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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Gilmore, George J.
The moving picture operator: news, views, and discussions,   pp. 26-28

Page 26

F        tU~t-  n   tt-lltlt al answlrs to
quF     in    hihnmvn        picture * oper-
ator should be able to answer, in order
to qualify for a license. The first twenty-
five answers appeared int a recent issue.
26. How long hive you been operating?
Have   Ou yet attained that degree of per-
fection Ithich will permiit of your engaging
In conversation whtite attetdintg to y-our du-
ties?  No matter how long you have oper-
ated, the sign should read, "No Visitors
27. That is tile cause of film drying out
and curling?    Extreme beat in operatitg
room; poor ventilation.
2S. Do you thinh oiling the film   a good
ccirtedy for this evil?  Nothing will reatore
Ithe flexibility of the film, once it is dried
29. Hale you an errtd boy eapable of
handling the machine while vou are called
altal  tmoraltariy?  Attend to your own
Iosiness, an d allow no one to handle the
machine but y0urself.
30. Do xou tltinlk it necessary to wind up
reel after the last show of the evening, or
leave it unwound in lank-box over night?
T itti  tip  filt  im m.teditely.
t1. Supposing -ou iave a reel of filmt int
first-tilas condition  with the perforations
register in- accurately how do lou account
fot it goig off fiod Sprneket? Tie principal
Cause of this lies lIt poorl  t constrcjted, loil-
sided reels  feeding ite filmt, in in uncer-
itilt mttteror  tile loot hanger carrying
tite reel being out of inte twith fetd sirocket.
s2. How long will it take to ignite film1
at rest il the framer: exposed to the con-
centrated rays of arc tamtrp?    It depends
upon the aiperage at lamp, and ieat gen-
erated; in less than 15 seconds, in most
33I. What sort of device do you lse to
shut off light from  film?  There should be
a blalccd shutter, dropping of its own
w4. Do you control same with a foot-
treadle or voiglit?  It should be controlled
by oeans of the foot.
3t. Would   oi depend on light shut-off in
ease of a itmisitan. or stop mlachine and null
tite switeh? PEring into action the light
shut-off at once.
sh Io nowla t manner (o i 011 10 attb
slttt1l-Off txliile tite inaciie is ill Ioltrtiooti
3y pressure of the   0foot.
i7  save_ o    r discovered flaws in tile
construction of your iubiine, and changed
same to me e t vour views by removitg rOtl-
ers ott mngazie,. or reloving light shut-off,
substiltuting something cise? No: the manu-
factsrersm of imachin know more about Ima-
chlites titan ott do.
ts ine Tht do you knoo about Ia tcinry?
An operator should know the principle of a
mOving picture iladhine by enreful study.
30. Do 3ou flin  a vise, anvil and hammer
useftil futrnishints for the operating room?
Following is a list of what should consti-
tlite anil oprator's kit: A smnill machinist
hamIor: tattle vise: siall round file, to
scrnp grit fron carbon clanis; large od
sttlill sclelw drivers; Lao tiairs Of plyers:
tong and side cutters: pair of scissors: all
principal parts of larmp and mecliansm;
bottle of good flm  cement.
40. Have youl discovered     a  movement
wichel  )_ou think< to be, an .improvement
Over that used int standard mkes of nov-
ing picture mtachines? If vou have, go and
perfect it, and dont talk, about it.
41. Should your film    back iti thrloitgh
otn nin    tank bo   hol do ln  ireetit it
front ext ottIdittg itaci to I111p itolse?  1(000p
your eye on it all the time. feeding it lito
tank-bo  should occaston demanrt.
4t. Have thte manufacturers of itichines
covered al these points. so all that is iloOs-
sart is to start and stop itracritte?  Te
htave tiot.  The competn    operator is  Ie
IvIlo tasles tip the malitile's ieficiencics-
-1t1. Sitri105loll we-re 011e1ating otviore, lthe
hostae lights arc deowo stairs, conltrolled by
dIono`runin and there sbelild htaptpen to 110 a
ollt "rta110 is the asidionce. 11011t yotI stopl
machine. leaving house in iiarkness. and go
to site assistance of the doormoan? While
tite ox itolcent Its at its height if sollne
one ,  tt otd cry "Fire'" Ivltat xvoutld you do
-throw      on  1ou10 lights or again  start
the show?   You should throw     on  bolise
ligtis. no matter what the cause of ex-
44. What is the differente   otwleen alter-
nating anad direct current?   Direct eurrent
is constant, travelin  from  generator over
positive wire, returning to its souree over
negative wire. Alternating current is not
constant; it is forced from  ceneraior In al-
tsrnitions hich vary accordintg to the con-
st r uction and horse power of generator. Oct
tie three-wire system  we   utave two foed
ItO  (two outide wires), wxith the iottaI
(coentedr  wi10 to grotutd, as negastive. giv-
itte 110 xoItx ftots cutter sine to ground
antd 95101 voltIs 00 ttlO feed wvires.
45. lWhiob ti S f1 ,bss for Pietlri" itiactiit
workt Dirst or coanlantn caurrelt is tl
easiest Itandi cd.  STbitlv 1 0 n good resutt
may tie obtniied with the alternatin   eul r-
ront.  proviling  it  is   lar ssid  tI- orllo.
46i.  Does ctirrent travel tlir oiuth, on or
aint t wire?  it travel On vire,
47. What is ciin amIiro  cdi -11it rota-
tiott to it to axolt  An an.terc is tite unit
of flow. the volt the unit of pressure or
horse nower.
4q. How matny amperes would you retire
to obtain a satisfactory liilt tusinla diroct
iurrent  projecting the average   distance.
s.y 55 feet? At 110 volts, onstant current.
"0 tnmpers should giv  a brillint iigt at
it feet. with proper ad.iustiet of carbont,
attd all apourtenlances being equal.
411. Would you use the sane amount on
an alternating circuit?   No, to seture 11i
same result with alternatitg culrrentt would
reoutire 40 amperes.
tO(  What is a rheostat? rAil arailge--
mto  of coiled resistance i! c-ae   lo of
withstanding intense beat.
q1. What is it used for? To allow a cer-
tain amount, or stream. of current to reach
a given point. Without a chec of this de-
scriptiont thle result woIld I  a flood of
52. What do you consider the essential
points to a rheostat?     It should contain
sitfiient of tile Proper kind, correct size of
restitance wire, figured   and   tested out:
binding posts and all connoections should
have tihe same expansion and contraction as
wire itself.  It siould be well ventilated
and segregated from   all coimbustible mate-
rial in fact treated as a source of heat.
5-. Do 1ou approve of an adjutable or
fixed resistance?   In most cases a fixed
ieistance is preferable, if it is instlled
Corelctly originally, unless there is a vans-
tioil in the voltage.
i      . -hat causes the wire connected to
inCling posts on rheostat to burn off?  By
tho orronous use of small, light lire in
comipleting conections; improper and de-
1iciont resistance.
55,  Do you consider the ticket box a
proper place for rheostat?    It is not; the
terstat should be set where the heat will
railate in open air.
6. TVhat size wire would you use to con-
duct 40 amperes? -Number G.
57. Suppose you had all aoperago and no
voltago, wiat size wire would you use? This
is an utter impossibilit.
T'e are it receipt of a letter fromt E. 1.
ITarrison, Pitil Engineer of the nttitid States
Department of Agriculture, Forest Serric,
'at Sutte, Mont., requesting a complete lilt
of  te Custielitons propiounid in this t ot
Limn, and the atnswes thereto. TWe wish to
state to Mr. Harrison, and      miant  ot-rs
wI-o have imade likc rtue-t, that cnmplete
act of ans-ers will be published in I'HE
A  new   device Ithtieh is attracting con-
siderable attention is the Hallbtr     Auto-
mtatic Electric Fconomizer. It is saii tiat
the savittg ot  dii-t  t curet  O---is, tlst
oie a liettin    rt        e xx ve s t a   -t
Chicago, are the sole xtestern agents.
Producers in New Quarters.
The main offiees of Kilroy &      Britton.
theatrical proiucers, have been tritsforrett
from  the Grand Opera H-louse building to
the Tribune building, Chicago.
Theairicals at Little Rock, Ark.
A  cniany hs    ben formtte.i ttt Ittle
Etckl  Ark.. headed by Frank TI-att otner
of the Air Domte of Hlot Sprints, for the
nurpose of erecting and runin      an  \ir
Deali  at Sittte hiock 1uring, on 11n0 0011
s1uoTonc y ork itas already ccl...i..t.itell ll
Ie building and withitt a montth, il     Air
Dome will be comnleted. It it arn'nced
that nothing but first-cl:ss vaui ille nets
etill be presented.
It is also ruiored that 0. T. C-wfolt?
of St. Louis. Mo., oroprietor of tite G-eti
th-ater of that city, and several movilz
pilture thnters in tile  "oul  is to  uih
. stunm r tlheatcc at  tte1i t-I and tre
o111 latitelillo nets, of int  it le  -
cits.    tIr. Crawford  is  rnr senitot  in
little Rock by F.     Lng, miane0r of tlie
Peter Ifirtz Still With Tots.
Petor Hirtz. for imany years ftair Inas-
tr of Barnum   & Pailet- PiP Sialt riuritn
their foreigi tour, aid wl1   suec -iar1 10
that  nosition after the   dealtt of itron 
lnse. itas di-cit1od to nostite life t-il tie
Vttoite Tonts. -titt Ia uttlst tis leasOti
inl ctuarge of the Buiffalo Pill wiid West
tr ains
Cooke With Buffilo Bill.
itrnost Cooko, manager of niuffalo Pills
'Ivild i'r'est for several years plrior to the
visit of that shlowt aroittill -ttxI,, of 1,010
x-rs ttas b-oc   identified xillt Ptrttit  -
H   Gly'  reatest Sthow oil Esrtb !,as I-
attied Iiis coonectionoithii tile WViltS Wiest
-td xwill aiaii be found at the front iI hi
old position as manager next season.
Great Acrobtitic Feat.
Oscar Lotanti, with tAillie     Sinms sid
iltlianI Taimcsoin, acoamnlished  the feat
of turning    sonersault from  sioulner to
stoulder while ridinig  iors rnintting tan-
ticro tarehrnok at Poadina. Tss- otrh 1.
STe al-o. while ridingE his prntiit irse1
tid a hand to iand stanl, Iatti staini on
iis tthant. standig ot his beand. balning
1li  person and also doiing tbw foot in tite
innd onl his shoulders. Thu lst imentiloetI
four feats Mr. Lowanio did witi his father.
mid  they have never boen accomplished
Anna Oluey Touring the South.
littl Onlcius tit- tile shot frortlv ovit
loIiffIlo  Pill's Wvild INcasSioi  is toitritlI
tte    tn. s gtittg  otitialis  te  the 'It-
retion   of  t     o ii  S  in  Prtrice
eoti-iitit  Site is acoitloanl  It- Plt't
ntall il. Kerr. Otre i-Mixwoll Cn.
n T    ntblbonI c    FM  . 1Ptierw Ste all-
Ilsrai at .P1humlillS ttiss. last 11001.
St. Touis Amusement Company Scores,
The St. Louis Amusoment onntilany. w-ith
belir hit carnivlt attiatison  itayl Meri-
ti atn, Miss., last week.  Undeti r thI , nble
imanaeient of E. W. Wenver til comanilytlV
i natiog with lig success. and ws 01-
nerially toll received at Mobil,, Ala- -  r-
i1  tht  Mtardi Prns and at Moon.n. Miss
Mtike otllch is int advance of the show.
Stock Join 101 Ranch Shtow,
itarles Sanek, wIo has it-id etlr'-  of thll
lights lvith the Barinm &   ile- S    for
the past twcenty-eight v0nrs has thte ditiirl-
lion of Iint  the l oltest supinttltidti  of
lict itt tile cicettis -Itdti Silt StotI  11,9
accented a nosition   IthIl  the Millor Pros.
1It Punch Wild West qhaw and will nteraite
the Bolte & Pry0or Ligh ts for the cnnming
The EdisonIN
Manufacturing Co.
Holds Letters Patent from the The United States
Government covering the making of motion picture
films.     Under     this patent the        following     manufac-
turers    have    been    licensed    by the Edison Manufac-
turing Co. to make and sell films.
Essanay Company
Kalem Company
Siegmund Lubin
George Melies
Pathe Freres
Selig Polyscope Company
Vitagraph Company
of America
IT Edison Alanufacturing Company p1 1 ; th     it 115t of it abil-
ity to asseit its right to the Edison patents. md to ni riout all itfingers,
wlit  er tiey my I1e located. Suits have already been filed and others
willIt e     o-n-isi.
Thp Edison \Janufactulingq ColPany stanid hlhind all its licensees, and
will t- titat te' are fullY prottletd in alnY patent suits wit-Ih may be
bNought ai-ainstI them1 for usinli icttned motion pittures made by an one
of  if s  re0 Ili  licens os.
The Edison patents have been recognized by its licensees as dominating
tho-art iof lking motiont pli s, ani royilties under them aie being paid.
These ianufactneis would certainly not paY ioyallies if iley were not con-
vinted that i1 .ltdiso  pisntens wer, Valid td  td to be recognized.
The Edoo~f oln nufmcturilf,ng 'mpany luis onlyv hlnensedmauiter
who ale   tp   le of ro ing fir st-iais films.
I0 i-d-ison patents sland t the vei foundlation of the husiness. The
Edison Mitufaturing Cmilsany will vigorotusly prosecute all rentels and ex-
hibitors  landling  inftinging  films.
WVhile, under its leal aid onstitutional alithority als the owner of the
Edion pitetis, the Edisont Atntfacituing Company mialit ave lawfully imt-
pisd conlitions and limitations hlich would hae been -irastic, it is only
seekinto il exortise its ritis int the prenilses to the -dent of enforcing suith
tnlitions as will iilre to the 1 est int-rosts of the bus-ness. The conditions
,hih w hiavo imposed will Iwithout doubt be of great adntiltage to the
exhibitors, as  tile.  will obli e  tile  exchniiges  to  gie  bette- service and will
pievent them from reliting films for more than a limited time. This is bound
to imean a     wonderful timprovemint over present conditions.
Destructive and inbusinesslike competition aiong ile exchanges itt tie
effort to secure new business, involving the renting of reels below tih,, atual
cost of the service, has made it necestsary to keep on the market wtorn-out
and damaged films that have long since lost their usefulness. Every one
having the vital interest of tthe business at heart must knIow that if the
public is to lie instructed and aiused it must lie by the tise of films of high
quality, in good condition, and of novel and ingeniosls objects.
The exchanges of this cotmtry (who have recently formed al associa-
tion under the name of the Film Servie Association), itve admitited that
Ithe conditions imposed by our licensees represent lthe only possible way to
save the business of the oxhibitor anid it e\xtlin s ftom ruin. For this
reason they have decided to use exu---e--  l-- - niotion ictit-s manu-
factured under the Edison patents.
Main Office and Factory
74 Lakeside Ave., = Orange, N. J.
New York Office, 10 Fifth Ave.
Chicago Office, 304 Wabash Ave.
Office for United Kingdom, 25 Clerkenwell Road,
London, E. C., England.
The Kinetograph Co., 41 East 21st St., New York
George Breck, 550-554 Grove St., San E rancisco, Cal.
Exhibitors are Warned that the use of films other than those
licensed by us Will subject them to suits for injunction and dam=
ages, and for past and future profits.
---- -*** ..*
Real Es;
litl lttit

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