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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 11, 1908)

LaDuque, W. A.
Roller skating rinks,   pp. 14-15

Page 14

T   YLER & BERTON, the Matinee Girl and      Chicago, has been  lected president and W.
the Professor, who gave a display of    C. Hunter, of New York, vice-president gen-
really artistic skating at the Vhiting, eral for the present season. These gentle-
Ind., rink last week, are filling an engage-  men are prominent and well-liked rink man-
ment this week at the Madison Carden rink, agers, known front coast to coast for their
Chicago. This attraction is se-t up-t-dat,,  ie expiince in the rink business and
Prominent in the roller skating ssorld are Tylei & Betton, wNho are apecaing in their
well-known skating act, The Matinee Girl and the Professor, at Madison Carden     Rink,
displaying fancy skating turns, double and
single, and combining grace and skill with
an elaborate wardrobe.
Prof. Monolian is now playing tle Pantages
vaudeville circuit on the Pacific coast.
I can place a good team   of skaters at
once. Write quick for date, three days or
Notice: Attention is called to the Amer-
lean Rink Managers' association advertise-
ment in this issue of THE SHOW   WORLD,
givingashortdescription ofthepurposeand
the advantages of this organization. Iun-
dreds of applicatlons for membership are
being received from all over tlsc country
and o    vers are gradually oeig elected iy,
the different states. Frank I, 01,sot, of
their ability to promote an association of
the highest standard.
The Fargo. N. D., roller rink held a
Japanese nionlight session  recently  that
proved a delightful stccess. The manage-
mont of this rink are constantly offering
their patrons soimetliings new and by this
means hase increased their gate receipts to
considerable extent.
Manager John J. Bell, of the Expo rink,
Pittsburg, keeps drawing capacity crowds to
witness the new attractions he offers each
week. The rink floor is nesely four laps
to the mile, affording Manager Bell al
opportunity to put otn games and attractiOns
without interfering with the regular skaters.
The list of unow rinks includes: The
Starr at Fort Scott, Kan., the Armory rink    years ago. Atmong the stars long remem-
at Fort Dodge, la.. and     the Nash   rink  bered by the patrons are Mabel Sylvester,
at Hunting, Ind.                              Hattie Harvey aid Gilmore & Livsey.
I* *                      Miss   Houghton    recently  contemplated
Jenunie Houghton stopped at the Great       opening a rink in Milwaukee, Wis., but
Northern hotel, Chicago, a few    days last   the proprietor of the building demanded
week on her way north. She reports a very     $12,000 yearly rental, prohibitive for a skat-
successful season and that the new rinks      ing rink.  She states that the town is
are all doing a good business.                skating mad.
I received a cablegram   from  Fred Nall,     Ollie Moore defeated Jack Fotch last week
London, Eng., last week saying that hun-      at the Riverview rink, Chicago, creating a
dreds of new rinks will be opened and in      new world's record of 2:27 for the mile and
full swing next fall throughout England and 5:04 1-5 for two miles. The track at River-
Europe. The few    rinks that are running     view has banked turns, which account for
now are doing capacity business.              the fast time. In the final of the one-mile
. * *                      handicap Ray Curtis won, time 2:34.
I notice that nine out of ten of all the                      * * *
big parks this season intend having large       Claude Basore, an Italian from Niagara
rinks. It all goes to show that roller skat-  Falls, won the Niagara county champion-
ing is developing faster than ever before,    ship last week by defeating Sam Mcurran
o  * *                      at the -Walton rink, Lockport, N. Y. The
The week of racing held at the Hippo-       race was two miles, 40 laps, time 7:02.
drome rink, Milwaukee, recently proved a
big success. Several champions were cre-        Sans Souci Park rink, Chicago, offers new
ated in different classes.                    attractions and   games three days each
* * *                       week, which undoubtedly accounts for the
The new reference hand book to be given    large attendance,
away to the members of the Rink Managers'                          *
association will be a revelation to roller      Bert Costello is anxious to prove his speed
rink men, as well as to roller skaters. This  is greater than Hennessey, the Braintree,
book   will  contain  the  constitution  and  Mass., skater who recently won the six-day
by-laws, pictures of Chanpion figure and    roller race at Park Square Boston, defeat-
speed  skaters, records   of  championship    ing Costello and several others. The result
ovents, where held, schedules for next win-   is a match race between the two this week.
ter, pictures of medals and prizes to be                        * * *
aiwarded and prominent roller skaters of        The Mackintosh team     were the attrac-
today-in fact, everything pertaining to roller  tion at Whiting, Ind., recently.
skatitng from its origin until the present.                    * *
'T'lhe value of the book will indeed exceed     Chas. Franks and Little Lillian performed
the cost of membership in the association. at St. Louis last week.
In a recent communication to THE SHOW         The American Professional Skaters' asso-
WORLD, Jennie Houghton says:                  elation will be composed of only a few of
"It has been proved beyond a doubt that     the highest class acts, whose names alone
roller skating, like the brook, can go on    will be a guarantee of quality.
forever. I have just closed an engagement                       * * *
in Racine, Wis., where the rink has been        I placed four acts last week, and am
inl existence twenty-three years, with the  continually getting calls for performers to
saue floor in use all the time, which is in  fill rink  dates, so  I  call upon   exhi-
fine cuiondition.                            bition skaters to send in their route with
''The rink is very well attended, and,      open time so I may be able to reach you.
a bov'e all, w.,ll managed. Mr. R. J. Aging-
ton, an old-tinte skater, and a more than
clver one, opened the rink twenty-three
For SUMMER PARKS, Shows,Carnival Co's.,
Dance Halls, Skating Rinks and Merry-GO-
Largest and Finest in the world. Made in
Latest American Songs Made to Order With-
out Delay.
office and Warerooms, 31 Bond St., New York City.
Address, La Salle Theatre
Western Dramatic Exchange
Managers wanting reliable people write
127 La Salle St., nr. Madison, Chicago, Ill.
P. J. RIDGE, Manager.
NOTICE:-Vaudeville Acts, Sketches, etc.,
including Singing, Dancing, Dramatic Art,
etc., Written, Coached and Rehearsed.
C. W. PARKER, Abilene, Kan.
Largest exclusive manufacturer of Amusement Le
vices in the U. S. MERRY -GO-ROUNDS
Organs, Cylinder Pianos, Nickle-inSlot Pianos,ete.
THE     SHOW      WORLD                                 April 11, 1908.
Swon all the money and
Diamond Medals at
Richardson Racing Skates the recent World's
Championship Rol-
ler Skating Races at Pittsburg and Cincinnati. First, second and third in every
final event. The same old story. Have held all World's records for 24 years. Our
regular rink skates embody the same scientific construction as our racers. All promi- I
nent skaters, fast or fancy, use the Richardson, and all of the largest and most success-
ful rinks in America are equipped with them. We supply everything pertaining to the
rink business. Write for catalogue.
Richardson Ball Bearing Skate Co.
499 and 501 Wells Street, CHICAGO
ad, Ramkt,
altar 0 ihh
Nts [.4-
I Iplwzo r0
VInsiow's Rink Skates forfifty yearshavebeen
n ited for speed, durability and beaty, Are pops.
1Irwithskatersbecausetheywearlongeran Cost
Issforrepairs. Ballbearingandplain. Ournew
No.17                 illustratedcataloguesarefree. Writeforacopy.
with "web"                THE SAMUEL WINSLOW SKATE MFG. CO.
Steel Ball                      WoncEsrEn, MAss. U. S. A.
BearingRolls              84-86ChambersSt.,N.Y.8LonaLane,E.C.,London

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