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Patrick, Warren A. (ed.) / Show world
(February 1, 1908)

Routes,   pp. 20-25

Page 20

America's Largest Film Renting Concern
3          Places of Business         3
Where Complete Stocks and Equipments
are Carried.
4 Co. 977 and 79 Clark Street,
Wm. H. Swanson             Co.,SllCAGO.
Wm. H. Swanson St. Louis Film Co.,
813ChestnutStreet, ST. LOUIS.
Wm.     .  wanson Dixie Film       Co.,
620 Commercial Place, NEW ORLEANS, LA.
Burke, Fred: En route with the   UnIwton & Hurton: En rout, with
Miners' Dreamilands.             th     : Tr,1ain oh9er Eastern Co.
R   O   U    T   E   S        Behler: En route with the Min-      ee  ramatic H1ote.
er's Dreamlands.               Binhami  & Gable: Bijou, Dec-
ARTISTS.              Blanchard Bros.: En route with     tur, Ill., -Fe. 1.
Brooks, Hazel: Bijou, Kanks-     B oout Due: Coopr, a Mt. Vernon,
ALI, Hunter & All: En route       kee, Ill., indef.                O., -7-Feb. 1.
'-with SamDevere Show.           Bedini & Arthur: En route with    ar    ,id &   Ielle: Star,
Ampler: En route with Miss N.      the Colonial Belles.            huPaitdE.,         ciF. 1..
Y. J., Co.                     Bernard, Hugh: Ea route with     B1:i    Sea 1'i-ns; Grand, Aladi-
Arnold, Capt.: Fair Park, Dallas,  Colonial Belles.                 -19 Wi., 2G-Feb. 1.
Tex., indef.                   Bryant, May: En route with the   LinnJ, Binri9 & Binns; Victoria,
Adams & Mack: 0. H., Old Or-       Boston Belles Co.                N-w Yor    it       . 1.
chard, Me., indef.             Burke. Minnie: En route with the  Bakers, Th`:  Polis, Scranton,
Allen, Edw. S.: En route with the  Boston Belles Co.               Pa., -7-. 1.
Flaming Arrow Co.              Butler, May: En route with the  1,1.9uin Arahs: Keith's Union
Adler, Lou: En route with the      Black Crook Jr. Co.              l.N      York Citu, 27-Feb. 1.
Isle of Spice.                 Burgess Mabel: En route with    Bri.9s The: 1. 0. 1., Pitts-
Anton and Houseworth: En route    the Black Crook Jr. Co.            u    a., 27-Feb. .
with the High School Girls Co.  Belfrage, Tessie: En route with  Bun,.tt. v:ycling: 0 IH., Midldle-
Ahearn, Chas.: En route with the  the Black Crook Jr. Co.          town, N  Y    TF     1.
Ahearn Trio.                   Bijou Comedy Four: En route      "a                 s. Jimi:
Allen, Lee: En route with the      with the High School Girls Co.   ore ith's, Clveland, U., '7-Feb.
Boston Belles Co.              Billy Beard: En route with Prim    3.
Arnold Lucia: En route with the    rose Minstrels.                Barnoll, The: Crystal Palace,
Boston Belles Co.              Blxley, Edgar: En route with the  wAilmington, N. C., Co-Feb. 1.
Allen, Eva: En route with Wil-     Boston Belles Co.
Iams' Ideals.                 Banks, Chas.: En route with the    HANDLER. ANNA: En rout,
Ali & Peiser: En route with High   Boston Belles Co.                 with the City Sports Co.
Jinks Co.                      Breton. Harry & Gertrude: Los    Cooper, Harry K.: En route with
Alvora: En route with the Gol.     Angeles. Cal., Indef.           the Fay Foster Co.
den Crook Co.                  Bradley & Barnes: En routewith   Curley, Pete: En route with the
Anderson, Carl: En route with      Majesties.                       Behman Show.
the Bowery Burlesquers.        Beatrice. M11e.: En route with   Camp, Sheppard: En route with
Arche, La Della & Davey: En        Rose Hill Folly Co.             tile Kentucky Belles Co.
route with Jolly Girls Co.    -Barton, Toe. & Bro.: En route    Campbell, W. S.: En route with
Armstrongs, Three: En route with   with Bohemian Burlesquers.       Rose Sydell Cu.
Parisian Belles Co.            Banta Bros.. Four: En route with  Carr, Jessie: En route with the
Arnold, Lucia: With the Boston     Original Cohen Co.               Toreadors Co.
Belles "o                      Barrett, Grace: En route with    Christy. The Great: En routewith
Alpine  'roupe:  Maj9stic  Ft.    Pat White's Gatety Girls       the Knickerhockers Co.
Wmth T.       -    2.          Barrett. Charles: En route with  Church City Four: En route with
Adair"  'rt     'as9'ons.  Joplin,  the  High  Jinks  Co.          the  Strollers  Co.
Mo. i7-Feb     t irafrl Tio--'-Barto. Eddie: En route with the  Clemens, Kitty: En route with
19919  Ixan. :1-U.               Rollickers  Co.                C  ose  Sydelt  Co.
.9.11:  9911999999C.99190  (., Felt, Norma:  En  route  with BoeSdfC.
l pheumi Cantorn,    tell  Nra: n  Co.     --Collins, Nina: En route with the
2T--F1,   Coorl, -\it. Yrnon   B the Trans-Atlantle  En           Lady Birds Co.
Celmont & Brennan: En route      Collins, J. J.: En route with the
11Alriou 1  9 me(l  Four: Orph--  with the Tmperist CO           Jolly Girls Co.
um :.H .  Ms    Feb. 2;,-Banvards,  Six   Flying:  With   Coltons. The: En route with the
Kei:thI IJs,-  :iy, N. J., .  Schumann's Circus, Berlin Ger-  Champagne Girls Co.
\pdalos Al9iual : B:nn-tt s. Ot-  many, indefinite.            Cchen, Will H.: En route with
taw,99,  (9 , 27-F b.  2;  13 I'-  Bentley.  Harry:  E'n  route  with"  hen  Wll   H .
tno      - c itar   ilknsu      BeImaeda isCl: En route with    Comerford. Vaughn:    En route
.9ilri..ii9'',"9  ' '9n:'r  Benad  Csi'E      ruewt         with the Broadway Gaiety Girla
- 71,.2   Casino,  Wi9ash-  Rose  q-idell  Co.
9tot"Fb.. I ;                 Bishop  Frances: En route with   Cook, Billy: En route with the
Alpile  TI oIpe: Majestic, Fort   the Century Girls.               Toreadors Co.
Wor0th iTe I  -Feb. 2; Maje -  Boyce. Lillian: En route with the  Cooper. Harry: En route with the
tic Dall as '-9.                 Tolly Girls Co.                Ctigh Jinks Co.
Arlington I our: Orphieui, Ios  Bragg J. D.: En route with the  Cottons, The: En route with the
Ca".0.  l., 26-eb 2.:ToedrsC.                                 Champagne Girls Co.
A    trao t     -                        Mahoney: En route with   Crystal. Herman: E  route with
Britrii &99  Levein: G9   i     ri' Bi Show.1                   Parisian Widows Co.
:Sl9okiwa9 '99s.:' 3-9.  Brooiks. JTeanne: En route with  Cushman & LeClaire: Enl route
L ii~i~i~o9  I 9cr:: n <:3      BPrisian aWidows                 with the Lady Birds Co.
Al*.i'O  f'9:io:  F oc: P,  Br. s  &  Batti    En route   Creswell, W. P., "Bicycle Bill'':
t         . ncouv r B  C  -  Brown & Bartolettl:   Ere route    Med.rd, 0r . Indef.
Fe.99990''C ,  li:laii     witin  tbe  City  sports  Co.         -    '6 a9l999::  Cil:099rol~
:      t   sillst & Ravmond                En rote with   Co11                   hu
Aol1a, ('as.: Faurot, Lima, O   '9WBashinton  ocl inirls Co.   laum. Cal..           Oi,
Baldwins. Flying: Quincy Illin  b1191r9. :lt e t, T t.  U.1.
Abhtm  B1os. BjouQune ,  Ill.,  1def.             -P r B, P l  Ca 1  B1io. T e rs ( b uat:  C .  IL,
aes  Cet.b10e  .io   Ba 9 C'ti,  1       ijt ou , T ml l.,o  a airilit  George:s,  TPre tor
.%I~~~~~~~~ollorr'::i Qu itt: Ma -                   ,:F b  1  M icri,  aic,:orlnl
torM I .,  2 - o.  &  :I        i.                           Crickurs 110  urand  Ma.i  n  T9 is  11  'v901 w0.   it -
B  sler, Talt  rd  .:WO . Kr rtoll:   t. li   lost,  .9.-Gilru.  D
1001B    h   00d erCa lMehr                         ao             &olr            '9.rd
Beauies 1E 091ht 1nglish BEn route  u, '.9919m' '99910ort    tkPTnn: rnKou
Blampin  &  er9tr    ta  t,       h      D  rno.   W  n i       :111nn'91  n.1 Si  ('l Ettai: Prolc,:
u  C 1.a9.oha,.           cher P&   rk         rt.1:  ha0  N  uiTalor&
Wonderland~~ers Shw  'D' to .Yo               o       o:Amr        igamton O.-
Barrett1 &Bell: En route with 91l.,t                  n
h   N'a ew ' Centur  ir.   1(i.             w. .990:1 -i.    nmero9 &1F9nnn n:  Wr.tors1
Barett Geo. A: En oute waith,   I untiornS. Thei :ryTemle Triioi t~ hS.     e    okCt.2
Rose. Sydell'  Lodo  Belleha &an                                 14t T-1e ."    to"b.1,
Co1E                     r  s, .\,  01gln. LMaisot , Wi.  , larsi  Du,  H.N, Ymarket C i ca -
Bohnno &RCOre: En route wvith   1,           -- F' 1'             o.T, 11. V7-Feb.  .   Nw
the  Ne C n ury  Giurs.        II  I .ut. I, -9.              nnnlly  Edward: Orphoum,, Oak- til
Brennan & Rigs: Enruewihos &Elnt                 Nton1,Sn            R Cal.. 10Fe. 1.
Buser, Waiter H.: Orphia, Mad-  ll-'1., `rq'.1,1,:             9 i919C l.ohi9      C:,9
tson,  Wis.C  indef.  ril.,r Vsenr ' 27-Feb          .UBll   Cobn. L    M.: Hijou  ,  o
Bradley & Davis: Sullivan &Con     R,1,.   .. lion                   ih K7iFebs   1.
ine  circuit,  indef .        lT                   .r                             T9 anderland,
Bun   ,  Cha.  C.:  Crystal,  Me  w.,t  ,-.: n rs     I9:9999 n 9      i   W.    .  7-  b. .
nosha, Wis., indef.  i   rk           1u   r:    Clnr: 1N9(" 9:0o   Cottn  Lla:  Phell. oPronto
Beautles. Eight English: En route  1a~l : ,`_                    pCl991  C 199ur  99 9,1 1'.c19.
with  Al Reeves  Show.        1;  :9:1:  Qur'. te 99:,91  990  '9:  0 l99  :1 i  D'n : 19anl '.  Flu
Blamphin &  Hehr: Star, Atlanta,  1Yor        99t99F9.   :1       On.. 9 -Fb 1.
Ga., indef.                      Ferr & Tlol0            1nJu    orpetr. Frnk k Enil:
Blue, Chas.: En route with the     C       n.   1 :  i             al.     Yonk jsi  Lit. K  1-.
Wonderland  Show.                       9.1wn Ial &   Ke1K i  Cnihal, Mo., B-F'. lie1. 091. .
Barrett & Belle: En route witharl O. -..                         Cro1    Wl H9., & o.:   a   .
ithe  lew  Century  Girls.       ll  i   r lh,.     H..1Indi       99919   TH., r: -Feb. Proo or
Barrett, Geo A.: En route with   anap   l 1 -Fb     1     1     .11d00   >9 Cark&Tep MFlo i.ti.. 1ir-
Rose  Sydell's  London  Belles                              27-Fe . 1
Co.                            1,yr1,i. 9:.99''  19  '  '91,1:91,  P01:  1.
Bohannon &Corey: En route with     a.t  Tal.tto          Brkhrt  Cuninth9 Duom &uamuithet Cril-
te cew Century Girls.           InIl.                          CFeb1  I.Fremon. . ', 20 F:b: 1. 0
Brennan & Riggs: E'n route with 10.1: &9 Err91y:       1OITrr          CBro'.: S1isc D,
the New Century Gins.           1nCln1., 27-Feb0 2: DI]           Miner, I.,  -Feb 1.
Brok  &Vede:Empire, San      99,1 1                            't"clr  ,  .   1.
Francisco,  indef.               )9,1I,.                 9 9i~r           P J..9&0(9,.:Ennjoenor k,
Binney & Chapman: Garden The-      9'I 1 9999 11.r1101's chow.r    r99l015   99'       P9.1
ater, Memphis, Tenn., Indef.   '-1l99..-99      9 01on999.        Wile::  M'o Vi9 ........00099, 1.
Blair &n McNalty: Gem, Missoul    '9   'itT101     1.             09:9.. It-Poloto
Mont.,  indef.                 I I ; ..   '9k ~ 19: -"]lr'i~.  1:   C9:t.  I  Cro], l  ,t F ll:.t
Bryant, Edith:  En route with     19bl.- 9999     '9',e. 1.         j~i.I999099>.         1Fb
Bryant's Extravaganza Co.       ""'9999  C~t, 09. 1,  P.1:1.Icor.-
Black, John: En route with~ry-     o~ S1"090'. (hd' il990:0                                199
ant's Extravaganza Co.                                          Car,,,,9 L1':cra;    Str Han-rr  .:-io,  :1al i
Bin CiyQtret:En route             :ila:   0_    ".-1:o. 1.     Croso, '9'9ill It ..Co.: GCiioty,
with the Rialto Eounders Co.
Bowen  &  1,Ina7  En  route  with  li1, l, Brs.rn  ().  I.,1-1.. ( Iri-  Gralor'l::lr  III  0Fl:.  1.
the Sam Dpyere Show.            .999.99:::19 Irnd., '9.'i'l 1.  PlarI, &C Tcr::9:1  '91ir,'slio. Dir-
Boyce.  Jack:  En  route  with  the  1':.99999     09991 'Flt,. 19.111:0.9,  _\Ia..oa  :1:F .  1.
Trocadero Burlesquers.           Ii:  17 c"01 1.                C"ar9:iucrglrr9 &9 0r Ilrh Impe1Jrial,
Banner. Fred: En route with the  icc:r  &) B-1.. 119.9            ('F1r.'y1t B::. 0Fb '19.1  o
Miner's Dreamlands.             .9,9: :19:        01.I           tirrov Bo.      o,
February 1, 14
LENSESBest Bausch & Lomb
Lenses and Tubes of all sizes from I inch to
30 inch equivocalfocus carried in stock and
shipped same day as order is received.
Chicago Film Exchange
856=860 Brandeis Building ......Omaha, Nebraska
601 14th Street, N. W.   Washington, D. C.
cook1  & Miss R&thlrt: olympic,
Chicapgo, 27,-Fi,. 1.
Carol 'isters: Lyric, Ft. Vorth,
Chestor & 1one: Orphoun, Yen-
kr,.  N.  Y..  27-Fel..  1.
Carr Trio: 0. H., Connersville,
Ind., 27-Feb. 1.
DIAMOND JIM: En route with
the Kentucky Belles Co
Denker, Rosa: En     route  with
Behma's Congress of Aw'eri-
can Girls.
Dudley, 0. E.: Crystal, El'ood,
Ind., indef.
Davis  &   McCauley:   Graying.,
Mich., indef.
Detano, Bill: En route wi-h De
Rue Bros. Minstrels.
Dodd, Marie Stewart: En route
with American Burlesquers.
Demarest's Equestrians: Hillside
Park, Newark, N. J., indef.
Dalleys. The: Empire, Sprinormld,
Ill., indef.
Davis, Floyd: Temple. Ba"lder,
Colo., indef.
Dracula: Great Southern, Cl1wm-
bus, O., indef.
Davis, H.: Airdome, Murphysboro,
Ill., indef.
Davis, Roland: En route with Fay
Fostel Co.
Downey, Tiley: En route with
Fay Foster Co.
Davis & Davis: En route with
Miss N. Y. Jr. Co.
Danto, Harry: Family, New York
City, indef.
Darmody: En route with Bry-
ant's Extravaganza Co.
Daltons, The Three: En route
with the Jolly Grass Widow.
Darrow & Cotton: En route with
the Sam Scribner's Big Show.
DeArmand Sisters: En routewith
Morgan Stock Co.
DeVilbis, Great: En route with
Elsenbarth Floating Theater.
Dracula: En route with Donnelly
& Hatfield Minstrels.
Duke Kolfage: Orpheum, Denver,
Coio., Indef.
Dorbs, Wilbur:   En rout, with
Miner's Americans.
DeForest, Corinne: En route with
the Black Crook Jr. Co.
Dunham, Heslin &    Baradi: En
route with the Jolly Grass Wid-
Dailey & Austin: En route with
the Casino Girl Co.
Dupree. Maida: E route withthe
High School Girls Co.
Dacre, Louis: En route wit)l Pa-
risian Belles.
Dagneau & Bruce: En route vith
Cozy Corner Girls.
Daly. James:     En  route  With
Parisian Widow.
Darling Fay: En oute with iady
Davenport. Edna: En route with
'9'onkee Doodle Girls.
Dearaff Sisters: En route with
DeMora   &   Graceta: En   route
sill: Imperial.
Dorer, Toe & Nellie: En route
with High Jislos.
DoheOrtY. JIm  n: Enl  route  with
Htigh Jlnl.
Dowling   John: En route with
Dosl   Phil: En route with Lady
Delmir & Texter: Archer Ava..
("'"C  199 l1'
1e i..  Arthua '9:jsti, 1lan99
g     la  . 1,:   1.
1M919,, 199199  9.,9999  0g'll:
Dgame, IT11:),1 .F  bn .   ln
3t -:e CInial, Lawrence,
0..  :1  tl     1 I:-Feb . 1.
Pi le, NMaw Brit ,  uain Con, 27,
'te 1Feb. 1.       1
D:lor, T& w  i,es: CloJnial.
Nowl ork lc City..09-Fl C91:99
Dillae9. \fax '9alos Kansas Crt9,
City. N, J., 2T-Feb. 1.
Davis & L-orny: C'rystal, Elkhart,
Ind., '7-Fe .  1.
Di-nan,  inr, & Co    Orphounr
San Francico. Cal..  :-F'b. 1.
DV  y 1 &1  la to  iistr: 1Uniqlue,
F.'9oven   extF1t, Ro,: Keith's'
'rovidence Hl .  I.,  7-FPb.  1.
1uncn. A, 0.: Keitls, Cleve-
IF n9 , 0., 9. -F   1.9
Dail, The Madman: Crstal, 'Mil-
wnukeeo, Wi., 27-Feb. 1.
Dixon 11ow s    Dixon: Bijou9.
Dntrr 111  7-Feb. 1.
E with,   I Reves Show.
Estella Vills: En route with t
.J.ny Gra-s Widow.
Eliot, Belair & Elliott: Eln r-
with the Bryant Extravaga%
Edwards, Margie & C. Elwy:
Hippodrome, Buffalo, N. Y.,c
Everett, Ruth:    En  route wi
Williams' Ideals.
Esterbrooks, The: En route wi
Miss N. Y. Jr. Co.
Edwards, Lawrence &      Co.: t
route with the Night Owli
Errol, Leon: En route with t
Jersey Lillies Co.
Emilia Bartolita: En route wt
the City Sports Co.
Edwards, Jennie: En route wit
Bowery Burlesquers.
Edwards, Ralph: En route wi
Parisian Widows.
Elzer, Carrie: En route with t
ger Lillies.
Ellsworth, Four: En route wit
Tiger Litlies.
Evans, Billy: En route with Co
lonial Belles.
Evans, Ben: En route with Voge,
Early    Late: Haymarket, Cr
lag, ,  on.  F T.
]'-n,. Lizzie, & Jefferson L10,'
20o  American Bk. Bldg., S
atti . WVash.
Edmunds A.nes. & Oscar Ha
ir inia.  'Chi ago,  Ill.,  27-1'
E9im1ralda Siters: Scalm. Cope,
hagn, D' nmark. Feb , 1-2S.
1E;r   &  Wilson:  Fa mil,  Clinti
In.  - T-Fcb.  1.1
E       sisters: F1am9ly, Carb  6
dale, Pa., 217-Feb. 1 '
Ernie   &   Honogger:    Maj1tt
Houston.1  Tex.. -,-Feb. 1.
Emmett. Grac: G.    . H., 0 i :
burg, Pa., 27-Feb. 1.
Equillo:  National,  St, ubemvi
o., 27-Feb. 1.
FIFLDS, NAT: En route with the
Girls from  Happylandi
Fre'.oli, Fred: Enl route witlih
Murray-Mackey Eastern Sto6
Frey &   Allen: En route with:
Williams deals.
-Frosto, Chas.: En rout, with l:t
mans' Stock Co.
Fox .&   Hughes: Empire, a018
Idaho, indef.
Fay  Coley & Fay: Empire, gin
Francisco, Cal., indef.
Frank,   Chas.  L. and    Lillanl
Young's Pier, Atlantic City,1i
Ferguerson, Dave: En routewlt
Miss N. Y. Jr. Co.
Finney, Frank:    En  route wi0
the Trocadero Burtesquers.
Falardo: En route with the Sa
Scribner Big Show.
Fox, Harry: En route with tI'
Miner's Dreamlands.
Flemen & Miller: En route wlt
Kentucky Belles.
Flynn,. Earl: En route with th
Al G. Fields Minstrels.
Falke & Coe: En route with Jol
Glrass Widows.
Fields & Wooley: En route wit
Parisian Widows.
Fisher, Robert:   En route wit'
Lady Birds.
Fisher &   Berg: En route wIT
Rant z-Santley.
Fitzgerald  &  Quinn:   En route
wiith Trans-Atiantics.
Fleming. May Agnes: En route
with White's Gaiety Girls.
Flora. Mildred: En    route wit
Night Owls.
Fcrrest, Edythe: En route Witt
Innocent Maids.
Fox, Mort:   En route with Pa
rislan Widows.
Fox. Will: En route with IAdY
Frank. George: En     route wit
Lady Birds.
Francis, Harry:   En route with
tnllv Girls
Cieleigh   izze   En route wIt1
'.:0 9 -  \  "         1 VZ  l,,
F  [' e, Tunig: Em11pire. Ho1)
kR, N. .. 27-Feb). 1.
Forherg:   Co..  Ed w011: Ke ith
Un1ion Sq. -New York  City,
Feb. 1.
Fithu  L    S'  &  Onoida: SI
I  .919(909  Pa.  2,-F l.
Fliolle  ao  : Orpho o u:, X
Orleaus. La   "T-Feb   1
Fadettes of Boston, The: Keith
Columbus, O., 27-Feb. I.
Ferrell Bros.: Orpheuni, Minn".
apiolis.  Minn..  27-Feb.  1
Foster, E.,    Dog: Folis. Scran
ton, Pa , 27-Feb. 1.
Felds <& Hanson: People!. Ceds
Hapids I a_  17-eb.0  .

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