaining
some friends-Giles, disguised as a bird peddler, brings a message from his
master-Lord Ravenhood discovers the subterfuge-Imprisons Mistress Dorothy
in the tower.
LOVE'S MESSENGER-Giles brings the news to his master, Squire Douglas
-He pens a note to his lady love-Ties the missive to a dove-The message
delivered--3istress Dorothy returns an autumn leaf as a love token.
THE TO1YER-The lovers plan to escape-The lady unravels her gown-
Lowers the thread to her waiting lover-A rope pulled up-She escapes.
THE GHETNA GREEN MARRIAGE-The lovers escape on horses-Dis-
covered by Lord Havenhood-Thie runaways cross the boundary into Scotland-
Stop at the shot) of a blacksmith-Wedded and forgiven by Lord Ravenhood.
No. 6350.             Code, Velero.        Length, 805 feet.
Send for Descriptive Circular No. 357
A Tale of the "Wild and Wooly" West, with an Eastern School-
marm and a Daring Cowboy as the Principals.
No. 634-.              Code, Velerhande.           Length, 950 feet.
Send for Descriptive Circular No. 355
Send for Illustrated Descriptive Circulars.
6348-A Country Girl's Seiminary Life and Experiences, Code Veleras, Length
1,000 feet.
6347-Stage Memories of an Old Theatrical Trunk, Code Velenosita, Length
635f eet.
6346-Aninated Snowballs, Code Velenosa, Length 795 feet.
6345-Nellie, the Pretty Typewriter, Code Velenho, Length 590 feet.
0344-Playmnates, Code Veenslot, Length 360 feet.
6343-Cupid's Pranks, Code Veerschuit, Length 035 feet.
6342-A Sculptor's Welsh Rabbit Dream, Code Veerploeg, Length 590 feet.
6341-A YTankee Man-o'-Wars Man's Fight for Love, Code Veerpasser, Length
S30 feet.
6340-Fireside Reminiscences, Code Veerloon, Length 500 feet.
6339-Rescued from an Eagle's Nest, Code Veerlieden, Length 515 feet.
6338-The Suburbanite's Ingenious Alarm, Code Veerkracht, Length 595 feet.
i33-Laugling Gas, Code Veerboot, Length 575 feet.
6335-College Chums, Code Veenwertel, Length 700 feet.
6334-The Trainer's Daughter, Code Veenwerker, Length 800 feet.
6333-Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, Code Veenwater, Length 915 feet.
A cathlogue containing over 1,000 other subjects sent on request.
Approved by the New York Board of Fire Underwriters and the Department of
Water Supply, Gas and Electricity.
Includes among other improvements, a new Automatic Shutter, Improved
Lamphouse. Upper alid Lower Film Magazines, New Style Rheostat, New En-
closeddSwitch, Improved Take-Up Device, New Revolving Shutter and Asbestos-
covered Cord Connection.
EDISON EXHIBITION MODEL .......................... $115.00
EDISON UNIVERSAL MODEL .......................... 75.00
Any Exhibition Model can be fitted with the Underwriters' improvements
at small cost. Complete catalogue, describing all models and parts, with
prices, sent on request.
Oflice for United Kingdom:
NVictoria Road, W1ellesden, London. N. W.
SELLING AGENTS:P L Wa"er., 41 East 21st St., New York.
G   George Breek, 550-554 Grove St., San Francisco, Cal.
fits him to assume a position with a metro-
politan booking exchange.   Mr. Macdonald
is an Englishman by birth, and received hits
education in London and Paris. ie enjoys
not Ony ttse acquaindtance of foreign artists
hu t ilsei 1 estees tand confidencre as swell.
Dailey Joins Robinson Showris.
Terry' Daily,-v  tte swell knsoswn psr i\,iteg
man, will Ie identified with the John Roit-
inson shows this season, as associate man-
ager of privileges. lie purchas d tswo priv-
ilege cars us Chicago last steelk.
Nellie Bievell at Butte.
Nellie Revell opened her coast time ott
the Sullivan  &  Considine circuit at the
Family theater, Butte, Mont.. this week.
She still provide THtE SHOW WORLD swith
gossipy ltters diring her tour of the Pa-
cific coast.
Harvey L. Vatkins Successful.
The maly friends of larvey L. Watkins,
formerly assistant manager of tile Barnum
& Bailey Greatest Show on Earth, will be
glad to know that he is meeting with great
success as manager of a circuit of moving
pictur theaters in New York and tihe New
England stat,-s.
Remick & Co. In New Quarters.
JTerome H. Berick & Co. have removed to
their nw itiat-ters at 131 W. 41st St., New
Yiis aiti ihave issued an invitation to the
p-'-iei in general to call.
Largest Profit
A Sport for Every Season
Write us for Particulars
Quaker City Arms & Target Works
206 N. 2nd St.  Philad., Pa., U. S. A.
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