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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(April 4, 1908)

Makee, Walt
Quaker City theatricals,   p. 8

Page 8

S                         THE SHOW WORLD                          April4, 190g
Q) PHILA-1 P11  EA u  or1 n1   3m  imT.meAes.HOEccs aa
1"cWAcr M,4KEE.
P IILADELPH IA,       March     28.--mes
Foibes, author of The Chorus LIadI
int by way of provin- thot his first
offort ws n'ot anl accident, lins written 'The
Trsvoline Sailtsman. It i1 a story, as Forlbes
stat's, of 'the sample life."  True, in its
prlsent slate, the play may not be c-alil
isite]. bitt v    e he lini  Thos. Y. R-oss
and Itis a snintes have performed it a few
onorn timrsanti use toobling proer-s has
tottlttti f 1br  i-sn reaison why this st e-
tnetlft 'ort of Tories shloulfi not tusall in
irolent or tteeoss. ther nosw famous vrliele
of Iose Sta11. Philladelida liked the play.
The press said no.    The audlireno  it the
Chestnut Str       ,t  ,ra  house on Monday
nlijght. SId so andt gasi the star ott onpor-
tunity for thInso I'or  the curtaini. Marl-
on Kirhts is prisod for her srtoort of the
star. BRriefl. the stsy rlates that on a
rertain ChristmIns lav.a travelingt' salSin n
fitn11oIs himself in a small towi of the mitt.1l
West.    e mntIs and falls in Itve wi ith a
pretty teloratphr at the sttion. f' Inrn
ost'r a psoker ame, of a consiit- of two
le. to ,  t purchtaoe a omnlt plot of eotin,
nwnits']   the toelgrapher, anod r sIll it to
a raili'oosl ettmotoatn' at atle oproit. fti ti-It
of siwa.  The ho- tets ot     of thte -nn-
s-tiators intoiated and buss the lats] in
Ilte  ilI's iamWt when it is sol for taxes.
Ti is a. frail plot,1 bitt ovliocine. and as nt-
rIt 1v Ite Bo-s  ompany proidi's 'xc iteit
otsrfa iIntmeIt.
New   Armsirong-Beach Force.
The nittor of Th   Sileis  a   tit]  eti-
itlor of 'its Hjeir to Ijesorao ll01 no-eilir
rere"ii'  aniss] tho r'estt is a farce of tiie
tor wstl, entit floing Sane,  , t'Rex E.
fitel anit] Patl Ari'stron. As seen  t thoe
Is-i,itol sse wels. Ole pil'iiioe_ prose]I to
1)eteIit  tne  rIiti\i r At Iti'   muter
betitlin the enwpunii clatoi  frsans ah con10itgt
1 t11  111  whmt, an   off  l 1l 000  thu  Is
pitli  (leI st's]  etitet in iel chejf funi
mtaket  ant, in th    ciinrnete' of ., iiAl
liito 1 Sharp. I nlotorat ialn tol  fsi'ir
I- trsno rt actor.    r. Ternet ioet1-
tisit 1n       it " i. ti fwsan st  pro
eiI l'tsi thestooot     Coinf S-oeo sen
o-triti'si iion 11-00 f-reontv1r1 f1'rTo 0i
"""I nt"l roostriaee-itsi".iootnsit to, tloe foroe-
irtlltsin rnt. coo  i -it fess - seoott
.-ti'ira't~ro, ns'I ttese1 'Ire mut0ersofo"v
ii ~   ~    l etss  iinotto, tortot-e that the
frtie  till  lie  to  a  tine  rol  age.
Other Attrnotions.
teo.rge Soitle  ofr11ol] aI t -rAion or
ii3oy Ices az  t the Gratnds. tub  tels to a -ot]
iriritesy It is cileI noo    Tzy's Poo le.
it is a oos] tmixturn of Iughttr sI stie
aN  is instsoi-tr  bys' Sotdnoev. Carrie  elt-
1r. Vi oor Cosisaore. Fes] Tw. Carl1s 1.0
're. i-'aits  liiot   aiss  a toe"t'at
"horus. -Te Time, the Place snt   the nirl
ontinutes its pinomnalltI runat the T  1al-
nu1st. -ii  wlit the Rlotnd I' it the For-
r'tt, for lonx office honors. TIe Morals of
MArritt is in its seonn  and last wtek at
the TlrtaI.  The Risat Mount'd is in its
second and last week at the Garrick.  T'n v
Dowis East isn in its second] weoek at Ye
T'arks to good buiness.
Next week's Novelties.
Mine. Nazitnova replaces th  Girl of the
C,l~iest WesI at the, itiltoisi.  Ebbio jattl
it 'fs 1  101slen fofttw, 'To 1ovat  titiiut1
ain t   ariot. s  rad 0 Net hersoo   it re 1oe-
loire CouIn' to the firorist as the Iti'-, ie
it -t le: fpisint le cooinra -e .  soitg
'ont as fplo     hS.  lou , Dn   tin-oo  : fiott
fit- intol Coy  osicr Git-Is: B3inist's, The
11tli t    rots : Promt foles  terstockit
1u or1  1  g              . o Si  e I
rnt:ollr    Casi to. (na   nti reorire;
Ci'1ttltt  fipta  The Trnoslte -is ia
('itetiti. A  socil  tasaua      tote>,]
firr cili IT.  Curio        ri  rn    tle-
t        ll     'an In aorttti lo st. oi st c 1
is170  oflipino   tatond  ith'os' ioV orsll
pay  in ino rn Aatairil:  orrest, T e
Rioi t'l': flarricis. 111,1o Jnlats. fite Boo'-
nt: fTetiait. s1-i  urlans. il lre  toi-:
furerinl.   aIrv ItsoKigth's tteir titi op e
Wrtit: ni-aits]  Ti f rt' Miles frng  Bston
Cw-ict.  ts' undot lyarton Co.:  ttro, T e
B, tie of  ,tiohnIkei: te ait's.  ai eli
rmi  in.  AmS cI: Notinaft.  ost Vtolie
ti.:  prteId" , T's  Thorh. : -n  ts. Strolse
1otIs tn11dsi'i' 'G'rn e wilstrhir Tciomsf tro
iso  tl: tIc teaom tblatck tcvoelle: i'I-
dit.n 'lss-  Plae,  inen.
'he o qmany Returns to Score.
T     iinl   tieC   Ras  of  the  issesootable
5.i5 s il'Ile  totsr  s1t , S it's  lt'-tt r  Opoenesi
onto   Hallt to so great a  troisc  s Iat
IN nium btis  niidleilv  ian nI setso-
slntd fe-sioor y ot Ew a Tasoked  Nce  Aftor he-
is  is foi'o3  Iets exiioust tier r,'osrssire  of
setegs, sh e thke n      m the aFoir-nc   it delicate
'akeuais for' il's entlasi ent    ex-
itesa101n0 l het      me isolotnit weot
'iepaits ion Aferica tong after Vesa Vie-
touai. tiparstro'lyenli rsit of helause
('at-t  id  tat  l is  t thtoir socasinl of
...ri'ii 5slertainers, st-toss setoind pslace. It
ito tletnlis  tea  o fsisle  coAm elaauis, te'e
Rampomtyt  1to' tirltc  a rdoies  sitgets anit
lasI'rs-Te  L~a  V'ine  Cistsrots 'Trio its
mistir coinhfu infcing tiigit  eatns in tir
isiti tling i loks. 'inagin ti''d is er-
ran ty  sirlilem-Cnris  Bih artls  of  tis-
1asion lails offfred an ecceilec Tsong wnsi
tlance nsubsr., indis'itduat in tooaili, respttot,
warmy test  stei11 i-e il-Nanrd fisl tore-
setnl thl trse sene frot Lad, the   oI-
san .  is   fnlnil's  tori tas excellent,
Iute rsto gilg thet aots oflotnmain, for
11oe exieOssin Of tier tinglei art. iHer act('-
11 uac (!y as sti~on 91' contriastedi ho her sit-
"I. Saves tlsat his litittor s ocia-issnalls
155'o IhiteIlob  for  Iis Aioesitais  sitili lie.,
n-iitili  \t'ltot's i'atiistint Ciruts wsca  a
soIn  ou ,t (  lisstf'li fr'ior-tils si-ss's-ni
ssst 5- i Isiel "1nsoig tit'1 ,,Ciiifuiv arti-
iC at-oatiC a( It"( si Ntliiivillt. 'Ts'y siOr0
wtas'itilo  i'' ci,  Tie  1,ilirl I1,-il  ltis
111i11 wtichl C'lemeint sis' Liton ti-n-s for
his livleiltotr  are  o-itsr nowt inor iso,
sits-  is,  iii   i)sl'tosinnsss   iiitaisiio  l1Nost' i.
Ints Ils  issniti, 1,ititv,,r,  is  10  ln  act  eat-
usiticd 10Is-eo Il liti-ta of I,,eleritiOain,
elswh re, as  it] here,-Elsie Boetm's
rimairtable haritone asin won ir big alt-  Mefrath and Paige, banjo experts,
were liked.--Keefo and Pearl returned to be
accordledl an onthusiatic reception.-Adams
antd Ti'hite have masty interesting musical
notelt~i.s in their farmlard skit ansi were
stell atplanded deit sie ,I poor poitiono on
the till.-Edn  Fitzpatrick and  Nessen and
Nesn 5tci's Iikeds.
Resident Companies.
By F. B. 3akee.
Loo   Dietrihostsin's  farce. Before  and
Aft-r so-s the attraction   offered  by  the
Orphoumissos  Plaers.  It was also the fdrot
lotal psrntuction of th play, whihi enjoesd
a Ionn, run in New York in thoe das when
Jffrii  was C1i'tilon and Suninv .Tn   wass
Xtloiting a breakfasSt foosi: ionce, them'nI'
treirens to toe thlrothoout the   erfo o
ano rather lent ain impre-sion of age, not
alt'l ther coniti e so mr-rimsentt.  Nevr-
tiless., the coinpany as now contitutet is
iticuni li  offective in conedy work a n 
the charactrizitions wro invaritbly ex
ellout, TWilliam tnersoll h   rnrely pl-el
in better velin thai  s Dr. Page: 1is 1 el
sense of hminor; his    noontaneous luaster
a'r provoative of much Inerriment.   The
nr. Ittham   of Clarls fialsor tot' eeit-
tiolly well clnle.  Fluh Carnierosn nai
lessttrstd hi stolndirl abilits at chsr-
-teriation, in the role of Colonl Lgrivette.
The Mi'frt. Pano of ,eas   Witstow provesi a
<ot r.issaltie liet'ru.    aionn.  Melon
B'irto", nal-s'. dlerlitfitt. stat  55ettt
at home in Ih     Part of Corn Boll.    The
flit10  of Mabel Brownell was daiitilt han-
At Foropaugli's Eue    inslo Blair. aiwarlis
ths nCi  costsaos- cotinuots  leastli ta ii
organizltion  in  its  trittih'nt  mnar-h
thimlvh a ropertir of oroiblem     s.  f' -
stills Fts' Dnic   flirt.  Mtis  fil'  nse
r 1"t 17  Sll fll it T)Iql- 1 v" w  n  f   n
o  soslatsriss'  fuisn i0  Iton nittianr"
itaoofil' tn] ollh as-lvid Iondwli frffe
Istin  a  liolf of st s i S  the ttirsi set.
Itorot' C,. Bitoittie nI'is-sr tso disl~s syit
hmrs   fnt-S  oma'ttlsvn ATrs rts Mo'oital
1-oi   as Clirlsisoth S Maneri. wtosr-
Iusl  nt] a  itoni as   utthHol olt   Sh
bit ftep Ctrortns 11Itv1s r]Iaed byt Af C.
frt otoil itreen ies,  h pals  ofe inel
ThI oi thelar's  tiaisghter  isa ti  tery
olrits ce for se at the    hist rd  bist vel-
unble       to i    alI-.oo Seferotew  toots'omesA-
for it the ttotep. hnt wores   ie   buonatt
pialoit IlM   '  TP' Cl wi            s-it t-
00115r1-.    th   welillis  ts a  oost coisliocp
i   S  fllis of skio tiner a  ss-n  beats_
ft      wt mi aa   trli hi a Bunkh Hot FIth
1tw  hiio   'aot's vtitsls b ,des  to  A. C.
en   ilrots ast lso Baer, Al
Gossiph of All Sort.
Th 'fThiotpoi, st-io 1' ratoilo, iret't'ints
fi-is Ii  roti illsou,  ho  t isas costitsii
hist its titt   Prestneran wiital in tis
fIt cai nea    losine oime of iPs issol at -
itailo 1oortoystsrits a fesw stats agoI. At-
tIck Girtl a     t-ore cotic it n-as irogt
for a silas tht tse ele1p1ant souslsi slilo. lis
, aets of twe S. P. CA,     hno aere sui-
oe  itt lt, Ttomsos, torietl the
focl  tink lose fis the  atioat: 4 gils. host
t       111  e li  iro t n    il   1   1i stica
cirior  atci 1 (It. pusre nilootl 'fle ots-
limns'ea    t rest Iis   l lt in a roisiriamir
sort time.,
rooritort  to 1a saldl nor as story. n art-
Donilie. fortissi  of  thes ols'. ao ttactsnvle
snit c        of the  btell to'ts o C tieo boe-
Dironae firm of fsrnis-inger. olsts i- re Ots-
sr-t, e    it oselint te Trit n 's' Cur,. of
hoe nanit Street o rthe ar, it-  bilt i1t
I u ottesill is'osose one of a rutin of pla'y-
lioam  t toee roI- to olix slingir ot-
irsn' fit' lhii ioo'ltions.  It is 01tosid
ts-t the w'a ougt coin  a  ulic its  a Febi'
isast subet' ostotant' Iore, mor Its  Svoi - soa
rltofs' thestockll old Tiers  is tot  little
sonit tl t ths statite t-lt  wa'se Iotoss
fist if  erioe,  ut.  The lT ''ate, itG. P  e' an
th      oJudge Pot-rse refuse   o iire co"ns
patsn  is 505' sttot-illg a tloeneosaI stir-
ce-n af Itie ltit,
'hire claomst stwItoriu to  aisted t the
Iolt rnsls, is tlie atxeo, at Tortilet, Ll-
cr0s1or atnd Il v'e rstr asenus. 'is shsouldi
ieoe to toe oIis of          htee 110  locations itt
W      PiliaIolin vu iTle housn   ias a
shatic callcity lose to  l aene is atih-
ai11' apptoinsted. Messrs. Leslie & Is05,. the
iourietod ns'  sparestitno psis 1.0r ex-
1051g  to tot will   nsale  he plate  attrrtctit't
01 5] criirtaisle, 15111 to c'ier to tis  tt
laittlsia-  itt' fseliotitsg  0111t' highs-grado
Jdge Merose, in the Orptass'   our Uns
0010isossedtI ie sato of toe paritly buslit WIIl-
li   ty efs Phentee to l elix tisan, for $S,-
0101.  It wss isat in at isublu sale och.
te rot, s ject ati a $0,00 soerlgen Sele-
rati of tt   stoc etrs disutl tre stiole
oil      gs nnos tuat te these TVas hnto
tal  pof rte tate of tie  te, ft. A. W es-
forthi.  Jusdge l'sn rsc I'eftises  to recognize
lsetry f-airti. As  asrecoul states  inithos
olits, iu tloatra, s    ifte-t co nd anleted,  il
Leooct, acrorsing to   ia. Isit, oe of the
iWilliams 1%lorrrs saudeollle hotuses.
Chs. A. Hoff, -trennsrer of thse Natiossal
iltetur, will Iolld is anual gienf at tsat
Iisrie ia'esuslI es-eoeoApril o.A  Lucuy
ati tsih l 1i tIt siltractiot.n
'The Mrasks ands iWig Cluhf, tise frisoeu. t1ll-
ts'rslit' of Prnstlot-air  theiatrical organion-
t1in, ivill iis  sinoisogltoi, 10ittsurg, Roect-
cter assit A\tintie Cty th'iis I-ear ist s'le'
luratittit if its tswentieth annuastl podutuion.
.5pii :10 is ansousseoi as ts' iWashuseless
slit. 'The bl~resqute is etiledt t'ncle Sis'
Casper t. ii',is, use sweli tritst-s sisa-sr
tutu sr'lressitalise of soidgols, hast nies' siill
a st-el, flue  isto'tstro  of scess sti  his
Aiitl flijits, loca-tedr at Fifi1 sscinst ansi
ILtrust. Afitttt  itrs  ands tsi or lthee
tidgst I  aitlot lie rwts are s-is-sn 5sf earls
'sT'e Gatl fINtsicint, ai r'oitoi  opera toy tr-
li-Its tiltstrts, is ftaistslii'sr  fos' Itsodntsoioss
at ltit iGariik. It twill he silder fthe direc-
Licensed "Star" Films*
Patented in the U. S. August 31. 1897.
Reissued January 12, 1904.
Our Films are fully protected by patents and supplied only by
- Just Out -
Humanity Through Ages
Length   -   -  1000 feet.   Price   =  =   $120.00
A  Mganificent and Stupendous Production in  I Spectacular Scenes.
I CainandAbel. TheFirstCrime,4COOB.C.
2 The Dr. ids. Human Sac ifice, 5' O B. C.
3 NeroandiLocust. Slave Poisoning, 65A. D.
4 CatacombsofRome. ChristiansPersecjted,200A.D.
6 ScourgingwiththeCatO'-NineTHPilp,l14(OA.D.
6 The Ca lo- s une er Louis XI, 1475 A. D.
7 Inqu'sition. TheTotture Chamb-r, 149" A D.
8 Nccturnal Attack. Lords and Ruffians, '630 A. D.
9 Modern Times. A Street Fight, 1906 A. D.
10 The Hague Conference, 1907 A. D.
II The Triumph of Congress of Peace.
-Out Next Week-
A Night With Masqueraders in Paris
Length,  =   =    363 feet    Price   =  =   $44.56
As a Comedy Creation this Film has no Equal, and will cause
Let us hear from you if you wish to receive our weekly bulletins.
204 East 38thStreet,
L    NewYorKCity
ts of John 11.       Slocum   and Alfred E.
Aare ts,
The Majestic theater has hrsome a mov-
ing picture house.    Miessrs. -Middleton-Bar-
rier and their comtt~any closid last Saturday
night after one week of stock.       The bill,
Notre Dane, dreiy good houses thioughout
tle sseck, and   arts for Divorcons    woere
distributed but later called in.    The clos-
ing of the comopany wras a big surprise and
itill loasr1 reasos 1ae been sit-i in ex-
Plation       150051 ilt pluible  1 0 c s'tis to
Ieto  th   e actoe pssirttor Sevele  thses
he-  offer  thre Midlet ott ite o ma Fros
tie litle  thy   anoncen    titers  intetion,
bHookitss eant   it raittlr  Hodae i1e i c 11
oost aii' tost hatlisa gieat slttbroltl in ohs-
tailislg goost sit0505, otiirg to tile fatsthflat
so siortI  dlo-cs  tseit 5 ,t0555 e'ilv  oisittg
to sloe irsoss-  sdepressiott  srvetal Isottsos
lotte offreds tloe lisdlelts Bitlier rosshtirso
exc,,otioisauts  large toesceita'.  fThe  Belle
of Rictsstoolsd tas beors  shows los tile tour-
ing  tlt' rands the fiest dte siltl ii pin'ed
lit flri's, felnssitos leitniit Atarcls 30.
Theatrical Costumes
Wigs, beards and make-ups for amateur
plays. Carnivalgoodsonrental. SAVEEX-
267 W.WaSt              MwakeWis
152=154 E.Lake 5t.
Chicago, Ill.
138 E. 14th St.
3813 Stuyvesant
N.B.-Films and Song Slides
For Rent.
Send iL your route without delay.
"We can give you the kind of FEATURE FILMS
that will draw the crowds, and plenty of 'em too."
"We know what you want and we have ot what
you want, at the MOST REASONABLE PRICES."
lome on with your inquiries and see what wC
have got and what we can give you to make your
show a financial success.
Railway Exchange Bldg., Denver, Col.  Brandeis Block, Omaha, Neb.
601 14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C,

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